Eager to Please

by Jukebox

Tags: #consensual_kink #hypnosis #induction #solo

A hypnotic induction for those who wish to become better service submissives.

"Before we begin, I'd like to describe the goals we're going to be working to achieve with today's session. If these goals don't interest you, or if you don't feel safe and comfortable with them, you can simply make the choice to stop listening and find a different experience to enjoy. You are always in control of your trance state, and any suggestions you hear will only apply if you feel safe and comfortable accepting them.

"The goal of today's trance is to train you to enjoy the experience of providing service to another, and to associate it with pleasure in your mind. This does not necessarily have to be your Dominant, or even a Dominant; the goal is to increase the enjoyment you feel when serving others. There are no specific hypnotic triggers I'm asking you to accept--we're going to teach your mind to recognize situations that are invitations to be of service, and to enjoy those experiences when they occur. This is more flexible and open-ended than a trigger, and may result in you feeling pleasant sensations unexpectedly... although, again, only when it is safe and comfortable for you to do so.

"Although there are points in this session where you may be encouraged to pay less conscious attention to the hypnotist, there are no direct amnesia suggestions incorporated into this session, and no suggestions or triggers that are intended to be forgotten after the session is over. Even so, spontaneous amnesia does happen to some people during hypnosis, so you may find yourself experiencing difficulty recalling details of the trance experience. If you enjoy forgetting your trances, your mind is going to work to make that happen. You have permission to remember or to forget as much of this session as you want--again, within the boundaries of what is safe and comfortable for you.

"This session contains permissive language directing you to disrobe and touch yourself. If you believe you will have difficulty resisting these instructions, please wait until you have some privacy to begin. If you do not feel safe or comfortable following any of the described suggestions or instructions, this would be a good place for you to stop. Otherwise, please get comfortable for me so that we can begin.

"In a sense, though, we've already started, haven't we? I've just laid out goals for you to follow, and you've decided to continue listening and accepting my instructions. On some level, you're already thinking about what I want you to do, and you're interested and engaged in my suggestions. You're paying close attention to my words, allowing your other thoughts to fade gently and easily into the background, so you can learn how to do what I'm telling you. It's very easy for you to open your mind up, because you know that's what I want and you want exactly the same thing.

"And you may be thinking that you wanted to go into trance and follow my suggestions for your own benefit, because the ideas I'm describing sound good and make you happy and give you pleasure... but that's exactly the point, isn't it? When you relax and let your thoughts center on the idea of pleasing others, everything else drifting out of your mind slowly and easily as you pay closer and closer attention to the warm, wonderful concepts I'm describing, you find yourself feeling fulfilled in a quiet, gentle way. There's something in you that responded, on a deep and instinctive level, to the idea of finding enjoyment in the act of service. All we're doing is helping you focus on it.

"And the more you focus on that feeling, the more you relax and allow other thoughts to float away so you can concentrate on my words and my voice, the easier you find it to bring to mind with every slow, lazy breath. You know what it feels like to be happy and contented. You know how you feel when someone does something good for you, that warm and joyous sensation of pleasure and gratification that you experience whenever someone does something kind and generous for no other reason than to make you smile. It's easy and effortless to summon up a memory of a time when that happened to you, to blow it up bigger and brighter in your head with every passing moment.

"And as it becomes more and more real in your mind, you might notice that other things around you fade away and become less important. You might notice that you're thinking fewer and fewer thoughts, pouring your energy into making that one memory vivid and clear and perfectly sharp in your imagination. You might find distractions fading away, as you focus all your attention on creating a mental picture of that feeling you experienced when someone did something just to please you. That's okay. You can simply let that happen and allow everything else to slip out of your head for later. Just let my voice guide you through this memory. Just keep yourself centered on that warm happy moment when you felt overjoyed by the actions of another person.

"It doesn't matter what that moment is. It can be something small and simple, like a friend coming to give you a lift at the end of a long weary day when you needed transportation. It can be a warm, soothing backrub from someone who recognized that you were tired and in need of tender, gentle caresses. It might even be a time when someone made love to you, laying you back and drawing the pleasure out of your body with their fingers and their lips and their tongue because they wanted to see you shake and moan and shudder with helpless delight. It may be a moment you remember, or it may be a fantasy you've imagined. It doesn't matter as long as you can experience the emotions as big and as bright and as clear as possible.

"And when I tell you that you're making me very happy by focusing so deeply and listening so attentively and going into a lazy, relaxed state of hypnosis for me without even trying, you've got that experience right there in the very center of your mind with nothing to distract you from it. When I point out that you're following my instructions and it pleases me so much, you can easily and effortlessly connect that bright, blissful state of contented fulfillment back to my words and understand exactly what I must be feeling when you please me like this.

"It's almost like there's a bright silver cord linking those two things in your imagination, the pleasure of being served and the experience of pleasing others. Every time you realize that you're making someone happy with your words, your actions, your service in ways large and small, you can automatically follow that shining silver tracery through your mind back down to the warm, wonderful joy you felt when someone made you happy. It gets easier and easier every single time. The recognition always leads back to the pleasure. The pleasure gets bigger, brighter, more powerful. The path becomes comfortable and familiar to your unconscious mind.

"And because your unconscious mind is always working to keep you safe and happy, it's always going to make sure that you only follow that pathway when you're pleasing someone who appreciates and values your service. Your deep self will always remind you that it's okay to draw boundaries around your time and your effort and your energy, and that the reward you receive is never going to be so powerful that it makes you do something that you're not comfortable with just to make someone else happy. But when you do recognize that light in another person's eyes, that warm and delighted expression that tells you that you've brought them true pleasure, the silver cord is always there to guide you right back to the same peaceful, contented gratification. You know just how they feel. And you can experience it right along with them.

"And every time you do, that cord is going to get a little bit shorter, tugging the two concepts together a little bit closer and binding them a little bit tighter until you find that they slowly begin to merge into each other. It doesn't take your deep self long at all. Just a tiny amount of practice every day, helping someone you feel safe and comfortable serving while your unconscious mind reminds you how good you're being by pleasing them, will anchor those two ideas to one another until they flow smoothly and evenly and effortlessly into one another. Even listening to me, hearing the sound of my voice as I remind you how happy you're making me by being such a good hypnotic subject and accepting your suggestions so easily and automatically, will help to cement the two thoughts together. Until service is its own reward. Until service is pleasure.

"And something else that can help, if you feel safe and comfortable doing so right now, is to go ahead and take your clothes off for me. Just go ahead and strip naked--it's okay if you need to find somewhere private first--and as you do, think about how happy I am when you follow my suggestions. Think about how much it pleases me when you obey. Feel that warm, happy pride inside yourself as you automatically follow the silver line inside your head down from that recognition, deeper and deeper down, to the pleasure that you know is waiting for you. That's it. That's right. Just go ahead and enjoy that. It's your reward.

"And if that pleasure feels sexual to you, it's okay to begin to touch yourself wherever it feels best to do so. That arousal, that blissful and electric sensation of sensuous heat, that's also a reward for making me happy, and it's making me happy to know that you're rewarding yourself. You can imagine that looping around and around in your head, that hot, heady euphoria feeding back on itself as you begin to play with your body for me. The more you follow my instructions, the happier you make me and the better you feel. The happier you make me, the more I instruct you to make yourself feel better and better still. It's so easy to sink into that delicious sensation and tighten the bond between obedience and pleasure.

"And of course, obedience is just another word for service, and service is just another word for doing things that please me. If you want to call it obedience, you can. If you like another term that makes it feel safe and comfortable to do things that make others happy--me or someone else who you want to please--then go ahead and describe it that way in your head. This is your service. This is your deep self. You can always give exactly what you are ready to give and no more.

"It feels good to recognize that. It pleases me to remember that. You feel good and happy when you realize that you're pleasing someone. It's easy and effortless to float on that warm, drifting tide of pleasure and let your fingers explore wherever they want, knowing that this is just exactly what I want you to do and you're making me absolutely overjoyed with your service to me and to yourself. The more you practice, the stronger this feeling gets. You can listen to this again and again, each time building that connection, each time knowing that the same blissful feeling can be transferred to anyone your deep self wants to please.

"And if that feeling gets so strong, so overwhelming that you can't stop it from spilling over more and more into sexual pleasure, then that's okay. You're pleasing me then, too. You're making me so happy when you make that sensation more and more powerful, and you have my permission to let it overflow into orgasmic release if that's what you need to lock all these suggestions deep into your hypnotized brain. If you just want to let go and cum for me and know that your climax is exactly what would please me most right now, then go ahead and realize that... now.

"That's it. That's right. Go ahead and let all that pleasure flow through you, let it wash over you and know that you're pleasing me right now and it makes you so happy. It all binds together inside the silver cord, tighter each time until pleasure and obedience become one and the same. You want to make others happy, whenever it feels safe and comfortable to do so, and this climax is just another part of that suggestion. Enjoy it. It's your reward. You've been very good for me. I'm very proud of you. That's it. That's it.

"And now you can begin to come back, your mind and your body recovering from that big wave of pleasure, letting those other thoughts back in to surround the new thought we've put into your head together. You can be proud of your obedience, proud of your ability to be a good subject and please your hypnotist, and wake up refreshed and happy and ready to move on to the next part of your day. Coming back up now with one, waking up more and more, two, getting more of an awareness of the world around you, three, getting used to thinking for yourself again, four, almost up now, and...

"Five. Wake."


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