Faraway Look

by Jukebox

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/m #hypnosis #masturbation #pov:top #gentle_femdom #hypnotized #sub:male

Darlene sees that Sam has that distant look in his eyes again. She decides to do something about it.

"Beloved, would you mind just--" Darlene's voice trailed off into silence as she glanced over to where her husband was sitting and saw the distracted, vacant look in his eyes again. She knew there wasn't much point in finishing her sentence, not without first giving him a shake or a shout or possibly a shot from the foam dart gun she kept for that exact purpose. Sam was off in his own little world again, so lost in thought that he didn't even hear her speaking. His lips were slightly parted, his face expressionless and blank as he stared sightlessly off into the middle distance. Darlene might as well have been in another room for all that he noticed her. Or planet, for that matter.

She thought about getting up and getting the remote control herself, but something about the adorable spaced-out look in Sam's gray-blue eyes made Darlene decide not to turn on the television just yet. She didn't want to snap him out of his hyperfocused state too early; he might lose his train of thought, and she liked the places his mind went to when he wandered like this. It was sometimes creative, sometimes whimsical, sometimes downright absurd--she still remembered the time he mumbled sheepishly that he was trying to come up with Mythbusters-themed lyrics to Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible". (Even now, when it came on the radio she couldn't stop herself from singing, "I used to believe the myth, but now I find it... rigorously testable!")

Instead, Darlene leaned over the arm of the couch and watched her husband with quiet adoration, marveling at his cute, quirky brain. There was always something so amazing about the way he chased down the implications of even the tiniest little observation, following his own thoughts down the rabbit hole and into the wonderland inside his head. She didn't let on just how often she sat next to him and smiled softly while she stared at his cute, vacant eyes and felt her heart swell with pride at owning such an incredible mind.

Which was, of course, the other reason Darlene wasn't quite so eager to snap Sam out of his reverie just yet. There was something so deliciously vulnerable about the way he looked right now, utterly oblivious to his surroundings and unable to consciously process any of the information his senses were taking in. It reminded Darlene of nothing so much as the way he looked when she hypnotized him. He had that same total focus, that same disassociation from reality... but when she took his willing, open, delightfully obedient mind, that concentration was collared and leashed to her control. And she loved every second of it.

So did Sam. Which was why Darlene didn't feel the slightest bit guilty about pitching her voice in a low, soft, sultry tone that didn't risk breaking her husband's concentration and saying, "Your deep self is listening to every word I say now. Your waking mind can stay nice and focused, letting everything else flow past it without even noticing, but your unconscious mind is tuning into my words and giving me a tiny little nod to show that it's paying attention. Just like the good boy I know you are."

Darlene felt a shiver of arousal run down her spine as she watched Sam's head move in a slow, lazy, almost imperceptible nod. There was something so impossibly sexy about having that kind of control over another person; no matter how simple or subtle the action, she always got a deep sexual thrill out of knowing that it was her command, her will that made it happen. It didn't matter that Sam was the kind of loving husband who would happily climb out of bed at three in the morning to run to the grocery store and get her ice cream--he wasn't nodding because he loved her, he was nodding because he was compelled to obey. Hypnosis made the tiniest acts feel so much more potently erotic.

She couldn't help craving more. "That's my obedient good boy," she cooed, reveling in the sleepy smile that quirked at the corners of his mouth. "Sinking deeper and deeper for me now, letting yourself chase those thoughts down... and down... and down into the center of your mind and finding that they naturally lead you into that warm, soft place inside your head that you know so well. That place where you find yourself relaxing into drowsy, docile surrender to me."

She watched Sam's brow furrow for just a moment, as he began to realize that whatever he was thinking about shouldn't lead quite so easily and effortlessly to thoughts of sinking into his chair and letting his mind fade into warm, blank submission to his hypnotic Goddess... but he was too well-trained to struggle for long, and he loved going into trance too much to truly want to resist. He let out a slow, sleepy sigh and the vacancy in his eyes took on a different cast. Darlene knew she had him now.

"That's it, good boy," she purred sensuously, reaching out to lightly stroke his arm where it lay limp and lazy on the arm of the chair. "Feeling that drowsiness, that emptiness take hold of you, just losing track of everything but the sound of my voice and the sensation of my fingers as they draw you deeper and deeper down, now. Deeper and deeper into peace and pleasure as you relax that sleepy mind into my will and my unbreakable control. You love being hypnotized like this, don't you, pet?"

Another tiny, lazy nod. Sam's head wobbled slightly on his shoulders after his response, as though he was too relaxed to properly find the balance that his waking mind didn't even need to think about. Darlene knew that she could just reach out and lightly tap his forehead, and he'd slump back into mindless bliss for her... but she wasn't quite ready for that yet. Not with that distant, confused look in his beautifully empty eyes turning her on like this.

Instead, she lifted his arm an inch or so off of the cushioned surface of the chair, then let it fall again. "And down," she growled, unable to entirely hide the arousal in her voice. "Ten times deeper now, feeling that mind empty out as you sink into my will and let my words stroke your mind into submission. Your mind is getting so soft now, isn't it, pet? Soft and slick and wet for Goddess." The words were a trigger, reminding Sam of the warmth between Darlene's soft, pale thighs and steering his drowsy mind into a state of powerful erotic bliss.

It was enough to stir him to speech. "...soft and... slick, and wet...." he murmured, the response automatic and familiar to his relaxed, deeply hypnotized brain. Darlene often enjoyed having him repeat her favorite mantras back to her, both to help train his brain to remember him and because there were very few things more sexy than hearing a sleepy, brainwashed slave chant mantras of obedience and surrender. She wasn't at all surprised to find out that it had become instinctual to him by now.

His eyelids fluttered at the sound of his own voice--that was another one of her little additions to his brain over the years, a suggestion that every time he heard himself speak while in trance, his own deeply hypnotized tones would relax him further. His head was swaying like a metronome now, and Darlene knew that his blank, drowsy brain was struggling like a browser with too many tabs open. "That's it," she cooed, pouncing on his vulnerability like a kitten with a brand new catnip mouse. "And the softer your mind gets, the harder your cock becomes. You can feel it pulsing and throbbing for me now, can't you?"

Sam began to slowly, sleepily writhe in his chair, his hips rolling ever so gently as the bulge in his pants became noticeable even from a few feet away. Darlene slid her hand into the waistband of her skirt and began to gently tease herself, the sight of his arousal doing warm and wonderful things to her slick, throbbing clit. "...uh huh," Sam whimpered, his fingers twitching as his desire to stroke himself warred with the deep lassitude that kept him pinned in place.

"Good boy," Darlene husked out, her voice becoming ever so slightly unsteady as her fingers rubbed away between her legs. There was always something so intense about the voyeuristic thrill she got out of watching her hypnotized slave squirm and stroke and moan out his pleasure for her; she really didn't even need much stimulation to come when she drank in the sight of Sam's body shaking and quivering with desire. And Sam had been very well trained to enjoy stroking himself for his Goddess. "You may."

Without even needing to ask what he was allowed to do, Sam reached down and undid his fly, pulling his cock out of his pants with fumbling, hesitant fingers and wrapping his hand around his shaft with a low, whimpering moan of pure bliss. Even from a few feet away, Darlene could see the dribbles of precum trickling out from the tip with every tug, lubricating him until his palm slid easily along the firm, throbbing flesh. "...thank you, Goddess," he sighed, his eyelids now barely even a quarter of the way open and seeing absolutely nothing but warm, red pleasure.

"Th-that's my good boy," Darlene gasped, her words coming out strangled and shivery as the pleasure began to hit her hard. Another day, perhaps, she might have decided to drag him over to the couch and straddle his cock with her hips and fuck him until they both came. But even as she hypnotized him into deep, drowsy lassitude, the sense of rapport that Darlene felt made the thought of moving her fingers away from her clit seem too much like work. All she wanted to do now was keep playing with herself and programming her sweet submissive pet. "Too hard to think now. Too hard to think."

Sam let out a choked grunt of pleasure, the double meaning acting as a trigger that drove him to new heights of arousal. "T-too hard, I... hard...." His head sank back onto the headrest at last, unable to hold it upright any longer, and she watched as his eyes rolled back under his fluttering eyelids until only the whites showed. It was always her favorite thing about hypnotizing him. Seeing him lost in that deep, powerful exhaustion that claimed his mind, watching him struggle to keep his eyes open even though he no longer remembered why, knowing that the distant and helpless look on his face meant he was seeing nothing but her while he stroked himself... it never took Darlene long after that.

"G-good boy!" she whimpered, and her own eyes rolled back in her head hard as the pleasure took her.

She heard Sam moan in sympathetic ecstasy, his deep self instinctively responding to her climax with a starburst of perfect pleasure that unfolded in his head effortlessly and automatically. Sometimes Darlene would make him beg for her to come, teasing herself until the suggestions in his head drove him to a whimpering state of mindless arousal simply by experiencing her sensations in hypnotic synchronicity. She knew he was going deeper into his own head, losing himself in bliss, and she knew it wouldn't be long before his own control was held by the most tenuous of threads.

Sure enough, within moments, Darlene heard him gasping out, "Please, Goddess, please may pet come, please pet come, please, please, please...." She refocused her wobbly gaze on Sam to see his whole body shaking, hand now just a blur on his shaft as he struggled to hold back his orgasm in the face of the relentless, inescapable stimulation that her hypnotic control compelled him to continue. She knew he was impossibly close, balanced on the razor's edge of release, with only her suggestions denying him the climax he craved.

She also knew he knew how much she loved to hear him beg. "You may," she growled, her fingers finding her clit again as she watched him spurt and gush jets of pearly fluid all over himself. She gasped in ecstasy all over again as the sight of it made her come a second time.

When she was finished, Darlene helped Sam get undressed, and took the messy clothes down to the laundry room to be washed. Then she took him to the bedroom, guiding him by the hand in a somnambulistic trance that only deepened his drowsy and submissive state. Darlene wasn't quite finished with her good boy just yet, not when she had a whole lazy afternoon to play with his mind and his body. And when he returned back from that impossibly distant place inside his head, maybe she'd let him remember what he was originally thinking about.

Or maybe she'd just let it capture him again later. After all, there was nothing like a good excuse to let her pet drift away for a while.


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