Dancing in Your Eyes

by Jukebox

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/m #hypnosis #pov:top #sub:male #hypnotized

A fantasy comes true for a hypnotic Domme and her sub when they finally come face to face and she can hypnotize him the way they’ve always wanted.

I don't need a crystal to hypnotize you. We've been playing together for so long now, since the first moment you messaged me to tell me how much you enjoyed my files and I replied back letting you know that you were one of my favorite writers, that all it takes is just the tiniest little hint and you drop like a stone for me. I've hypnotized you by text and over the phone, through video calls and recordings and group chats where you joined in with a chorus of glassy-eyed, submissive pets. I've tranced you with spirals and triggers, with the sound of my voice and the look in my eyes, and I don't need this crystal at all.

But this is our first time together in physical space, and after months of negotiating and anticipation and daydreaming and hypnotically guiding you through the experience we're about to have together... I want this to be special. So as we sit together on edge of the bed, I take out a glittering glass sphere almost the size of a golf ball, perfectly cut so that every single one of the dozens of facets gleams with a million tiny rainbows, and I let it dangle from the shining silver chain entwined between my fingers. And with the lightest motion of my hand, I set it gently swinging from side to side. "Watch the crystal," I say, lowering my voice into the soothing cadence you know so well.

That's really all it takes. From the moment you see the crystal, the moment you hear my soft hypnotic tones, you're already gone. Your gaze locks onto the smooth, steady motion of the glittering prism, and I can see the reflection of the pendant dancing on the surface of your eyes. Your breathing slows down, your shoulders begin to slump into lazy relaxation. If I didn't say another word, you'd sink deeper into trance without me. It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, and it makes me so happy that you decided to trust me with your mind the way you did. I lose myself for a moment just contemplating you.

But only for a moment. "Follow it with your eyes as it swings back and forth," I say gently, my voice coaxing your thoughts into drowsy tranquility. "It's so pretty, isn't it? As soon as you see those beautiful shimmering rainbows, you find that you can't possibly look away. You just want to let everything else fade away into the background so that you can focus on the beautiful sparkling crystal for me." Your pupils are already beginning to widen slightly, an expression of fascinated amazement settling onto your features as the hypnotic charm works its magic on you. I've seen you hypnotized before dozens of times, but never when I could simply reach out and touch you like this. It's all I can do to hold myself back.

I want this to be something special for you, though, the kind of trance experience that you've been fantasizing about ever since you discovered that hypnosis was something real and not just a fantasy from cartoons and late-night movies. "And as you follow the crystal, back and forth, and back... and forth... you'll find that your other thoughts simply drift out of your head, leaving only the image of the pretty pendant in your brain. With every sweep and sway of the sparkling, glittering charm, another thought simply floats away and leaves you calm and peaceful and totally focused on the sound of my voice."

You nod vacantly, perhaps not even realizing that your head is slowly bobbing up and down. Your jaw is already slack, and your stare moves in perfect metronomic regularity in time with the swinging pendant at the end of the chain. It's everything I could possibly hope for, and I squeeze and squirm my thighs together rhythmically in anticipation. I'm so wet right now that I don't even need to reach down into my waistband to feel it. A beautiful woman hypnotizing you might be your fantasy, but it's also very much mine.

"You don't need to think about what I'm saying," I murmur, my voice a gentle purr in your ears. "Just focus on the warm, peaceful feeling that grows deeper and more powerful as you gaze at the crystal and let it capture your thoughts one by one. My words slip past your mind, sliding into your subconscious as the soothing sound lulls you down and down and down into pleasant relaxation, and you don't need to think about it at all." It's a hypnotic technique, but it's also absolutely true. I know your boundaries by heart after months of playing with your adorable brain, and I'm not about to do anything you don't want to. No matter how open you are to my control, you're safe with me.

But being totally safe in my control doesn't mean you're not very much controlled. "And the more your subconscious listens," I say, knowing that your mind is primed from months of conditioning to absorb my words and accept them as an unquestioned truth, "the stronger that feeling of relaxation grows. You can feel it filling your mind in warm, sleepy waves of peace and pleasure, each one sending you a little deeper into the euphoric sensation of trance for me. The waves wash in, saturating you with drowsy bliss. They wash out, taking another thought with it. Every time they return, they fill you more and more with joy and happiness."

Your eyelids are beginning to flutter ever so slightly, a beautiful heaviness suffusing them that makes you look adorably dazed and dreamy for me. Even though I've seen it before, I'll never get tired of the way that your expression slowly transforms from the bright, energetic smile of an intelligent and creative young man into the vacant, foggy stare of a mindlessly obedient toy. I could hypnotize you a thousand times--and I fully hope I'll get the chance--but it's always going to turn me on to watch you prolong your descent into the bottomless depths of trance. Not because you're trying to fight it, but because you love every second of your surrender to my will.

"In and out," I intone, my voice filled with a confident familiarity that I know you recognize. "Deeper and deeper. Each wave filling you with more and more pleasure, stronger and stronger relaxation. Pulling all the thoughts out of your head and replacing them with sleep. The pendant is drawing your mind away, and sweet, sensual bliss is flowing into the void it leaves behind." I watch you squirm just a little, your erection beginning to press at the fabric of your jeans. I lick my lips in anticipation. You don't notice. You're too busy staring at the crystal.

That's getting harder and harder for you to do. I raise my hand another fraction of an inch, moving the pendant up a little more so that you have to look up to see it. Already, your irises only barely protrude below the fluttering line of your eyelids, and every time your head droops a little bit more they roll back a little bit further. Your eyes are closing, slowly and inexorably, sealing you inside your own head with nothing to latch onto but the sound of my hypnotic voice. I love every second of it.

"It's too hard to think now," I say, watching your cock twitch inside your pants at the sound of the word 'hard'. As much as we both think of this as its own kind of first time for us, I can't escape the fact that you've got a lot of my programming in your head already. Your mind automatically links the feelings I give you with trance now, and just as getting turned on for me makes your mind slow and sluggish and susceptible to my control, sinking into hypnosis for me also makes you hard as a rock. It's a feedback loop that drops you into my will easily and effortlessly, and I've used the phrase 'too hard to think' so many times to condition you into accepting it. I couldn't get rid of the association even if I wanted to.

And I don't want to. "Too hard to hold that tired head up," I say, my voice a husky growl of pleasure as I watch your breath escape in a tiny whimper of arousal. "Too hard to keep those heavy eyes open. Too hard to do anything now but listen and obey." Your eyelids are maybe a quarter of the way open now, convincing only you that you're anything but deeply hypnotized already. I could take you any number of a hundred ways now, bring you that last final distance across the threshold into complete obedience with so many of the deepeners I've fantasized about and even performed on you in the past.

You're right here, though. I've dreamed about reaching out and touching you for months. And I'm not about to wait a moment longer. "And sleep," I say, reaching out and giving your forehead a gentle push. You topple over backward onto the mattress, your body flopping out into supine relaxation even before your head hits the pillows. Even though I told you it would happen, even though you enthusiastically agreed to it, the sensation of vertigo still shocks your brain into utter confusion that locks the induction into blissful totality before you can consciously process what's happening to you.

And I don't give you the chance. "Deeper and deeper," I say, sliding closer to you and gently stroking down your arm with the lightest of touches. "Mind blank, body relaxed, lost in the sound of my voice. In your mind, you see only the crystal. It's so beautiful, and you're floating inside it now, seeing every single one of those rainbows at once and drifting deeper into captivated fascination as you give in more and more to my control." In reality, the crystal is sitting on the mattress now, almost totally forgotten. We're past the point where you need a focus. The sparkling facets are dancing in front of your mind wherever you look. There's no escape from them anymore.

Not that you want to escape. Your lips have spread into a broad, sleepy smile, and your hips slowly roll in unthinking arousal as you lie on the hotel bed and surrender to the excitement of the moment. A part of me wants to reach over and pull down the zipper on your jeans, unbuckle the belt and tug that hard cock out of your underwear to play with it like the toy I want it to be... but we discussed that. This first time, your clothes are staying on. The only thing I get to play with is your mind. And because your boundaries, your safety, are so important to me, that's what's going to happen.

Instead, I focus on that beautiful brain. "Feel that pleasure building for me, stronger and stronger as you give in even deeper to the warm and peaceful sound of my voice." I lift up your arm an inch or two, then let it drop. Your breath escapes in a slow, sleepy sigh as the vertiginous effect that captured you earlier echoes once again inside your mind. It acts to strengthen and reinforce the trance, sending you further and further into that soft space inside your head where nothing matters but bliss. I want to give that to you so much. I lift and release your wrist again, gratified by the drowsy moan I get in response.

"More and more pleasure," I whisper, leaning in close and watching your face begin to tense up as the waves of sensual ecstasy begin to get to you. "More and more heat, building and building as everything fades away but the pulsing bliss in your mind. You can't fight it. You can't resist it. It's too strong for you." My own arousal is making a sticky mess between my thighs, and I know I'm going to need to slip away and masturbate as soon as we're done here. But the urgency of my desire is held in check by the absolute focus I have on your submission. I'm in my own special kind of trance, and your dazed, helpless expression is dancing in my eyes right now.

"Stronger and stronger, building and building, more and more intense with every passing second." Your hips are rocking up and down, your muscles tense and relax again and again as your breath comes in gasps and whimpers. It's an old hypnotist's trick, but a very effective one; all I need to do is describe the pleasure, and your body knows exactly how to feel it. And compliance with my instructions is its own reward when I'm telling you to obey a suggestion like this. "You can feel it growing, capturing you, controlling you." I shiver, running my hand over your chest through the thin fabric of your shirt.

"You can't stop it, you don't want to stop it." You nod again, desperate to agree with me if only it means you'll keep feeling like this. "You want to give in, surrender, let go and sink into my will. You want to come for me. You need to come for me. You're going to come for me." The pace of my speech quickens, becoming relentless. I caress your cock through your pants, not hard enough to bring you to climax but more than sufficient to reinforce the suggestions of sensation that are coursing through your hypnotized mind. I feel a rush of power flow through me, a creative and sensual energy that crowns over the top of my head with almost tantric force. I feel like a goddess when I'm controlling you like this.

"...please," you whimper at last, your voice choked with arousal. "please can i come please can i come please please please--" I lean down and give you a deep, soulful kiss, stilling your desperate entreaties. They're like music in my ears, but even the best music reaches a crescendo eventually. And I want you to sing for me now.

"Come," I say, the instant I break the kiss, and your body goes taut with electric sensation. It's a full orgasm, playing out in the theater of your mind, and I revel in every second of it as I watch you moan in helpless, ecstatic climax for me. It's beautiful no matter how many times I see it, no matter how many times I'm certain I'm going to see it again, and I lose track of time watching the waves of pleasure wash over you and through you and all the way down into the part of your mind that aches to surrender deeper to my will.

And as you finally relax, I whisper, "Good boy." I pet your hair. And because I really don't want this moment to end, I begin to deepen your trance further once more.


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