Get on Your Knees

by Jukebox

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/m #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:male #fucking #gentle_femdom #hypnotized

A wife greets her husband after a hard day of work with a little hypnotic control to help him relax.

The instruction was simple, polite, and utterly irresistible. One moment, Braeden was walking through the door at the end of a long Friday afternoon, thinking of nothing more than the afternoon commute and his ill-fitting shoes and the frustrating conversation he had this morning with an employee who didn't seem to be responding to training, and the next Linda's words were hitting him with the force of a thunderbolt. He didn't question them; he didn't have the chance. He simply sank to the floor, his warm brown eyes glazing over as his expression went blank and drowsy for his Queen.

"That's right, honey," Linda cooed, her delicate pink fingers stroking his hairless scalp, smoothing away the tension in his muscles until every last stress furrow melted away from the dark brown flesh of his forehead. "It's so much easier to be on your knees for me, isn't it? So relaxing to let all that strength drain away and be my very good pet for a little while." She reached out and pushed the door shut, closing off the outside world and leaving the two of them wonderfully, blissfully alone together. Braeden realized he was sinking ever deeper into a soft hypnotic trance, but the knowledge seemed abstract and disconnected. His experience and his awareness drifted ever further apart as he nodded and sighed and blinked his heavy, drowsy eyes.

Linda cupped his chin in her fingers and turned his head up to look at her. His gaze locked onto her bright blue eyes, staring in rapt fascination as she smiled down at him. "No need to think anymore, darling. No need to carry any of those heavy burdens and responsibilities. All you need to do right now is drift deeper for me, allow your will to fade away so that you can be so blank and relaxed and happy for me. Isn't that right, sweetie?" He felt himself nodding, despite the fact that his neck muscles had turned to water. It didn't even occur to him that her hand was doing all the work now.

"Of course I'm right. I'm always right." Her voice was soft and lilting, sweet and silvery and loving in Braeden's ears, and it reminded him of all the other times she'd taken him unexpectedly into the warm, floaty embrace of her hypnotic power. Some of them he remembered with a blissful smile every day he woke up next to his beautiful wife; others slept in his memory until he sank deep for her again and recalled all the wonderful programming she'd instilled in his mind that he'd happily agreed to forget. But it was always that same beautiful voice in the back of his head. His Queen's voice.

He'd been submitting to that voice for ten years now, ever since the day when he first met Linda at the local hypnosis munch and found himself unable to stop staring at the beautiful woman four seats down whose radiant confidence belied her tiny, delicate body. She looked like she couldn't open a mason jar without help, but even back when she was a novice hypnotist, she knew exactly what she wanted and wasn't shy about going after it. The munch wasn't supposed to be a place to meet potential partners, but it didn't take long for her to break that rule. And Braeden wasn't about to remind her of it.

It started with an offer to practice together at the end of the munch, when the formal presentation was over and the party room they rented broke up into smaller gatherings to try out all the things they'd been discussing over the previous thirty minutes. Braeden had even less experience going into trance than Linda did at hypnotizing someone, but she quickly found the right cadence and the perfect tone of voice to soothe him into a rapt, fascinated state of calm enjoyment. The rules of the organization didn't allow for touch in a public venue, and both of them were careful to respect that; nonetheless, he surfaced back into consciousness with a throbbing erection. Her playful grin told him that she'd noticed.

Within a few weeks, they were texting each other all day and meeting each other every afternoon at his apartment for more 'practice' in hypnosis. The practice usually ended up much like Braeden's current situation--his blank eyes gazing up into hers, eyelids gradually getting impossibly heavy from the strain of staring at an angle until he couldn't keep them open any longer. He was a good foot and a half taller than Linda, but from his knees she was always taller than him. And before long he wound up flat on his back anyway.

A sense of deja vu overwhelmed him as Linda gently rocked his body from side to side, the motion leaving him ragdoll limp until she was able to easily guide him all the way to the floor and roll him into a supine position with his fluttering eyelids staring up at the ceiling and her body straddling his. "That's it, cutie pie," she cooed, one hand unbuttoning his shirt while the other explored the warm flesh beneath it. "Deeper and deeper for your Queen now. Deeper and deeper into relaxation, my drowsy darling."

The terms of endearment felt so warm and loving, even as they stripped him of his name and his sense of agency and deepened Braeden's feeling of helplessness. They'd had a lot of negotiations about exactly what to call him when they were scening together, and what he was willing to call her; so much of the common vocabulary of the D/s community carried an unpleasant charge that snapped him out of trance with an unhappy jolt. But thankfully Linda understood immediately, and adjusted her hypnotic patter to avoid words like 'boy' or 'slave' or 'Mistress' that made him uncomfortable. That kind of thoughtful respect was part of what made it so easy to submit to her.

There were... other reasons, too. Linda leaned down to suck at his nipples, first one and then the other, gathering the deep brown buds into tight, stiff, tingling protrusions of flesh. "Emptying that drowsy mind," she whispered between kisses, a smile in her voice as she teased him to greater heights of mesmerized arousal. "Smoothing away all those thoughts so you can relax and give in and let go of everything but pleasure." Braeden's only response was a strained, whimpering growl of desire. He couldn't think in words anymore, only sensations.

The frustrating commute was long forgotten now, blown out of his head like dandelion seeds by the overwhelming pleasure of sinking into his Queen's majestic presence. She liked to take advantage of the permission he'd given her to surprise him with trances on days just like this, picking up on the stress and tension in his lunchtime texts that he couldn't disguise no matter how hard he tried and dropping him fast and hard into hypnotic bliss to wash away the irritations of a long and obnoxious day at the office. All he could think of at the moment was the way she undid his silk tie and trailed it up and down his bare skin, making his helpless body shudder with arousal. "That's my good little honeydew," she purred, giggling with excitement at his quaking form.

The 'honeydew' lists started a couple of years after they started dating, a few months after they moved in together and long after they'd formalized their relationship as dominant and submissive. Linda never made them very long--she understood that his rising status at the bank often involved draining responsibilities and a workplace that didn't always respond well to an African-American man in a position of authority. But even if the list was as simple as 'Rub my feet and tell me how much you love me', it always gave Braeden a tangible rush of what he could only describe as pure devotion. The little acts of service were their love language. No wonder she started using it as a nickname, too.

Not the only one, though. "Deeper for me, pretty eyes," Linda cooed, leaning back until her buttocks gently rubbed against his straining cock through his clothing. Braeden could feel his erection tenting his boxers, desperate to be released from the constricting fabric, but his limbs felt far too heavy to move on his own. He was completely helpless, passive and docile and unable to do anything but wait for his loving wife to take mercy on his paralyzed body. "Deeper and deeper down, captivated by my voice until that soft, sleepy mind slips away for me."

That was all it took. Braeden's eyes, already only notionally open, sank shut in a wave of drowsiness that left his muscles even more limp and languid than before. Linda reached over and lifted his arm a few fractions of an inch, then let it fall from her hand to thump heavily into the soft carpeting. His mind drifted loosely and lazily back to their shopping trips to home improvement stores right after they bought the house together, Linda sinking her fingers into the thickest shag she could find with an angelic look on her face as she pretended she wasn't looking for something soft enough to let them fuck on the living room floor. The happy memory made him smile even through the sleepy paralysis that overcame his body. He'd have to tell her about it later, though. Explaining it now felt too much like work.

Thankfully, Linda had taken all the work out of this encounter. She slid his shirt over his shoulders and down his arms, she slid down his body so that she could unbuckle his belt and undo his fly to release his erection from the tight confinement of his underwear. "Someone's so excited, aren't they?" she husked out, her fingers stroking gently up and down the length of his shaft as if she was displaying a work of art to a crowd of admiring academics. "That pretty cock is so eager for my pussy, isn't it, sweetie pie?" Braeden was too deep to answer in anything more than a strained, hoarse whimper. But the dribble of precum that trickled out of the slit at the tip of his penis said more than words ever could.

Linda leaned down and flicked away a bead of the slick liquid with her tongue, smiling devilishly as Braeden responded with a full-body shiver despite his utter inability to voluntarily move his limbs. "That's my good little darling," she growled, her hypnotic tones giving way to sensual lust. "That's my sweet, submissive plaything." She wrapped his tie around his shaft and jacked up and down, leaving stains that made Braeden very glad that one of their old friends from the munches ran a dry cleaning business that didn't ask questions. The sensation of silk against skin made his mind reel with pleasure.

She teased him for a small eternity like that, giggling in excitement as his moans and whimpers went up almost a full octave over the course of her silk-wrapped handjob. Braeden wanted to come so badly that his balls ached with the force of it, but he'd long ago consented to control of his orgasms. And Linda's hypnotic gifts, honed over years of practicing on her submissive lover, left no room for even an accidental violation of that rule. He wasn't going to release his pleasure until his Queen was good and ready... and she had some needs of her own to take care of before she let him spend. That was just one more wonderful way he served her.

And Linda's needs meant that no matter how long the sensual torture of her stroking touch lasted in subjective time, she always got too excited to tease him for more than a few minutes. Braeden heard the rustle of fabric and felt her body raise up off of him for a moment, and he knew that she was stripping out of her sundress and delicate, lacy panties. He knew what always came next, and his cock throbbed in anticipation of the pleasures that awaited after just one last forever of waiting.

"G-good, oh, good pet," she gasped, settling onto his cock in a single swift motion. "That's right, you're so hard for me, sweetie, you're so hard and ready to fuck." Braeden didn't fuck her at all, in fact; he was so deeply hypnotized that even the action of thrusting his hips up into her slick, dripping cunt was too much like effort. Linda didn't mind, though. Her excited bouncing was more than enough motion for both of them. She reached down and grabbed his wrists, bringing his hands up to caress her small, pert breasts. Once they touched, a suggestion that slept in his mind magnetized them into position.

"That's it, baby, that's it, fuck me nice and deep, give me--ohhhh, give me that cock, darling, give all that pleasure to me...." The hypnotic patter slowly dissolved into babble, filling up with longer and longer stretches of silence broken only by the smack of her flesh against his. Braeden's thumbs moved automatically, flicking over Linda's nipples without any conscious intent on her part until her voice became first a whimper, then a wail of ecstasy. He wasn't aware he was doing it. He was only aware of his throbbing, aching shaft as the pleasure plateaued into radiant joy. He couldn't come, but in a very real sense he was beyond orgasm now.

Time slowed almost to a halt, the sheer bliss settling onto his hypnotized mind in vast drifts until he was utterly submerged into it. He felt himself disassociating, becoming nothing more than a passenger in his own body as Linda used him as her personal sex toy. "Oh, oh fuck, you're right on my clit!" she sobbed, sounding more than a little overwhelmed herself by the ecstasy she was experiencing. He felt her cunt clench around him once, twice, then a third time. He had no idea how far apart her climaxes were. All he knew was that he was pleasing his Queen and it was absolutely perfect.

Eventually, though, she was sated. "Oh, such a darling sweetheart!" she gasped, pulling off of him and wrapping her hand around his aching shaft. "Come for me, pretty eyes," she purred, the words punctuated by a single tug on his cock, and Braeden felt a jet of semen spurt high in the air before splashing against his neck and the underside of his chin. The subsequent bursts splattered all over his chest before finally subsiding into a trickle that coated his pubic hair. And then he lay there, exhausted, his shaft slowly softening like the rest of him.

But only for a little while. "That's my cutie pie," Linda murmured gently, slipping off Braeden's tight shoes and pulling his trousers off completely. "Let's get you into the shower and get you all cleaned up, okay?" She guided him back up to his feet, and he sleepwalked behind her to the bathroom with the familiarity of someone who knew his house so well he could go through it with his eyes closed. He knew exactly what Linda would do to him once they were under the warm spray, and his drowsy, obedient mind couldn't wait to enjoy it. It was Friday, after all, and they had all day tomorrow to recover from the workout she was going to put him through tonight.


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