Slave Note

by Jakitron

Tags: #awful_politics #D/s #dom:male #f/m #magic_book #sub:female

Justin is a sexist creep who lusts after A woman he watches dancing at the theater. When an attempt to “court” her goes awry, he despairs, until a magical book comes into his possession with the ability to alter anyone who’s name is written into its pages.

Like all my other stories, this was made with the help of friendly redditors who I seek out to request help with ideas and prompts.

Justin was a loser, a creep, and a misogynist. He had lost his fourth job in the last 6 months for “unprofessional behavior towards women” or some such HR crap. All the 23-year-old had said to her was that she was beautiful, but would be absolutely gorgeous if she bothered to smile and put on some makeup! It’s what every guy there was thinking, he was just the only one there brave enough to say it! Anyway, Justin Graves is back to being among the unemployed, and he is not happy about it. In an attempt to make himself feel better, he decides to go see the first live show he can get tickets for at the nearby theater for a price he can afford.

That show happens to be a production that just so happens to have an opening involving a number of beautiful women dancing in what basically amounts to lingerie. One particular woman in this show catches Justin’s eye. By the end of the show, with the final bow, Justin has learned 1 thing, he is absolutely in love with Mira Karbi. This fact goes nicely together with his obsessive misogyny and desire to keep a woman as his sex slave. As soon as he gets home, he gets to work on cyber stalking the Arab beauty, learning all that he can about her.

Late one evening, four months after Justin’s obsession began, he decided to make his move. After catching her final show, the young adult came to where he knew she would exit the building, and ambushed her with a bouquet of roses, and an overly large grin. “Hello Mira, you may not know me, but I know you, in fact, I love you, I have seen your performances here for many months, and I have decided that you are the most wonderful woman in the world, and I will make you my wife. Soon, you will give up your career for me and be my doting housewife and the mother of my children, please accept me and my offer to go on a date with me!”

In response to this totally normal, and not at all creepy declaration of love, Mira appears to go through a series of emotions, first surprise, endearment, offense, and then finally fear. In response to that final emotion, she loudly yelps, pushing the man out of the way, and running away as fast as she can.

Justin is appalled at this action, and is absolutely enraged. He storms off out the other direction from where Mira ran. He ends up wandering aimlessly for a few hours, eventually stumbling into the local garbage dump, a place piled high with the discarded waste of the city, and a place where it is de facto allowed that anyone can take anything they find. The thing that catches Justin’s eye is a notebook with what appeared to be a splatter stain on the front cover. Justin picks the book up, and opens it to a random page which, suddenly, transports him to another plane of reality.

“Justin Graves, You are the Holder of the Book!” Booms a voice that he feels deep within his mind. Justin opens his eyes, and before him is what has to be a demon. It has the appearance of a human being, except its skin is a deep red, his teeth razor sharp, and eyes coal black. It also has black horns growing upwards out of its forehead. “As Keeper of the Book, you have great power over the inferior gender of your mortal species. At least, that is how you think of them” Justin is terrified, but he can do nothing. He can’t speak, he can’t scream, he can’t even piss himself or run away, only listen to what this demon wants to tell him. “If you write the name of a female into this book, you will have complete dominion over it. The sow will be slave to whatever is written about it in this tome, you may command an executive cunt to become a bimbo, or a stage dancer to become your personal servant, anything at all that you desire.” With that, the demon poofs out of existence in a puff of smoke, and Justin is transported back to where he was, as if no time had passed.

Justin immediately pisses himself, drops the book, and runs home. He runs home as fast as his legs can take him, By the time he arrives his shirt is absolutely soaked in sweat. The young man then strips himself of his clothes and takes a warm shower to try to calm himself down. When he gets out of the shower, though, he is anything BUT calm, because sitting on the counter of his bathroom, is the book. He shrieks and throws it out the window of his third floor apartment, and goes to his bedroom to dry off, but the book is on his bed! Could that vision have been real?

Feeling like he had nothing to lose, he decided to open the book up, and write down the name Mira Karbi, and the sentence “Is an exhibitionist.” He then closed the book, and went to bed, after jerking off 3 or 4 times imagining Mira’s arousal at showing herself off.

The next morning, Justin walked to the theater to once again watch Mira’s performance, this time feeling quite excited to do so, this will be her first show since he had written about her in the book, and he wanted to see what sort of effect it had on her, and an effect it certainly had. She was visibly flushed, and breathing heavier as she danced, lifted her legs, and showed off her Arabian physique. Justin was so fucking happy to see that the book worked, it meant he had unlimited power over her.  As soon as he got home, he decided, he will make sure that Mira will become more than an exhibitionist, she will become HIS. His subhuman, objectified slave cunt.

He then decided that it would be fun to go a bit slower than that, but his view of Mira had shifted. He naturally viewed all women as less than him, but forced counselling had forced him to amend those thoughts with humanizing language, but with the book, he has now realized that he has no need for that filter, he can now think of women whatever the fuck he wants, he can alter them in any way he wants to make them fit his desires! That night, Justin got to work on writing in the book.

The next morning, Mira awoke feeling refreshed, like today was going to be special. She got out of bed, stretched, and- Wait a moment, she thought, How did I not realize this before? I’m a slave! Mira was shocked by this revelation, but had no real way to argue against it within her mind. She was a slave now, so she supposed she’ll find her Owner at some point soon.

Justin went to the show that afternoon more excited than he ever had before. He watched the show from his normal seat, close to Mira, but not quite in the front where she would very obviously notice him. Throughout the show, he notices exactly what he had hoped, but not expected to see, Mira acting as if she was much less inhibited sexually. He sees her gyrating her hips more, touching her breasts, and seductively looking at the men in the audience. Mira was hot before, but now, to Justin’s eyes, she’s a sexual magnet, taking everything in him not to climb up on that stage and command her to let him fuck her in front of the entire audience.

When the show is over, Justin runs to meet Mira in the same exit he cornered her at before, this time with much more successful results. When she sees him, instead of yelling out or running away, she gasps, and smiles wide. “Mira,” Justin says, “has what I wished for come true, are you…?” He trails off, suddenly feeling anxious about the situation, but the woman does not stop smiling. She informs him, “Yes Master, I think it has. I’ve felt different ever since I woke up, I’ve suddenly realized everything I thought I knew before was wrong. I’m not a person, not an independent being. I’m a thing, a possession, a slave. Then, upon seeing you, I realized that I’m your possession. Your slave.”

Those words were the best thing anyone could have possibly said to Justin in that, or any moment. He instantly went from anxious to over the moon with happiness, at last, the woman he’s been lusting after for so long is his to own and use however he wants. Justin did not waste any time. He took Mira by the hand and pulled her to follow him home, running at a pace that led his slave to stumble a little in her 4 inch wedge heels.

After about 5 minutes of stumbling, Justin and Mira made their way to his apartment, and Justin immediately pushed his slave onto the bed. “Strip, cunt” he says, while pulling his own clothes, “Yes, Master.” Mira responds, pulling off the coat she has over her costume, then the costume itself. When she reaches to take her heels off, Justin stops her, “keep those on. Heels are uncomfortable, so I want you to always wear them, you should suffer in my service.” Mira nods in the affirmative, understanding her place as his property.

Once they are both stripped, Justin gets up on top of his property, and kisses her deep on the lips, shoving his tongue down her throat, then slapping her in the face. “Do you want my cock, cunt?” Mira smiles wide in response, “Yes Master, I want nothing more than to take your cock in whatever hole you want it in!”  He slaps then kisses her again, putting the head of his dick to the entrance of her pussy, coating it in her wetness. As he does this, he also realized that his slave seems to have not shaved in a little while, and has the beginnings of a full bush. He’s used to seeing shaved cunts in porn, so the bush is a slight surprise, but not a horrifying one. He then inserts his cock further into her pussy, and begins fucking her.

As he fucks her, he kisses her again, and asks Mira to start playing with her tits, which the slave is far more than willing to do, grabbing and squeezing her C cups for him, and pulling on her own nipples. The incel-turned-slaveowner does not last particularly long the first time inside his slave, and he creampies her in only 2 minutes, collapsing next to her and breathing heavily. “That was wonderful, cunt, now then, I want you to get to work. As my slave, I don’t want you to just take my cum, I want you to cook my meals and clean my home too, so get started with that. Clean this place up.”

When Mira responds that she’ll do it, Justin then turns over to his laptop and looks up online to buy a maid outfit for his slave, asking her for her dress measurements. He also formulates a plan for coming over to her place to pick up some of her stuff, like toiletries and anything of value to sell. That ends up going quite smoothly over the next week and a half. He walks with her to her work, where she left her car, then rides as she drives home, supervising as she packs up her clothes and toiletries, then dictates what to take to his place, and what to put up for sale. By the end of the next week and a half, he’s made a nice chunk of money to put towards more sexy outfits.

Justin has Mira dress up as a maid, a harem girl, in rags and metal shackles, and in dozens of other outfits, both sexy and for roleplay. The man learns quickly that he enjoys being able to do absolutely anything he wants, and have her enthusiastically agree to it. The sex is the best part, having an obedient slave willing to indulge any kink he has, and obey any command, sexual or otherwise.

He also still has Mira work her normal hours at the theatre, just taking 3 days off a week instead of the normal 2 day weekend. He does alter the way she works though. He orders her to be as sensual in her dancing as it is possible to be without seriously risking her job. It turns out that standard is rather unrestrictive, as the first shift after that order is given, Mira’s work changes radically. She begins to dress much more provocatively, showing off her round ass, and her deep cleavage. The middle eastern slave begins to alter her dance moves to include much more jiggling, and much more seductive glares towards the audience, or her Master specifically if he’s watching the show. It also turns out that performers are allowed to give their partners tickets to the show whenever they want, so he never has to pay for a performance again.

One day, he has Mira perform on stage in a metal slave collar, just to test the boundaries of her employment, and it goes off scot-free. Eventually he gets bored of testing the seemingly nonexistent barriers of how sexual the dancers can be, and stops watching her shows as often, preferring to enjoy his slave at home, and leaving her be at work, confident that she would never be freed from the magic enslaving her to him.

One day, however, she is freed from the spell. While on shift, dancing sexily on the stage while the frontline actors sing their show tunes, water unknowingly spills on The Book at Master’s home, smearing the pages Justin wrote on. She’s incapable of leaving the stage without causing a scene, so she keeps doing what she’s been doing, but is very confused, having been in somewhat of a hazy state since being in service of her owner. After the show ends, her shift does as well. When she gathers up her things in the changing room, she’s shocked to see the house keys she recognizes nowhere to be found in her bag, instead replaced with a different set, with an address tagged on to them that was nearby, but otherwise unfamiliar. She decides to go there to find out who stole her keys.

Justin is lazing on the couch playing an RPG on his PS4 when he hears the keys unlocking the door. “Who the fuck are you?” Mira asks, looking at him, unrecognizing, when suddenly, “Wait, you’re that creep from before? How did you put your keys in my purse? Where are my keys?” Justin is in a panic. He looks to the far end of the room, and sees what happened, the drink he had spilled earlier had landed on The Book. He dashes for it, opening it to see the words smudged beyond recognition. He flips to another page and begins rewriting what had been put before, re-enslaving Mira to him. 

Mira’s reaction to this is instant. The moment the pen is lifted from the page, the writing complete, the slave collapses, momentarily unconscious as her mind is rewritten radically back to where it was hours ago, then, after a few seconds that, to the anxious Justin feel like hours, Mira awakens, raises to her knees, and smiles brightly at her Lord and Master, Justin. “Master, I don’t know what came over me! I’m so glad you were able to put me back in my place! Members of the inferior gender such as myself don’t deserve to not be slaves! I am forever grateful to you for showing me the superiority of masculinity, and how the feminine must be enslaved to it.” She then crawls to him, kisses the tops of each of his feet, and then fishes his cock out of his underwear, taking his entirety into her mouth, giving him a satisfying blowjob with her hands resting on her lap.

After that’s done, Justin has Mira seal The Book into a zipped up bag and placed in a drawer in the kitchen where nothing else can spill on it. Over the next few years, Justin continues to live in that apartment with Mira, eventually getting enough money from her to upsize to a nicer apartment in a cheaper city, and living his life with her as his faithful servant. He forgets about the book, however, leaving it sealed away in a kitchen drawer in that small, dusty apartment in the city, perhaps never to be seen again, or perhaps not.

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