Keep It Simple

by Jukebox

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A hypnotic induction with themes of conditioning and intelligence reduction.

"Before we begin, I'd like to describe the goals we're going to be working to achieve with today's session. If these goals don't interest you, or if you don't feel safe and comfortable with them, you can simply make the choice to stop listening and find a different experience to enjoy. You are always in control of your trance state, and any suggestions you hear will only apply if you feel safe and comfortable accepting them.

"The goal of today's trance is to train you to limit your own intelligence, reducing both the speed and complexity of your thought process. This is not tied to any humiliation or degradation regarding your simplified mental state; although there is often a societal bias against people with slow or simple minds, you do not need to take on any of that stigma unless it's something you enjoy. There are no specific hypnotic triggers I'm asking you to accept--we're going to teach your mind to recognize situations that are invitations to limit your intellect, and to enjoy those experiences when they occur. This is more flexible and open-ended than a trigger, and may result in you having difficulties thinking unexpectedly... although, again, only when it is safe and comfortable for you to do so.

"Although there are points in this session where you may be encouraged to pay less conscious attention to the hypnotist, there are no direct amnesia suggestions incorporated into this session, and no suggestions or triggers that are intended to be forgotten after the session is over. Even so, spontaneous amnesia does happen to some people during hypnosis, so you may find yourself experiencing difficulty recalling details of the trance experience. If you enjoy forgetting your trances, your mind is going to work to make that happen. You have permission to remember or to forget as much of this session as you want--again, within the boundaries of what is safe and comfortable for you.

"This session contains permissive language directing you to disrobe and touch yourself. If you believe you will have difficulty resisting these instructions, please wait until you have some privacy to begin. If you do not feel safe or comfortable following any of the described suggestions or instructions, this would be a good place for you to stop. Otherwise, please get comfortable for me so that we can begin.

"Now that you're comfortable, we can begin with a nice simple induction. That's what we're here for, after all; we want to make your mind nice and small and simple, and so we'll begin with something that even the smallest mind can handle. Let's picture the two of us together inside an elevator, one of those big freight elevators that can hold lots of boxes and carts and people. Because your brain is in a waking state right now, that elevator probably feels a little bit crowded with thoughts, but you can picture me pushing the button to close the doors so that nothing can get in, and then we can begin to descend. We'll go down ten floors together, and at the bottom it'll feel much more comfortable.

"And as we begin to descend, you can picture that number changing from ten down to nine, and already you're beginning to feel a little more relaxed as you find yourself letting go of some of those thoughts you were carrying along with you. Perhaps you can imagine us stopping on that floor, going just a little bit deeper down and letting some of those thoughts out. Giving you more space to feel relaxed and comfortable. The doors don't open quite as wide as they did on the floor above, so the thoughts that flow into your mind when you're deeper down like this are smaller and less complex. All the big ideas you had are gone now, and the ones that remain are a little bit simpler, a little bit slower to wriggle their way into your head.

"And when the doors close again, your eyes go back up to the number as it drops from nine to eight, sinking a little deeper down, stopping again to let those thoughts release themselves from your mind again to leave it a little bit more empty, a little bit more open. And once again, you see that the gap between the doors is a little bit smaller, a little bit narrower, and the thoughts that try to crowd their way back into your relaxed and peaceful mind are simply too big to fit. The deeper down you go, the smaller and simpler those thoughts have to be to squeeze through the gap and the longer it takes them to get inside. That makes it more comfortable in here, doesn't it? Of course it does. It's so nice to have more room to stretch out and relax.

"And you can relax deeper still as we close the doors and descend to seven, really feeling the emptiness in your mind now, really enjoying that wide-open feeling you get as you spread out in the space between thoughts. We're letting out more thoughts with every stop, and you can see through that gap between the doors that all the big thoughts that try to get inside are blocked. Some of the thoughts that used to pass quite easily have to push hard even to get into your relaxed, open brain now, and you can only let them in a little bit at a time as they squeeze through the entryway. It's hard to imagine why they're even bothering, isn't it? You didn't need them anyway.

"And as you sink down to six, it's very easy to decide that it's not worth all that effort to let those thoughts into your brain. You don't need to try hard to think big thoughts and big words, not when it's so nice to enjoy the emptiness that's getting bigger and bigger with every passing moment. Sometimes when you stretch out the thoughts barely even brush against your fingertips, and you really have to work to find them. You don't want to work like that, do you? No. You just want to relax and feel good and leave those silly thoughts behind.

"And on five, it's easy to notice that your mind is so much smaller and simpler now, so much more peaceful now that those big thoughts can't get inside. The doors only open half as far as they did, and sometimes even big words get stuck outside while you relax and sink deeper down without them. You know so many little words that you don't need the big ones. It's okay to let go and leave them behind so that you can continue to enjoy yourself in here with me. That sounds so nice and happy and peaceful now.

"Slowly sinking down to four, and on four you begin to listen to your body for me. Without all those big thoughts to get in the way of your pleasure, you can notice just how good you feel as you go deeper and deeper down into a warm, peaceful trance state for me, and allow yourself to enjoy those feelings. It's so much easier to hear the voice of your body without all those big thoughts in the way, and so much easier to enjoy it without big thoughts telling you why you should be doing something else instead. Your deep self is always working to keep you safe and comfy, and it'll tell you if there's a reason you need to let the big thoughts back in. Until then, why not just allow yourself to have all these warm, happy, sexy feelings for a little while? You can't think of a reason. You can't think very much at all right now.

"And on three, it gets easier and easier to think less and less. The big words and the big thoughts are all gone now, and even the small simple thoughts are having a little trouble squeezing into your brain. They can still get inside, just about, but they have to go into your head slowly and carefully, and sometimes they get stuck and you stop thinking for a little bit while your mind goes back to the last thought you had to try to figure out where it was going. But that warm, slick, liquid pleasure can seep through even the tiniest crack, dripping in around the thoughts and making your body so happy. If you'd like, you can go ahead now and take your clothes off so that you can have fun touching yourself anywhere that makes that pleasure better and stronger.

"Isn't that nice? It really is. You might not even notice the slow, sinking motion of the elevator as it takes you down to two. You're drifting down now, sinking down, and those thoughts that get into your head are just tiny now. And even those tiny, silly, simple thoughts take such a long time to squeeze through that little itty bitty gap that you sometimes don't even realize they're there anymore. You get distracted from them, because it feels so very good to touch yourself for me that those little stray thoughts float away from you and take ages to come back. It's okay. You don't need them. Not when you're feeling so good and enjoying this so much. All you want to do is play with your body. All you want to do is let go and sink deeper.

"And now we're sinking all the way down now, all the way down to one. Your head feels so empty now, like there's nothing inside but air and slick, warm pleasure, and it's just so hard to squeeze even the little thoughts through the teeny tiny gap they come in through. And sometimes even when they do get in, all those good happy sexy feelings just pop them like little soap bubbles, and they take forever to come back together. It's fine if that happens. It just gives you more and more time to focus on how nice you're feeling, how much closer you're getting to cumming as you rub and stroke and touch wherever it feels best. It's so much more fun to listen to your body right now than your brain.

"And as that pleasure builds, getting bigger and stronger and deeper, you're going to let your mind wander back along the trip we've taken together, from a smart person with lots of big thoughts inside your head all the way down to where you are right now, so empty and blank and happy and horny, and you're going to find that it's very easy to let your mind slide as far as you want down that path to this warm, happy place whenever you want to and whenever it feels safe and comfy. You don't have to go all the way down each time--maybe you just want your brain to feel a little bit slower, a little bit simpler, or maybe you want to be nice and dumb and empty just like you are now. Wherever you want to be is just right, so long as you feel safe and comfy there. It's okay.

"And when you find that place, that place in your head that's just right for you, it's okay to let that pleasure build up and up and up, rubbing faster and stroking harder and going nice and deep into that warm, liquid bliss until it fills up all the empty spaces in your head. It's okay to feel better and better, knowing you can return to this place whenever you want, knowing that every time it gets easier and easier to make your brain small and slow and simple, feeling so good and so happy and so sexy until you just have to....

"Cum. Cum for me, let all that pleasure out, let it flow right out and feel how good it feels to be hot and sexy and dumb and blank and empty for me. That's it. That's right. Cum for me now, cum for me and stop thinking about anything else. Stop thinking and cum. Stop thinking and cum. Stop thinking... and cum. That's it. There you go. That's right. Cum.

"And when that pleasure finally fades, you can relax, feeling safe and comfy in the knowledge that you can slide gently down that path whenever you want and for anyone you trust, keeping the power to return whenever you're ready and enjoying that small, slow, simple mind when it's safe to do so. It's a good feeling, a happy feeling, and it's only going to grow as you practice this trance.

"But for now, the trance is over and it's time to wake. We can take the express elevator back up now, going up from one to two and two to three, going back to the waking world without stopping, three to four and four to five, picturing all those thoughts queuing up at the top and waiting for you to let them back in, five to six and six to seven, becoming more aware of the world around you, seven to eight and eight to nine, almost all the way awake now, coming all the way back and feeling happy and refreshed, and....

"Ten. Wake."


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