Take It All Away

by Jukebox

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #brainwash #brainwashed #brainwashing #drones #hypnotized
See spoiler tags : #consensual_kink

A sinister Master erases Jamie’s mind, bit by ecstatic bit.

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Jamie awoke in darkness. There was something over her face--she didn't know what it was, but it felt almost like a pair of diving goggles strapped to her head. But whatever they were, they were completely opaque, blocking out any light from reaching her eyes. She didn't remember putting them on... in fact, as her brain began to emerge from the dim and distant void of sleep, she didn't remember where she was or how she'd gotten there. The longer she struggled to grasp at the last clear memory before her descent into fuzzy blackness, the further it seemed to recede, until Jamie gave up altogether lest she slip back into drowsy slumber all over again.

She decided to focus on the present, starting with removing those goggles and--and that was when Jamie got her second surprise. When she tried to reach up and pull the strange glasses from her face, her wrist jerked to a halt after moving only a fraction of an inch. An experimental tug confirmed that her other hand was bound in the same way, cuffed in place by some sort of padded material that she couldn't feel as anything other than a vague softness. Her ankles were locked down too... and her chest, her thighs, her upper arms, and even her head. Jamie was pinned in position. She didn't remember how it happened. She didn't remember anything.

She couldn't feel anything, either, she realized. It wasn't just her wrists; everywhere she wriggled, Jamie noticed something thin and stretchy coating her body and preventing her from registering any kind of sensation other than pressure. She was wearing some sort of... latex bodysuit? Jamie didn't know how she would even know what a latex bodysuit was. None of the information in her head seemed to have any context. But she could picture it clearly, a woman's body enfolded in gleaming rubber from head to toe leaving only her eyes, nose and mouth free, and she knew instantly that she was wearing something just like the image in her head.

The longer Jamie waited, her other senses stretching out to glean every iota of information they could in the absence of sight, the more she noticed tiny details of sensory impression that informed her strange situation. The latex had a gap right between her involuntarily parted thighs, allowing her to feel cool air on her pubic mound. She could hear breathing, even when she held her breath for a moment, and she realized that she wasn't alone in the room--wherever and whatever 'the room' was. There was a second person there. They were watching her squirm and wiggle and try to free herself. They could see her cunt. They knew she couldn't see them.

It should have made Jamie want to scream. But somehow, the part of her brain that understood her situation seemed utterly disconnected from her emotional reactions. Jamie felt numb, disassociated, like she was merely a passenger inside her own body. Perhaps it was the lack of contextual information again--Jamie could understand what a kidnapping was, what happened to women when they were locked into a horizontal bondage frame with their genitals open and exposed, even for some reason what a horizontal bondage frame was. But she couldn't connect it back to her memories.

Because she didn't have them. It seemed so odd, putting it openly like that. But it was true. Jamie couldn't remember a thing about herself. Childhood was merely a collection of dry facts about what typical families were like, school had been reduced to an abstract understanding of the concept of education, and the experiences of adult life were a vague and inchoate blur. The things that made Jamie a unique individual were simply... gone. She felt like she should be panicked by that, but again, all she seemed capable of was a numb fascination. How had she gotten to this point?

Before she could answer, the other person in the room finally spoke. "Awake again, I see." It was a man's voice. Surprisingly, Jamie felt a tiny throb of arousal spark in her clit at the sound. "Let's see what kind of progress you've made, pet. How much is left of you?" He spoke to her with a calm, confident tone of command, as though he'd had this conversation or one just like it enough times that he knew he could compel her to answer. Jamie thought about staying silent, just to show that she could, but it didn't seem worth continuing on in the silent darkness just to prove a point. She decided to respond.

"My name," she said, noticing as she spoke that her mouth wasn't dry or parched. Whoever it was, they'd at least been keeping her hydrated through all this. "Jamie. I, I don't know whether that's a first or a last name, but I think it's the first. I, um... I remember a few things. Scraps and fragments. Your voice r--" She paused, realizing that she was just about to say 'rubs my clit'. The words seemed remarkably difficult to dislodge from her head. "Rings a bell," she said at last with great effort.

"It doesn't sound like there's much to take away anymore," the stranger said, his voice getting closer. She felt his hand pressing on the goggles for a moment, and suddenly the darkness sprang into vivid, multi-colored life as Jamie found herself floating into an endless tunnel of swirling light that surrounded her in every direction. "But I think I want it all."

It wasn't a pair of diving goggles on her head, not even ones spraypainted black. It was a VR headset. Jamie was trapped in a virtual environment designed to... to hypnotize her? Jamie suddenly recognized a surprising gap in the vague and abstract knowledge base she'd been drawing on for all this, a complete absence of solid fact about the craft of mesmerism. All she could think about was silly old vampire movies, or dumb television shows from the 1970s where Charlie's Angels or the Bionic Woman were brainwashed into trying to shoot the President or something. She couldn't separate the myths of total control of an unwilling subject from her knowledge of trance. It felt oddly deliberate, as though someone wanted her to believe that she could be conditioned to become an obedient slave.

But of course, someone did. Jamie tried to blink away the whirling patterns in front of her, but something tracked her eye movements and brightened every time her eyelids shut. It made the illusion of endless depth seamless and irresistible. Jamie didn't expect to find her clit suddenly pulsing with arousal at the word 'irresistible', but it happened. And it happened again when she thought about it happening. And it happened again when she tried to examine the sensation in her mind, until she slowly and distantly realized she was just thinking the word 'irresistible' over and over and over while the lights consumed her attention.

She might have spent hours like that, but she was distracted by the sensation of something cool and ever so slightly rough pressing against her pussy. "You can already feel it, can't you, pet? Your thoughts are attenuating, floating away into the endless void in all directions and leaving you behind with my programming. Your will, your volition, your ability to think any thought that your Master hasn't placed into your empty head... it's all just drifting now, and no matter how hard you try, you can't chase it down." The object against her cunt began to thrum with vibration. "You can't even find it in the colors."

Jamie whimpered, the pleasure in her clit suddenly intensifying into a powerful throb of intense bliss that made her squirm and writhe against her cuffs. The sensation felt all too familiar, and Jamie wondered how many times she'd experienced exactly this same situation under the watchful attention of the stranger she couldn't see. When had she lost her last name? When had her memories of her kidnapping faded slowly into oblivion, to be replaced with conditioned arousal at the sound of her captor's voice? How long had she been here? How much of her mind even belonged to her anymore?

She had somehow imagined that understanding would bring with it a renewed urgency, that once it sank in that she was being hypnotized and brainwashed into forgetting everything about herself and giving up any ability to resist then surely she would be energized into a newfound determination to fight back against the mesmerizing colors and the calm, soothing voice in her ears. Instead, though, it seemed to have the opposite effect. Jamie found herself numbed into despairing lethargy by the revelation. If she couldn't find the strength to struggle back then, when she was less conditioned and more aware of what was happening to her, how could she possibly do it now?

"That's my good girl," the man's voice purred, his fingers pinching her nipples through the latex with an almost casual air of amusement. "There's so little left of her now, just a handful of scraps and fragments glued together with the faintest memory of a name." Somehow the use of the third person to describe Jamie deepened the sense of disassociation that separated her awareness from the situation, making her feel as though the woman on the table was just a stranger that the two of them were discussing. As if she wasn't even there.

Maybe she wasn't. Maybe she had floated off into the spinning vortex of red and orange and yellow in the nebula overhead. Maybe she'd fallen away from Jamie when she dived through the tunnel of green and blue that engulfed her, and all that was left was a drowsy body and a thrum of intense, overwhelming ecstasy. Maybe Jamie never existed at all. She wasn't sure anymore. She wasn't sure of anything anymore, not when the pleasure and the hypnotic light was dissolving her sense of self like a sugar cube falling through endless fathoms of warm water.

"If that name went away, well... everything else would go with it, wouldn't it, pet? The girl on the table would just scatter into nothing, becoming an empty vessel for Master to fill." Jamie couldn't help nodding. She knew it was a mistake, that the last thing she should agree to was anything that helped the stranger dissolve her sense of self once and for all, but... but he was right. She could feel it in her bones. Her name was the last of her identity. If she lost it, she lost everything. She was certain of it even without the part of her programming that whispered that Master was always right about everything.

"What was that name again, pet?" he asked, twisting and tweaking her nipples until Jamie arched her back as far as she could simply to keep the intense tingling mix of pleasure and pain at bay. "Was it Jimmy, or Joanie, or Georgie, or Joe? Does pet even remember anymore? Does pet know whether she was a Jessie or a Tessie or a Bessy or a Flossie or a Suzie or a Slave?" She felt him tap the vibrator, sending the buzz deeper into her cunt just as she was struggling to keep her sense of self intact. Her head swam, and for a moment her jaw hung slack and vacant as she tried to bring the word to mind.

"Jamie," she said at last, her voice sounding dull and dazed in her own ears. "Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie." She chanted the name almost defiantly, trying to force it to stick in her brain through the sheer power of repetition. It was all that she had left. She had to keep it, or she would be nothing in the face of the stranger's hypnotic control. "Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie!"

She thought he would try to confuse her again, but instead he started repeating it right along with her. "Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie." She slowly trailed off into silence, confused by his bizarre and bewildering response, and he chuckled lightly in condescending amusement. "It's such a silly nonsense word, isn't it? Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie."

She whimpered desperately, trying to cling to the name even as the endless repetition slowly melted it down into a collection of random syllables without meaning or reason in her head. "Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie." She tried to shake her head, to deny the waves of disorientation discorporating her identity a little bit more with every chant of the strange sounds, but she could barely wiggle it from side to side. She was pinned. Helpless. Empty. Losing herself at last. Why... why did that make her so fucking wet?

"Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie, Jamie." The word had lost all meaning, and... and she, pet, slave, whatever Master wanted to call her... was openly grinding against the head of the massaging vibrator now, feeling a climax approaching like a massive thunderstorm set to smash all the edifices of her mind flat once and for all. She whimpered and moaned, her voice ululating desperately as she tried and failed to hold onto any sense of self in the face of that total, overwhelming bliss. She was going away. She was really, genuinely going away forever and leaving nothing but Master's obedient slave behind.

She inhaled a strangled gasp as the orgasm finally hit, eyes going wide and sightless behind the goggles with irresistible joy. "Oh fuck Master yes take it all--" she whimpered, in the instant before her mind went white.

She drifted for a long time in that warm, empty fog of pure ecstasy, losing track of time just as easily as she lost track of everything else. Nothing seemed to matter but pleasure, nothing penetrated that emptiness but the thick, drowsy bliss of cumming and cumming and cumming. The vibrator went away, replaced by the warm flesh of a licking tongue and then the thick shaft of a hard cock, but the pleasure remained. The pleasure never ended. The pleasure was eternal.

Until she heard the words, "And scene," and suddenly it wasn't. The goggles were lifted away, filling Jamie's world with light that seemed harsh and over-bright in her eyes, and a straw was placed against her lips for her to suck greedily at. She blinked heavily, still trying to sort the rush of memories into place as they slowly trickled back into her suddenly-exhausted brain.

"How do you feel?" Frank asked, loosening the restraints and supporting her as she began to sit up. "Take it slow. This was kind of an intense one. Don't worry, you've got as long as you need to." He put his arm around her, the physical sensation grounding Jamie back to reality. She was in her own basement. She was with her lover, not some sinister kidnapper. She was... she was Jamie. The statement of identity felt surprisingly loose in her head, but she knew it would come back with time and aftercare.

"I, I'm... whoof." She tried to swing her legs over the side of the bondage frame, but they buckled under her as soon as she put any weight on them. Frank was there, though, keeping her from falling and guiding her to the couch. "How long was I under?" It felt like it must have been hours, even days, but Jamie understood that her brain was still a little bit lost in the fantasy scenario they'd constructed. The 'previous attempts' she'd imagined were nothing but a hypnotic construct, a way of adding verisimilitude to her kidnap scene. She couldn't have been in trance for more than a few hours.

"Thirty minutes." Jamie blinked in amazement. "When you entered the fantasy, it took me maybe... five minutes to erase your name? And then I just kind of had lots of sex with you while you moaned and squirmed a lot. It was, um..." He blushed a little, his pink cheeks going beet red in a very unDomly way. "It was pretty fucking hot." He snuggled up next to her on the couch, water at the ready for her next sip.

"Um, yeah," Jamie murmured, feeling her own blush creep up under the latex mask. "It was... it was pretty fucking hot for me too." She still couldn't believe the intensity of it, the sheer power of the depersonalization kink she'd been nursing for years combined with the bondage and the smooth black inhumanity of the latex and Frank's hypnotic gifts to give her an experience that she absolutely treasured. "Thank you so much, Master." She couldn't look at him, couldn't meet his gaze. All she wanted to do was snuggle in his arms and feel his love.

"You're very welcome, love." Frank snuggled right back into her, reconnecting her with herself and with the loving man she had submitted to. "Happy anniversary." And they stayed like that for a long while.


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