Cow Spot

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #growth #hucow #lactation #dom:female #pov:bottom #sub:female

After her girlfriend gives her a strange, embarrassing tattoo, Madeline finds herself changing to match all her hottest, most shameful fantasies

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of 'girl' in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie 2021, do not repost without explicit permission

“It’s…” Madeline stuttered, trying to keep her voice even as she looked back over her shoulder, staring at her ass in the mirror in disbelief. “A c-cow spot?”

“That’s right, babe,” her girlfriend Arizona replied, the expression on her face distinctly closer to a smirk than a smile. “A cow spot. What do you think?”

“W-well… um… it’s…”

Unbelievable. Ridiculous. Embarrassing. That was what Madeline was thinking. But mostly, she was focused on trying to keep herself under control. Her stomach was in knots. She was blushing, and not all the heat in her cheeks was shame. And that prompted the urgent question: did her girlfriend know? Was that why she was doing this? No. No way. There was no way she could have figured out Madeline’s fantasies. That hadn’t happened. That couldn’t happen. Which meant Madeline needed to act normal. But what did ‘normal’ mean, when your girlfriend had just tattooed a large, unmistakable cow spot on your ass?

It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Arizona, of course. If she didn’t trust her, she wouldn’t have let her give her a tattoo. They hadn’t really been dating long, but Madeline had no reason to distrust her tall, blonde girlfriend. Quite the opposite. With her side shave and punk tattoos, Arizona radiated the kind of dyke energy that Madeline felt safe with, and moreover, they were both trans. That made it easy to be at ease together. Plus, Arizona was just so damn hot, and so damn cool. She was a tattoo artist! Madeline had always admired tattoos, but she’d never quite plucked up the nerves to go and get one before. So, when Arizona had requested to practice on her, she’d shyly, but eagerly, agreed.

The follow-up request to practice on her ass had left Madeline wildly flustered, but not flustered enough to back out. Having to get totally naked and lie out on a table for Arizona to stare at sure had been an experience, though. More than once, Arizona had needed to chide her to keep still and not squirm. But she just couldn’t help it. Madeline didn’t dislike her body, exactly, but it was a little difficult not to be self-conscious next to Arizona. Her girlfriend was in great shape, and was more than happy to show it off. Her habit of walking around her apartment wearing nothing but a sports bra above the waist so that she could show off her abs had left Madeline drooling on more than one occasion. Madeline, by contrast, was on the chubby end of the spectrum. She wasn’t quite so eager to show herself off, although happily Arizona had made no secret of how much she adored Madeline’s soft, welcoming tummy, and the plump, round ass to which she’d turned her tattoo machine.

And left her with a large, prominent cow spot.

“Well?” Arizona prompted. She looked so pleased with herself.

“It’s…” Madeline tried to think of something really tactful. “It looks really good! Nice, uh, lines. Seems like you did a really neat job. Aren’t tattoos usually supposed to be all red and stuff at first?”

“Like I said earlier,” Arizona replied. “Special ink. Real special. Hard to come by. I think you’ll love the way it feels.”

Madeline couldn’t fathom what that was supposed to mean. “But, um… why a c-cow spot?”

“Hm? Don’t you like it?” Arizona asked sweetly.

“I didn’t say that!” Madeline blurted out, and then giggled awkwardly. “It’s just, um, quite a choice, you know?”

Her girlfriend shrugged. “I thought it’d suit you. Figured you’d get a kick out of it.”

Madeline could feel the tips of her ears turning red. She had to fight the instinct to reach down and cover herself. “W-why would you think that?”

“Well, don’t you like cows?” The irrepressible smile on Arizona’s face was proving impossible to read.

The only response Madeline could muster was an awkward, stilted squeak. What kind of question was that? What was she supposed to say? ‘Yes’? ‘No’? ‘I like them a normal amount’? 

“Anyway,” Arizona said, her voice suddenly dropping low as she stepped closer to Madeline. “What about my payment?”

“Your payment?” Madeline was suddenly confused about something altogether different. “I thought you were just doing this to practice? But, um, sure, how much do I-”

Arizona interrupted her with a giggle. “Not that kind of payment, silly. What I mean is… don’t I get to enjoy myself a little, after spending so long staring at my hot, naked, curvy girlfriend?”

“Oh.” Madeline started squirming again, and giggled too. “Right.”

She always tried to be seductive and confident with Arizona, but it never worked. Her girlfriend always seemed to know exactly what to say to leave her a hopelessly flustered puddle. Fortunately, the buff girl was more than happy to save Madeline from her own indecision. She slipped an arm around Madeline’s waist and pulled her, gasping, against her body. Her bed was just in the next room, and as she led Madeline there, Arizona didn’t hold back from groping her, letting her hands roam over her stomach and sink into her wide, soft hips.

“Babe!” Madeline panted. “You’re being so f-forceful!”

“Can you blame me?” Arizona was grinning wildly; that cocky, lopsided grin that always sent a shiver down Madeline’s spine. “I’m so worked up, just thinking about what’s gonna happen?”

“What does- ah!” Madeline yelped as Arizona roughly pushed her back onto the bed. “W-what does that mean?”

“Oh, don’t worry your pretty head about it.”

All of a sudden, Arizona was on top of Madeline, straddling her.

That was all it took for Madeline to stop worrying about it. The sight of her girlfriend looming over her, grinning wolfishly as she pulled her sports bra off over her head, drove every thought from her mind that wasn’t about sex. Madeline was already rubbing her legs together. She loved it when Arizona got dominant with her, and Arizona knew it. The embarrassed heat in her cheeks was rapidly metamorphosing into something quite different, and spreading throughout her body.

Within moments, Arizona had shucked out of her hotpants. Her panties were next, and once she was naked, it was even more obvious how turned on she was. Madeline whimpered at the sight of her large, hard girlcock. She was now just as turned on as her girlfriend, her own, smaller girlcock straining and pressing against the taller girl’s body. Before she could take more than a moment to compose herself, her girlfriend was pressing her lips against hers in a passionate, intense, hungry kiss that left Madeline gasping for breath.

“Oh wow,” Arizona purred, her hands reaching to cup Madeline’s tits. “These are looking good. I can’t believe it’s already working.”

“H-huh?” Being groped was making it difficult to think, and Madeline couldn’t figure out what she meant. “What is?”

“What, don’t you think they look bigger?” Arizona was smirking, and leering nakedly at Madeline’s chest.

Madeline looked down. Come to think of it, they did look a bit more full than usual - but it was hard to tell, with Arizona’s hands all over them. “Well, um, I guess, but why would that be- ah!”

She saw white as Arizona turned her attention to her nipples, taking them between her fingers and massaging them. Fuck. They were suddenly so sensitive. Madeline immediately forgot what they’d been talking about.

“Yeah. Yeah, definitely bigger. I should know. I’m an expert.” Arizona winked. Normally, she paid attention to Madeline’s whole body, but tonight, she was totally focused on the plump girl’s chest. “God. This is so hot.”

“It’s… hnngg… f-fuck.” Madeline had been on the bed for maybe a minute, but she was already squirming like crazy. Only Arizona’s weight straddling her hips was holding her in one place. She didn’t mean to, but she couldn’t help it. Her tits, her nipples, were on fire.

“Yeah, babe?” Arizona giggled, showing absolutely no inclination to offer mercy.

“They’re… so… s-so…” Madeline couldn’t think. She couldn’t form one single thought, before it was blown away by shocks of pleasure from her tits. Arizona was dangerously skilled with her hands. She knew exactly how to tease Madeline’s nipples, exactly how to grope her tits until she was in a frenzy of lust. But this was more than that. The way her body was responding to the touch was way, way beyond anything she’d ever felt before.

“So what?” Arizona teased, plainly reveling in Madeline’s speechless, pleasure-drunk state.

“S-so… fuck…” Forming the words in her head was a colossal effort, to say nothing of getting them past her lips with the dissolving into hopeless moans. “So… fucking… sensitive.”

“Good.” Arizona’s giggles were turning breathy. She was too eager, too turned on, for detached teasing. “Then, how about…”

Before Madeline could manage another word, Arizona put her lips to one of Madeline’s nipples and started sucking. Immediately, Madeline’s back arched, and she found herself involuntarily pressing herself up against her girlfriend. Between her legs, she was still completely hard, and now, she started dripping precum from the tip of her cock. Suction was a whole further dimension of pleasure. It was more intense than Madeline could have ever guessed, even accounting for how good Arizona’s hands had felt. There was nothing she could do but throw back her head and moan.

“Mmmff,” Arizona moaned, the sound muffled in Madeline’s chest. She was grinding her cock against Madeline’s stomach, her arousal more plain than ever. Madeline didn’t know why Arizona was so horny, but she knew that she herself was more turned on than she’d ever been in her life. Her tits had always felt good, sure, but nothing like this. Not even close.

The more Arizona suckled, biting and nibbling teasingly a little as she did, the more a new, unfamiliar sensation started to well up inside Madeline’s chest. It was a kind of pressure, warm and insistent. It felt good, but it only made Madeline more and more needy the more it built. As Arizona’s tongue lapped at her teat, her sensitivity peaked, and suddenly she couldn’t bear the thought of Arizona stopping. She needed her girlfriend to keep sucking. She needed the attention. She needed it, because she was so close, so close, and…

And then Arizona stopped.

“No!” Madeline whined, arching her back again as Arizona raised her head. “P-please…”

“Yeah?” Arizona laughed, panting. “Please what?”

“I’m close!” Madeline moaned. Even without Arizona’s lips around her nipple, her body was wracked with pleasurable, frustrating little aftershocks. She was past caring about how embarrassing her begging was. “Really… feels so good! I need m-more.”

“Wow, babe. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this shameless before.”

Mercifully, Arizona didn’t draw out her frustration too much longer. Instead, she put her hands back on Madeline’s tits and started groping them again, squeezing them in a pleasurable rhythm as her fingertips teased her girlfriends nipples.

“Yes!” Madeline panted gratefully. Arizona’s hands quickly had back on the edge again, riding the unfamiliar ecstasy that had been building within her. It was just like the sensation of a growing orgasm, but entirely in her chest.

“This is so fucking good,” Arizona breathed. “God. Fuck. Cum for me, babe.”

Madeline screamed with pleasure as the orgasm hit her. She’d never felt anything like it before. She’d never been able to cum with just her tits before - and not only was it a first, it was maybe the most intense orgasm she’d ever had. The sense of release that accompanied it was incredible. She closed her eyes, arching her back, letting it all wash over her. She couldn’t have guessed how much time passed before she slowly returned to her senses - brought back by the sound of her girlfriend giggling manically.

“W-what?” Madeline opened her eyes, growing embarrassed once more now that the fog of her own arousal was passing.

Arizona just pointed, wordlessly, at her chest.

Madeline looked down, and gasped.

There were droplets of milk dripping from her nipple.


At first, Madeline didn’t think much about the sudden bout of lactation. It was embarrassing - even if it was a little hot, too - but it didn’t seem that weird. Probably, it was just down to something with her hormone levels. That would also explain why her tits seemed so swollen. It simply wasn’t a big deal. Of course, that didn’t stop Arizona from milking plenty of fun out of the incident. She brought it up just about every chance she got, and it never failed to make Madeline blush. Especially when she joked about how fitting it was, what with her new cow spot tattoo.

Still, she didn’t think much of it at all. Not until a couple of days later, when she woke up in her own apartment, and her tits weren’t just ‘bigger’. They were huge.

That wasn’t all that was different, as she quickly established, looking herself over in the mirror. Her hips had grown too, giving her something much closer to an hourglass physique than she’d ever had before. Her thighs were thicker and shapelier, and her stomach seemed a little tighter too. Her tits were by far the most prominent of her new features, though. Once look was all it took to ascertain that none of her bras were going to fit. It was the kind of change Madeline would have been pleased with, if it hadn’t happened overnight. Plus, was there something different about her face? Her nose seemed a little different. Or was it her ears? Madeline couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

There was one more thing she noticed, as she turned around and around in front of her bathroom mirror. It was Madeline’s new tattoo. It was different. Rubbing her sleepy eyes to make sure she wasn’t still dreaming, Madeline carefully and deliberately counted four cow spots. There was the one she remembered seeing, a small one opposite, one a little lower on her thigh, and one a little higher at the base of her spine. Had her spots… multiplied? No, that was crazy. Impossible. She must have just missed the other ones at first. For the past two days.

Madeline grabbed her phone and called Arizona, who had slept at her own place that night.

“How many spots did you tattoo on me?” Madeline asked, the moment Arizona picked up.

“What?” Arizona sounded sleepy too. “Oh! Are there more?”

“That’s what I’m asking!”

“Well, how many do you count?”

Madeline counted again. “Four.”

Arizona laughed. “Well, I guess that’s how many I gave you, babe.”

After they hung up, Madeline started to wonder if she was imagining things. She resolved to try and go about her day as normal, but that plan quickly encountered another obstacle: her clothes really, really did not fit anymore.

It wasn’t just her bras. She tried to put a t-shirt on, but even her loose-fitting ones were straining desperately to fit over her new chest. None of her jeans or pants were a match for her hips, and she ripped a pair of panties in her futile attempt to put on underwear. After going through her entire wardrobe looking for a half-presentable outfit, Madeline gave up. Clearly this was just a dream. Or something. She picked up her phone and texted her boss, letting him know that she was sick, and wouldn’t be able to come in to work today. And with that, she let herself fall back onto her bed. If this was a dream, she might as well enjoy it, right?

Fittingly enough, at that moment, Madeline realized something else: she was really, really horny.

Madeline wasn’t embarrassed to find herself feeling a little pent up. That was normal enough. But the insistent, pressing heat that filled her body went beyond anything she usually felt. She wasn’t troubled by it though. Dream or not, she didn’t have to go into work today. Which meant she had plenty of time to enjoy herself.

As she settled herself back comfortably on her bed, she reached down and started to stroke herself. Her body immediately responded to her touch, and as Madeline started to ease into the rhythm of her self-pleasure, her mind started to drift, searching for fantasies she could use to urge herself on. One fantasy in particular presented itself, making her blush even though there was no-one around to see. Her secret, embarrassing love for porn and fantasies about being treated like a cowgirl or a human cow had always been one of her go-tos when she wanted to get off, and the tattoo Arizona had given her had taken the kink to another level.

Soon, Madeline was lost of her fantasies, squirming and gripping the bedsheets with one hand whilst the other worked up and down along the shaft of her hard, throbbing girlcock. Only… it felt like something was missing. She was feeling good, of course, but there was some kind of yearning, some kind of craving, she wasn’t quite hitting. After a few more minutes, Madeline’s mind turned towards the deeply embarrassing, deeply hot memory of what had transpired between her and Arizona on their last date. Tentatively, she lifted her free hand from the bed and brought it to her chest, gently squeezing one of her own, newly-swollen tits.

“F-fuck!” Madeline gasped, as an immediate explosion of her pleasure hit her. One touch was enough to bring her the kind of pleasure she’d never even been able to imagine before. Her tits were so sensitive! Somehow, they’d become even more sensitive than they had been a couple of days ago. At any other moment, that might have been concerning. But, turned on as she was, Madeline found herself incredibly grateful for the new feeling. This was what she needed. What she’d been craving.

Within minutes, Madeline was utterly drunk on the pleasure her new body was able to bring her. She barely noticed as she took her hand away from her dick, bringing it, too, to her chest, so that she could play with her tits all the more. The raw, visceral bliss was enough to make her light-headed, and more than enough to banish any sense of shame she might have had. Madeline barely even noticed as droplets of milk started to seep from her nipples, dripping down her body and onto her bed as she squirmed and writhed ecstatically. She couldn’t believe she’d never thought to touch herself this way before. It was so good.

It wasn’t long before Madeline found herself eager to explore just how far she could push her new limits, and just what her new, incredibly curvy body might be capable of. Free of shame, she flipped herself over, lifting her ass into the air on her knees and burying her face in her bed, hands both still pawing at her needy, leaking tits. Kneeling on her front like that, her new tits hung down underneath her body, swaying and jiggling each time she moved. It made it all the more obvious just how much they’d grown. Madeline, though, was beyond being able to think about it. She just kept groping at herself, ignoring the steady stream of milk now dripping from her tits, and ignoring the way her moans were starting to change, becoming low and plaintive - and distinctly bovine.

“Mmf… mmmmf... mmmnnoo… mmmooo… moo… moo!”


“Madeline? You in here, babe?”

Madeline trembled in apprehension as she heard her girlfriend’s approaching voice outside her bedroom. She’d called Arizona herself, asking her girlfriend to come over and help her, but that didn’t stop her dreading the prospect of Arizona actually seeing her in her current state.

It had been almost a week since Arizona had given her the cow spot tattoo - or tattoos, as they had now become - and days since she had gone to work, or even left the house. She couldn’t, in fact, because it had been just as long since she’d been able to wear clothes. As it had turned out, none of her transformation had been a dream, and her plight was only growing stranger and more desperate. With her body now curvier than she ever could have imagined, Madeline had little choice but to stay in her apartment, naked.

And masturbate.

Madeline hadn’t been able to keep her hands off herself. Her hormones were driving her crazy. She couldn’t stop herself from spending hours and hours in bed, on her hands and knees, touching herself and trying - but failing - to suppress her increasingly-embarrassing, mooing moans. The way she masturbated had changed too, becoming ever-more focused on her growing, lactating chest. No matter how hard she tried to hold herself back, she always ended up squeezing and milking her own tits until she came, leaving her slumped in her own milk-soaked mess. After one incident too many, she swore off masturbation altogether, but that hadn’t lasted. After just a few hours, her tits had been swelling and aching with an urgent, insistent sense of pressure that only a good milking would relieve. And as she quickly discovered, there was no way to milk herself without ending up so turned on she forgot all about her pledge.

“Y-yeah,” Madeline called out, pulling her blankets up to her neck to cover herself. “I-in here.”

Arizona opened the door and stepped inside. She took one look over at Madeline, and gasped.

Madeline’s cheeks were already burning. She couldn’t blame Arizona for her reaction, but it was deeply embarrassing all the same. Madeline’s own reaction had been no different when she had looked at herself in the mirror that morning.

She had horns.

No matter how many times she’d rubbed her eyes, they hadn’t gone away. Madeline had needed to reach up and touch them dozens of times before she’d convinced herself they were real. She had horns. Twin, pale, stubby horns, gently curving upwards as they protruded from her forehead. Cow horns. Madeline had seen them on people dozens of times in furry art and porn, but the real thing hit so much harder.

And it wasn’t just that. Some of the other features of Madeline’s face had shifted too. Her ears had lengthened drastically, becoming pointed towards the tips in an unmistakably bovine fashion. Even her nose was changing, curving upwards and flattening towards her face slightly. It was subtle, but Madeline knew exactly what it meant, and it had her trembling with a dizzying mix of trepidation and arousal.

“Wow,” Arizona breathed slowly. “Wow, babe.”

Of all the things Madeline had imagined might come next, she hadn’t been ready for Arizona to immediately approach her, leaning in close, a look of glee and fascination on her face.

“Holy shit.” Arizona’s eyes were shining. “This is wild.”

“I-I don’t know what happened.” Madeline squirmed under the covers, trying not to think about how Arizona seeing her this way was making her feel. “I just started waking up l-like this. And then, um, it kept getting… more…”

Arizona whistled. “Well, I get why you didn’t want to go outside like this. But why did you need me to get you new clothes? Babe, I know you were just guessing, but these sizes are really something.”

Madeline whimpered involuntarily. “I-it’s my body too.”

Arizona’s eyes grew even wider. “You gotta let me get a look.”

Madeline whimpered again, but she didn’t resist as Arizona reached back and pulled back the blanket.

Underneath, Madeline’s body was flushed and slick with sweat, and she was squirming from side to side wildly. That wasn’t what attracted Arizona’s attention, though. Madeline’s girlfriend clearly had eyes for only one thing: her curves. Over the previous couple of days, they had only gotten more pronounced. Madeline had always been on the soft side, but now, her body was nothing short of pornographic. Her hips flared out on each side of her body, almost impossibly wide. Whenever she looked at them, only one phrase appeared in Madeline’s head to describe them: breeding hips. Her tits were even more ridiculously-proportioned than that.  Full and swollen, they jiggled suggestively as she moved, dripping small quantities of milk even now. All in all, she had an hourglass figure, but one that was decidedly soft and luxurious, and made all the more alluring by her soft stomach and plush, inviting hips. Madeline looked like something between a plump supermodel and a hentai character, and she knew it. The fact that her cow spot tattoo had kept spreading across her body only made matters worse.

“Woah.” Arizona’s voice was low and sultry, and her face registered nothing but arousal. “Babe. This is incredible. Better than I ever could have imagined.”

Madeline missed the significance of those words. “It’s really e-embarrassing.”

“Yeah.” Arizona’s face twisted into a gleeful smirk. “I bet.”

“C-can I have the clothes you brought?” Madeline squeaked.

“Sure thing.”

Arizona opened the plastic bag she’d brought with her, and extracted its contents. The moment she saw what Arizona was holding, Madeline’s heart started pounding. She started sweating again, and her girlcock started to stiffen.

It was a tiny, slutty, cow print bikini.

The penny dropped.

“Y-you…” Madeline whimpered. “B-but… how?”

“Special ink, babygirl,” Arizona giggled. “I told you, right? Real special.”

“W… wha…” Madeline was truly lost for words, and she was having trouble suppressing the thought: this was all exactly like some of her fantasies.

“See, I’m really into you, Madeline,” Arizona said, more seriously. “I wanted to give you a treat: the body of your dreams. And when I caught a look at some of the porn you get off to, I realized exactly what the body of your dreams really looks like. Doesn’t hurt that I think this is totally hot too, of course. Getting the ink was tough, but it was completely worth it.”

Madeline just shook her head mutely. She was overwhelmed. This was wrong. That was what she wanted to say. What she knew she should say. It was embarrassing. Humiliating. Shameful. It was also like a wet dream come true. But… it was still wrong. Wasn’t it?

“So, now we’ve got all that out the way,” Arizona continued, a smirk returning to her face. “How about you try on these clothes I kindly bought for you?”

“Um, w-what?” Madeline repeated, turning, somehow, a still deeper shade of red. “N-no! No way. I can’t wear something like that!”

Arizona tilted her head. “Why not?”

“I-I just can’t!”

She really meant it. Madeline liked to please Arizona, and it wasn’t like wearing a bikini, even a cow print one, was really much more embarrassing than her current state. But still, she couldn’t. It felt impossible. There was a wall, holding her back from even considering it. Reflexively, she reached up to try and cover her tits, an effort that was entirely futile. There was simply too much to cover.

“I knew you’d say that,” Arizona replied, her smile undiminished. “That’s why I prepared this, too.”

She lifted something else from her bag: a collar. A strip of leather with a clasp at each end, and a small but distinctive cowbell attached at the center. But by the time Madeline had registered it, and what it signified, it was already fastened around her neck by Arizona’s deft, swift fingers.

“Huh?” Madeline said dumbly, reaching up to paw at the collar. But the way she moved made the cowbell ring, and its sound made her gasp, sending shivers across her whole body.

“See, the changes aren’t just physical,” Arizona explained as Madeline was frozen in place, trembling, body going limp. “I’m sure you noticed being crazy horny. But it’s not just that. After all, a good cow is nice and docile, don’t you think?”

Before Madeline could fully drink in the impact of that word, Arizona reached out with one hand to pet and stroke Madeline’s head, and with the other to gently ring the cowbell hanging from her collar.

That was all it took to melt Madeline’s resistance away.

Madeline smiled. A big, dumb broad grin spread across her face, to match the flood of warmth washing throughout her body. She nuzzled into Arizona’s hand happily, each touch sending pleasant tingles down her spine. Each little chime of her bell seemed to banish her worries, and indeed all her other thoughts too, leaving her with nothing but that happy warmth, and no reason to do or say anything but smile.

“There, there,” Arizona simpered, plainly delighted. “Isn’t that better?”

Madeline nodded, even though she had no idea what she was agreeing with. It simply felt good to agree.

“Good cow,” Arizona told her, and she shivered, pleased, as the warmth doubled. Good. She was a good cow. “Can you moo for me?”

Madeline felt a little hesitant, but she couldn’t seem to remember the reason why. Eventually the gentle pets her girlfriend was giving her melted the hesitance too, and she opened her mouth to let out a long, loud moo.

“Oh my god!” Arizona clapped her hands in excitement. “Good cow! Now, the clothes?”

The newly-transformed cowgirl nodded again. Without Arizona’s hands on her body, the warmth started to fade, but it still lingered well enough to keep a smile on her face. She simply wanted to do whatever Arizona said. That seemed strange to her, somehow. Why was she so… what was that word? Docile. Yes. Madeline giggled quietly to herself, and mooed again. It felt good to be docile.

As Madeline moved to obey, raising herself up on her knees, the bell around her neck chimed again and again, and that only helped keep her in a pleasant, agreeable haze as Arizona worked to fit the cow print bikini around her body, tying the bikini top tight in place and indicating for Madeline to raise her legs so she could slip the panties up over her hips. Once she was done, Madeline felt nothing but pleased - both at having been a good cow, and at the ravenously horny look on Arizona’s face.

“Wow,” Arizona smirked, licking her lips. “Didn’t take long for you to change your tune, huh?”

With the sound of the bell fading, Madeline’s sense of docility was passing, and Arizona’s words were able to stir her from the happy reverie. The dumb smile slipping from her face, Madeline looked down at herself, confused, and was utterly mortified by what she saw.

It wasn’t just that it was a bikini. That was embarrassing, certainly. Madeline had always been averse to such revealing clothing, even though now, she seemed to have the body for it. It wasn’t even that it was cow print. As much as that drove home the humiliating aspects of her situation, given that she already had cow spots covering her lower torso, it was practically beneath notice. No, the most mortifying part, by far, was how tiny it was. The bikini was clearly intended to be scandalous. The bra was little more than a pair of tiny triangles strung together, and the panties were little better. But moreover, this bikini in particular was clearly a size too small for Madeline’s new form, something that she strongly suspected was deliberate. As such, the bra barely even covered her nipples, and squished into her tits obscenely, leaving them threatening to spill out at any moment.

Madeline felt like a boiling kettle, heated by humiliation and arousal both. She couldn’t believe this. She couldn’t believe any of it. But the feeling was so, so real.

“What do you think?” Arizona asked smugly.

“It’s… I… I…” Madeline was far beyond speechless.

“Actually, never mind,” Arizona added, giggling. “I think I’ve already got my answer to that.

She pointed down, to where Madeline’s throbbing, insistent girlcock was already hard and causing an unbelievably pornographic tent in the inadequate bikini bottoms.

Madeline could do nothing but spit and splutter furiously with shame. This wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fair! She shouldn’t even be in this situation. Let alone be more turned on by it than anything in her life. But she couldn’t help it; something about the way Arizona was looking at her stirred feelings deep within her.

“But.” Arizona drew closer, looming over her and reaching out to run a hand down Madeline’s chest. “There’s something else I’m a little more interested in right now. A cow needs to get milked, right?”

Though she tried to hold it back, Madeline couldn’t help letting out a long, low, plaintive moan at the mere mention of milking. “Um… I-I don’t… I mean…”

“I mean, just look at you,” Arizona giggled. “Again, seems like your body knows exactly what it needs, cowgirl.”

Madeline looked down at herself again, only to see small, wet stains already forming in her bikini top. She closed her eyes, shivering as the pleasurable heat of embarrassment roared through her. It was like she could feel Arizona’s gaze on her skin, blazing hot and blissful.

“Let me take care of that for you,” Arizona said, cupping Madeline’s tits in her hands and starting to squeeze.

Madeline mooed.

She couldn’t deny that was what the sound was. It was unmistakable. And worse, she couldn’t stop, not with Arizona’s hands still at her chest, squeezing and groping her. Milking her. Sure enough, thanks to her touch, the steady dripping of milk from her swollen, sensitive nipples became a trickle, and then a constant flow, and within moments her bikini top was completely drenched. Madeline should have been deathly embarrassed, of course. But she wasn’t. She couldn’t have been. Every single time Arizona squeezed, she saw nothing but white, and felt nothing but intense, mind-melting pleasure. She had become so hopelessly weak to her own body, and Arizona seemed to know exactly how to manipulate it.

“Wow.” Arizona was grinning wildly. “So much! You really did need this, huh? Have you been trying to hold back or something? Silly girl. Just be a good cow and let me milk you lots and lots, ok?”

“I, um… f… fuck… moo!” Madeline had no words to convey how shameful that was, or how good it made her feel. All she could do was keep mooing and moaning, the two sounds becoming one unbelievably lewd melody that filled the room.

It wasn’t long before Madeline’s strength started to give out. She fell forwards, reaching out to steady herself, leaving her on her hands and knees again, exactly the position she’d taken to masturbating in. Arizona moved swiftly to adjust, perching on the bed and reaching under her to keep squeezing and milking Madeline’s tits as they hung pendulous underneath her. In that position, their new, huge size was more obvious than ever - as was the amount of milk they were producing, seeping through her bikini and dripping down to stain her bed. Madeline was in heaven. She couldn’t deny that, even to herself. She was bucking her hips too, desperately rubbing her girlcock against the sheer fabric of her cow-print bikini bottoms. It felt good, but nothing compared to her chest. With each thrust, though, the cowbell hanging from her neck sounded, its dull, dulcet tones smothering Madeline’s mind, rendering her more and more docile.

It was just like every naughty little fantasy she’d ever entertained.

“There,” Arizona said, satisfied, pulling her hands back once the flow of milk abated. “That must be better, right?”

Madeline just whined. The sense of urgent pressure in her chest was gone, and she was grateful for that. But that didn’t stop her wanting more. Without Arizona groping her, though, she was able to pull her head from the fog, and her sense of shame started to return to her.

“I-it’s not!” she groaned, blushing.

“No?” Arizona giggled. “Need more?”

“That’s not what I meant!” Madeline insisted shrilly, even though, deep down, it was exactly what she meant.

Arizona made a big show of rolling her eyes. “Why do you keep holding back, Madeline? You’re obviously enjoying this.”

“Because it’s… it’s…” Madeline wasn’t sure what to say. Her body was still crying out to be touched, and she wasn’t strong enough to lift herself from her hands or knees. Every word that left her lips threatened to turn into another humiliating moo. “It’s wrong! I… this… this isn’t my body anymore!”

“But, it totally is, babe. You see, this is all permanent.” That word sent delicious, shameful shivers down Madeline’s spine. “So, why not just embrace it?”

“But… but…” Why not? Why not just embrace it? Madeline didn’t have an answer, but neither could she accept what her girlfriend was telling her. “I can’t!”

Arizona sighed. “You know what? I’m just gonna make this easy on you.”

Before Madeline could stop her, Arizona reached out once more, this time putting one of her hands to Madeline’s chest and wrapping the other around her needy, eager girlcock. Madeline immediately moaned from the contact, and started panting when Arizona started slowly, teasingly stroking her, gently massaging her tits too.

“F-fuck…” Madeline breathed, softly mooing again. “Not… fair!”

“You like this, huh?” Arizona giggled, ignoring her protest. “You like this, cow?”

Just being called that made Madeline shudder. Her mind once again sinking into that now-familiar docile, obedient place, she couldn’t bring herself to lie. “Y-yes!”

“You want more of this?”

“Yes!” Madeline cried, bucking her hips in a desperate, frenzied attempt to increase her pace. So much of her own attention had been on her tits that her cock was wildly sensitive. She couldn’t help herself.

Arizona’s grin turned just a little mocking and mean. “You wanna be milked, cow?”

“Yes!” Madeline repeated. “M-moo! Moo!”

“So, you want to be a cow. You want to be my cow.”

That question floored Madeline, and she whined pitifully. “Nooooo!”

Arizona took her hands away from Madeline’s body.

At that, Madeline whined and mooed so hard she was almost wailing. As undignified as she knew it was, every last remaining thought in her transformed, blissed-out mind was railing against the unfairness of it. She wanted more! She needed more! Madeline found herself bucking her hips harder than ever, as if trying to hump the air uselessly. 

“You really seem like you do,” Arizona said, giggling at Madeline’s plight. “I mean, what kind of girl wants to be milked? To be used and jerked off on her hands and knees like this? That’s for cows.”

“It’s… it’s… moo!” Madeline brayed pitifully, in the hopes that Arizona would relent.

“Nuh uh!” Arizona tutted. “Not good enough. What are you, Madeline?”

“I…” Madeline knew what Arizona wanted her to say, and with horror, realized she was on the verge of saying it. “N-no… I… I…”

Arizona started squeezing her tits again, rougher than ever. She wasn’t teasing anymore. She was groping Madeline like she was aiming to milk every last drop out of her.

“Come on,” Arizona told her teasingly. “Just give in already!”

“I… b-but…” Madeline looked away from Arizona, hoping, somehow, to distract herself from the torment. But then, something happened.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the small mirror she kept on the dresser, on the opposite side of her bedroom.

Despite the days she’d had to adjust to her transformation, it was still shocking. Madeline had the kind of impossibly curvy, Venus-like body she’d only ever dreamt of. Her face was no longer entirely human. She had cow ears, cow horns, and even a slightly elongated, bovine face. Almost her whole body was now covered with cow spots. She was wearing the kind of obscenely slutty cow-print bikini she never would have been able to muster the confidence for on her own. And her tits were dripping with milk, much of which was staining her body or soaking into the bedsheets underneath her.

But most notable of all was the look on her face.

Madeline’s cheeks were flushed bright red. She was drooling a little from one of the corners of her mouth. She was twitching a little, clearly mortified and embarrassed beyond all reason by what was happening. But, transcending all of that, was the expression of unmistakable ecstasy she was wearing. The way her tongue was lolling out of her mouth made it plain that for her, each moment was orgasmic pleasure, and the look in her eyes was one of not only shame, but yearning.

The way she looked, and what she looked like, was what it finally took to break Madeline.

“I’m… I’m… a cow!” she cried mindlessly. She didn’t cum with those words, but the immense sense of relief that washed over her certainly felt like an orgasm. She followed up her declaration with a series of long, loud, happy moos, her face once again adopting a broad, dumb, docile.

“Fuck,” Arizona panted, clearly wildly turned on. “Amazing, babe! Good cow!”

At that, Madeline only mooed all the louder.

“You deserve a reward,” Arizona continued, standing up. “You know what else happens to good, well-behaved, docile milk cows?”

Madeline was far beyond words, but as Arizona moved behind her and knelt on the bed, Madeline noted the distinctive bulge at the front of her girlfriend’s jeans. She mooed happily.

As Arizona undressed herself, she reached underneath Madeline to pleasure her newly transformed girlfriend once more.

“They get bred.”


Arizona sighed happily as she opened the door to her and her girlfriends’ apartment. It had been a good day at the tattoo parlor, but a busy one, and she was glad to be returning home to Madeline. Sure enough, as she shut the door behind her, Madeline appeared, and Arizona smiled.

It had now been two weeks since she’d given Madeline her magic tattoo, and in that time, Madeline’s transformation had completely run its course, reshaping almost her entire body. She’d grown steadily curvier, and her horns had grown steadily longer. Her face had settled into an elongated, half-human shape that, to Arizona, was extraordinarily pretty and pleasing, and she’d even sprouted a long, tufted cow’s tail from the base of her spine. All in all, she looked exactly like the kind of transformed cowgirl Madeline had long-fantasized about - and thanks to the fact that she was wearing nothing but a cow-print apron, it was all right there on display.

“Welcome home, darling!” Madeline said brightly, her smile more radiant than ever.

For once, Arizona found herself lost for words. She loved seeing Madeline like this. Confident and content enough in her body to wear something silly and slutty, and with a look of true, docile happiness on her face. So, she just stood there for a moment, drinking in the sight.

“W-what?” Madeline shifted bashfully as Arizona stared.

Arizona stepped towards her and embraced her. “Just one of those moments I’m really, really glad I gave you that tattoo.”

Madeline buried her face in her girlfriend’s chest. “Me too.”

Arizona reached up to pet Madeline, and as she did, took a moment to inspect her left ear. There was one of the changes the tattoo hadn’t been responsible for. Attached to her ear was a distinctive, bright yellow cattle tag - Arizona’s handiwork. She did piercings just as often as she did tattoos, and after all, Madeline had always said she’d wanted to get her ears pierced. The tag bore a single word: Arizona’s.

“So,” said Arizona, stepping back. “Dinner ready?”

“Soon,” Madeline replied, and then looked away. “But, um, first…”

Arizona giggled. “Let me guess. You need me to take care of you.”

Madeline nodded, blushing and smiling. Arizona reached out and slipped her hands into the sides of Madeline’s apron, feeling at her huge cow tits. Sure enough, they were leaking, sensitive, and full to bursting.

“Then what are we waiting for?”

Arizona squeezed and massaged with her now-practiced hands, starting to milk Madeline right there and then. Madeline stumbled and slumped against her girlfriend, just as she had done many times before, and their apartment was filled with the sound of happy, horny mooing.

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