Kiss Your Ass

by Jukebox

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #hypnosis #hypnotized #pov:bottom #sub:female #ass_worship #erotic_hypnosis #hypno #hypnokink #hypnotic_ass

Caitlin gets lost in a beautiful posterior.

"You don't know what's happening to you, do you?" The woman in the mint green dress didn't look at Caitlin when she talked. She stared out the window instead, leaning on the railing and gazing out over the darkened New York City skyline with a disinterested expression reflecting onto the glass.

Caitlin shook her head ever so slightly, relieved to admit that she didn't really understand what was going on. "No, ma'am," she added, realizing only after the silence stretched a little too long that the other woman couldn't see her, wouldn't notice any visual cues. And she hadn't turned to face Caitlin since... since... the young woman's flushed, ruddy forehead furrowed in confusion, a bewilderment that also showed in her glassy hazel eyes. She couldn't remember the stranger turning to face her at all. If not for that pale, ghostly reflection in the glass, Caitlin wouldn't even know what the statuesque blonde looked like at all.

The faint red lips quirked in an even fainter smile. "No, of course you don't," the other woman murmured, a not-quite-cruel amusement tinging her melodic tones. "That would mean thinking, and you don't really want to do that right now, do you?" Her body swayed ever so slightly in place as she spoke, as if she was slow-dancing to some unheard music. Caitlin didn't need to hear it, though; she could feel it in every heartbeat, in the faintest pulse that fluttered against the black ribbon around her throat. It was a bump-and-grind rhythm that had become as familiar to her as breathing over the course of following the stranger--

Following the stranger. Why. Why had she. Why did Caitlin want to. Why would Caitlin follow someone she didn't. Where had she. Why couldn't she.

Somehow every question seemed to hit that exact same wall of indifference, twisting around in Caitlin's head from an interrogative to a flat, reflexive statement of utter disinterest before she could even summon up the energy to finish posing it. She couldn't really think about any of it--no. Not couldn't. She didn't want to think about any of it. "No, ma'am," she replied, a wave of sleepy relief washing over her as she finally answered the only question that really mattered, the one the blonde had asked her. Caitlin's brow smoothed out into placid indifference, and her eyes locked on the motion of the other woman's silent dance once more.

It had a captivating, metronomic quality to it, keeping perfect time with the silent rhythms of Caitlin's body... or maybe it was the other way around, she mused silently. Maybe Caitlin's heartbeat, her breathing had settled just as easily into the pulse of the stranger's motions as her footsteps back on the pavement outside the club. Maybe she was taking her cues from the blonde, following the other woman now with only her eyes. It felt good to follow. It felt good to... not think, of course. Caitlin didn't want to do that. To understand, though. To accept.

The memory of the club slipped past her, drifting by almost unnoticed as Caitlin stared vacantly at the sway of the blonde woman's hips. She couldn't focus on it, she couldn't concentrate on it. But she could see it for that tiny moment when it came to mind unbidden. She was leaving Madame X's, still high on the energy of the crowd and barely even feeling the lateness of the hour or the cocktails she'd downed, and a woman walked past. Taller than Caitlin, over a head taller, with a body that had the most amazing curves. Caitlin didn't have much interest in women, not when there were so many lovely gothy boys in the bars on a Saturday night with painted nails and black lipstick and tongues with the most interesting piercings, but something about the stranger's ass snagged Caitlin's gaze and reeled her in. Before she knew it, she was tottering along on platform heels, desperate not to let the beautiful woman out of her sight. She needed to, she wanted to....

"You want something else, don't you?" the blonde asked, the question neatly insinuating its way into Caitlin's mind and subsuming the memory into an attentive, fascinated interest in the stranger's words. Caitlin couldn't recall ever being so utterly captivated by anyone before, hanging on their every soft murmur with rapt amazement, but it felt so right to listen to this woman. Something about her charisma, her magnetic presence simply dulled out her surroundings and made her the only thing worth noticing. Caitlin didn't wonder what building she was in, how many blocks she'd walked behind someone whose face she never even got a glance at. She only thought about answering.

"Yes, ma'am," she whispered meekly, her words carrying easily in the silence of the penthouse apartment. She didn't know what it was, yet; the desire was still in the process of creation, a hunger shaping itself in the smooth motion of the stranger's swaying hips. But it was real, and it was getting stronger with every passing moment; the same rhythm that fluttered in Caitlin's pulse and pounded in a heart still calming down from the effort of keeping up with the other woman's lengthy strides now throbbed between her slowly spreading legs. Caitlin was getting turned on, she realized. She was watching someone do a bump-and-grind dance in a skirt that clung to every curve with indecent enjoyment and it was making her cunt wet.

The crooked smile in the glass broadened into a smirk. "You're a very rare girl, you know that?" the blonde asked, her voice soft and cooing in Caitlin's ears. "Very responsive. I can't give you all the credit, it took me a long time to learn how to use my body like this, but it's still maybe one in a hundred who falls under my spell like you do. Does it make you happy to know you're such a treasure, sweetie?" Caitlin should have bristled--at being called a girl when she was old enough to drink, at being dubbed 'sweetie' as though her silver skull earrings and ripped fishnet stockings and midnight blue eyeshadow had been replaced by some Polly Pocket bullshit, at the maddening refusal to tell Caitlin what desire was making her pussy slowly leak slick musk through the fabric of her satin panties and down onto the back of her vinyl dress--but instead she felt a warm glow of happiness that made her toes curl inside her platform heels. She nodded unthinkingly before realizing that it did no good. The stranger couldn't see her.

So Caitlin added, "Yes, ma'am," squirming in her seat in time with the swaying motions of the other woman's ass until her skirt slowly rode up her thighs to expose her lacy black panties. And the wet spot. God, it felt like it covered her whole crotch now. She probably looked like some kind of fetish website's perverted dream.

The stranger certainly looked pleased by Caitlin's response. "That's my good treasure," she purred, widening the gyration of her hips just a tiny bit and forcing Caitlin's eyes to work harder to follow. They crossed occasionally from the strain, making Caitlin's eyelids flutter every time she lost track and had to refocus her vision on the hypnotic motion of the blonde woman's ass. "But I'm a very choosy woman, pretty girl, you understand me? I don't keep every stray who follows me home. You'll need to show me that you deserve to be owned if you want to stay here. If you want to get what you need. If you want to be satisfied. And you do want to be satisfied, don't you?"

Caitlin's head bobbed up and down almost unceasingly now, and she whimpered out, "Yes, ma'am," in a tone of helpless arousal as her hands clenched the armrests of the chair in mindless, thoughtless need. The craving inside her had grown into a desperate lust, a hunger that made her panties so wet that they practically outlined her slick labia, and the only thing that kept Caitlin frozen in place was the void inside her head where an understanding of her desire should be. She wanted to masturbate, she wanted to be fucked, she wanted to open herself mind and body to the mesmerizing rhythm of the other woman's hips as they slowly worked the dress up those creamy white thighs... but those weren't the answers the stranger was looking for. Caitlin knew it instinctively.

And still the blonde teased her. "You want what I want," she growled, her voice thick and husky with lust. "You want what I want you to want." The words didn't make much sense to Caitlin; the fog of desire in her brain had grown so thick that comprehension could barely penetrate it. But somehow she felt like the answer was right there in front of her. It grew more solid, more real with every sway of the blonde's hypnotic hips. It was so obvious that Caitlin didn't need to think about it, which was wonderful because she couldn't think about anything but the throb in her clit anymore.

She tried to speak, to answer the unspoken question in the stranger's insistent words, but her brain felt so groggy and drunk with arousal that all Caitlin could do was echo the blonde's own thoughts back to her in simplified form. "W-want," she mewled, her legs spreading so wide that they touched the armrests. "Want!" Caitlin knew she wouldn't even recognize the needy slut whimpering and squirming in the chair as her if she saw herself, but somehow that felt just perfect. She didn't want to be herself anymore. She wanted to be who the woman in green wanted her to be. And every pulse of sexual heat between her thighs made her more that wonderful, mesmerized, horny fucktoy.

The stranger nodded encouragingly, letting her legs part ever so slowly until the dress slid all the way up to reveal the perfect, rounded curves that had existed only in Caitlin's horny imagination until that moment. She wore no panties, nothing to mar the utter glory of her transcendent body with any more fabric than was absolutely necessary, and suddenly Caitlin's fingers were seized with the instinct to let go of the chair and follow the other woman's example. She put her knees together just long enough to peel off her soaking underwear before spreading her thighs again, this time with her slick, shaven pussy exposed in the reflection. Her Mistress was watching her too, Caitlin finally realized. The tall, elegant blonde wasn't looking out at the night sky, she was looking at her slut's progress reflected in the window.

"That's my good girl," her Mistress purred, her hypnotic buttocks swaying back and forth until Caitlin's eyes crossed and uncrossed almost every second trying to follow the motion. The helpless goth didn't even realize that she'd begun to append a new honorific to the woman in front of her; it fit in her head like a hand in a glove, a thread in a needle, a toy in her soaking cunt. "What is it you want, sweetie? You're going to need to tell me if you expect to get it. What does my good little pet want right now more than anything?"

Caitlin's eyes rolled back in her head, the effort of attempting thought almost too much for her. She wanted everything right now, far too much to differentiate the stream of endless fantasies that made her clit throb with desire. She wanted Mistress to put on the biggest, longest, thickest strap-on she owned and pound Caitlin's wet pussy until the smaller woman was a limp ragdoll on the bed, she wanted to play with her cunt and show Mistress just how needy and horny and stupid with lust her owner made her, she wanted to hump those long, muscular legs like a fucking bitch in heat... but when Caitlin's eyelids finally fluttered shut and her brain went silent, she knew what she wanted more than anything.

"I want to kiss your ass, Mistress," she whimpered, her voice high and desperate. "Please, Mistress? Please may I kiss your ass? Please, I... please?" She was already off the chair, sliding to the floor and crawling forward as though pulled by a magnet toward her owner. Drool spilled down her chin, her eyelids barely opened enough to see her way over to the perfect, mesmerizing buttocks in front of her, but Caitlin knew what she wanted. What she craved. What she needed more than anything in the world. "Please?"

The blonde chuckled. "Good girl. You may." And with that, Caitlin was lost. She abandoned herself to pleasure, craning her neck to plant kiss after kiss after passionate, hungry kiss against the feverishly warm skin of her Mistress's ass, sinking into the bliss of servitude with an absolute joy that made the loss of her will almost a negligible price to pay. Her lips kept moving, finding more and more places to worship, and it was only when she felt the blonde woman's warm flesh quiver against her mouth that she realized she'd made her lover come. And that only prompted her to redouble her devotions.

The stranger turned around eventually, led Caitlin into the bedroom and ravished her small and slender body with all the strength and stamina she possessed... but Caitlin never truly saw her face. In the young woman's mind, all she could picture was that perfect, mesmerizing, swaying ass. Capturing her. Holding her. Owning her forever. And it was all Caitlin could possibly imagine wanting now.


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