Lazy Lies

by Jukebox

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #brainwash #brainwashed #erotic_hypnosis #gaslighting #hypno #hypnokink #hypnotized #masturbation #memory_play

Kimmy’s getting gaslit by her roommate again. But for some reason it’s getting increasingly hard to challenge her obviously false version of events.

"...those are my panties." It sounded foolishly obvious when Kimmy said it out loud; of course Rosa had to know those were her panties. Kimmy's underwear drawer was half-open, the neatly folded clothes obviously rummaged through to find a pair that particularly struck her roommate's fancy. And Rosa was still in Kimmy's bedroom, still holding the scraps of lace and satin that barely even qualified as an article of clothing, unable to even pretend that she'd somehow bought an identical outfit that just happened to fit on her slender body as well as it did on Kimmy's broad alabaster curves.

Not that Rosa was wearing the panties, or anything. No, she had them pressed against the bare, terracotta skin of her naked cunt, rubbing them freely against her slick labia and getting them all messy with her drooling musk. On Kimmy's bed. And judging by the extremely large wet spot on the bed, Rosa had been... there was no other word for it, masturbating... in Kimmy's room, on Kimmy's bed, with Kimmy's panties, for probably the better part of an hour before the young white woman got home. In a violation of Kimmy's boundaries and personal space so flabbergasting she didn't even know how to get properly angry about it. It was just so ludicrously over the top, so absolutely shameless in its audacity, that all she could do was stand there with her hazel eyes goggled wide and mumble, "I... I really think they are." And then blush bright red because she knew how stupid she sounded.

Incredibly, though, Rosa just looked her square in the face with her deep brown eyes and said, "I know. I came in here looking for something else and I got a little distracted." As though she hadn't been grinding her pussy against the sheer satin fabric when Kimmy came in. As though she wasn't still doing it right now, humping the panties with a blatant disdain for the proprieties of their cordial but by no means romantic relationship. As though 'I got a little distracted' would easily translate to 'I dug through your underwear drawer, found your sluttiest lingerie that you reserve for third dates with guys you're already horny as fuck for, and started flossing my cunt with it like a wild animal marking its territory' in Kimmy's disbelieving ears.

It felt like a deliberate challenge, and Kimmy didn't see how she had any choice but to respond to it. "Oh really? And what thing was that?" she asked, putting her hands on her wide hips and staring Rosa right in the eyes. Which, thankfully, meant that she had something to distract her from that constantly rubbing hand and the way it ground Rosa's musk into the fabric until she knew her panties would smell like her roommate's cunt for weeks. It seemed almost like the other woman was getting turned on by the whole confrontation, as if getting caught masturbating aroused her almost beyond reason. God, Kimmy hoped that wasn't the case. They'd only been living together for a few weeks, and the vibe between them was weird and tense enough already without discovering that Rosa had some sort of exhibitionist fetish.

Rosa stared back, her voice flat and inflectionless as she said, "You remember. I lent you that thing, you said I could come in and get it back any time I wanted." She didn't sound like she cared much whether Kimmy believed her or not; if anything, the blatant indifference in her tone made it seem like she was actually hoping Kimmy would challenge her further. It almost made Kimmy question her own conviction, just a little--surely nobody would come up with a lie that brazenly sloppy and vague without some truth behind it, would they? They'd invent specifics, they'd make up details, they'd... they'd at least fucking stop masturbating, Kimmy thought, struggling to keep her gaze level despite the distracting motion between Rosa's legs.

"I, um, I... I don't remember borrowing a 'thing'," Kimmy murmured, rubbing her temple as she tried to keep her focus squarely on the conversation and not on the liquid sounds coming from Rosa's cunt. Dear god, she was openly pushing the panties into her pussy now, wrapping them around her fingers and thrusting deep into her own soaking folds at a speed that made it clear that Kimmy's roommate was--Jesus fuck, she was literally sloshing wet. Kimmy blushed brighter, feeling somehow more embarrassed for noticing than the other woman was for fucking herself. "Could you, uh, could you describe it to me?"

Rosa snorted. "You said you didn't want to talk about it, babe. You said just leave it in here when you weren't around, and come get it when you were... y'know, all done." That didn't sound like Kimmy--she didn't have any particular problem talking about sex, absent those times when it was to her roommate who was doing it on her bed using her panties as a sex toy. But Rosa sounded so unshakeable in her belief, so completely unswerving in her attitude, and Kimmy....

Well, she'd had a lot on her plate lately, that was all. She was working two jobs, she was taking a full slate of classes, she was trying to spend the few waking moments she actually spent in the apartment she laughably called home trying to keep the place in some semblance of tidiness... it was only to be expected that she might let a few things slip through the cracks. Chores that she forgot about unless Rosa reminded her. Evenings she dozed off on the couch midway through a conversation. Meals she skipped because she zoned out at the end of a long day and fell straight into bed as soon as she walked through the door. If there was something Rosa lent her, could Kimmy really say there was zero chance she'd forget about it later?

Not that it excused the shameless masturbation... jeez, those panties were sopping wet now... but it did make Kimmy soften her attitude a little. "Well, um, if you, uh, if you could just get it and, and maybe go back to your room, I... um, I have a lot of studying to do tonight. And, uh, m-maybe leave the, uh, the, the...." She blushed. This wasn't supposed to be this difficult, but then again Rosa wasn't supposed to be spreading her legs gynecologically wide to show off every square centimeter of her cunt. "Those," she mumbled, pointing to her underwear. "In the hamper. On your way out."

Rosa's eyes gazed flatly back at her, challenging her with a stare so potent in its utter indifference to Kimmy's stammering embarrassment that it left the young brunette instantly quailed. "I don't know where you put it," she said, in tones of confident disdain. "I guess I'll just have to wait here on the bed until you find it, mm? Unless you just want to ignore me and get to your studying." As if Kimmy could just turn her back and sit there, hearing those soft squishing noise the whole time, and concentrate on her studies without a care in the world. It seemed absurd on the face of it.

"I... what, what am I looking at? Um. For. What am I looking for." Kimmy felt her cheeks getting redder and redder, the accidental slip making her squirm under Rosa's silent and knowing stare. Not that she wanted to look at Rosa's... at Rosa... but it was truly impossible not to notice the way that she so openly fingered her cunt right there in front of Kimmy. The whole room smelled like sex now, and Kimmy knew for sure that she'd be breathing in the aroma of pussy all night long even if she had the energy to wash her bedding before she slept. That kind of scent wasn't coming out easy. It'd take two, three washings before she stopped noticing it.

Kimmy suddenly wondered how she knew just how many washings it took to get the smell of Rosa's cunt out of her sheets. It didn't seem like the sort of thing she would simply have right at her fingertips... as soon as Kimmy thought it, the juxtaposition of 'Rosa's cunt' and 'at her fingertips' echoed uncomfortably in her brain. She shook her head violently, trying to clear the confusion from her mind. The double shift she pulled felt like it was catching up with her over the course of only a few minutes.

"I think you already know what you're looking at, babe," Rosa replied lewdly, favoring Kimmy with a lascivious wink. "And what you're looking for. You know, you might feel a little less tense if you got out of that stupid uniform and took care of yourself like I am. It's not like you've never hung out naked in the apartment before." Kimmy felt almost absolutely certain that wasn't true, but only for a moment--the more she stared into that flat, emotionless gaze, the more her conviction crumbled in the face of the other woman's confidence. Maybe--maybe she had gone out of her room one night, during one of those late-night fugue states that came from too little sleep and too much studying. Maybe she hadn't even noticed Rosa was there.

Her hands moved lazily to the buttons of her work shirt, undoing them one after another almost before she realized she was undressing. "You, um, uh... you've seen me, uh, naked?" she mumbled, feeling the certainty drain from her mind with an almost physical sensation of loss. It sounded like such a blatant falsehood, utterly brazen in its laziness, and yet Rosa looked and sounded and acted so sure of herself. And Kimmy felt anything but. She felt so--so sleepy, she thought loosely as the shirt hit the floor behind her with a soft thump. So completely and totally exhausted and unable to think clearly enough to contradict anything Rosa said with any kind of real conviction.

"Sure have, babe," Rosa purred, her voice a husky drawl of arousal. "Seen you jill off, too. You always leave your bedroom door open, like you want to be watched." That felt like obvious projection coming from a woman who was currently spiking three fingers into her wet cunt, but Kimmy felt too dazed and drowsy to argue. She was probably wrong anyway. Rosa had those, those deep brown eyes, that... that confident stare. Everything she said was probably right, and Kimmy was just--confused. She had a lot on her plate. Things slipped through the cracks sometimes. If it sounded like Rosa was lying, it was only because Kimmy's fuzzy head had made her forget again.

"I... do you watch me?" Kimmy mumbled, her eyes glazing over as she shucked off her jeans and panties in a single smooth motion to show off her downy thatch of chestnut pubic hair and the plump pink labia it covered. "I, um, be-because that's a, um, that's a, um, a bounty--a boundary, um, um... an issue. You, I, you shouldn't...." She trailed off into mazy silence, swaying gently from side to side in exhaustion. All she wanted to do was collapse onto the bed and let all the questions about what Rosa was telling her drift away into blissful irrelevance.

Rosa reached out with her free hand and tugged at Kimmy's wrist, the motion draining the last of the helpless woman's strength and forcing her forward onto the mattress. "Never, babe," she cooed, her lewd gaze trailing down over Kimmy's heavy tits and directly between her broad thighs. "I've got my eyes closed right now so I don't see anything." Kimmy's head swam, the sheer audacity of the lie slamming headlong into her resistance and clashing hard with her common sense, but all that did was exhaust her further. She couldn't keep fighting Rosa's hypnotic power. It always won. Rosa was always right about everything.

She felt a sleepy, childlike smile spread across her face. "Good," she heard herself mutter, her voice drowsily conspiratorial. "Don't look." Kimmy's fingers drifted down between her thighs as her eyelids slipped shut, her mind drifting off into pliant vacancy as she began to tease her unexpectedly slick cunt. It didn't take long before she felt something pressing against it, something warm and wet and possessed with a rhythm that drove Kimmy rapidly to the heights of pleasure. But she'd already stopped thinking by then.


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