The Bachelor Party

by Jakitron

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #humiliation #sub:female
See spoiler tags : #impregnation

Anna is a wedding photographer, hired to take pictures for a wedding! Unknown to her, however, is that this is not a wedding, but a bachelor party

Like all my stories, this was made in collaboration with a redditor who has provided me with the prompt for this story. I hope you enjoy.

The Bachelor Party

Anna was getting ready for a fairly standard gig, she thought. Anna is a photographer, typically doing work for weddings, which is what she’s been called for today. Having gotten ready, she gets to her car dressed in a light blue, modest dress meant to deemphasize her round ass and c-cup breasts. Between her breasts is her most valued possession, a gold cross necklace passed down from generations of her devout family. She has also styled her brown hair into a loosely braided ponytail. She arrives at the address she’s been given, and it’s not exactly what she’d picture as a wedding venue. It does, however, have a banner over the door saying “celebrating the upcoming marriage of Eric and Hannah” along with pictures of the couple she knew she was supposed to photograph today.

Walking into the building with her equipment, Anna was once again sure that this could not possibly be a wedding venue. For one thing, there were just men here, at least from what she could tell. There were about a dozen or so men of varying physical appearances. Eric quickly spotted her, and he gestured for her to come over to him. “Hey Anna, it’s great to see you! Hannah is going to be over here in a few with the rest of the guests. I’m glad you got here right on time when I thought you should be here.” Anna smiles at him and responds, “Of course, well, if she’s going to be here soon, I should probably get my equipment set up, where do you want the pictures to be taken, and do you need a backdrop? I have some options in my van parked outside.” Eric smiles at her response, “Actually we have a special camera we wanted to use, if you don’t mind. We have it set up over here. It’s new technology though, so it’s recommended that any photographer using it for the first time should take a few test shots with it to ensure that it works perfectly.”

This was not the first time Anna had gotten a request like this. Weddings are a uniquely momentous occasion in a person’s life, so it makes sense for people getting married to be extremely controlling over even minute aspects, such as the camera being used for the wedding photos. Especially in this case since the groom apparently has access to cutting edge camera tech. “That isn’t a problem at all, sir, just let me put my own equipment away safely so it's secure, and I’ll meet back up with you in a few minutes.”

A few minutes later, Anna was back and saw that Eric was just finished setting up the special new camera. “As I said before,” Eric began when he saw her coming up, “the manufacturer recommends that you take a few test shots to get used to using the camera, so you don’t have to learn it as you’re taking the photos for the wedding.” Anna smiles and nods at this, “Sure thing, sir, I’ll be happy to do that. Why don’t you get in front of this backdrop, and I’ll get some shots of you to get the framing and focus right with this lens.” Eric was happy to agree, standing in front of the backdrop and making a strongman pose for the camera. When Anna pressed down the shutter button on the camera, a bright flash went off through the viewfinder, and into her eyes, blinding her for a moment, and, unbeknownst to her, momentarily rendered her extremely open to suggestion.

“You’re extremely happy to be here helping me.” Eric said, as she shakes off the daze caused by the flash. Anna shakes her head to clear it, and then smiles brightly, and giggles, appearing much bubblier and happier to help. “hee hee hee, of course sir, I am happy to help!” She waits for him to pose again before taking another picture, “You want to look sexy at all times” is the next order given in her impaired state. “heeheehee, yes sir, of course!” she giggles, subconsciously wishing she wore something more revealing to this wedding. The third daze comes with the order “You like doing whatever you’re told” which leads to Eric’s demeanor changing a bit.

“Alright, babe, the games are over. Take off that dress and get on your slutty knees.” “Wait… what?” Anna asks, confused by the order. Her head hurts, the flashing has left afterimages in her vision, causing her to close her eyes and put her hands on her head, swaying a bit as if off balance. “What’s... happening to me?” Eric looks disappointed again, returning to his previous demeanor. “Nothing is happening at all, Miss Anna. You should take a moment to calm yourself down. Clearly your head isn’t in the right place right now. Remember what I said. You’re happy to help, you love looking sexy, and you love doing as you’re told. Now, do as you’re told.” The grip she has in her hair tightens, and she starts shaking, tears in her eyes threaten to boil over. Suddenly, she calms. Her hands lower and the dazed smile returns to her face. She’s ready to do as she’s told.

As she obeys, he notices the cross necklace she wears. “Oh, Anna, are you religious?” The girl giggles again, “yes sir, I am a woman of faith. The teachings of Christ are very important to me-” Eric raises his hand to silence her, “I see. Open your mouth.” She does so, watching as Eric unbuttons his pants, and pulls them down, taking his cock in his hands and rubbing it to full hardness. “suck my cock, bitch!”

She takes his dick into her mouth, sucking on it like an inexperienced virgin, not taking him particularly deep for fear of gagging or choking. The job was done well enough though, and Eric grew quickly to be fully hard. He then pulled Anna off his cock, and slapped her across the face. “How’d you like my cock, bitch?” He asks, sneering at her like a dirty beast tracking dirt in his home. Anna looks sad for a fraction of a second, before snapping back to her mind-control enforced bubbliness. “Heeheehee, that was ummm, fun, but uhm, this is a sin! We aren’t married and you’re engaged to another!”

Eric looks upset for a moment, then, thinking for a moment, comes up with an idea. “You’re right, Anna, go back to the camera to continue testing it. Take some pictures of the backdrop by itself, rapid fire.” She giggles again, nods, then moves to obey. Upon the first flash daze, Eric declares “You renounce your faith,” next “You are not a person,” “You are a fucktoy,” “You serve and obey men” “You will suck and fuck on command” “You are not intelligent” “You cannot refuse a man’s order” “You feel no shame from sex.” After this, Anna is no more, instead, standing dazed from the mind controlling camera flash, is anna, the subhuman fucktoy, servant to all men.

Eric gives anna a moment to collect herself, after radically altering her self-perception. After that moment is past, anna looks to Eric and smiles brightly, giggling before saying “Oh, Sir, you helped fucktoy real good! Fucktoy now know she no is person! Fucktoy is an object for men to fuck!” If she had anything else of worth to say, it was lost in a fit of even more giggles. Eric is pleased with these results, so he calls one of his friends over who was mingling with the others in the main room of the building. “Fucktoy anna, this is my buddy Brad, he’s my best friend, and my best man. I want you to show my appreciation for his loyalty by draining his balls.”

The sex slave giggles in response, getting on her knees, and crawling towards Brad before undoing his belt, pulling down his pants, and taking his cock all the way into her mouth, well past her gag reflex. She sputters from gagging, pulling her head back to show the cock is now coated in a thick layer of bubbly spit and drool. She then takes her mouth all the way off the dick, giggling when a trail of drool sticks to her lips from the cock, before shoving it all the way back into her throat. The fucktoy then begins pistoning her head back and forth from halfway into her mouth to all the way, gargling and choking the whole time, until, after only a few minutes, he bursts, shooting hot ropes of cum into her esophagus, leading her to pull herself off his cock, and onto the floor, gasping for air, still with the corners of her mouth upturned in an open-mouthed smile. The fucktoy anna enjoyed that blowjob very much. The Christian prude Anna is no more.

As she catches her breath, Eric and Brad high five each other on a job well done “Hell yeah dude, it worked just like you said,” Brad says, smacking his friend on the back, “this is the best bachelor party ever!” Those words take a moment to register in anna’s throttled mind, but when they do, she shifts her position, and looks up at the two men, blinking slowly, struggling to make sense of this new information. “Bach… melmer… parpty?” The fucktoy says, unswallowed cum dripping from her used mouth, “you told fucktoy this was a wedding?” The men laugh uproariously at that, amused to no end by anna’s stunted mental capacity. Eric bends down and puts a hand under anna’s chin, saying, “You don’t need to worry your pretty little head about that, cunt. You just need to worry about serving and obeying your betters.” With that, he stands back up, claps his hands, and declares “Alright guys, it’s time to play pin the dick in the fucktoy!”

That leads to the other men in the building to whoop and holler in excitement, some of them immediately moving to unbuckle their pants and form a queue on who gets to fuck anna next. The following three and a half hours consist of anna choking on cocks, getting fucked in all three holes, and being filled in all three holes with the cum of men that she had never met before, and may never meet again. Unfortunately for Anna, if she hadn’t been entirely replaced by anna the mindless fucktoy, she was never a sexually active person, and is thus not at all protected by any form of birth control, so any one of the loads of seed pumped into her may bear fruit in the future. That won’t be a problem for anna though, she’s an obedient fucktoy, willing to do anything a man tells her to, including have unprotected orgies.

After the orgy is done with and the other men are gone, anna is laying on the floor giggling and playing with the cum sticking to her face and tits, when Eric suddenly claps his hands to get her attention. “Alright fucktoy anna, I’ve had a lot of fun tonight, and I’m sure you did too. I want you though to go up to that camera one last time and take another picture.” The fucktoy giggles and bounces up to her feet quickly, “Yes sir, of course, fucktoy obeys!” She walks up to the camera, takes a picture, then, while she’s dazed, Eric says “You are an obedient sexual servant to men, you will walk the streets for money and blowjobs from any man willing to show you charity. Any kids you have will be put up for adoption to the nicest foster homes you can find, and you’ll do your best to not get yourself hurt or sick, but otherwise, you are barely more intelligent than a blowup doll, but significantly more useful. You will a happy life, but it will be one full of degradation.” With that, he leaves her, following his friends to the hotel where they’re staying and having the wedding tomorrow morning.

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