Breeding Rites

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #breeding #cock_growth #dom:female #f/f #sub:female

A haughy elf princess is captured by a group of amazoness orcs who are determined to make her breed them - even though she’s a girl

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of 'girl' in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie 2021, do not repost without explicit permission

“You… you… this is unbelievable!” Despite her perilous situation, Ashryn laughed as she let out a long string of Elvish curses, before slipping back into the common tongue. “I’m a girl, you foolish brutes!”

Once more, Ashryn struggled uselessly against the ropes that bound her to an upright pole, the elf princess regretting, for the first time in her life, her distinctly tomboyish appearance. With her short, spiky hair, her sharp, angular face, and her flat-chested, lean, toned body, this wasn’t the first occasion she’d been mistaken for a boy, but it was the first time it had landed her in significant trouble. The princess had been out hunting - one of her favorite pastimes - when her hunting party had been set upon by a dozen or more orcs, waiting in ambush along the forest trails. Ashryn had fought hard to let her companions escape, but she herself had been captured, and hauled back to the orcs’ camp, where she was now a prisoner.

The three orc women standing directly in front of Ashryn exchanged looks. Theirs was an amazonian tribe; she’d seen dozens of orcs since her arrival, and all of them were women. The rest of the tribe lurked behind, watching from the far side of the campfire, while the three that Ashryn judged to be the leaders stood beside her. They towered at least a foot above her, and their rugged, muscled physiques made them all the more imposing, but Ashryn refused to show them any fear.

“You are?” asked the one who had called herself Radka, in a gruff tone.

“Yes!” Ashryn snapped viciously. “I am Ashryn, princess of the Highwood Kingdom. You’re free to check, if you don’t believe me. I knew orcs had muscles for brains, but are you really so witless you can’t see what’s right before your eyes?”

“Can you really blame us?” snorted Zorana, one of the other orcs. From her long skirt and the numerous amulets and talismans around her neck, Ashryn judged her to be some kind of priestess or sorceress. “You elves are all weak, and your men are as feminine as girls.”

The orcs shared a raucous laugh, while Ashryn scowled at them darkly. It was tempting to hurl more insults at that, but Ashryn refused to sink to their level. She was a princess of the elves; her dignity was utmost. “Nonetheless,” she insisted, “you have only managed to sabotage yourselves. I am useless for the purpose for which you captured me. So, release me! Kill me, and my people will hunt you down. Let me go, unharmed, and perhaps I will counsel mercy.”

“Damn it!” grunted Iskra. She seemed to be the chieftess, and like Radka, was dressed only in a fur loincloth and chest-wrap. She looked at her companions. “Maybe she’s right. Keeping her here would only bring misfortune. We can look for a mate elsewhere.”

A mate. The word turned Ashryn’s stomach. She’d been on the verge of throwing up when, on her arrival at their camp, the orcs had explained why they’d captured her. They needed a man to breed with. As an all-female tribe, they had none of their own, and so they resorted to kidnapping. Apparently, race was of no consequence, but they believed that the nobler and more prestigious the ‘father’, the stronger and greater their daughters would be. An elf prince was considered the ultimate prize. Ashryn was disgusted at the notion of a proud, elegant elf being forced to breed with mere orcs, but she was gratified that, thanks to her true gender, they would be forced to move on empty-handed.

“Wait!” Zorana held up her hand. She ran a hand through her thick, unkempt mane of long, dark hair, deep in thought. After a moment, she stared at Ashryn intently. “You’re not a boy, no. But you’re still royalty. Your blood is noble. We can make this work.”

“How?” Iskra demanded, the short-haired chief looking at the sorceress skeptically.

“Hmm… let’s just say I know a spell,” Zorana replied slyly.

“Yes!” Radka clenched her fist triumphantly. One side of her head was shaved, and between that and the wild grin that had appeared on her face, she looked truly fierce. “I knew you’d have some trick up your sleeve, Zorana!”

“Wait.” The victorious sneer slipped from Ashryn’s face. “What… what foul trick is this? Let me go, I command you! I am a princess!”

“Not here you’re not,” Iskra retorted, before turning back to Zorana. “What do you need?”

“I have it all right here. I just need…”

Without warning, Zorana’s hand shot out to snatch a short, pale hair from Ashryn’s head. The elf princess yelped, startled, but Zorana ignored her.

“How dare you!” Ashryn roared furiously. “I will have your head for this, you brutish orc swine!”

“No, you won’t,” Zorana said calmly and ominously. “You’ll be far too busy.”

The orc priestess reached into a small pouch at her side, and pulled out a small, clay-formed effigy. Working quickly, she wrapped Ashryn’s hair around it in a complex, careful series of knots, all the while chanting quietly in a language Ashryn couldn’t recognize. Ashryn just stared at her. She wasn’t sure what Zorana could be doing, and the orc’s demeanor had her concerned. Magic? Foul trickery? It had to be something like that. But no matter what, Ashryn was confident she could overcome it. She was a princess of the elves, of far nobler and prouder lineage than any orc, and she would never succumb to their foul, ugly, filthy schemes. Never.

After a few moments, Zorana ceased her chanting. Then, abruptly, she turned and threw the effigy into the campfire. Ashryn followed it with her eyes, watching it for a moment as it blackened and charred in the flames before a piece of burning wood fell on it, obscuring it from view. For a moment before that, though, the elf could have sworn she’d seen the effigy burn with an eerie, purple glow.

Ashryn looked scornfully at Zorana. “And what, precisely, has this loathsome orc ritual accompl- huh?”

Ashryn broke off her tirade as she noticed a strange feeling in her body. She felt warm. Unnaturally warm. The sensation grew and grew, until it was like she could feel flames licking at her skin. It was intense, yet somehow painless. The elf princess groaned, pulling furiously against the ropes that bound her, twisting this way and that in a futile search for some kind of relief. The heat immediately had her feverish, her vision blurring and her limbs becoming weak. What was happening to her? Magic, clearly, but what kind of magic? Ashryn had never considered the lesser magics of races like orcs to be worth knowing about, a stance she had suddenly been given cause to regret. She would simply have to hope that the strength of her own spirit would let her overcome whatever foul curse they were trying to put on her.

After several long, agonizing seconds, the heat disappeared. Ashryn’s vision cleared, and she glared murderously at the three orcs surrounding her. They were watching her closely with a strange look on all their faces - they were no doubt surprised, Ashryn thought, that she had so easily shrugged off their ritual.

“Nice try.” Ashryn smirked. “But, as expected of your kind, entirely inadequate. It will take far, far more than some primitive hex to ensorcell someone such as myself.”

Ashryn had been expecting anger, despair or confusion from her orc captors. What she hadn’t been expecting was for Iskra, the chieftess, to throw back her head and laugh.

“Are you sure about that, princess?” the tall, muscular orc asked mockingly, pointing down at something on Ashryn’s body.

Ashryn looked down at herself. When she saw what Iskra was pointing at, she gasped in horror. There, at the front of her fine, silken robes, was something impossible: a huge, throbbing bulge.

“What?” Ashryn screamed, her composure cracking. “What… what have you beasts done to me?”

“We told you,” Radka smirked, evidently amused by Zorana’s sorcery. “We need you for breeding.”

“No, no, no, no no!” Ashryn’s eyes suddenly went dangerously wide and bloodshot as she raved feverishly in denial. “No!”

The elf princess shook her head from side to side furiously. She couldn’t accept this. She couldn’t accept what these orcs had done to her. How dare they? Didn’t they know who she was? Didn’t they know the kind of retribution she would inflict on them for this vile indignity? No orc could ever be permitted to violate her like this. It was impossible. Unthinkable. Ashryn refused to believe it was even possible. And yet, under her robe, she could feel it, attached to her body.

Her new cock.

As much as she wanted to, Ashryn couldn’t ignore it. It demanded her attention. Though it had grown there between her legs in mere moments, it was already huge. Ashryn had never known elf men to be so well-endowed. Perhaps what they had given her was more suited to orc tastes. That thought only made Ashryn more disgusted. How dare they? How dare they give her something like this? It was unnatural, and entirely unfitting for an elegant elf maiden like her. It was so gross. So vulgar. So… needy. Her new-grown organ was incredibly sensitive, and she couldn’t help but be uncomfortably aware of how it felt, straining against her soft, form-fitting garments. As she pulled and strained against her bindings, her cock rubbed a little against the silk, and that stimulation alone was enough to leave her light-headed and weak at the knees.

“I… what…” Ashryn babbled, stunned by what she was feeling. “This… why is it so… so…”

“Why is it so hard?” Zorana finished matter-of-factly, folding her power arms over her impressive chest. “I told you, elf. We need you to breed us.”

At that, Ashryn went very still, her face contorting into a mask of outrage. She’d already been disgusted with the notion, but it was made all the more horrifying by the fact that it now seemed to be a genuine possibility.

“Don’t you dare!” Ashryn cried viciously. “This is barbaric! Unthinkable! You will undo this at once, or I will have all your heads. I don’t care what you say or do, you can’t force me to even consider bedding one of your misbegotten kind.” She shuddered. “I am elf royalty! You should be on your knees, begging for your miserable lives, instead of entertaining the fantasy that I would ever deign to touch you.”

That finally seemed to anger the orcs. Radka let out an orcish curse. “Shut up!” she roared. “It’s your kind that has us damn near wiped out! I should-”

The burly orc made as if to move forward threateningly, but Zorana stopped her with an arm. “Oh, princess,” she laughed. “We won’t have to force you to do anything. You’ll be the one begging for it.”

Ashryn narrowed her eyes. “What do you mean? Explain yourself.” Zorana’s tone had her worried.

“Can’t you feel it?” Zorana’s voice dropped, becoming surprisingly sultry for an orc. “The urge? The need? It’s part of you now.”

“No!” Ashryn shot back, but deep down, she knew exactly what Zorana was talking about.

“Yes,” Zorana insisted. “I only changed your body, but your body controls your mind. That fat cock throbbing between your legs is doing all the thinking for you now. And it’s desperate. Anyone can see that.”

The other orcs laughed. Ashryn swallowed awkwardly, embarrassed, but then fixed Zorana with a steely glare.

“You’re wrong,” she said firmly, sweat dripping from her brow. “I refuse to be corrupted. My resolve is firm. My will is iron. I will not give in to such vulgar and filthy impulses. Do your worst.”

“Very well.” Zorana grinned. “To begin with, how about… this.”

As Ashryn stared, the orc reached up to her own chest and stripped off her small, leather top. It should have been a completely innocuous gesture, causing Ashryn to do nothing more than sniff slightly at the shameless, uncivilized display of nudity. Instead, it provoked a completely different reaction. From the moment Zorana exposed her breasts, Ashryn’s eyes were locked onto them. She couldn’t drag her gaze away from them, no matter how embarrassing it was to stare at a mere orc so lustfully. Up until that very moment, she’d never noticed Zorana was so womanly. Her body was powerful and muscular, but not hard - all over, her body was covered with soft, magnificent curves that only just let her muscles show through. Ashryn could imagine how it might feel to rest a hand on her stomach, pushing gently into the orc’s soft, slightly rounded stomach only to feel her incredible abs underneath. And Zorana’s breasts were incredible. They were huge. Ashryn had lived her whole life around elves, who had far slighter builds. She’d always considered orcs’ bodies to be indicative of their base, barbaric nature as a race, but nonetheless, she couldn’t stop staring in awe at Zorana’s colossal, amazonian tits. Her mouth started watering, and it was like she could feel the blood draining out from her head and into her new cock, making it throb with agonizing need.

“Not looking so composed now, princess,” Iskra pointed out, laughing.

Ashryn blushed. She wanted so badly to deny it, to close her eyes and turn her head away just to prove she was still in control of herself. But that was beyond her now. Nonetheless, she knew she had to remain defiant. “I… I don’t know what you mean,” she huffed. “This display is pointless. It’s mere vulgarity. Mere… mere…”

She trailed off. Grinning, Zorana pressed her advantage.

“Then I’m sure you won’t complain if I get a little more comfortable.”

Before Ashryn could raise a feeble protest, Zorana reached down to her side and untied her skirt, letting the long piece of cloth fall to the ground. Ashryn’s jaw dropped. At last, she was able to stop leering at the orc woman’s tits, but only so that her eyes could dart about feverishly, struggling to drink in the sight of Zorana’s tall, exposed body. Now that the orc was completely naked, Ashryn could truly see all her curves and just how mind-blowing they were. Her thighs were as thick as tree trunks, muscular and soft in equal measure. Ashryn had never seen a woman who looked so powerful in every way. She’d always preferred the kind of delicate, feminine maidens she could easily find among her own kind but now, driven by her new anatomy, that was rapidly changing. She simply couldn’t help but be consumed by lust for the woman in front of her. That lust only grew once she cast her eyes over Zorana’s wide, prodigious hips.

Breeding hips.

The thought came into her mind unbidden, and once it appeared, she couldn’t shake it. Zorana had breeding hips. Her body looked perfect for breeding. Strong and healthy. Tall and muscular, yet soft. Covered with feminine curves that simply begged for attention. By some new, impossible instinct, Ashryn could simply tell that the orc craved being bred. And that thought drew her attention to Zorana’s pussy. Zorana made no move to hide it or keep her legs together, and so Ashryn found herself staring shamelessly at the orc’s already-wet cunt, her mind lost to giddy fantasies about how it would feel. Her cock strained so hard against her robe it threatened to rip a whole in it. She’d never felt such overwhelming desire. She knew that, as an elven princess, she should place herself above such crude, unworthy impulses, but in that moment, she couldn’t bring herself to care.

“Funny how, all of a sudden, you don’t seem so cocky.” Zorana licked her lips, staring at the huge, throbbing bulge between Ashryn’s legs. “So, what do you say, princess? Ready to breed?”

The question brought Ashryn some way back to her senses. “Never!” she cried, although the thin trail of drool that had escaped her lips made her defiance entirely unconvincing.

“That right?” Radka asked, taking a step towards Ashryn. This time, Zorana didn’t stop her. “I think part of you disagrees with that.”

“W-what?” Ashryn panicked as the burly orc reached out a hand towards her. “N-no, what are you- Ah!”

Her words devolved into a loud moan as Radka rested a hand gently on her bulge. In truth, the orc was barely touching her, but to Ashryn’s needy, oversensitive dick it felt like she was being struck by lightning. The touch was enough to ignite her cravings, but far, far from enough to satisfy them, and so the once-proud elf found herself panting like an overheated dog as she melted beneath Radka’s hand.

“Oh, look,” Radka crooned mockingly. “The silly elf is making a mess of herself.”

Ashryn looked down, and gasped. At the front of her expensive, silken robes there was now a large, dark stain. The elf princess turned an even deeper shade of crimson when she realized why. Her huge, throbbing, magically-grown cock was leaking a constant stream of thin precum. It was seeping through her robe, leaving a tell-tale mark of her arousal even more undeniable than her massive bulge, as well as trickling down her leg to form a small, shameful puddle on the ground. Ashryn was shocked. She didn’t want to imagine how she looked in that moment - tied up, panting lustfully while an orc stroked her monstrous, unnatural, needy, dripping cock. The idea of any of her own kind seeing her that way was too mortifying to conceive of. But she had the horrible suspicion the worst was yet to come.

“Given up yet?” Radka pressed, looming over her. “Ready to accept your place, breeder?”

“N-n-no!” It was desperately hard to think with Radka touching her cock, even through clothes, but somehow, Ashryn was able to keep hold of a few rational thoughts. “Never! I am a princess of the- fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Crude and unbecoming of a princess though it was, Ashryn was helpless to stop herself cursing when Radka’s touch became less gentle and more insistent, the brash orc gripping her shaft tight and stroking it slowly up and down. Ashryn saw white. She’d thought the light touch of Radka’s fingertips had been intense, but her whole hand? It was blindingly overwhelming.

Radka laughed as Ashryn writhed. “A princess of what? Huh?”

“Hnngg… I… ffff… hnngg,” Ashryn whimpered. She was far beyond the ability to form words. Her new cock was so sensitive. It was all she could think about. All thoughts of elegance, dignity, and pride were gone from her head.

“I told you,” Zorana said, shaking her head ruefully. “Flesh over mind. Your body wants what it wants. You can’t fight it. The deepest instincts are always the most powerful, however hard you elves try to pretend otherwise. Your cock is in control now. My cock. It’s telling you what you feel. What you want. Who you are. Can’t fight that kind of need. Just give in already, silly girl.”

“N… N… N… Ah!” Ashryn couldn’t muster the strength to give voice to her defiance. Instead, her body betrayed her. Before she could stop herself, she found herself thrusting her hips back and forth like a rutting animal, desperate to fuck Radka’s hand for the meager extra stimulation it gave her. Radka was being too slow, too gentle. Ashryn’s unnatural cock needed more. The orcs surrounding her all laughed, but she was barely aware of it. The pleasure was everything.

“Gods!” Iskra grunted. “Look at her! I didn’t realize an elf would break so easily.”

“Need… need… need,” Ashryn moaned, panting obscenely with her tongue lolling out of her mouth. “So… good… so… so…”

“Stop!” Zorana warned sharply. Obediently, Radka pulled back. Ashryn’s moans turned into a long, needy whine as the stimulation she had so craved suddenly vanished. She was left shuddering and shivering, the feeling of her precum-drenched robe against the head of her dick now totally inadequate. “We don’t want to spill any seed,” the orc priestess explained, grinning wickedly. “We have need of it.”

“You… you w-won’t…” Ashryn shuddered. Now that Radka had stopped touching her, she could think a little clearer, and the knowledge of how she had just debased herself was filling her with anger and shame. “I… I won’t let you! I…”

Radka ignored her, looking back at Zorana. “Right.” Radka nodded, then turned to her chieftess. “Iskra, let’s get ready.”

Iskra nodded and, just as Zorana had done, the two remaining orcs stripped. Once again, Ashryn’s wits deserted her, swept away by a tide of base, feral, unfamiliar urges. Those orcs’ clothing had already left little to the imagination, but even so, watching them reveal everything to her was enough to send Ashryn into a frenzy. Radka was all hard and muscular, with a body that looked like it had been chiseled from stone. Ashryn’s fingers were itching to see how those muscles would feel beneath her touch. Yet the orc wasn’t without femininity; her tits were still huge by elf standards, and her hips were wide enough to induce the same breeding fantasies that Zorana’s had. And Iskra? Iskra was simply magnificent. Even compared to the other orcs, she was statuesque. She towered over them all, her body in every way that of a perfectly-proportioned, amazonian goddess. As she undressed, she turned, leaving Ashryn staring open-mouth at her huge, round, shapely and unbelievably soft-looking ass. Ashryn couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Iskra’s body was impossibly thick and curvaceous. Her ass was like a huge, ripe, juicy peach, just begging for someone to salivate over it. Ashryn’s head was filled with sinful, unbecoming images of how she wanted to slide her throbbing cock between those fat ass cheeks, gripping Iskra’s hips as she started to grind against her. Her hips also drew Ashryn’s fascination. She couldn’t think of them as anything other than breeding hips, and the more she stared at them, the more her urges grew.




More than anything, though, Ashryn’s gaze was drawn to their pussies. The three orc women standing before her showed absolutely no inclination to hide any part of their bodies, and so Ashryn was confronted with a sight that drove her wild: three slick, wet pussies, all ready for her to breed. She was dimly aware of the fact that the orcs were staring at her new cock almost as hard as she was staring at them, and were clearly turned on by her new, perverse body. Ashryn’s eyes darted around manically, struggling to drink in all these new sights that were suddenly proving so intoxicating. She was overwhelmed with lust. All she could think about was how their cunts would feel around her dick, and how satisfying it would be to finally get release inside them.

“I see the look in her eyes,” Zorana commented. “She’s ready.

“Who first?” asked Radka, licking her lips hungrily.

“Me,” declared Iskra, stepping forward. No-one challenged the chieftess.

Radka nodded. “Zorana, you untie her. I’ll hold her.”

“I don’t think we need to bother with that.” Zorana slowly approached Ashlyn, pulling a small dagger from her pouch. Reaching out carefully towards the shivering, panting, transfixed elf, she used the dagger to slit Ashlyn’s robe open from top to bottom before pulling apart the already-soiled silk with her hands.

In little more than a moment, Ashlyn was naked. The once-proud princess looked down at herself. Now, at last, she could see clearly what Zorana’s sorcery had done to her. Her anatomy had changed completely. Naked, she could finally see just how huge and hard her new cock looked. It throbbed and pulsed between her legs, dripping and swollen and obscene. And beneath it, she could now see, were a set of full balls, desperate for release.

Suddenly, Ashlyn felt her hands come free, and her ankles immediately after. While she’d been staring at herself, Zorana had cut her ropes. The orc priestess retreated swiftly to one side, and Ashryn was left with Iskra standing before her. Tall, curvaceous, magnificent Iskra. Ashryn couldn’t help but stare. She started panting even harder. She was free. She could run. With adrenaline lending her quickness, she could easily move faster than any clumsy orc. She could get back to her people. She could get them to fix her. She could get revenge. She could-


The intrusive thought hit her like a hammerblow. All of a sudden, it was the only thing in her head.




It was so primal. So strong. Her body was aching for it. All her blood was in her cock. She needed release. She needed to breed so badly it hurt. Tense seconds passed. Ashryn licked her lips, breath ragged.

She had no choice.


Ashryn broke. She threw herself towards the orc chieftess. Though she was much smaller, she hit the tall warrior with the force of a cannonball, knocking Iskra off her feet as Ashryn wrapped her legs around the orc’s body, scratching and pawing at her needily. The orcs around her all laughed, although Iskra seemed a little taken aback by the elf princess’s sudden, frenzied enthusiasm.

“Gods!” Radka whooped. “She’s a real wildcat!”

“N-no!” Ashryn cried. She could barely think, but what remained of her mind was filled with shame. What was she doing? She was an elf. A princess. She was better than this. And yet, she couldn’t stop pressing herself against Iskra, humping the orc’s thighs clumsily like a rutting animal.

“No?” Iskra taunted, herself now flushed with arousal. “What’s the matter, little elf? Don’t you want to breed?”

The word had an immediate impact on Ashryn. She shuddered, sweating and panting, maddened with lust. “I… I… hngg…” Her new cock rubbing against Iskra’s thighs wasn’t the stimulation she so desperately craved, but it was close enough to drive her crazy.

“I asked you a question!” With one powerful hand, Iskra gripped Ashryn’s neck and pushed her away, holding the elf at arm’s length. Ashryn whined pathetically. “Don’t you want to breed me? Don’t you want to put that fat cock in my cunt and fill me up with your seed? Don’t you want to grab my hips and pump me with your cum until my belly is swollen and bulging? Huh?”

Her coarse words filled Ashryn’s head with outrageous fantasies, but still she clung to the few tattered shreds of her pride. “I… a-am… a p-princess.”

“Really?” Iskra mocked. “Does a princess do what you’re doing now? Look at yourself, elf, and tell me what you are. What you want. Are you a princess who wants to go home? Or are you an empty-headed breeding stud who needs to fuck me?”

“I… I… I…”

As Ashryn watched, Iskra slowly and deliberately spread her legs as wide as she could, and reached down with her free hand to gently spread the lips of her pussy. Ashryn’s eyes went impossibly wide, her pupils completely dilated as they flickered with a crazed, lustful glint.

“Breed,” Ashryn breathed. It was the only thought she had left. “Breed. Breed. Breed. Breed. Breed.”

“What are you?” Iskra demanded.

It took Ashryn’s overtaxed brain several long seconds to recover the ability to form words, driven only be a need to give the orc the answer she wanted so that Ashryn could finally fuck her. “Breeding stud,” she panted at last.

“Good.” Iskra released her grip on Ashryn, allowing her arms to fall to her sides. “Now breed me.”

Driven by pure, feral instinct, Ashryn obeyed. Her cock now utterly ruled her. Its demand to be satiated overrode everything else. Moaning gratefully, she plunged forwards, planting her face in Iskra’s huge, soft chest and slipping her cock into the orc’s wet, fertile pussy. The feeling was divine. Before Zorana had broken her brain, Ashryn had been a pious girl, but the sensation of burying her cock deep inside the orc chieftess was still the closest she’d ever come to a true religious experience. It was better than anything. Better than hunting, better than pride, better than dignity, and far better than any of the elegant, romantic trysts she’d had in the past. The pleasure was so raw, so visceral. Nothing else could compare. Zorana had remolded her body, and now the pleasure of fucking Iskra was reshaping her mind, cementing sex and breeding as her greatest, truest desire.

But still, it wasn’t enough. Ashryn needed more. She needed release. Driven by that singular impulse, she started thrusting her hips as fast as she possibly could, and then faster still. All thought of dignity and technique were gone from her head. She was an animal. A breeding stud. By rights, the events of the day should have left her exhausted, but she seemed to draw on a limitless reserve of strength as she pounded Iskra with superhuman vitality, each thrust making the orc’s whole body shake and jiggle pleasingly. Ashryn took hold of Iskra’s incredibly wide hips, using them to pull herself deeper into the orc’s pussy. They were so broad and so soft. Breeding hips. And Ashryn was breeding her. That thought alone was enough to drive her into an ecstatic frenzy.

“Yes!” Iskra moaned loudly. Ashryn’s massive cock inside her was driving her almost as wild, and she wasn’t ashamed to show how good it felt. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Breed me. Don’t hold back. Give me everything.”

Ashryn obeyed. Even if she’d wanted to, she couldn’t have held back. She was enslaved to her own cock. The feeling of Iskra’s pussy clenching around her cock, pulling her deeper inside, was incredible. Ashryn had never known it was possible to feel so sensitive and so overstimulated. Even though the orc towered over her, her pussy was perfectly tight and perfectly ready to milk every last drop out of her swollen, magically-virile balls.

“Fuck.” Ashryn grunted, sounding every bit as brutish and crude as her orc captors. “Fuck. I’m. Fuck. Need. Breed.”

“Cum,” Iskra demanded. “Cum. Cum your load inside me. I need it. I need it all. Breed me.”

With a high-pitched scream, Ashryn came. It was a sensation she’d never experienced before; white-hot with intensity, making her whole body shudder and her lungs burn with how long and loud she moaned. She felt her new cock pulsing and her new balls churning as they pumped a huge, thick load deep into Iskra’s waiting pussy, drenching the inside of her with cum. To Ashlyn, the satisfaction was beyond anything she’d ever known. The urge to breed was now her most primal, powerful instinct, and she’d finally done it. She was light-headed and giddy with the thrill as she kept ploughing Iskra, even after her orgasm had subsided.

The whole encounter had taken barely 60 seconds.

“Now,” came Zorana’s voice from behind her. “Me.”

Ashryn turned as she felt herself being pulled off of Iskra by a strong, green arm. She was about to whine at being deprived of Iskra’s cunt, but her complaints were silenced when Zorana pulled her into a tight, intimate embrace.

“I gave you that incredible cock,” the orc priestess purred. “Seems only fair I get to enjoy it next.”

At first, Ashryn was puzzled. More? But then she noticed that her balls were still heavy and full, and her cock was just as hard as it had been before. An instant later, her mind, wiped blank by the bliss of orgasm, was once again seized by a desire to breed. She could breed another woman. Plant her seed in another eager, fertile womb. It set her ablaze with fresh lust. She was a breeding stud, and she needed to impregnate as many of these orcs as she could.

Unlike Iskra, Zorana didn’t fall back onto the ground. Instead, she simply lent back against the wooden post, pulling Ashryn’s smaller form up into her arms. Ashryn needed no further encouragement. She threw her arms around the orc priestess’s neck and wrapped her slender but toned legs around her body, at the same time planting her cock deep inside the woman who had given it to her. Zorana moaned appreciatively at the massive cock filling her.

“Mmmf,” she grunted. “Perfect. Just like I wanted.”

Ashryn couldn’t hear her. She was once again thrusting her hips in a breeding frenzy, driven to even greater heights of pleasure than before. Even though Zorana’s magic wouldn’t let her grow soft, the elf’s mind-shattering orgasm had left her cock feeling even more desperately sensitive, and Ashryn’s broken brain could think of nothing but milking as much pleasure out of it as she could. She couldn’t remember who she was. She couldn’t remember being the haughty, elegant, proud elf princess who the orcs had captured. She could barely remember her own name. She was just a stud. A breeder. A cock for these orcs to milk. And she couldn’t imagine anything better.

“M-mine,” Ashryn panted, clutching possessively at Zorana’s tits as she plowed her cunt with all her strength. She was regressing, falling back on simple, animal instincts. “Mine. Mine. Breed. Fuck. Mine. Breed.”

Zorana laughed wildly. “Yes,” she moaned gleefully. “Yours. So knock me up. Fuck me. Breed me. Fill me up. Come on!”

Held above the ground by Zorana’s embrace, Ashryn could only obey. She was pounding the orc so hard her muscles were screaming at her by the time she tipped over the edge into another huge orgasm. Thanks to her heightened sensitivity, it was even greater than her first, and it took her to new levels of primal, animalistic bliss. Ashryn’s face warped into an expression of shameless lewdness as her eyes rolled back into her head and her tongue lolled out of her mouth, drool escaping her lips to drip all over her own body. She didn’t care how she looked. She didn’t care about her pride as elf royalty. She didn’t care about anything except breeding, and as she pumped another massive load of cum into Zorana’s tight, welcoming pussy, she knew for certain that she had just fulfilled her one and only purpose as a stud.

“Gods, that was good!” Zorana moaned as she released Ashryn from her embrace, allowing the mind-broken princess to slump onto the ground. “I need to use that spell more often.”

“Let me try her out!” cried Radka, looming over Ashryn. The needy, frustrated look on her face made it obvious how worked up she was from watching her chieftess and priestess be bred right in front of her.

“After that,” came Iskra’s voice, happy and contented, “I want to use her again. Need to make sure her seed did its work.”

Ashryn was in heaven. Behind Iskra and Radka, the whole tribe of amazonian orcs was pressing in. Each and every one of the women wore an expression of ravenous hunger on their faces. There was so much breeding to be done. As Radka knelt over her, mounting her and slipping her still-throbbing cock into her incredibly tight, wet pussy, Ashryn’s mind utterly collapsed and she allowed a fog of pleasure to sweep her away.


Hours later, Ashryn awoke. The first thing she did once she regained consciousness was reach down to check between her legs. Sure enough, her cock was still there. It was finally soft, although even limp it was obvious how disproportionately huge it was on her slender, elvish frame.

Next, the elf looked around. She was lying on the grass in the middle of the orcs’ camp, surrounded by dozens of orcs. Most of them appeared to be asleep, or else lost to hazy, pleasurable dazes. Each and every one of them had a huge load of cum leaking out of their exposed pussies. When she noticed that, Ashryn turned crimson from head to toe. Her lust had faded, mercifully, but the memories remained. Memories of what she had done, and how she had behaved. Memories of how terribly she had disgraced herself. How would she explain any of this once she returned home?

There was time to think about that later, though. For now, she needed to escape. The orcs were in no state to stop her. It was a perfect opportunity. Summoning the very last of her strength, Ashryn forced herself to her feet - only to immediately stumble, and fall clumsily back on her ass. For a moment, she was stunned. What had happened? Why was she totally off-balance?

It was only once she looked down at herself that Ashryn found her answer. Her lips parted in shock as she saw, on her chest, a pair of tits so massive they put any of the orcs’ to shame. On her small, tomboyish body, they looked practically cartoonish. Ashryn touched one of her new tits with her hand experimentally, once to pull back once she let out a small, reflexive moan. They were so sensitive! Then, to her horror, she watched as a small droplet of milk formed on the nipple of the breast she had touched. What was this? What was happening to her now?


Ashryn’s head whipped around at the distinctive voice, and found herself staring at Zorana. The orc priestess was lying only a short distance away, with a smug, happy smile on her face.

“W-what… what have you done to me now?” Ashryn asked, her voice trembling. She couldn’t help but be embarrassed with her new, obscene, undeniably sexual physique.

“It’s another part of the spell,” Zorana explained. “You see, thanks to you, there’s going to be a whole lot more orcs running around here soon.” The orc rubbed her belly gently, her abdomen still swollen a little from the massive load Ashryn had pumped into her. “And so I figured, why don’t we keep you around?”

“G-gods…” Ashryn paled at the implications of what Zorana was telling her, although her cheeks remained tinged with a faint blush as, deep in her heart, the thought of spending more time with these orcs ignited sparks of sinful arousal.

“I knew you’d understand.” Zorana’s grin turned wicked. “We don’t just need a breeding stud, after all. We could really, really use a nice milking cow.”

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