Undress Rehearsal

by Jukebox

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:male #hypnosis #masturbation #pov:bottom #solo #brainwash #brainwashed #Dom:Recording #hypnotized #m/m

Nathan listens to a hypnosis file, and finds himself compelled to get naked and masturbate.

"It's time to relax and go deeper for me," the husky male voice purred into Nathan's ears, and his eyelids fluttered in anticipation as he lay back on the bed and allowed his gaze to lock onto a random spot on the far wall. His breathing automatically began to soften, and his penis just as automatically began to harden inside his sweatpants. He could feel his mind beginning to respond to the warm, soothing tones even before the counter on the file ticked past the first few seconds--it was like his subconscious knew what he was here for already, and was just waiting for permission to drop the way he'd been craving to all day long.

Luckily, this particular file was made by someone who had no intention of making him wait. "Going deeper and deeper into a warm, pleasant state of focus and relaxation with every word I say," he continued, almost as if the speaker could read Nathan's mind and knew exactly how easy it was to make him drop like a puppet with cut strings simply by promising him peace and pleasure under the spell of those dulcet, hypnotic tones. "You're a very good boy, and a very clever boy, and it's very easy for you to concentrate on the sound of my voice and let your other thoughts drift effortlessly away."

Nathan nodded absently, completely unaware that he was doing it. His gaze remained completely focused on that same spot on the wall, just a little nick in the paint where he'd grazed the surface moving his bed a few months ago, and he didn't notice the little movements his head made as he automatically and unthinkingly responded to the file. "I know that you're a very good hypnotic subject," the smooth baritone voice continued, "and you've already traveled down this path many times for me. It takes you no time at all to allow those silly, tedious thoughts to drop out of your head and become nice and relaxed and attentive for me."

Nathan's breath escaped in a long, shuddering sigh as he felt a deep, powerful wave of relaxation wash over him and through him. The trance took him like that sometimes, almost like he was drifting slowly down through his own consciousness and then his deep self took one great big step down into the voice's control all at once. His shoulders sagged heavily, his body seeming to settle into the mattress as though it had been poured there as his mind fuzzed out for a moment into the low, lazy growl of the man speaking inexorably through the earbuds into his ears.

"You may find, as you begin to sink deeper and deeper into a state of peaceful, relaxing trance, that thoughts will float through your head and enter your conscious mind. That's okay. You can let that happen. Simply let them pass through without trying to pursue them, and you'll find that as they drift back out again, fewer and fewer thoughts replace them. That's just one more way you'll know that you're being hypnotized. And we both know you want to be hypnotized like a good, obedient boy for me."

Nathan's cock twitched and throbbed at the word 'obedient', already tenting the fabric of his sweatpants where it stood up stiff and erect and ready to stroke. Nathan wasn't quite ready to rub it, though, not even through his clothes. He'd listened to the file enough times to want to wait for permission to tease himself--not because he was brainwashed, he told himself, at least, not exactly. He just knew how much better pleasure felt when it was accompanied by the quiet bliss of following the voice's instructions.

"And you'll reach a point," the voice said, almost surprising Nathan as it continued to pour into his ears, "as you listen to my words and let your thoughts drift and float and fade into the warm, peaceful pleasure of relaxation, where you find that you're not really thinking about anything in particular anymore. Your heavy, tired eyes are staring straight ahead in blank, mesmerized fascination... or perhaps they might have closed already. Or maybe they're starting to close now, blinking more and more heavily and becoming harder and harder to open until you find that you just can't keep them from closing any longer. It doesn't matter. It's inevitable that they're going to close. It's inevitable that you're going to sink deeper for me."

God, that bit always made Nathan's cock just fucking drool. He could feel the surges of precum soaking the crotch of his sweatpants as his eyelids fluttered, struggling to stay open just a little bit longer under what felt like an impossible weight, distracting him from the calm, seductive voice in his ears. "You know it's true. With every passing moment, it becomes harder to think, harder to keep those heavy eyes open, harder to resist my voice reminding you of all the pleasure that awaits you when you surrender your mind to my deep, hypnotic trance and let go like the good boy you want to be."

The sigh almost seemed to belong to someone else, someone absolutely rapt with sleepy bliss and overjoyed to slip away into blank, peaceful relaxation. Nathan tried to look around to see who it was, but his eyes wouldn't seem to open for some reason. Then the voice purred, "And like a good boy, you're realizing now that you're hypnotized already, that the trance you've been waiting for has been with you all along. You're deep in my power now, your mind so effortlessly empty and drowsy and thoughtless and waiting for my words to fill it, and that feels so good that all you want to do is nod and obey." And Nathan forgot what he was thinking and let himself open completely to the voice's control.

"And a part of you already knows what's going to fill that sweet, soft, submissive mind of yours, isn't that right?" Nathan nodded lazily, his conscious mind already so lost in arousal that it didn't even occur to him that he was agreeing with a recording made over a month ago. "Of course you do. Sometimes your waking mind forgets, because your waking mind always has permission to let my suggestions slip away into the deep, drowsy fog in the back of your head whenever you want them to, but your unconscious self--the self I'm shaping and molding into my good boy--that part of you always remembers. And always obeys." Nathan sighed in soft, dreamy pleasure, his fingers twitching with the desire to rub and stroke his cock. But something held him back just a little bit longer.

"And the more you obey... the better it feels, my sweet, submissive boy." Nathan could hear himself droning the words along with the husky baritone voice, the prompt bringing his response easily and effortlessly to mind with a reflexive instinct born from hours of thoughtless, automatic repetition. He listened to his mantras every evening while he tidied his small one-bedroom apartment, reciting the words without even noticing as he cleaned the bathroom and did dishes and vacuumed the floors. They felt like almost a part of him now.

He sometimes fantasized about being caught out by a stranger, someone who could see the vacant look in his eyes and say to him, 'The better it feels,' just to watch Nathan's face go slack and expressionless as he repeated, 'The more I obey.' Those words, those thoughts felt ingrained into his brain like a groove worn into smooth stone, and Nathan knew he was being programmed to accept them without hesitation or resistance. That made him so fucking horny. He wished the voice would hurry up and tell him to stroke himself. Time had lost some of its meaning in the depths of his trance, but all that meant was that his urgent lust became that much more urgent.

It became more urgent still when the voice purred, "You can feel that pleasure, that warm drifting bliss you get whenever you sink into my will growing stronger and stronger now as you relax more and more. It's wrapping around your cock, tugging at it like a gripping, stroking hand and making you more and more aroused and compliant. It turns you on so much to be hypnotized. It makes you so horny to be controlled by my words. You don't even remember anymore whether that's a suggestion, or just a truth you've always known about yourself that my commands simply uncovered. All you know is that you want to play with your cock." Nathan held his breath in helpless, aching anticipation, as though he didn't know anymore whether this time, the file would give him permission to play with himself.

"You may." The tension escaped in a grunt of drowsy, helpless need, and Nathan's hand began to rub his throbbing shaft through his sweatpants. Even with the layer of fabric, he could feel the pleasure radiating up from his ebony cock all the way through his crotch and into his sleepy brain, and he imagined the drowsy bliss slowly rewriting his mind and thoughts into deeper obedience with every slow, lazy stroke. He was being conditioned to obey. He was being conditioned with arousal to sink into the voice's control, and it was the hottest fucking thing Nathan could possibly fucking imagine.

"That's it, good boy. Stroking yourself deeper into obedience, deeper into trance. Rubbing that hard, horny cock for me and feeling all that pleasure drip and drool and dribble down your shaft as you gush out precum for me. It's so slick, isn't it? Your cock is slick and wet for me now, and all you can think about is getting out of those clothes so that you can ride your hand up and down that hard shaft and sink completely into my will." Nathan's breath came in helpless, gasping whimpers now, his mind so fogged with lust that he couldn't help imagining the owner of the voice right there in the room with him watching him play with himself. He couldn't think of it as just a fantasy anymore, not when he was this deeply hypnotized. Not when he was this completely controlled. Not when all he wanted to do was be owned by the voice and strip naked and obey.

"It's okay, good boy. You can be naked for me now." Nathan sat up drowsily, his vacant mind surging with helpless gratitude as he pulled his shirt up and over his head past the wireless earbuds. He tossed it aside without even opening his eyes to see where it fell, and soon he kicked off his sweatpants with the same wild abandon. His hand wrapped around his hard shaft before he could even finish lying back down on the bed, stroking up and down the slick flesh with soft, urgent moans of thoughtless pleasure. God, this was always his favorite fucking part. He loved how easily he synchronized his actions to the audio file now, how perfectly his mind molded itself into compliance with the voice. It felt so, so fucking hot to be this deeply conditioned.

"And being naked takes you deeper, and stroking takes you deeper, and everything you do when you're following my instructions reminds you how helpless you are to resist my voice and my words and my will," the voice growled, its owner just as aroused by the fantasy of controlling Nathan as Nathan was by the fantasy of being controlled. "You know that every time you listen to this file and play with your hard, pulsing cock for me, you program yourself to think less and obey more. You're making yourself more and more compliant, more and more obedient, and you don't want to stop. You want to keep brainwashing yourself. You want to open yourself up to my inexorable, irresistible power. It's making you so hot, so horny. And your arousal makes it even easier to accept my suggestions."

Nathan openly moaned now, whimpering out little 'uh huh' and 'mhmm' noises that he couldn't control as his hand became a blur on his cock. He didn't think about what he was agreeing with anymore; the tiny remnants of his conscious mind were entirely focused on holding back the titanic gush of his orgasm until he was commanded to cum for the voice. It had been this way ever since he moved into his own place; with no roommates to worry about, and a corner unit on ground level, he found that he was getting quite a bit louder and less inhibited in his groans and growls of helpless pleasure. That was part of his conditioning, too, he knew. The voice wanted him to demonstrate just how needy it made him.

"And the more you stroke, the less you think," the voice cooed, pummeling his already distracted brain with hypnotic suggestions until his thoughts dripped and dissolved like sticky syrup in his head. "And the less you think, the more you stroke. You know you're always going to be helpless to resist my suggestions as soon as your hand touches your cock. Your mind will simply empty out and you'll become my vacant, obedient little stroke pet. You want that so much, don't you?" Nathan gasped out an agreement, the illusion of direct control now seamless and unbreakable in his empty mind.

"That's my good boy," the voice continued, as if it knew that Nathan would respond the way he did. "That's my good little stroke pet. Always so hard for me, always so ready to sink into my will and my control and obey your instructions like the sweet, submissive slut you know you are." Nathan gasped sharply, desperate now to release his pleasure in a culminating climax for the voice in his ears. His programming held him back, though, the tingling in his cock and balls becoming almost an agonizing ecstasy as his whole world narrowed down to the very tip of his shaft. He almost couldn't even hear the voice anymore. But he knew that his deep self was listening to every word.

"You're going to cum in a moment," the voice promised. "You're going to spurt all over your hand and your chest and your thighs, release all that helpless need for me and lock in all your programming like a good little stroke pet. You know that the harder you cum, the more you accept your new correct thoughts. The more you want to cum, the more you want to be brainwashed and obedient for me. Are you ready to cum, my sweet little slut?"

The pause that followed felt like torture. Nathan couldn't help whimpering, "yes please yes please yes please" into it as if the file could hear him.

"Good boy. Cum." Nathan let out a low, shuddering, guttural moan of pleasure as he felt pearly fluid splattering onto the warm brown skin of his chest and belly. He always came so fucking hard for the voice, dumping what felt like almost a full pint of slick, salty semen onto his body (and often the sheets along with it). His orgasm seemed to take ages. Sometimes he noticed the voice speaking to him the entire time, encouraging him and reminding him that he was blissfully, wonderfully controlled by its power. Other times, like today, it was just warm, soothing sound in his ears as he lost himself in ecstasy.

Eventually, though, he found himself re-centering on the smooth, baritone sound of the voice in his ears as it said to him, "And now, good boy, it's time to wake up and clean yourself off for me. You're going to remember how good it felt to sink into my trance, how warm and wonderful it felt to be my good little stroke pet. It's okay if the details fade. It's okay if you don't remember all the suggestions. All you need to remember is that you pleased me. All you need to remember is that you're a very good boy and you made me very happy." Nathan smiled drowsily. He knew that part to be truest of all.

"And coming back up now with one, starting to notice the world around you. Two, eyes beginning to open, thoughts beginning to return. Three, waking up more and more now, feeling refreshed, thinking happy thoughts. Four, almost all the way back up... and five. Wake." The file ended. Nathan's eyes opened. He looked around him, half-expecting to see DeShawn's light brown smiling face staring back at him... but no. He remembered now. There were still three more days before his lover's visit. Three more days of programming himself to DeShawn's files, three more days of stroking himself deeper into submission before DeShawn arrived to show him just what a good boy he truly was and just how well he'd learned his lessons.

Three days felt like way too fucking long, but Nathan had to admit that this was the best kind of rehearsal for his first in-person hypnosis session. He put his hand to his lips and slowly, sensuously began to clean himself off. In his head, it was DeShawn's cum he tasted.


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