Fall Into Me

by Jukebox

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/m #hypnosis #pov:top #sub:male #erotic_breastfeeding #handjob #hypnotized

Nina helps her husband Louis at the end of a hard day with a little hypnotic relaxation.

Louis stumbled out of the tiny curtained alcove that passed for his office, rubbing sleep out of his bleary, bloodshot brown eyes with one hand. "How'd it go?" Nina asked sympathetically, even though she could tell already that this was one of those days where her husband had to claw for every word and every sentence. She wished she could just tell him to take a day off, but he'd staked most of their savings and more than a little money they'd have to find a way to pay back on getting this degree. It was crunch time, his senior thesis was due in less than a month, and days off just didn't happen.

He only gave her a wan, wordless smile in response, and made his way with obvious difficulty over to the couch where he slumped onto the cushions with an exhausted, distant look on his pale, unshaven face. He stared at the television for a long minute, so obviously punchy from hours of studying and writing essays on top of his brutal shift at the factory that he couldn't even process the necessary steps of turning it on. Nina had to take pity on him on a night like this, no matter how tired she might be from her own job. She climbed out of the recliner and went over to join him.

Before Louis could say a word, Nina cupped her tawny fingers around the back of his neck and guided his head to face her. "Fall into me," she whispered, and Louis's eyes rolled back gratefully in his head as he sagged forward against her warm body and collapsed into limp, boneless relaxation.

"That's it, sweetie," she cooed, gently rocking him back and forth while her hand moved up to stroke his soft brown hair. "I know, good boy. I know you're so tired. It's okay. Let it go. Let all that stress, all those worries just float away like a bright pink balloon now, while you fall deeper and deeper into my pretty hazel eyes and forget everything but the sound of my voice." Louis twitched visibly, the sudden absence of tension in his muscles causing them to unwind in spasms of rubber-band energy. She leaned back against the arm of the small sofa, allowing him to sink down into her lap.

They would probably be more comfortable on the bed, but Nina couldn't even think about getting him off the couch until he'd had at least a little bit of trance time to help his brain rest and recharge. Right now he looked like something she'd scrape off the grill at the little diner Nina worked at in the afternoons while Louis studied, and she didn't want to wake him until it was absolutely necessary. "Deeper and deeper for me, honey. Just sink around and down, and around and down into the spiral and leave all those silly thoughts behind you as you go. You don't need them." Her fingers brushed gently at his forehead, massaging away the tension in his brow and leaving his face smooth and untroubled for the first time since he woke up in the morning.

A tiny twinge of guilt nagged at the back of Nina's mind--she knew that her poor lover was ground down by the long days of manual labor and the tough nights of constant mental exertion, and of course she wanted him to finish his degree and find a better job that didn't leave him so exhausted all the time... but she still couldn't help finding him more adorable than ever when he looked so sleepy and vulnerable like this. There was something so sexy about the way he nodded absently along with the sound of her voice, the way he went limp and helpless and gave himself so completely over to her control that Nina couldn't help thinking of all the ways that he responded to her hypnotic skills during the better times when they weren't both so constantly drained.

A tiny sliver of that old energy game back to her, and she undid a few buttons on her blouse while she continued to murmur, "Blank and empty and relaxed, pet. Blank and empty and relaxed." Within moments, Nina had freed her full, heavy tits from the tight and uncomfortable confines of her clothing. She leaned forward a bit, allowing her dark brown nipple to brush against Louis's lightly parted lips. Wtih a sigh of helpless pleasure, he latched on and began to suckle.

"Good boy," Nina murmured softly, her eyelids fluttering in pleasure at the hot, tingling bolts of ecstasy that shot up through her sensitive nipples directly into her brain. It had been a good few months since she and Louis had really gotten a chance to enjoy each other like this--if he wasn't too tired, she was picking up an extra shift at the diner and if she had the energy for sex, he had another three essays due that week. Not to mention all the days when they barely even saw each other at all. Nina was almost startled to find out how much pent-up sexual energy she had accumulated. Her pussy grew slick almost within seconds.

And it looked like Louis had been building up a head of steam, too. Nina reached down and caressed the bulge in his jeans, smiling at the way his lips suddenly sucked with desperate intensity at her stiff, tight nipple. "That's my horny pet," she whispered softly, stroking and teasing him through the denim fabric until he was openly whimpering and squirming on the couch. "That's my needy little fucktoy, isn't that right?" He couldn't answer. But that was exactly what made asking him questions when his mouth was full of her tit so much fun.

"Of course it is," she answered for him, knowing that Louis could only accept her soft, silvered voice in her ears as an unshakeable truth. It had been like that for years, ever since she first told him about all the hypnosis books she'd been checking out of all the library and all the ways it made her wet just thinking about melting his mind into warm, sleepy obedience for her. And Louis, well... he thought the sun rose and set on her already, had ever since high school. The stories they read about BDSM online just gave his devotion to her a name, and hypnosis just gave it a structure. He soon learned how to go deep and compliant for Nina.

She tugged at his belt buckle, then undid the snap and pulled down the zipper to open up his fly to her attentions. Louis's old cotton boxer shorts had been washed so many times they felt like silk under Nina's caresses, and she could feel a patch of slick wetness where the tip of his aching cock was leaking precum into the soft fabric. Slowly, with the graceless motions of a sleepwalker, he pulled his pants down and kicked them off onto the floor. "Good boy," she whispered. "Good, good boy."

Nina shifted position to give him her other nipple to suck, then slid her hand into the waistband of his boxers to tease his balls lightly with her fingernails. "You're so well trained, my pretty pet," she purred, the rhythm of her hypnotic patter almost instinctive by now. "You're so docile and tame. All you needed was permission to fall into my mesmerizing eyes and your deep, submissive self knew exactly what to do, isn't that right?" Louis's only answer was a moan around her plush breast. But it was a moan that told Nina everything she wanted to hear.

Her earlier exhaustion was gone now, replaced with a languid energy that made time seem to slow to a sleepy crawl while she teased and stroked her husband's tight, heavy balls. He was nakedly moaning now, his cock twitching and pulsing until the shaft was slick with precum everywhere Nina's hand brushed against it, and she was grateful her nipple acted as an impromptu gag--this late at night, they were bound to wake the neighbors if she let them hear just how turned on Louis was right now. She smiled, the erotic power of her lover's submission filling her with an emotional rush stronger than even the bitter black coffee they served at the diner.

"Does my good boy like this?" Nina purred, allowing her hand to rub more and more against his sensitive shaft as she played with Louis's balls. "Does it make his sleepy mind all soft and blank and empty to feel this good for me, mmm?" He sucked all the harder at her teat in response, practically pulling a whole mouthful of her breast past his warm lips in his desperation to sink deeper and deeper into the erotic world of pleasure she created for him. Part of her wanted to tease him like this forever, to relish his squirms and whimpers and revel in the absolute power she held over his mind and body when he was like this. He looked so beautiful under her control. So sweet and submissive and totally hers.

But she knew that even on a Friday night, there was no chance to stay up late and enjoy one another's company without a care for the next morning. Louis went in on Saturdays to pick up some extra hours to make up for the time he spent going to classes, and Nina had a morning shift waiting for her at the diner. As pleasant as this stolen interlude was, it couldn't last. They both needed to get to bed soon, and Louis certainly wasn't in any position to make sensible decisions about anything. She doubted he even knew what time meant right now.

So she took his slick, throbbing shaft into her hand and began to jack him off inside his boxers, pumping his cock fast and hard with just enough pressure to keep his foggy mind entirely focused on the growing bliss between his legs. "That pretty mind is mine, good boy," she said in tones of pure, undiluted command. "That needy, horny body is mine. I decide when you think. I decide what you feel. I decide when you come. Isn't that right, my sweet little fucktoy? I decide when you come for your Goddess. You can't resist. You can't fight the pleasure. You can't even think right now."

Nina could feel his breath quickening, the seal around her nipple tightening and loosening as Louis panted in helpless arousal. His hips bucked and strained, exhausted muscles suddenly quivering again with renewed strength in his urgency to release his pleasure. Only her power held him back, she knew. The only thing stronger than Louis's desire to empty his heavy balls into his boxers was her complete and utter control over his orgasms. She squeezed her thighs together rhythmically, the rush of dominant energy mingling with the pressure of her labia around her clit to make her eyes roll back in her head with potent sexual arousal.

"D-deeper in my power," she gasped, a part of her silently astonished by how quickly her own languid and timeless arousal gathered into urgent lust. "Deeper in my will, d-deeper for me, pretty slut. Feel me... gathering your pleasure into my, my fingers, feel me... f-feel me pulling it, pulling it closer...." It was getting harder to talk, harder even to think about what to say, and Nina's clit felt like a second heartbeat between her legs. But even when her hypnotic patter began to sound like mere babble, she knew that her husband responded to the aching, helpless desire in her stammering voice. Louis was getting closer to coming because Nina was getting closer to coming, and that made Nina's euphoric delight that much stronger still.

"F-fuck, grabbing it and, and tugging it out of you, guh, gonna make you... oh fuck, make you come for me, good boy, come for Goddess, come for me oh fuck oh fuck oh FUCK!" Nina's eyes crossed, her vision blurred. She squeezed her legs tightly together, every muscle quivering as her orgasm overwhelmed her with slick pulses of red, wet ecstasy. She could feel Louis gushing his own pleasure onto her stroking fingers, spurting all over the inside of his boxer shorts while his mouth pursed tightly around her tingling nipple and intensified her potent climax even more. Nina tried as hard as she could to hold onto the sensation. She never wanted it to end.

But it always did. Nina slumped back against the couch cushions, tugging her nipple free from Louis's mouth with an audible pop. His lips spread into a sleepy smile, mind still blank and confused but warm with the drowsy pleasure of the afterglow. Nina carefully withdrew her hand from his boxers and licked his semen from her fingers. "That's my good, good boy," she murmured, recognizing a little bit of the dazed quality of rapport trance in her own voice. She was every bit as focused on dominating him as he was on being hypnotized, after all. It would be all too easy to simply let exhaustion claim them both right here on the couch.

But sleep didn't pay the bills. Slowly, Nina helped Louis back into a sitting position, then got up and helped him to his feet. She led him into the bedroom like a sleepwalker, then undressed him and guided him between the covers to curl up next to her in slumber. And then, once she made sure that the alarms were set, Nina fell asleep and dreamed of the better days she was sure were coming for them both.


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