Feign Amnesia

by Jukebox

Tags: #dom:male #f/f #f/m #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #brainwash #brainwashed #brainwashing #foursomes #group_sex #harem #hypnotized #memory_play #multiple_partners

Quisha realizes that her personal trainer is hypnotizing her and her friends, and has to play along to avoid getting caught.

There's a moment, just before the world slips sideways on me, where everything almost seems normal. Raymond chirrups, "Welcome back, ladies," coming out of his stretch to straighten up and give the three of us a bright, beaming smile like he always does. "I hope you've all been doing your home exercises during the week, because it's going to be a rough couple of hours if you haven't been keeping fit and limber for me, right?" He chuckles, and we all laugh right along with him. We're used to getting an intense workout in with Raymond, even if it is usually one on one instead of in a group, and the friendly banter is just one more way the handsome young personal trainer puts us at our ease.

Then he snaps his fingers and says, "And drop for me," and the two women on either side of me slump their shoulders in instant relaxation. On the left, I see Kiri's head fall forward onto her chest in a lazy nod, and on the right, I see Vanessa doing the exact same thing at the exact same time. I have just enough presence of mind to realize in the split-second I have to react that I can't let Raymond see that I'm not affected the way the others are, and instead of blurting out an exclamation of surprise, I copy their drooping, limp posture.

I stand there, swaying just like the other women, praying that any hesitation I had was too brief for Raymond to notice. He doesn't act like he saw anything out of the ordinary. He purrs out, "That's my drowsy girls, that's my obedient good girls," as though he's very used to us suddenly falling asleep on our feet like this. He comes closer, stroking his ruddy pink fingers gently down the tawny brown skin of Kiri's cheeks, and I can see out of the corner of my half-closed eyes that she lets out a tiny shudder before relaxing even more.

Knowing what's expected of me makes it easier to pretend when he does the same thing to me. "That's right, Quisha," he murmurs softly, and I feel his fingers skimming along my umber skin like the brush of a butterfly's wing. I give the same little shiver Kiri gave, and try as hard as I can to make my arms hang even looser at my sides. Inside, though, my mind is racing. It's not hard to figure out what Raymond thinks he's done to us; the pose the other two are standing in is familiar from dozens of old movies and TV shows. He's hypnotized them. He's hypnotized them and they're both in a deep trance.

Obviously I can't let him know that it hasn't affected me, I realize. He thinks I'm hypnotized right now--maybe he got confused about who he'd already pulled this stunt on before, lumped me in with two of his existing victims--but if he figures out that I'm still awake, then he's going to devote his full attention to putting me under just like Kiri and Vanessa. And I know I'm strong-willed, but I'm not sure what would happen if he got a chance to really go to work on my brain without any interruptions. Kiri and Vanessa are both smart, self-possessed women with successful businesses and families, but he got to them. I can't let him get to me.

So when he finishes up with Vanessa and says, "You want to take off your clothes for me now, don't you, pretty girls?" I know that I can't let myself hesitate. I have to struggle my way out of my leggings, wriggling them down over my full hips and wide, rounded ass, and try not to think about what it means when I notice Raymond's hazel eyes staring at my body with hungry anticipation. I just have to pretend I'm hypnotized like the others, make myself look and sound just like a mindless, passive drone with nothing but obedience in her empty head. I have to act the part perfectly, or I'll wind up living it. If that means that Raymond gets a good look at my full, heavy breasts as they slide against the fabric of my tank top and plop down against my chest, then that's what it means. It's better than being turned into another one of his helpless, submissive pets.

I straighten up and stand at attention right alongside the others, and my voice even manages to sound like a lifeless monotone as I chant, "We obey, Master," just like Kiri and Vanessa. For a moment, I'm worried I'll stumble or stammer or say the wrong thing and give myself away, but it's not exactly hard to imagine what a twisted pervert like Raymond would have his obedient playthings say. He wants us to show our devotion, right? I can see it written on his face, watch it bulging bigger and harder between his legs under the thin fabric of his yoga pants with every second. He's getting off on the power he thinks he has over me. Naturally he'd want us to call him 'Master'.

"That's my good girls," he coos again, and I can smell the thick, heady scent of pussy beginning to fill the air. Shit--they're actually turned on by this, aren't they? Whatever he did to them with his hypnosis, it makes them horny whenever he gives them commands... and that means if I'm not aroused when he inspects my cunt (and I don't doubt for a second that he will) then he'll know that I'm not under his control. And I suspect I already know what that means. I reach between my legs, probing my fingers between my labia in a desperate attempt to stimulate my own clit, and thankfully the other two women do the same.

Raymond begins to undress, his cock springing up long and flushed and dripping with precum from his leggings as he pulls them off. "You don't remember being hypnotized, do you, girls?" he asks, pulling his shirt up and over his head to reveal a hairy, well-muscled chest. Under any other circumstances, I would have enjoyed the hell out of seeing all that beefcake--I know Kiri and Vanessa are married, but I like to keep things casual, and Raymond is a very handsome man. But the last thing I want to think about right now is how good-looking he is. Not when I know he can't be trusted.

That doesn't stop me from saying what I know he wants me to hear. "No, Master," I say in unison with Kiri and Vanessa, working my fingers into my pussy and rubbing my clit as I speak. It hits me that they probably have no idea that they've got a trigger in their brains that turns them into Raymond's obedient little puppets--hell, when they walk out of here, they probably won't remember anything that happened during our 'workout'. I'm going to have to fake that, too. If I give Raymond the slightest hint that I know what he's doing when he's alone with his clients, he might realize that he hasn't gotten around to brainwashing me yet. A slip of the tongue, a funny look, even a pause at the right time might give me away.

And he's smart, I can tell. Smart and skilled and commanding--just seeing the way that Kiri and Vanessa drop to their knees when he gestures to them and says, "And down," tells me that. I've seen Kiri at meetings, cowing senior executives who think that she's stupid just because she still has an accent with a single glance. I've watched Vanessa take people who think she's a trophy wife and break them on the shoals of her unyielding determination. But they're kneeling for him with blank, vacant smiles on their drowsy faces, an expression and a pose I have to match perfectly if I don't want to wind up hypnotized just like they are. I have to be convincing. I have to be absolutely convincing if I don't want Raymond to recognize my obedience is just an act.

Thankfully, it's not really all that hard. Being a hypnotized fucktoy doesn't take a lot of brainpower--that's the whole point, right? Once I get myself into the mindset of asking, 'What would a compliant drone do?', I can easily guess that Kiri and Vanessa are going to chant, "We obey, Master," once they're down on their knees with their legs spread wide and their fingers working away at their slick cunts. And I can say it at the exact same time. All I need to do is think like a brainwashed puppet, and I'll be able to act like a brainwashed puppet.

I'm still worried about the amnesia, though. I don't know how I'm going to fake that. Opening my mouth wide so that I can enthusiastically go down on his cock the second he pulls it out of Kiri's mouth? That's easy. That's just a matter of turning off the part of my brain that actually thinks about all this, distracting myself from what I'm really doing and letting my head bob up and down his shaft on autopilot. I could do that in my sleep. But flawlessly pretending to forget everything that's happening? I'm not sure I can do it.

That worry, it's... it's getting to me. I keep coming back to it, going over it again and again in my mind like a canker sore as I pretend to obey Raymond's commands. I don't really think about giving Kiri and Vanessa my big tits to suck on while Raymond slowly strokes his cock and tells us how good it feels to be blank and obedient, because I'm too busy wondering how I can possibly feign amnesia so believably that it fools a master manipulator. I don't think about lying back and spreading my legs so that Vanessa can lick my soaking pussy while Kiri sits on my face, because my mind is occupied in all sorts of other ways. He's going to catch me, I know it. He's going to realize that I remember, and then....

I can see it in my mind's eye. I'll be at the gym, doing another of my one-on-one personal training sessions--I can't cancel, not without Raymond suspecting something. I'm sure he's brainwashed all his other victims into coming back to him again and again, inventing pretexts to keep seeing him every week so he can reinforce their programming. And he'll keep giving me instructions, telling me to stretch and lift and strain and turn and bounce and wearing me out until my brain is all dull and dizzy and I can't think anymore, and all the while I'll get more and more used to listening to his voice and obeying. Until I'm too exhausted and worn out to resist. That's when he'll close the trap.

I wonder if I'll even realize it when he captures my mind. I wonder if I'll know that I'm his obedient plaything, or whether his hypnosis will capture my will so completely that everything I do seems completely and totally normal. Maybe Kiri and Vanessa don't know they're hypnotized right now. Maybe their waking minds have invented some sort of fantasy that makes them think this is all their own idea. Maybe they even think they're resisting. They don't know that I'm the only one of us with any free will left... and that's when it hits me. That's when I realize what I have to do.

It's not going to be enough to make Raymond think I'm brainwashed and obedient. That works if I'm just lying back and letting Vanessa spread my pussy lips so he can shove his long, thick cock into my wet cunt and fuck me while I moan into Kiri's slick flesh; I know there's no way he thinks I've got any kind of free will right now. But if I want to convince him that I'm really his hypnotized fucktoy, I'm going to have to trick myself into thinking it too. I'm going to have to keep telling myself that I'm hypnotized and brainwashed, repeating the lie over and over inside my head until it becomes at least a kind of truth for me. The best liars believe their own lies, right?

'I'm a mindless, hypnotized fucktoy,' I tell myself, 'and I only remember what Raymond wants me to remember.' The cock between my legs falls into a rhythm of hard, driving sex, and the repetition in my head falls into that same pounding rhythm. 'I'm a mindless hypnotized fucktoy and I only remember what Raymond wants me to remember. I'm a mindless hypnotized fucktoy and I only remember what Raymond wants me to remember. I'm a mindless hypnotized fucktoy and I only remember what Raymond wants me to remember.'

It's not until Kiri stands up and Vanessa takes her place against my mouth that I realize I'm mumbling the words into their warm, slick flesh. Raymond doesn't seem to realize that he's caught me out, though. He keeps pounding my pussy hard and fast, grunting with the effort of giving me the fucking he's certain I deserve, and I don't think he's aware that I'm just trying to get my story straight for the next time we talk. Maybe that means I can fool him after all.

I continue repeating the words, the other women joining in along with me in perfect unison as Raymond's big thick cock gives me a climax that practically takes the top of my head off. "I, I'm a mindless... hypnotized f-fucktoy and I, I only remember what Raymond wants me to remember," we chant, struggling to keep pace even as my tongue makes Vanessa gush all over my face and Kiri motorboats the Caucasian woman's tits. It's hard to keep the words straight, but I know it's the only way to keep from being captured and hypnotized. It's the only way to keep my mind free. I have to believe that I'm mindless and obedient, or otherwise I will be.

"H-huhhh... h-huhhhh..." Vanessa moans, unable to form a coherent sentence anymore. She's cumming hard now, shuddering and gasping and grunting like a mindless animal. But I know what she's trying to say, and it all makes sense to me. Everything makes sense now...and I know I'll have no trouble pretending to forget so perfectly that even I believe it.


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