Name It After Me

by Jukebox

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis #masturbation #pov:bottom #sub:female #breeding #breeding_kink #demon #hypnotized #impregnation #monster_fucking #urban_fantasy

Tess listens to her new lover talk about his unusual childhood.

"I guess you could say I had kind of a fucked-up childhood," Guy said, entirely unprompted. Tess lazily turned her head to look at him, a drowsy smile slowly spreading across her face at sound of his warm, husky voice. She wanted to roll over and cuddle up to the older man, but she was so exhausted that her whole body felt like it was made of lead. She settled for resting her pale fingers against his flushed skin and listened to him talk with a gleam of adoration in her bright blue eyes.

He didn't continue immediately, though. Whatever impulse had prompted Guy to introspection, it seemed to be warring with an equal reticence to open up to Tess. That wasn't entirely surprising--they'd only known each other for a few short hours, after all--but she was astonished at how deep and intimate their connection already felt. She didn't want him to worry about holding back, not after everything they'd already shared. Tess gave his wrist a gentle, encouraging squeeze, and was rewarded with a rueful smile from Guy in return. "Sorry," he murmured. "Just going over some bad memories."

He rolled over, resting on his side and putting his hand on his head to look at her. "I mean, Mom and Dad pretty much split the day I was born, right? Only they didn't, because I was in the picture and Dad knew he couldn't just abandon me. Not after all he and Mom did to have me. Mom really wanted a kid, but she didn't want this particular kid, if you know what I mean. She resented him so much, but they stayed together for ages. Physically, at least."

He reached out and traced little patterns onto Tess's belly, inscribing random swirls and squiggles against her bare skin with his fingernails. "But just because Dad wasn't going anywhere doesn't mean he really raised me, you know? I was born in '66, and guys didn't change a lot of diapers back then." Tess was a little surprised to hear that Guy was in his fifties; apart from a touch of gray in his dark beard stubble and a few laugh lines at the corner of his eyes, he looked like he could be a man in his early forties. Even knocking ten years off his actual age left a pretty big difference between them, but Tess didn't care. She was discovering she liked older men.

"He left most of the child-rearing to Mom--lots of business trips out to the West Coast, plenty of location filming abroad... I think I saw my dad more on television than I did at home." Tess reached out sleepily and put her hand against his chest in sympathy. She hadn't realized that Guy's father was someone famous, but she'd read all about what it was like to be the child of a celebrity. No wonder he was messed up. (No wonder he was so handsome and charismatic, a little voice whispered inside her head. Tess felt a little tingle between her legs.)

"But Mom, well... she had her own hang-ups, you know? Every time she saw me, it reminded her of all the messed-up shit Dad did to her, and all she wanted to do was lash out or split. She never hit me or anything--not that I can remember, at least. I was a baby for some of it. But she was always leaving me with the neighbors for hours at a time, sometimes even days. And man, did we have some fucked up neighbors." He chuckled mirthlessly. "And I mean Fucked. Up."

Tess nodded sympathetically, even though she couldn't quite get her mind off the way that his fingers continued to trace over her sensitive skin. A languorous sigh escaped her lips, but she kept her eyes firmly fixed on his smoldering gaze as he continued. "They were all really old, just these ancient childless fuckers who acted like I was the son they never had. Sometimes they even called me by a different name. I guess they thought I should have been an 'Adrian'." He grimaced, clearly disliking the taste of the word in his mouth.

"They never said anything about it--not openly, you know? But I could tell they didn't want Mom raising me. They were all lousy at taking care of kids; hell, for all I know, that's the only reason Mom stayed in the picture. I wouldn't put it past them to kidnap someone." Guy shuddered, goosebumps raising all over his arms at the thought. "It was just a creepy fucking vibe. They were always really possessive, and I remember being convinced every time I stayed with them that they weren't going to let me leave. They were just going to hide me the next time Mom came back to pick me up and tell her she never had a kid, and she was just going to believe them because she never really wanted me anyway." Tess gently caressed his chest, nodding solemnly at his words. She tried not to think about how lovely his voice made even the saddest story sound.

"And... I dunno, they didn't have a television, and they didn't have any toys, and they didn't have any kids' books--they just had these big freaky old books with all these weird woodcuts in them of people screwing each other. Multiple positions, a dozen or so partners, goats and serpents... you know, that whole weird medieval orgy bullshit. I probably wasn't even supposed to be reading them, but there was nothing else to do and they didn't stop me." He gave Tess a rueful smile. "Probably how I got such a fucked-up attitude to sex, right?" She wanted to tell him she liked his fucked-up attitude to sex, but something told her this wasn't the time.

"I think that was the closest my Mom ever got to really showing me that she loved me. One time--I couldn't have been older than three--she dragged me over to the neighbors so she could get away from the sight of me for a little bit, and I told her I didn't want to go. And she asked me why, which was a big deal when you were a kid, y'know? People never kids why they want something, or don't want something, they just tell you to shut up and do it anyway." Tess felt the tingle between her legs getting a little stronger; she knew it wasn't the sort of thing a grown woman was supposed to think, but something turned her on more than a little about Guy telling her what to do. She squirmed slightly on the mattress, unable to stop her hips from wiggling just a tiny bit.

Guy didn't seem to notice. "So I told her that it was boring there, and I explained everything about the creepy fucking woodcuts, and she got this little... not exactly frown, but her lips pursed like she was trying real hard not to show me how mad she was. And we went back to the apartment, and she grabbed a cardboard box, and she put half my toys and half my books and half my games and my old record player in it and she marched it over to them and she said, 'Were you ever kids?' in this sharp, sarcastic, incredulous voice. And from then on I had stuff to do at the neighbors' apartment."

Tess quirked her lips in a little smile at that, but her thoughts were already turning to the growing heat in her pussy. She wanted to reach down and rub herself, just a little, but it seemed so rude and disrespectful to masturbate in the middle of Guy's sad story about his rough childhood. If only his voice wasn't so fucking sexy! How could she possibly hope to concentrate on staying supportive and warm and tender when he made everything sound like the filthiest, flirtiest dirty talk ever? And god, that smoldering stare he gave her didn't help any.

Or those fingers. He was tracing all over her chest and belly now, his fingers absently stroking her bare breasts and pert, stiff nipples in a way that brought back delightful memories of the last few hours. He didn't seem to realize he was doing it; his eyes had gone distant, seeing nothing but the past as he went on with his story. "Things got a little better once I started going to school. I remember that was, like, the first really big argument Mom ever had with the neighbors--they wanted Mom to homeschool me, and Dad was on their side. Which was weird, because I didn't think he was emotionally checked-in enough to have an opinion on my education, but I think he just wanted to keep me out of sight so he wouldn't get any bad publicity.

"But Mom really put her foot down. She said I'd need to learn about the world sooner or later, and she'd already taken me shopping and stuff so she knew that nobody was going to notice the way I looked. Which was... like, the first time I ever thought of myself as looking funny, you know? When you're a kid, you know you look different, but you don't really think of it as something to be ashamed of until you hear people talking about hiding you from the rest of the world." Tess didn't understand what Guy was talking about. His appearance was striking, certainly, but she'd never seen a more handsome man. His body was taut, firm, well-muscled... she ran her fingers through his chest hair, letting out an unconscious purr of lust. Her other hand slowly drifted down between her legs.

"That was the first time I remember really telling someone what I wanted. Like, I'd done it before, unconsciously, but that was the first time I stood up to a whole bunch of adults and said, 'This is what I need, this is what I want, and it's important.' I told them I wanted to go to kindergarten, I wanted to hang out with kids my own age, and I wanted to be normal." He snorted. "Never did get that last one, but at least I wound up going to school." Tess filled the pause with a nod of acknowledgement, but she was already beginning to tune out his words despite her best efforts. Her exploring fingers had found the sticky mess in her pussy, and her thoughts were drifting back to all the wonderful things Guy did to make it that way.

"And, I mean, it wasn't as bad as Dad or the neighbors feared," Guy murmured, his fingers playing with Tess's nipples like her tits were a new kind of fidget toy. "I got a few frightened looks at first from the other kids, but I just stared them down and they never said a word after that." Tess still didn't understand what they were supposed to be seeing that frightened them. Guy looked so gorgeous! Perhaps a little flushed, but no worse than some of Tess's bad sunburns. And his eyes... god, she loved to look into his smoldering, sensual eyes. Her fingers moved a little quicker, churning the slippery mess of semen that still filled her cunt.

"But it wasn't really good, either." If Guy could tell she was having trouble listening, he didn't seem to mind. "None of the kids hung out with me unless I forcibly inserted myself into the situation, and the teachers... the teachers had no idea what to do with me. I didn't fit the mold, you know? I don't mean physically, although there was probably some of that, too, but... man, I tell you. So many educators only know one way to keep their classroom disciplined, and that's threats. They don't try to engage the kids, they don't get them invested in the material, it's all just 'Do this or you're in trouble'. And that never worked on me, not even with Mom."

Tess nodded absently, but she couldn't really keep her mind on the conversation for long anymore. She slid two fingers into her pussy, reveling in the clinging warmth of Guy's sticky semen against her fingertips. She was normally really careful about letting men cum inside her, but... god, she'd practically begged for him to shoot his load into her cunt. There was something so deliciously taboo about going to a hotel room with a total stranger, about not worrying about protection and just spreading her legs for his big hard cock. Tess hadn't realized how searingly fucking hot that could be until Guy showed her. Multiple times, in fact.

"So yeah, I went to school," Guy continued, now mostly to himself, "but I only really learned what I felt like learning. Lots of history, almost no math. Barely any science, only a little English--I read a lot, but it was all just the stuff I felt like reading. I almost never followed the curriculum, and most of the teachers didn't make me try. They just passed me along to the next grade and made me someone else's problem. That was pretty much the next eight years, that and going home to a mom and dad that hated and resented me and a bunch of creepy neighbors who acted like they wanted to steal me. I wasn't a big fan of either one of those options--I mostly hid in my room and watched television. I damn near wished I could climb into 'The Brady Bunch' house sometimes."

Tess nodded and smiled in all the right places, but she was really just soaking in the whiskey-warm sound of his voice while she played with her cunt. She could feel little rivulets of semen leaking out of her pussy around her churning fingers, trailing slowly down her sensitive skin--good god, she must have drained his balls three, maybe even four times tonight. And the wildest part was, she still wanted more. She never knew she could be this insatiable, not even back in her teenage years when her hormones were going crazy and she was too scared of going to Hell even to masturbate.

Something flashed through her head, then, a sense of familiarity that bordered on recognition. She looked at Guy again, her eyes opening and closing in a slow, heavy blink of confusion. But then she centered herself on his smoldering stare and the sound of his voice, and relaxed back into masturbatory bliss as he continued. "Then in seventh grade, we finally had a science class that interested me. I was just sort of doing my usual thing where I was doodling or reading or flirting with one of the girls when I heard the teacher talk about heredity, and suddenly I was... everything made sense, you know? I knew I didn't look like my dad, but I never really thought about it until I heard Mrs Marsh talk about green peas and yellow peas and then it hit me. Dudes like my father don't have kids like me.

"I went to talk to my mom as soon as I got home from school, and she didn't even try to deny it." Guy's eyes were distant and mournful. "Dad wasn't really my dad, never had been. He'd, like... hired someone to get my mom pregnant? No, not even that. Someone had paid him to let them fuck my mom, and he was all, 'Sure, fine, so long as I get my cut, go for it,' and he'd drugged her up so that she wouldn't know what happened. But she didn't get a big enough dose, so she wasn't totally out of it. He tried to gaslight her, tell her she was imagining it all, but when I was born, well... she put two and two together and it came up 'Fuck You'."

Guy laughed bitterly. "That's why she named me after him. Big ol' middle finger to her pimp daddy." Tess didn't know what to say. With a shameful blush, she realized that she couldn't even stop playing with herself.

But Guy shrugged off the burst of self-pity. "My birth dad didn't show up in my life until I turned eighteen. And he tried to just insinuate himself into my life like he'd always been there, talked about all this father-son bonding stuff we were going to do together like go on trips and crash parties and bend political leaders to our will. And I was just, like, 'Dude! I don't want to meet Ronald Reagan! I want a normal fucking life! Can you get me one of those with your unholy powers?'" He rolled his eyes. Tess noticed just for a moment that the pupils were black slits set into bright yellow irises that burned with an internal flame before his gaze focused on hers again and the awareness slipped back out of her brain.

"And he was all, 'Oh, Adrian, the neighbors were supposed to teach you about your destiny,' and I was just, 'Those wrinkled old farts? All they ever did was show me creepy old woodcuts about witches and orgies.' I guess I was supposed to get more out of it than that, but maybe if Birth Dad wanted me to help him conquer the world and trample its armies under his feet and set all humanity afire with the worship of the unholy, he could have fucking been there for me when I needed him, right?" Tess nodded. She had no idea what she was nodding about.

Guy shifted position again, rolling over to straddle Tess's hips. She couldn't help noticing that he was hard again, his flushed cock sticking straight out of the thick bush of coarse dark pubic hair. "So anyway, I think that's why I've got this huge problem with forging meaningful relationships, y'know? It's like, I know it's fucked up that I'm reenacting all the messed up shit that made me the way I am, but at the same time, it's what gets me off. And it's not like you're going to say no, is it?" Tess giggled. She reached for his shaft and pulled him closer, guiding him into her sloppy, semen-filled pussy. She still had no idea what he was saying, but he was ready to fuck her again and that was all she cared about now.

"That's my good girl," Guy growled, his short, arrow-headed tail lashing from side to side in evident arousal as he began to thrust into her warm, slick cunt. "Couple more loads, babe, just to make sure, and then I'll be on my way. Like father, like son, right? Maybe that's biological too. Maybe I just deep down need to spread a little more sin around." He smiled broadly, but Tess didn't notice his sharp, pointed teeth any more than she'd noticed his short, stubby horns. She was lost in his eyes. A tiny part of her would be lost in his eyes forever.

"Now I know you won't remember any of this," he grunted, his voice getting rougher as the pace of his fucking increased, "but when you finally have your baby?" Tess wailed in pleasure, the mental image of her belly swelling with a stranger's child hammering her with an arousal stronger than anything she'd ever imagined. Stronger than her ability to resist it. "That's right, sweetie," Guy cooed, his voice and his hypnotic gaze coaxing the programming deeper into her mesmerized brain. "When you have this baby, if it's a girl, you're going to name it 'Rosemary'." Tess smiled in mindless agreement.

Guy's thrusts became erratic, insistent, and Tess squealed in ecstasy as she came. "And if it's a boy?" he gasped out, barely able to speak with arousal. "If it's a boy, you name it after me." Tess nodded in blank, thoughtless compliance. That was all it took. His hips strained hard, pushing his cock as far as it would go into her slick and messy cunt, and his balls tightened in orgasmic release. "Good girl," he said, collapsing on top of her. Then he rolled over, resting until he was ready for another load.


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