Part of the Hive

Day 10

by JustALittleOne

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Well, here's another chapter for y'all. I hope you enjoy! This one should be more fluffy and nice, so I hope you'll like it.

Tyr realized something, in the few days that passed since she was nursed back to health. Something… Changed, about the bee girls. When they first entered the forest, they were aggressive. They didn't talk, they didn't even bother to look at them like people. They just swooped in, a swarm of fury that took everyone else away. The only reason she even stayed safe in the first place was because Lora pushed her out of the way when the swarm attacked them.
And now… Now she was alone.
Still, at least the bee girls weren't hostile anymore. The buzzing was rather irritating, as it always was, but Tyr was getting used to always having it in her head. It was a bit comforting, in a weird sense. A constant in this magical forest that kept changing and making it impossible to leave.
"Oh, Tyr! You're awake!" She turned her head, the same girl from before brought her another packet of nectar to feed her. Fiona, from what she could tell, though the way the bee herself treated the name was bizarre. Something told her that this name was, for all purposes, relatively new, something that she wasn't even used to herself. "Are you doing okay? Do you need anything?"
She didn't reply. Trying to give them the silent treatment. Still, it's not like she couldn't help but appreciate it, even if a little. The empathy, that is.
"...Still not wanting to talk?..." Fiona's face twisted a little in disappointment, though flavored with sadness, not anger. "It's okay. You don't have to if you don't want to." She sat next to her, using one of her hands to paint a little in the sand next to the river. "You know…" She began, and Tyr looked at her for a brief moment. "The Queen said that we need to be nicer. So… It's all new to us too."
The look the bee got back was one of unamusement. Confusion. She didn't understand. What was even going on at this point with these bees, did their queen just change her mind out of the blue and decided to be nice all of a sudden?
The queen… That was their leader, no? Tyr was never an expert on insects, but she knew that much. Hives had queens, and those queens were the ones responsible for keeping the hive alive. Even so, questions kept piling on top of one another, and unless she felt like conversing with the fae, she wouldn't be getting answers anytime soon.
She considered for a moment to stalk one back to the hive, but that thought was soon discouraged. Not just the headache that came from leaving the glade, It was also the fact that so far these drones seemed to be far more powerful and agile than her. To try and provoke them by attacking their leader would be flat out suicide. And she… She wasn't ready to join Lora.
Not yet.
"Well, I have to go for now. Try and rest, okay? You're still ill." The bee girl smiled at her a little, and then flew off, towards the giant flowers. Not a few short moments later, she came out covered in pollen, and headed towards the hive, most likely to deliver the flowers' produce to the rest. A mighty powerful supply line, when Tyr thought about it.
That just left her with herself and her own thoughts. The bee said she was ill. But that did that even mean, she felt fine. Looking at her body, Tyr knew for sure that she was changing. Was it the flowers' fault? The bees? She didn't know, but it wasn't like the change was frowned upon. Her skin was hairless and flawless, her hair, usually grown as much as a ranger in these days could allow, was able to flow past her shoulders, and when she saw her own reflection in the small stream, she could've sworn her face was getting rounder. She didn't even need to shave in days now, since no facial hair grew on her face. She looked… She finally looked like what she wanted to be. What she felt inside.
Tyr smiled a little. She didn't know if there was even a word for such people like her. People born in the wrong body, who wanted to change. Who were born in a body that didn't initially fit them. Lora told her that she met a few people like her in the past. People who, like her, seeked a way to change their form. Some turned to dark magic, and dealings with demons and other sordid types. Some delved into alchemy, trying to find ways to alter one's body and mind.
And she just got to sit here, in a fae forest, and be changed. For as ironic and mysterious as it was.
At this point she gave up on trying to leave the glade. Maybe one day she can figure it out, but as it stood, the pain wasn't worth it. That did afford her the ability to set up a small, more permanent camp in the area, and the bees sure didn't mind her being around without the fussing and cussing. Though whenever she tried to get more material, she couldn't help but shape it in hexagons. It just… Seemed the most right. It was such a wonderful shape, so sturdy and rigid. Perfect for creating tents out of, and campfires.
With that in mind, her day didn't really hold much. Rest, eat, and let her arm heal. Sometimes sitting felt a bit odd, like something was poking her from behind, but she never saw anything when she got up, eventually just relenting and sitting with her back leaned forward. Probably the forest playing tricks on her, poking her with invisible thorns for its own amusement. She'd believe it if the entire thing was alive at this point.
As the day passed, and the trail of bees came and went, she realized something. A need that began to prod at the back of her head, asking her to satiate it. Though without any better understanding of what that need was, it's not like she could actually do anything about it.
Soon after, she saw Fiona again. At first she couldn't tell the bees apart, aside for the obvious details like hair color, but now it was getting clearer to her. The size of their antennae, the shape of their abdomens, the shape of their stings. Not to mention their fuzz, coating their necks, wrists, etc. The yellow and black strikes didn't in fact look the same on all of them.
Before she realized it, Fiona approached her. Crap, their eyes met, and she came over. Tyr tried to play it cool, even if her expression of need was rather obvious. Need for what, though… She knew not.
"Hello Tyr. I hope you're doing better?"
Silence followed. She wanted to keep ignoring her, but if she was honest with herself, there was no point. She may as well just say what was on her mind.
"...I just don't get it." Tyr finally spoke up. "You attack us. You kidnap and kill my friends. You sting me and leave me to die, and now… You're nursing me back to health? None of this makes sense, just what do you even want from me?..." Her voice sounded desperate. She was desperate, after all. For answers, for closure. For some form of release from this pain she's harboring.
And yet, the answer didn't come right away. Fiona sat there, with that weird expression. Every once in a while, the bees would do this, where they'd just hover or stand or remain in whatever position they were, their eyes empty and the buzzing resonating with them in the most bizarre of ways. Something that… Tyr didn't really know how she knew. She just did. The buzzing was related to this, the constant, ever present noise that combined the resonance of all the bees around her.
Eventually Fiona turned to her again, her expression betraying her attempt to be cheerful somewhat. "...I'm sorry, but the Queen asked that we let you go through this on your own. She said…" Fiona blinked, a little confused. "She said it was important that you do. That you understand your way, as she put it. I wish I could explain, but… I can't disobey the Queen."
Wait. "Go through what?"
Fiona just stayed silent. "Your… Umm… Hmm…" The bee sunk into her head for a moment to think, trying to find a way to explain what she knew without going against the hive. "Your change."
Questions swarmed Tyr's mind, just like the buzzing. The way the girl talked about their queen, with such reverence and glee… Like her entire life was dedicated to keeping the queen, and the hive by extension, happy. "But I promise that it'll make sense to you, soon enough. Queen said so, and what she says always goes."
"Sure…" Tyr moped, curling her legs with her knees pressed to her chest, hugging them. "Are you hungry?" She heard the other bee girl talk. "I could get you some nectar, if you wish."
Was she even hungry? The ranger pondered as she glanced at the bee girl next to her. She didn't even know what she wanted anymore. All she knew is that she needed something, but not what. It felt like hunger, but also not, but also yes. A mixture of emotions that didn't make any sense washed over her like the gentle waves of the ocean, leaving her… Lost. "I… I don't know."
"Well, I know for sure what I do when I feel lost. Well, besides asking the Queen what to do." Fiona got up, reaching to grab Tyr. "I snuggle!"
"Hey, what are you!-" Before she could even react, Fiona grabbed her shoulders, lifting her off the ground as the two of them took to the skies. At first she struggled a little, mostly out of surprise, though that didn't last long either as Tyr soon realized that falling off would assuredly lead to more grievous injury. She'd ask where they were headed, but the answer presented itself faster than she could talk.
Fiona flew to one of the flowers. The bigger ones, the ones that the bees could access with their wings. And, without much bravado, plopped the half elf into the comforting space of the flower itself, flying in after her in a close embrace. "J-Just what was that all abo-" before she could finish her sentence, Fiona had a finger pressed to her lips. She never realized how sweet their skin tasted… "It's okay, Tyr. All you need to do is hold me close and relax, okay? I promise that you'll feel better after this."
At first she wanted to protest further, but this did feel nice. The flowers had a bit of a narrow end to them, meaning she couldn't move much either way, but in reality that wasn't much of an issue as is. She quickly wrapped her arms around the bee girl currently nuzzling her cheek, feeling the texture of her wings against her palms. They felt like glass, if not both gentler and firmer at the same time. A chitnis surface filled with slightly thicker lines.
A giggle escaped Fiona's lips. "That tickles~" Taking it as a sign that it was okay, Tyr let her hands roam the bee girl's back, exploring it gently. Poking here and there, getting more giggles and moans out of her. Then, a second moaning sound came out, as she felt something prod her back. Her own voice.
Tyr's face was colored deep red when she realized it. Since when did she moan like that? Sure, she noticed her voice was getting higher pitched, and that was fine, but that was the first time she heard herself moan, and it certainly was a new experience. The way her head tilted up when the voice escaped her, the guttural feeling that came with it. All while being wrapped up in a nice, soft cocoon of colorful petals and a cute girl nuzzling her cheek.
She was cute, wasn't she? The bee girl. At first she didn't pay their looks any mind, outside of the obvious, but now, so close and personal, she just felt… Right. And, deciding to let this new voice in her head take hold, she began to nuzzle back, pressing her cheek against Fiona's and rubbing gently. It was nice. It felt liberating, to finally have some physical affection after so many days being stuck here alone. But more importantly it just felt…
Her arms tightened around her cuddle partner a bit tighter, as attempts at showing affection became genuine gestures of raw instinct. Some part of her wishes she'd have four arms already like Fiona, being able to cuddle like that seemed divine.
Though before she could properly question where this anticipation came from, the buzzing grew louder. They were watching. The other bee girls, being caught in the excitement of watching their guest finally get some much needed loving, floated around them, drowning out every other thought in her head. Tyr couldn't think. She couldn't concentrate. She'd have asked them for privacy, if such expressions were available to her at the moment. Instead, she just doubled down on focusing on the bee girl in front of her. This adorable fae, who treated her wounds. Who cared for her when she was sick and delirious from her own foolish attempts to escape this place and only double her own suffering.
By the time her body was all coated in pollen from the movements, an experience that didn't at all seem negative, she truly tuckered herself out. Tyr was ready for some rest, and Fiona noticed, pulling her in a bit tighter, and letting the girl snuggle against her chest. "There. Just relax, it'll be much better soon."
And Tyr reacted with the only measure she could conceive of. Something that came from deep within, and she didn't really think about the implications of at the moment. She reached up, planting a kiss on the bee girl's lips, before curling in and letting herself catch some much needed rest.
Hopefully… Soon she'll get to meet the Queen too. Maybe then things will be better.

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