Beautiful Corruption

by Jukebox

Tags: #brainwashing #f/nb #hypnosis #masturbation #pov:bottom #sub:female #brainwash #brainwashed #dom:nb #enslavement #hypnotized

A beautiful woman becomes more beautiful still as she masturbates herself into compliance to her Sovereign.

The thing I'm becoming is so wonderful.

I can see her when I look in the mirror now, staring back at me with empty, placid eyes that catch and hold my gaze for what feels like hours at a time. I know that once, the woman in that reflection looked sharp and smart and confident; everything about her radiated determination, intelligence, a fierce and unashamed desire to prove herself to anyone and everyone she met. That skeptical scowl cowed men and women alike, pushing obstacles out of her path like leaves in the wind and leaving no doubt that she was a force to be reckoned with.

That woman is fading away. I see her less and less each day. Those bright blue eyes that once glared out in an icy glower at anyone who underestimated her strength, her intellect, her willpower now gaze softly back at me, hypnotic and hypnotized at the same time, lulling me into drowsy pleasure every time I look back at her and allow my lips to curve into a small, sleepy smile under their influence. She looks so happy to be thoughtless, to be captured by that dazed and vacant stare that makes her pale cheeks melt into vapid emptiness. She makes me want to be blank like that too.

It's not that I don't know she's me. I understand that I'm looking at my own reflection. The pretty blonde girl with the cotton candy lipstick who's slowly, languorously sliding down the shoulder straps of her black cocktail dress to reveal sheer, almost transparent lavender underwear is the same woman whose fingers I can feel moving of their own accord to strip off everything but my wet, clinging panties and sink into masturbatory bliss. It's just hard not to think of her as the object I'm becoming instead of the person I am.

No. That's not true at all. I'm not becoming her. I'm being turned into her. Day by day, step by step, the pleasure I feel when I stare into the mirror and sink into my own hypnotized reflection is ratcheting my mind more and more tightly into my Sovereign's control. It's eroding my strength like a steady stream of water carves even the strongest rock into a bottomless chasm simply through the inexorable power of patience, melting away the resistance I thought I would be able to summon and leaving in its place a timeless, thoughtless rapture that leaves me open to being remade. It's stronger than I am. Or maybe I'm weaker than it is. I feel so very, very weak right now.

That explains why my legs give way, why I sink to my knees in front of the floor-length mirror and sigh in comfortable, drowsy relief at no longer having to hold myself up any longer. It's because I'm weak, because my Sovereign has drawn the willpower out of me one gentle tug at a time until I can't stop my fingers from drifting between my thighs and lightly, carefully rubbing my slick labia through my soaking panties. My pleasure makes me weaker still. There's no doubt in my mind anymore that I can't resist that slow, sleepy pull on my will. No matter how hard I try--and I do still try, albeit with the helpless resignation of a victim who loves her own insidious corruption--the arousal always defeats me.

It's that same arousal that made me wear panties so sheer and translucent that I can feel my finger skating over my flushed, tingling labia through them as if they weren't even there. The old me, the woman who becomes a more and more distant memory with every session in front of the mirror, she didn't care what she wore under her dress. She wore sensible, practical clothing as if it was armor against the world, reveling in the severe and strait-laced look of her outfits and the tight bun of her raven-dark hair.

She's... almost... gone now. I have to look closely to see her inside the bleach-blonde girl with the vacant smile and the long, loose hair that curls down to the small of her back. There are still hints of her inside my eyes, a look of bewildered confusion that isn't quite the same as the sleepy, dazed stare I know I'll manage to perfect someday. She doesn't quite know what happened to her, how her toughness and intelligence and confidence has slowly been taken away and replaced with soft, simpering eagerness to please her Sovereign. My Sovereign now, I realize. The awareness makes my cunt throb even harder.

I don't know what's happened to me either. I can't quite seem to make myself remember what initial act drew me into the sway of my Sovereign, whether we met by chance at a coffee shop or whether I was the target of a careful, organized campaign of insidious degradation by one of my rivals who knew they couldn't challenge me directly and knew how much my Sovereign loved reshaping girls like me. For all I know now, I asked for this--I can't believe that the woman I was would ever have given up control, but everyone has their breaking point. You can only be strong for so long before you crave the soft, comforting embrace of weakness like a drug.

Or maybe that's just what I tell myself to make it easier to accept my commands. It's all just the loosest of guesswork, anyway. I can't remember how my Sovereign gained a hold on my mind any more than I can keep myself from staring vacantly into my own gaze and masturbating. Trying to concentrate on the moment I first slipped into that slick, decadent bliss that holds me in its power only makes me think about how much I want to deepen that control. That makes me rub harder. I'm pushing my panties into my soaking cunt now as my finger slides up and down that warm, wet channel between my pussy lips.

All I know is... fuck, all I know right now is that I'm playing with myself and it feels so fucking good. Even when I reach for my purse and take out my phone, dialing a number I don't know that I know and putting the phone on speaker before setting it in front of me, it's a purely instinctive act, done without any conscious intervention on my part. The throb in my clit drowns out any attempt to notice my own actions, shouting louder and louder in my head until I can't hear myself think anymore. The only realization I have when my Sovereign picks up on the other end is that I have another hand free to pinch my nipples now.

The voice of my Sovereign is smooth, coaxing, soft and gentle in my ears, and it hits my lust-fogged brain like a shot of heroin. "Is my good girl rubbing?" I hear, and I whimper helplessly at being called a good girl by my owner and controller despite myself. The old me, the fading me, she would have bristled at being called a girl at all, let alone being described as one in that tone of loving condescension. For all I can remember, she did. But my Sovereign erased that defiance slowly, patiently, gently scrubbing it away with pleasure until I found myself craving my own subjugation.

That was the moment when I was truly lost, I realize as I mewl out a weak, helpless, "Yes, my Sovereign." That was the tipping point where the sharp, confident woman I can barely even remember right now began to inexorably lose ground in the face of my hypnotic programming. Once the pleasure of following suggestions became stronger than the pleasure I gained from resisting them, I became a willing ally in my own seduction. Reluctantly at first... I, I think... but slowly, inexorably, I began to want to be controlled. I found my own resistance and I rooted it out, bit by careful bit. One evening, one session, one stroke against my throbbing clit at a time.

I'm too far gone now to possibly escape my Sovereign's control. I can see my future stretching out in front of me, and even though I know intellectually that everything that seductive voice promises is something I would once have loathed with every fiber of my being, it's now the stuff of my masturbatory fantasies. Bit by bit, I'm being transformed from a smart, confident, independent woman into a helpless, needy, lust-fogged slut. The hair, the lipstick, the sexy underwear... those things are just the beginning. Once I finish the job of wiping away the old self, my mind is truly going to become my Sovereign's playground.

I can see the shape of it even now, forming in my mind's eye as I automatically and instinctively go blank and let my Sovereign's words slip away into my subconscious. I can see the black cocktail dress fading away, replacing by something short and pink and form-fitting that hugs my curves and shows off my arousal to anyone paying attention. I can see the underwear disappearing--it was always a transitional stage in my brainwashing, there to ease my discomfort at displaying my body to strangers. Someday soon I won't wear any at all. My cunt will be available for use at all times, my tits will be ready with just a tug on my plunging neckline.

"Yes, my Sovereign," I gasp out, but I can't recall what I'm responding to. My thoughts are aligning around an image of myself when my programming is complete, my mind carefully limited by hypnosis and pleasure conditioning until it only works on the simplest, most basic of levels. Constantly fed drips of distracting arousal that disrupt my efforts to finish a sentence, leaving behind a trail of 'ums' and 'uhs' that finally collapse into helpless giggles at my own foolishness. Continuously horny, aching to have my cunt stuffed with fingers and tongues and cocks and toys until I'm a plaything ready to be used at all times. My body shaped and molded until I'm the very picture of sex and seduction.

I know I have to fight that version of me. I know that if I let it take me over, if I let my Sovereign's programming lull me into drowsy compliance every night until I find that the constant drip drip drip of suggestions erodes my resolve and melts my willpower into mindless obedience, it's going to end everything I worked so hard to become. A giggly slut who can't even finish a sentence and who walks into the office with a skirt so short that every time she bends over she shows off her soaking pussy can't be a CFO. She can't even keep her job, not unless she's willing to use her newly-programmed sexual prowess to convince her superiors to find her something useful to do with her time.

If I don't resist, that's who I'm going to be. An office slut, passed around and fucked by the men who do her job for her in exchange for her sexual services. Or... or maybe not even that. Maybe my Sovereign wants to keep me as a housepet, my assets liquidated and my house sold and my bed exchanged for a cozy little kennel in my new owner's home. I can picture that, too. My clothing gone forever, save for a collar that identifies me as property. My new task, a domestic servant and fucktoy for a skilled hypnotist who can turn me into a mindless puppet with just a snap of the fingers. Nothing left in my brain at all but sex and obedience. Transformed. Emptied. Defeated utterly.

I know that I have to fight that... but I don't want to. Not anymore. Not when the thing I'm becoming is so very wonderful to me now. My smile grows wide and plastic as I spread my legs wide and slide my fingers into the waistband of my panties so that I can fuck myself in earnest. "Yes, my Sovereign," I moan, and I feel my mind grow soft and malleable as my corruption continues its inevitable progression.


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