The Joys of Waking Up

A Beautiful Sunset

by JustALittleOne

Tags: #cw:CGL #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #transgender_characters #drug_play #futanari #Human_Domestication_Guide #just_warm_and_fuzzy_feelings #lactation #mindless #weight_loss #wholesome

So... This is the last chapter I had written up for this story. I think I gave it a nice, wholesome, and fluffy conclusion, and I'm glad people enjoyed reading it as much as I loved writing it.

Also fair warning this is also a super lewd chapter.

With that said and done... Enjoy.

"...Do you promise it'll all work out? I… I'm scared."
Magnolia smiled. That same smile that she always seemed to have, one that calms the soul and soothes the heart. "I do, little one. As your owner-to-be, I promise that everything will be okay. Now and forever."
The little human took a little more time. Just a little more before going over the edge. "Okay."
And with that… The final strokes of the pen fell.

Something was up. The Little One couldn't figure it out, but it seems that her Mama and Beloved had a talk and now both of them gave her those looks that she couldn't understand. She was just a kitty, after all.
It persisted in the lab, where her Beloved now took her spot on their Mama's shoulders, observing what she's doing up close, asking questions, sometimes even helping with some of the materials and doing a bit of work herself. At least, it made her happy, which was nice. All while the Little One was soundly sleeping in her favorite pillow bed on the desk, unassuming of their machinations. 
It lasted through the trip to the park too, where they sent her to go play with her floret friends while her Beloved kept collecting things she found fancy to so she can add them to her ever growing hoard of random shinies that caught her interest. And while she had tons of fun, getting pets and attention and sometimes treats… She couldn't help but look for a few moments, and notice that her Mama and Beloved were talking far enough for her to not hear. Or maybe her Mama just made it so she couldn't hear what they're saying. It's not like she could tell.
It even continued back home, while they were watching a movie. It was a nice way to pass the time, but the two of them made sure to give her so many scritches that any capacity to hear their conversation was basically thrown out the window. Leaving her a drooling mess barely cognizant of her surroundings.
"Do you think she realized it?" She heard her Beloved ask.
"I doubt it. But all the better when it'll be done~" Magnolia replied with a smirk.
She didn't know what they were talking about! But even more importantly, they weren't giving her enough attention, seeing as she was able to parse their conversation with one another. And the only way to rectify that was to jostle in her Mama's lap and mewl needily until they returned to fawning over her.
The day kept going. Taking her to the kitchen for dinner, and then for a bath. She got cleaned and fresh, and it felt nice to be scrubbed down all over again. But when they got to the bed… She saw something on it. A large tub of something that smelled… Sweet.
Ice Cream!
She ran towards it to inspect her prize, which neither her pinnate nor owner seemed to mind. They walked in, with her tail wagging behind her and curling and purrs being joyfully delivered. "Happy birthday, sweetheart." Her Beloved approached, giving her a quick kiss. It was then that it dawned on her. This was… Her birthday.
She didn't really remember what a birthday was. But she knew that it was important, and that it was a reason to celebrate. She didn't even remember how she used to celebrate her birthday, if at all. But that didn't bother her. She got the best party ever and it had all the people in this universe that she cared most about.
The realization made her tear up. Out of happiness. They kept a little secret from her so they could give her a nice surprise. How could she dislike that? The Affini produced two silver spoons. Handing her one, and giving another to her Beloved. "Go on. You can eat as much as you want, sweetie. Enjoy yourself~" Magnolia smiled, and reached out with a vine. She gently wrapped it around the Little One's head, causing a crown of flowers to bloom around her ears. A simple circle filled with orange flowers that shone brilliantly and showed just how much she was loved.
She began to dig into the tub of ice cream in earnest. It was cold, but yummy! And really sweet, and it was so fun sharing it with her Beloved. So much so, that she didn't really notice that her Mama slipped out the room for a few moments, returning shortly after before winking to her girlfriend.
They took their sweet time to finish the frozen treat. Each bite was a symphony of flavors washing over her in cool bliss. "Well… Now that you're done with the first part of your birthday surprise." Her Mama cooed and pat her head. "You ready for the second part?~"
At that, she was a little confused. Was there more? She looked at the two of them, who now shared a grin, as her Mama sneaked a vine past her field of vision, before… She felt a slight prick.
And her world exploded.
Her eyes dilated again, and every breath filled her with so many sensations it was hard to keep track of what was coming from where. Even the air around her, usually a silent blanket with zero interactions with her body, was now swarming her with tingly pricks against her skin that took away any form of rationality that was still left in her brain.
She almost immediately collapsed, overwhelmed by the world around her. Something was missing. Something to ground her back into the world of neverending bliss and pleasure and keep her there for a long, long time.
Which is when she felt several hands caress her shoulders, with others lifting her shirt off.
Every touch against her body burned her skin, making her spasm a little with surprise at just how sensitive she was. That is, until a moment later, when she eagerly leaned into the touch deeper, relishing every second of it and begging for more with incoherent mewls and purrs. She felt so needy. So desperately horny and lustful that nothing else registered in her consciousness. Just the ever burning desire in her heart, now fully unshackled and let free to take her for a ride unlike any other.
She looked to her two loved ones. Her eyes were radiating with need. Her tongue was lolled out, and each breath elicited a small moan out of her. She could tell from their looks, they knew what she needed.
"So cute, and helpless~" She heard her Beloved coo, pushing her down as she lifted her own top off, and quickly did away with her skirt as well. On instinct, two of the Little One's hands reached out to play with her chest. She needed it. She needed tiddy. And more, so much more. All while her other arms were pinned down as gentle vines spread out around them, keeping her on her back and pulling off her pants as well.
She could feel her Mama's arms too. And that vine she used when she wanted to fuck her kitty senseless. She was pressing it against her inner thigh, with enough warmth coming off of her to melt whatever was left of the Little One's brain. "So needy, and small~" Magnolia whispered with baited breath, using two arms to spread her legs wide open and having the other two join her in toying with her Beloved, who began to moan as well.
She could feel both of them. They were both going to have their way with her, and there was nothing she could do about it. And yet… They drew that moment out, as long as possible, keeping her slit want and her shaft hard as a rock while the Affini and dragon girl leaned down to whisper in both her ears at the same time.
"And all ours~"
They both pushed at the same time. She felt herself going inside her Beloved, all while her Mama was ramming her own viney shaft into her pussy. Which made her scream at the top of her lungs, yowling and begging for more. For them to move. For more warmth that would wash over her entirely. She was seeing stars and the scents of both her owners flooded her nose, and her mind to boot. Everything smelled so good. It was practically addicting.
Finally, she felt them move. Riding her. Fucking her. All while whispering to her ear about how much of a good girl she is, and how she deserves all this love and affection. How she deserves nothing short of being adored and cared for while being blissed out as the adorable kitty she always wanted to be. Her tail immediately wrapped itself around her Mama's thigh, refusing to part with the soft, wooden Affini for the life of her.
Her legs wrapped around her Mama, and her arms pulled her Beloved in for a deep kiss, trying to make this moment last forever. Everything felt so fulfilling. So right. So what if she didn't decide this? She trusted them to decide what's best for her. Because she was just a kitty, and it was fun sometimes to be taken on a wild ride with no control over it. If nothing else… Letting go of control was part of the bliss of the situation. Just being able to let go, and let someone else decide what to do without the fear that something bad will happen.
They both sped up their hips, going faster and harder. Her Beloved's wings spread on wide with a gleeful and prideful look on her face, relishing the bliss she was able to bestow onto her precious kitten. Breaking the kiss to trace a finger against the Little One's cheek, just to watch her squirm and nuzzle her hand, all while purrs louder than she's ever been able to produce came out of her throat. Accompanied by moans and mewls and other forms of begging.
All while their Mama was looking at her two florets. She was a part of this too, but just being able to make her precious kitten so happy made her core swoon with a desire to give even more. And while making sure her dragoness wasn't looking, she grinned and played a small trick of her own, giving her a similar shot of the same 'human-nip' she's spent so long perfecting for this very day. Her second floret may have helped, but… She never told her she'd make only one dose.
Soon enough, both florets began to wildly make love to each other. All while their owner, arguing with herself that they both deserve love, grew a second shaft and shoved it into her Beloved, making sure both of them felt as amazing as she could. "Ah fuck!~" she watched her Beloved one call out, but unable to resist the urge to pour her heart out at this point. Instead, all she could do was join the Little One's tail with her own, and lean down to kiss her as they both built up their pace as fast as they could manage.
"I-I'm close!" Her Beloved called out, and kept pressing herself down on her mate's crotch, refusing to let go. Something that the Little One replied to in kind, using all her arms to pull her in, to make sure she couldn't get away. "Me too flower~" Magnolia called out after them, as moans began to come out of her well, being as flowery and pristine as everything else about her.
The tension was getting higher and higher. Each thrust bringing all of them closer to the peak. Building more and more, with sweat glistening against the humans' skins, the Little One's fur was practically soaked and she couldn't stop herself. She had to. She needed to. Nothing else but the same need echoed in her empty head, on an endless repeat that wouldn't stop.
And then… The Climax.
At first, an overwhelming sense of euphoria came over her. She screamed while emptying herself and locking her Mama in, refusing to let either of her loves go. Instinct dictated that she needed to take it all. To breed, and mate. She didn't care what was real or not. All that mattered was that urge that burned at her soul that commanded her to act like the animal she always was inside.
Her vision was completely blurred out, going white. She felt it. They came too. She made them both feel good. She was a good girl who made her Mama and her Beloved feel good, and that made her so happy. So satisfied with herself. She was a good good girl.
And from there, the silence. The oblivion of peace that coated her mind, making her feel as if she was floating and resting on a cloud. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the room around her. She had her Beloved's wings wrapped around her, and without even noticing, her Mama let her suck on her chest again, just to indulge her further. Her mouth tasted of sweet, floral nectar, her nether regions were all sticky, and yet the haze of sexual bliss prevented her from doing anything about it. Instead, she just nuzzled in, deciding to let her Mama care about cleaning instead. Magnolia smiled down at her. "Such a good, sweet girl…" Magnolia smiled, running a hand through her pet's hair. "You're a good girl, and we both love you so much. And don't you ever forget it~" She booped the Little One's nose, and pulled the both of them closer, giving her florets extra nice snuggles.
She felt so calm. Looking around the room, she had her Beloved dragon with her, nuzzling her cheek and giving her soft kisses. She had her Mama, who was more than happy to shower both of them with love unending. And then… She looked in the mirror. And saw herself. She looked nothing like the human that left that old life behind anymore. And she was smiling, genuinely and with zero regrets.
And the Little One… Was happy.

I really hoped you liked this chapter. Even if it's the end of the story... At least it's a nice, happy ending. Personally, I love straight up happy ends, but I digress.

Perhaps, one day, I'll manage to bring myself and write some more, other stories. Maybe I'll do a post-script for this too. Who knows.

Either way... I hope you have a wonderful, beautiful day. And I'll see you all around.


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