Call It What You Want

by Jukebox

Tags: #dom:male #f/f #f/m #hypnosis #pov:bottom #sub:female #cw:dubious_consent #erotic_hypnosis #hypno #hypnokink #hypnotized #mff #multiple_partners #threesome

Brianna insists she’s not involved with the charismatic, hypnotic neighbor next door, but Sophia doesn’t believe her. But if it’s a lie that suits her own plans….

She wasn't doing anything wrong, Sophia told herself, wiping her flushed and sweaty palms on her jeans while she waited for the door to open. She'd done her best to find out what was happening the easy way--she had directly asked Brianna if there was anything going on between her and their neighbor, and Brianna had told her no. Even if she'd seemed a little distracted while she said it, even if the mere mention of Zachary Dreyer always seemed to make Sophia's friend's eyes unfocus a little bit in vague, absent-minded contentment, she'd given a very clear answer. It was just an answer Sophia didn't believe.

The door opened, revealing a white man in his early thirties with long chestnut hair pulled back in a ponytail, a perpetual five o'clock shadow, and warm hazel eyes that lit up in welcome at the sight of Sophia standing outside his apartment door. "Well, hello, neighbor!" he said, giving the petite blonde a wide smile and an enthusiastic wave. "If you're looking for Bree, I haven't seen her since this morning, but I know she said she'd be stopping by on the way back from work. So if you just want to hang out, I'm sure she'll be--"

"I wasn't looking for Bree," Sophia interrupted, her expression solemn. "I was looking for you... and to be honest, I was hoping to talk to you when she wasn't around." She looked at him expectantly, even as his air of warm welcome faded into guarded concern. "May I come in?" she asked at last, when he didn't say anything for a long, awkward moment. "I don't think this is a conversation we want to be having in the hallway."

He blinked heavily, his face frozen in bemusement, then stepped aside. "Yeah, um, sure, sure, come on in," he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. "Look, uh, if this is something about Bree and me, I just want to let you know that we're just friends, okay? She's really sweet, and all, and sure, she comes over a lot to watch anime with me and maybe smoke a little weed, but I wouldn't do anything to, um, y'know, uh--"

Sophia sighed, a steam-whistle blast of exasperation that cut into Zachary's rambling excuses more effectively than any shout. "Your bed is right on the other side of the wall from me, dumbass," she snapped, unable to control her irritation at his mock-stammering innocent act. "I can hear you, I can hear Bree, and believe me when I tell you that after six years of rooming with her, I know exactly what it sounds like when she has sex. Can we just skip the bullshit and be honest here?"

Zachary gave her a wary look. "She's a grown woman," he said, sounding a touch defensive. "She's finished college, even. Maybe there's a little bit of an age difference, yeah, but she's old enough to be making her own decisions without her friends jumping in and making a--a big thing out of it." Sophia had half-expected him to make a fight out of it as soon as she confronted him with the truth, but thankfully he didn't seem more than a little bit huffy about the whole thing, at least not yet.

Then again, she wasn't done talking. "You're hypnotizing her, though, aren't you?" she asked, although the tone in Sophia's voice made it clear it wasn't actually a question. "I hear you talking to her sometimes, I know it's not just normal dirty talk. You've been hypnotizing her into doing, um, stuff. In the bedroom." A prickle of heat against her porcelain cheeks told her she hadn't been as successful at sounding calm and collected about that as she had over everything else so far.

Perhaps Zachary sensed a bit of an opportunity, because he straightened up a little and let his voice drop into a slightly lower register, suddenly radiating a confident charisma that made what could have sounded like yet more defensiveness into something more like reassurance. "If that's what you want to call it," he said, fixing Sophia with a smoldering stare that she had to admit suited the older man very well. "Personally, I think I'm just very skilled at the art of gentle persuasion. I'm describing things I think Bree would enjoy, using very evocative language that allows her to imagine what it might be like to give in to that experience, and she's come to trust my very reasonable suggestions. There's nothing wrong with any of that, is there?"

"I hope not," Sophia replied, hooking her thumbs into the straps of her sleeveless dress and sliding it off to drift into a puddle on the living room floor. She wasn't wearing anything underneath it, and her bare, smooth-shaven pussy glistened with the musk of her arousal in the gentle glow of the floor lamp's indirect lighting.

It was surprisingly gratifying to see Zachary's eyes widen in shock as he goggled at Sophia's naked body. She'd always thought of herself as a little less desirable than Brianna, skinny where her friend was voluptuous and more cute than sexy by most men's standards, but apparently all that she'd ever needed to do was take off her clothes right in front of them to get exactly the kind of astonished arousal she wanted.

"Oh come on," she said in response to his slack-jawed stare. "I already told you I've been hearing the two of you fuck right on the other side of my wall every night for the last three weeks--did you really think I didn't know what good sex sounds like? Bree's having the time of her life getting hypnotized by you, and what works for her works for me, too. I want to give it a try and see what all the fuss is about...." She adjusted her stance, spreading her legs a little wider to show off her slick cunt. "And I'm guessing you're not going to say no to a naked woman right here in front of you."

A sly look crossed Zachary's face, as though he'd suddenly figured out the final clue in some locked-room mystery. "Aren't you a little worried about what'll happen if Bree finds out?" he asked, crossing his arms suspiciously. "I mean, she's your best friend, after all. What's she going to say if she comes in and finds you naked and hypnotized on my living room couch?"

Sophia gave him a flat stare of annoyance. "I asked her point-blank if she had anything going on with you, and she said no. If she wants to get mad that I'm fucking you, she has only herself to blame. This isn't a trick, this isn't a game, and I'm not here to catch you out so I can prove you're unfaithful or something. This is free pussy on the half-shell, ready and waiting for you. Do you want it, or not?" Try as she might, Sophia couldn't control a little shiver. It hadn't occurred to her until just now that the answer might legitimately be 'not', and she was only just realizing what a blow to her ego it might be if Zachary simply hustled her out of his apartment rather than taking her up on her offer.

Fortunately, she'd read the older man well. "I most definitely want it," he growled, tucking away his astonishment and bringing back that smoldering stare she noticed earlier. "And I don't think you'll need much persuasion, will you, Sophie? You've already been listening to my voice through those walls you say are so thin; I'm sure you've gotten very used to hearing those warm, soothing tones that always tell you when it's time to drift off into that very special daydream I'm offering you. Just let your eyes relax, let all that tension unwind from your muscles, and allow yourself to enjoy what you've been fantasizing about for so very long."

It was almost astonishing how swiftly his voice wove its spell around Sophia's mind. One moment she was standing there, feeling like the situation was going exactly the way she envisioned it when she first made her plan to come over to Zachary's apartment and satisfy the ache between her thighs that had been getting at her for weeks now, and the next, her head was wobbling forward and her eyelids were fluttering with the intense desire to close. Sophia could feel the heavy, drowsy sensation pressing down on her mind, and when she opened her mouth to speak, it seemed like almost no time passed at all before she was standing there in slack-jawed vacancy, unable to find a single thought in her empty brain. God, it felt delicious.

"That's a good girl," Zachary purred, taking Sophia by the hand and tugging her gently forward until she sagged into his arms. "It's so easy, isn't it? All you need to do is think about those drowsy nights, lying in your warm soft bed and listening to the sound of my voice as it gently lulls you into pleasure, and you find that all you want to do is relax and open yourself up to my caresses. You don't need to think; you only need to listen to my words and let yourself be carried away to that happy place inside your head where there's nothing to do but feel that lazy bliss." He guided her over to the sofa, supporting most of her weight so that she could simply collapse onto the cushions and let her muscles go limp.

"There we go," he cooed, stroking her inner thighs until all Sophia could think about was spreading her legs wider and wider to allow him easier access to her sensitive cunt. Before she knew it, she had one foot on the floor and the other lazily hooked over the back of the couch, showing off her pussy so openly and lewdly that she felt like she was doing a porn shoot. "Close those heavy eyes, let that drowsy head sink into the cushions, and just give in to the feelings I'm giving you. Everything else can scatter out of that foggy mind to make more room for pleasure, can't it, Sophie?" She barely even noticed herself nodding. Her entire attention was focused on the way he stroked and caressed her slick labia.

"That's right, deeper and deeper into that sexy, sleepy daydream of arousal and ecstasy." He sounded just like Sophia imagined he would, just like he did through the bedroom wall on those nights when she pressed her ear up against it to listen as close as she could to Brianna's mewling whimpers of lust and desire. A thought flitted through her mind for a moment, a brief and muzzy question about whether hypnosis could affect an observer the same way it affected the subject, but then Zachary's fingers began to rub a little harder over her clit and Sophia's worries scattered in a rush of pleasure that made her gasp with the force of it.

"This is what you wanted, isn't it?" Zachary asked, and Sophia found herself nodding again in thoughtless compliance. If she could think, she might have paid a bit more attention to the pattern of positive responses she was giving, but her mind was more focused on the way his fingers slid into the slick channel between her labia and began to push their way inside her soaking cunt. "You wanted to let your mind drift away into pleasure, let my voice mingle with your thoughts and tell you what to do and think and feel so that you can simply enjoy this perfect daydream of ecstasy." Again that word 'daydream'. Sophia's clit throbbed every time she heard it now.

"Just relax, pretty girl," Zachary husked out, adding a second finger and pushing them in and out until Sophia's breath came in whimpery gasps. "Just relax and let me take charge, relax and enjoy all the beautiful bliss while my voice floats in your empty head and guides you deeper into ecstasy. Doesn't that sound so wonderful, my good little pet?" Sophia's head went up and down in another nod, tangling her blonde hair into a bird's nest against the couch cushions. She grunted in orgasm, bucking her hips up against his thrusting hand and squeezing her own nipples until the tingling was almost painful. Even as she came, she knew she would need to cum again soon.

Even in her blissed-out state, though, Sophia managed to open her eyes when she heard Brianna's voice calling out, "Hey, Zach, I'm--what the fuck?" The sound of her best friend's voice seemed to happen almost before she heard the doorknob turning, time twisting and distorting in her hypnotized brain until everything seemed to be happening much too quickly and much too slowly all at once. She raised her heavy head up off the sofa, searching her empty mind for an excuse she knew wasn't there. Despite her earlier bravado, she'd never expected to be caught in the act like this.

But then she heard Zachary's voice, warm and soothing in her ears, and she slumped back in renewed relaxation as she heard him say, "It's okay, babe. It's just a daydream." Sophia thought she saw Brianna's eyes roll back in her head until only the whites showed, and her lips part in blissful vacuity... but only for a moment. Then her eyelids slammed shut and she felt her thoughts pop like soap bubbles again as Zachary began to thrust his fingers into her slick pussy once more, and her mind drifted ever deeper into ecstasy while she allowed his comforting tones to flow over her like water. She didn't need to think anymore. Not when obeying felt so much better.

She heard Brianna's footsteps carrying her across the room with a sleepwalker's gait, followed by the soft rustle of clothing as the other woman undressed, but by then she was fully back inside the warm drifting mist of ecstasy Zachary's fingers promised her and it didn't seem important to wonder what her friend was doing. "It's all just a sleepy, sexy daydream, girls," he told her, and if Sophia noticed Brianna's voice mumbling in agreement along with her own she didn't pay it much attention. She had bigger and better things on her mind.

She did almost wake up when Zachary withdrew his fingers, but then something else pressed against her sopping cunt and the returning pleasure softened Sophia's mind back down into deep, helpless relaxation. "Good girls, doing such a good job of listening and obeying," Zachary murmured, and it felt so good to follow along with the sound of his voice that Sophia didn't really think twice about the soft legs tangling against her own and the grinding rub of pussy lips on her slick and messy snatch. Sophia had never imagined being this intimate with her friend and roommate, but night after night of listening to Brianna cum her brains out for Zachary on the other side of the wall had at least given her a few loose and idle notions of what a threesome with the other woman might be like. And this was better than anything she'd daydreamed about.

Zachary put each hand directly on the women's hooded clits, rubbing hard and eliciting gasping moans of arousal that Sophia recognized all too well. "Sink deeper into the pleasure, deeper into the daydream, deeper into my will and my control and let everything else fade away. It's normal and natural to enjoy each other's bodies like this. It feels so good to surrender to me and allow any thoughts or questions to melt away into dreamy, drowsy bliss. You're in your favorite dream now, a dream of my control, and it's so far from the waking world that you can leave everything behind but obedience." Sophia nodded, her already tangled hair snarling yet further as she tried to convey through motion alone the depths of her absolute ecstasy. Any worries about guilt and orientation and the sudden shift in dynamic between her and Brianna could wait until she was done cumming her fucking brains out.

Or even longer, honestly. Somewhere around the time she and Brianna were sitting on the couch, their thighs pressed against one another's pussies and their tits rubbing together in grinding, helpless arousal, it occurred to Sophia that it might just be easier to leave all her thoughts about this threesome down in the daydream where they belonged. She could still keep fucking Zachary, just as their little secret, but if she and Brianna ever wound up hanging out with him and... and one thing led to another... she could always just write it off as another sexy fantasy. She could even forget about it entirely, at least until she was ready to fully accept her own desire to fuck Brianna for Zachary's pleasure. Her deep self would process it, and she'd simply sleep and forget.

"Doesn't that sound so nice, girls?" Zachary finished, and Sophia was so deeply hypnotized she didn't even notice the difference between his voice and her thoughts. She murmured in compliance, Brianna mumbled right along with her, and the two of them finally sank into helplessly sated slumber for their Master.


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