The Pleasure Principle

by Jukebox

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis #hypnotized #sub:female

Kimberly confronts her landlord, Derek, about the hypnosis DVD he lent out to her roommate.

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"The Pleasure Principle"

"Did you really think I wouldn't find out?"

Um, I'm sorry, I... Kimberly, this isn't exactly a good time to talk.

"No, of course it's not a good time to talk! Because you're busy fucking my best friend, that's why! I know she's in there, Derek. I saw her go up the stairs to your apartment an hour ago. I could hear her through the goddamn ceiling, okay? Stop trying to pretend, because you're not fooling anyone!"

Listen, Kimberly, even if Michelle and I were... enjoying each other's company, that doesn't automatically make it your business. She's a grown woman, and she has every right to make her own decisions about what she does with her body. I can understand that there are certain additional concerns in pursuing a relationship with her, but it doesn't violate any of the terms of your lease and I have every intention of keeping my professional role as your landlord and my personal role as her boyfriend entirely separate.

"Uh huh. And what about this?"

I'm sorry, I don't--

"Oh come on, Derek. Your picture is on the back cover! 'Derek Bateman is an expert in hypnosis and mental conditioning whose techniques have helped thousands of men train their girlfriends into the obedient sluts every man secretly craves! Now with his new DVD, "The Pleasure Principle", he finally unleashes the culmination of all his research into the female psyche in the form of an irresistible brainwashing video that will turn any woman into a wet, horny fucktoy who NEEDS to OBEY. No one can resist the Pleasure Principle! DO NOT WATCH UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE TURNED INTO A HELPLESS SLAVE.' Does that maybe ring a bell, Derek?"

...I suppose you must have Googled my name and found that. I know how it sounds, Kimberly, but--

"What? I didn't Google anything! I found that sitting on top of the DVD player when I got up to go to the bathroom the other night! Michelle probably left it in there after one of your, your... brainwashing sessions! Oh, don't look at me like that. I'm not stupid, okay? I can put two and two together. Michelle starts getting weird and secretive, she starts spending a lot of time in her room making muffled moaning noises into her pillow, and then a couple weeks later she starts dating a guy twenty years older than her who just happens to sell a whole series of 'female training videos' on the Internet? There's no way that's a coincidence, Derek."

Look. I know how this must seem to you. But really, those videos don't actually do anything. They're just fantasies, that's all. For people with very... particular sexual interests. Yes, I'm not going to lie. Michelle has some of those interests, and when she found out that it was me making those videos, she and I developed a relationship. But that's not because she was 'brainwashed' or 'hypnotized' or 'trained', it's because she enjoys the idea of giving up control and wants to experience submission to a Master who can fulfill that unique need. She's still the same woman she always was, just... into a new and exciting relationship at the moment. Once she settles down, I'm sure she'll go back to being the same friend you've always known.

"...seriously? That's your explanation? She just happens to have a hidden 'mind control kink' that her landlord just happens to be into, and that's why she snuck into the living room in the middle of the night to masturbate after fucking *breaking* her own goddamn DVD player from watching 'The Pleasure Principle' so many times that she wore out the machine? Um, what part of 'I'm not stupid' was I not clear on, Derek? Michelle is my friend. I know her. She is not about to diddle herself anywhere someone could walk in on her, not without some serious fucking convincing."

That's what I'm saying. She's convincing herself. Right now, this is all very new to her, and it's a pretty big turn-on to finally get some of her more, um, esoteric fantasies fulfilled in the real world. A lot of people, they don't ever think that they're going to meet a real hypnotist, let alone one who's into the same fetish they are, and that first charge of sexual energy makes them a little bit, you know, wild. But if you only saw the videos, you'd understand that they don't really have any--

"I already saw them, Derek. You fucking perv. Michelle passed out playing with herself and left the video running. I saw every sick, twisted suggestion you programmed into her horny little brain, okay? So let's just fucking drop the 'oh, it's just a normal kinky guy and a normal kinky girl and we're having fun together, tee hee' act, because I know better. You. Fucking. Brainwashed. Her."

You--you saw the video?

"Hell yes I saw the video! I've probably seen it thirty, forty times. I had to know what you were putting into my friend's poor helpless brain, didn't I? I sat down with it and watched it over and over and over again until I was certain I knew every single suggestion you put in there, so don't even try to pretend that this is all just a little harmless fun, okay? That video is real, Derek. It's real and it's dangerous."

So you watched this very real, very powerful, very dangerous brainwashing video. Thirty or forty times. Over the course of... what, three days? Four?

"...I know what you're thinking, but remember, I was on my guard. It didn't work on me because I knew what was coming when I turned it on. Michelle didn't have that kind of protection. It probably hypnotized her before she even knew what hit her, and once her defenses were down, the suggestions helped to weaken her resistance. You didn't think I knew about that, did you? There are all sorts of suggestions in there to soften your will, make you go back and watch again and again and again until you can't fight the programming anymore. It's really, um..."


"Yeah, insidious. I'm sure that Michelle didn't even realize that she was being brainwashed to keep rewatching it. She probably zoned out by the time you got to all the really deep and powerful suggestions, just lost track of time playing with her pussy and staring at the pretty spirals on the screen and didn't notice you programming her soft, vulnerable mind."

You really think she was that weak-willed and vulnerable?

"Maybe not at first, but... she kept watching it, didn't she? She, um, she probably convinced herself that it was all her own idea, came up with excuses to keep going back to it again and again and, um... again, but it was really your commands bringing her back, wasn't it? Addicting her to your voice, your control. Hypnotizing her into masturbating for you, then conditioning her with her own arousal until she couldn't resist anymore. The Pleasure Principle at work. No wonder she couldn't resist you when you finally decided to claim her. She was already hearing your programming in her head on a fucking twenty-four hour loop."

And yet somehow, it didn't affect you at all.

"Well... I knew what it was. What it would do if I let myself relax and stare into the pretty spirals. I knew that it had already, uh, affected my friend, and that if I didn't resist, it would, um. Influence me. Influence my mind."

Your vulnerable mind.

"My vulnerable mind."

Your soft, vulnerable mind.

"My soft, vulnerable mind. Wait, what?"

You were telling me how you resisted the irresistible brainwashing.

"Irresistible, I... yes, I was too, um, too strong-willed. To give in to your programming. It felt good, but I... I remembered what it did to Michelle. I remembered watching her eyes, so heavy-lidded and sleepy, staring at the screen and rubbing her wet, messy cunt until she soaked through the towel she put on the couch. I remembered the way she came so hard, repeating all of your commands, etching them deeper and deeper into her blank, obedient mind. I remembered how vacant and, and empty she looked, playing with herself while the video looped over... and over... and over...."

It sounds like she enjoyed being hypnotized quite a bit. You must have been very strong-willed indeed to watch that video and not feel even the slightest urge to play with yourself like she did.

"Um. I. I might have, um. Touched myself a little. Around the, the ninth... time? Tenth? It was hard to keep track after a while. It kept looping around, there wasn't really an easy way to tell when it started and stopped. I'd be watching the spirals--"

The pretty spirals.

"...pretty spirals... um. And I'd suddenly realize it was a lot later than I thought it was. Like I'd been watching it, um... longer... um. Than I planned to. And after a while I decided that, um, maybe the only way to, to really figure out what kind of effect it was having on Michelle was to... touch myself. While I watched. Just a little. Just to see what it did."

You must have been very wet by then, Kim.

"uh huh. Um, I mean, y-yes. I mean, that's none of your business. I, you, I shouldn't--look, the point is, I saw the video. I know what it does to people."

Only to women, Kimmie. The suggestions are worded very carefully like that. Tell me, how long did you watch the video that first day?

"Um, I, um... five or six... hours? I don't know. Like I said, I kind of lost track of time. From the time I got home from work Friday night to the time I went to bed. I didn't want to watch it too long, I thought it might have more of an effect on me if I was tired."

You were worried your mind might get weaker if it was drowsy.









"...blank, I, I... are you trying to hypnotize me?"

No, not at all. Please continue. You watched it all night Friday, and then...?

"Well, I woke up thinking I needed to, um, do a little more research. N-not as an excuse to, to watch it again or anything. Just, I wanted to make sure I knew what it was doing. To Michelle. And she was, um... with you. F-fucking you..............."

Kimmie? Kimmie, I need you to focus for me. Tell me about watching the video.

"R-right. Sorry, I just... I was thinking about the way she looked on the couch Thursday night, and... does she look like that when--um. Sorry. Never mind. I just, um. I'm having a little trouble keeping my, um, my head together. Um. Anyway. The video. I put it in Saturday morning, and, and I watched it. For a little while."

Did you masturbate while you watched it, Kimmie?

"Um... a little?"

Show me.

"I, um. I don't think that's s-such a good idea. I, I think I should go now."

And leave me all alone with your friend? Your hypnotized... brainwashed... mindless... obedient... helpless friend, Kimmie. Think about how blank she must be right now. How empty and vulnerable and susceptible to all my suggestions she is. How wet it makes her to follow my commands without resisting, without even thinking. Can you really leave her all by herself in that compliant, malleable state?

"I, I... no. No, you're right."

I'm always right.

"You're... always... right?"

I'm always right.

"You're always right."

Tell me all about Saturday, Kimmie.

"I... oh fuck, I was so wet, I s-sat on the floor with my legs spread, just staring into the pretty spirals and listening to every suggestion so I would know just what was going into Michelle's empty, obedient mind. And my fingers w-wouldn't stop, they kept swirling around and around on my clit like, like I couldn't control them anymore. Like they were following your suggestions because it felt too good to stop. It felt too good to ever stop playing with my, my cunt and... nnnnh! Hhhhhnnh! Listening to your p-programming! Oh, oh fuck, I oh, I ohhh...."

That's a good girl. The pleasure softened your mind, didn't it? It weakened your resistance until you wanted to obey me.

"F-fuck! Fuck obey fuck! No, I... w-wasn't brainwashed, just, just n-needed to keep watching, keep staring, keep fuhh, fuhh, fucking my fingers ogod I'm cumming so hard Master FUCK!"

That's a good girl. Keep fingering yourself for me. You can kneel if your legs get too weak to support you.

"Oh, oh thank you Master! Oh, oh god, c-can't, can't... oh fuck it feels so much better on my knees. S-so much unh, so much unnnhhhhh... w-watched all day long, Master. Barely stopped for anything, didn't even notice pausing the video. My memories, they just f-fogged over, until all I could see was the spiral. Even when I slept, it was there in my mind. I've been watching it all day long, watching and cumming and w-watching and... and cum cum CUMMING! But now I know. Now I understand. I'm going to make you, um... free... Michelle?"

That does sound kind of silly, doesn't it? Michelle's so much happier as my slave.

"Happy... slave...."

It's so much better to be blank and obedient.

"...better... blank... obedient...."

You wish you were weak and vulnerable and compliant like that.

"i wish i was weak and vulnerable and compliant."

But you're not brainwashed at all. You just want to obey me.

"Yes Master. i'm not brainwashed at all. i just want to obey you."

There's no need to resist anymore, because there's nothing to resist. You're not hypnotized at all. You'd know if you were.  When you obey my commands, it's only because deep down you know that you already want to do everything I tell you to do. Because you feel so much pleasure when you give in.

"...s-so much pleasure!"

That's my good girl. Open your mouth for me now, slave.

"yes, Mmmmphphmmmm...."


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