A Quick One, While He's Away

by Jukebox

Tags: #brainwashing #dom:male #f/m #hypnosis #pov:top #sub:female #blowjob #brainwash #brainwashed #cocksucking #hypnotic_trigger #hypnotized #memory_play #posthypnotic_suggestion

Jerry takes advantage of his best friend’s wife while he’s on a beer run.

The liquor store was a seven minute drive from Doug's apartment. Doug knew what he was getting--Shontelle had come back from the fridge warning him that the beers she grabbed for him and Jerry were the last cold ones, and that there were only three more in the pantry. Since Doug never drank warm beer, that meant he needed to get a couple of fifteen-packs of Iron City out of the walk-in cooler for the game. That normally took about three minutes, but at this time of night, there was always a line at the counter. It might be as many as ten. Then another seven minutes back--make that eight, because Doug never sped when he had beer in the car. Call it eighteen minutes, maybe as many as twenty-five if the store was busy. And this close to kickoff, it probably was.

Plenty of time. Jerry listened for the sound of Doug's car starting, and then waited until it receded into the distance. He figured it took about a minute. Then he looked over at Shontelle. The instant she put down her beer, he said, "Lazy Sunday afternoon," and smiled as he watched Shontelle's smiling brown cheeks melt into slack, expressionless confusion. Her hazel eyes went glassy and empty, staring straight ahead sightlessly as the trance took hold of her blank, bewildered mind. Her hands sank limply into her lap. She was deeply hypnotized in under five seconds.

Twenty-three minutes left. Jerry undid his fly, fumbling a little bit with his boxer shorts as he struggled to maneuver his already stiff and throbbing cock through the folds of fabric. Once he pulled it out, though, it was the work of a moment to say, "Why don't you crawl on over and put that pretty little mouth of yours to work, huh, babe?" Shontelle didn't resist even for a second. She was too well trained for that by now.

Instead, she slid off the couch and dropped to her hands and knees, her long cornrows sliding over her shoulder to dangle and sway seductively as she crawled across the thick carpet toward the recliner where Jerry was sitting. "I obey," she droned out as she moved, her empty stare locking onto Jerry's long, thick cock with mesmerized intensity. Just seeing her blank, glazed eyes watching his flushed, throbbing shaft in hypnotized fascination made him even harder. By the time she reached him and began to nuzzle him with her broad, hungry lips, she was licking away a drizzle of precum from his warm flesh.

He knew he needed to make this fast. Doug didn't have any idea what Jerry got up to with his wife when he was away--Shontelle kept their affair a secret from everybody, herself most of all--but even the most adoring wife in the world couldn't hide the truth if her husband came home to find his best friend's cock in her mouth. Jerry didn't have time to dick around with his dicking around tonight.

But at the same time... something about the way Shontelle's blank, glassy eyes looked up at him in vacant, blissful adoration as she ran her tongue up and down his hard shaft made Jerry want to prolong the ecstasy as much as he could. She had the most amazingly talented mouth--it was one of the happiest surprises Jerry had experienced, once he put her into trance that first time while Doug was away on deployment. He had thought that he'd probably be spending most of his time fucking her, that he'd have to use a condom to keep his best friend from coming home to a baby he'd know damn well wasn't his... but Shontelle knew just what to do on her knees. She was the best cocksucker Jerry knew.

And somewhere, deep down in that foggy, mesmerized haze of hers, she wanted to take her time and enjoy every second of Jerry's moans and whimpers. Her long purple fingernails lightly scratched at his balls, teasing them carefully with the sharp points of her acrylics until his breath came in a long, ragged gasp before holding her tongue perfectly still against the head of his cock as he gushed out another salty squirt of precum. If Shontelle wanted him to nut right away, Jerry knew she could make it happen. But she wanted to savor him.

Not that she knew it was him, exactly. As far as Shontelle's dazed, befuddled mind was concerned, it was her husband she was giving a long, lewd, loving blowjob right now. She knew he was out at the store, in a confused and hazy fashion, but she also knew that he was right there with her telling her to suck his cock. The contradiction between those two statements never even occurred to her, because Jerry's hypnotic programming didn't let it. Shontelle didn't have the kind of critical thinking skills to work it all out when she was this deep... and she'd gotten very good at going deep for him over the years.

"Oh, oh fuck yeah, that's it, babe," he moaned softly, his hips giving a little involuntary thrust as she nuzzled up and over the head of his cock to settle easily onto his shaft. There were still nineteen minutes left, probably thirteen even in the worst case scenario. Jerry had plenty of time to enjoy the sensation of Shontelle's warm, wet mouth engulfing his cock all the way down until her lips wrapped around the base. "F-fuck," he gasped, gripping the arms of the chair in arousal. The clock on the cable box swam a little in his vision, and he struggled to try to keep it in focus. It wasn't easy.

This was why he could never give up trancing Shontelle, even after Doug got back from his deployment. When his friend was gone, it was easy to tell himself that this was just another way of taking care of his buddy's girl the way Doug had asked him to do. It made Shontelle miss her husband a little bit less if she was getting sex with him regularly while he was in Afghanistan, even if her waking mind didn't remember anything that happened after Jerry used her hypnotic trigger to drop her into mindless obedience. And Doug got the emotional benefits of a wife who was constantly thinking about sex with him instead of missing him all the time.

But once he returned, Jerry had a harder time justifying his actions. Sure, he wasn't hurting anyone--Shontelle's behavior toward her husband didn't change any just because she was giving his best friend blowjobs every time they were alone together for longer than five minutes. (Doug was probably at the liquor store by now. He probably had the beers in his hand. This needed to end pretty quick.) If anything, getting turned on twice as often without any extra orgasms seemed to make Shontelle an even more enthusiastic lover, judging by the smile on Doug's face every Sunday morning at church.

But if they ever got caught... yeah, Doug would be hurt. He might even hurt back. Jerry was a pretty big guy, and he'd gotten in his share of bar fights, but he wasn't willing to bet he could take on a former Marine if it came down to it. Jerry was probably signing on for a potential ass-whooping every time his buddy left the room and Jerry used his 'Lazy Sunday' trigger to empty out Shontelle into the beautiful, compliant cocksucker that made his dick so goddamn hard every single time. (Oh god. So fucking hard right now. But Shontelle kept easing off every time he got close. She wanted to make this last.)

And even if Doug never threw a punch... it would break his heart. It would end their friendship forever. It would probably snap Shontelle out of her conditioning and make her hate Jerry for the rest of his life. It was a mistake to keep playing around like this, and Jerry told himself that every single night before he went to bed. When he got down on his knees and prayed to the Lord, he prayed every single time to be free from temptation and he damn well meant it.

Then the next morning came like it always did. And Jerry sent Shontelle a text she'd delete right away and never consciously remember telling her to 'forget' to buy beer so they'd run out right before kickoff, because Jerry knew that Doug prided himself on being a good host for Monday Night Football and would never do anything as jerkass as asking his buddy to go on the beer run after paying for the pizzas. And all that resolve went away when he saw Shontelle sitting there with her lips slightly parted, staring at the television screen with that distant look on her face that always reminded Jerry what a good hypnotic subject she was.

One of these days, Jerry was going to stick the landing. He was going to stop dropping by on his way to work, after Doug left, while Shontelle was just getting herself dressed and still had that sleepy look on her face that never failed to make Jerry's cock stiffen in his jeans. He was going to stop mentioning mint chocolate ice cream in casual conversation, knowing that Shontelle was hypnotized to crave it and Doug could never say no to her puppy dog eyes, even when the nearest store that carried it was fifteen minutes away. He was going to shape up, fly right, and do what God wanted.

Just as soon as he fucking came. Fucking hell, why was Shontelle teasing him like this? Did she want to spend all night with Jerry's cock in her mouth? Was this some sort of weird subconscious thing, like she wanted to get caught and this was how it expressed itself? Had Doug started asking for long, slow, sloppy blowjobs and this was her way of obliging him even though on some level she had to know it was Jerry she was sucking off? "F-fuck, babe, you g-gotta finish," he groaned. She'd been at it for almost thirteen minutes. Doug had to be in the car by now on his way back.

But thankfully, Shontelle was the same wonderfully responsive, deeply hypnotized slut she always was. The second she heard his guttural pleas, she began to bob her head up and down on his cock as fast as she could, applying a suction so intense that Jerry didn't so much think he was going to shoot his load down her throat as he suspected she was going to literally drag the cum out of his balls with her mouth. "F-fuck!" he gasped, his eyes rolling back in his head as the pleasure rapidly built. He couldn't see the clock anymore. He didn't care.

Shontelle rolled Jerry's balls gently in her fingers, rubbing just enough to add an extra layer of sensation to the pleasure he was feeling. His breath came out in a low hiss, his hips bucking helplessly as he felt the tip of his cock tingle with pleasure like it was glowing white-hot with ecstasy inside Shontelle's mouth. His eyelids squeezed shut tightly, his surroundings fading away to a blur of irrelevance. Everything in his brain was converging on a single point, and that point was climax, and that climax was now, and he was cumming so hard and he couldn't stop and he couldn't let go and god Shontelle's mouth felt so fucking good that he had to--

Jerry felt himself release with a gush. Shontelle obediently swallowed every last drop.

"G-good girl," he gasped, his eyes refocusing on the clock in a sudden panicked clarity. Doug had been gone for twenty minutes already. There must have been a line, or he would have walked in on them already, but there was no way he was going to be gone for much longer. Jerry hastily tucked away his cock, then wiped the drool of Shontelle's face with a stack of napkins from the pizza place. "Back to the couch, babe. Take a good long drink of your beer, then wake and forget."

Shontelle stood up and wandered across the room in a daze. Any other time, it might have been enough to get Jerry to go for Round Two, but only an idiot pushed his luck after a blowjob like that. Instead, he watched her tight little ass sway in a rolling, pendulous motion before she sat back on her couch and washed down Jerry's semen with a swig of Iron City. She blinked heavily. "Huh," she said, her voice still carrying a slightly loose quality. "Game's about to start. I hope Doug gets home soon. I'd hate to see him miss the first possession."

Jerry didn't even have a chance to respond before Doug came through the door, a case of beer in either hand and a relieved smile on his face. "Man, I should not have driven that fast," he said, a chuckle in his voice as he went straight to the fridge. "But hell, cops are Steelers fans too, right? They gotta know why I'm bookin' it home on a Monday night." He came back into the room just as Boswell slammed the ball into the air, and sank onto the couch next to his wife with a grateful grin.

Shontelle leaned into Doug, turning her head back to give him a tender kiss on the cheek before snuggling up to him as though they were two spoons nestling together. "You're coming home to be with your sweetie," she said, her hazel eyes shining with adoration. Jerry had seen that look in her eyes enough times to know she'd be kicking him out of the house as soon as the game ended. She had other things on her mind besides football tonight. And she didn't even know why.

But Jerry knew. And despite his resolve, he was already thinking about excuses to visit tomorrow.


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