Political Influences

by Jakitron

Tags: #awful_politics #dom:male #f/m #humiliation #political_changes #sub:female #Politcs_made_better

Joe has a new neighbor with rather… distasteful views and a large soapbox to spread them. He decides to change her mind and strike a blow at her movement.

Once again, this story was written in collaberation with a redditor. 

“Liberal cucks in Washington best be prepared for the day of the Rope! President Orson K Ralph is the legitimate ruler of these United States, and no deep state, globalist plot is going to change that!” “Liberal cucks like to pretend Erik Duncan won the election, but would vote for that low energy, child sniffing, old man? President Orson K Ralph is a true leader!” Joe had just woken up this morning and immediately made the mistake of checking the Tweetbook. On it was Maylene Taurus, probably some friend of a friend of Joe’s. She was obviously quite the opinionated woman when it comes to politics, and also quite unhinged in those opinions. Joe is a quite progressive person, he voted for Duncan in the election despite preferring Alex Wakeman, who lost to him in the primaries earlier in the year, and her certainly didn’t support fucking Orson Ralph, that racist buffoon should have been laughed out of politics in any time after the 1920s with how cartoonishly hateful he was. But Ralphites always seem to pop up wherever Joe goes these days, and Maylene seems to be a particularly egregious one by any account. Ah well, at least he won’t have to see her outside of Tweetbook.

Joe then rolled out of bed and proceeded to get up as he normally does. He stumbles, bleary-eyed to the shower, spends about 15 minutes washing himself off thoroughly, then dries off and gets dressed in a polo shirt and khaki pants. Joe then prepares a hearty breakfast of coffee and toaster waffles with syrup. After that… healthy enough… breakfast, he gets up and is prepared to go out to work for the day. As soon as he gets out the door of his apartment, he sees her. Maylene Taurus, the curvy brunette fascist with a snow-white smile. She was wearing a tight black top with a zip-up neckline, zipped all the way up to the center of her cleavage, and a pair of ripped-up jeans. “Why hello there, neighbor, how nice to meet you, the name’s Maylene. I just moved-in to this nice little neck of the city, and I was hoping to introduce myself to the people I’ll be sharing a roof with.” She held out a hand to Joe, and surprised him with how much bigger her smile got when he took the hand and shook it firmly. “I’m Joe, nice to meet you too, I’m sorry but I have to head out to the office, maybe we can talk again soon,” he hopes he didn’t come off as rude the way he walked past her so quickly, but he really doesn’t want to get locked into a dialogue with a Ralphite. Maylene responds with a nod, allowing him to leave without further questions.

At work, Joe was constantly distracted. His job doesn’t exactly require being constantly hyper-aware at all times, so it doesn’t hurt his productivity all that much, but it’s still distracting. He’s constantly looking at and reading through Maylene’s Tweetbook page. Apparently she had appeared on his feed due to her proximity, and her gaming the site’s algorithm so that her Ralphite evangelism will appear on the dashline of anyone who identifies as left-leaning or liberal. Luckily, the site has a “stealth follow” option, so he’s able to check her profile without her finding out. Maylene’s posts are almost all political, and range from misinformed to completely unhinged. It’s clear that the woman always has Lion News on in her apartment, and that she believes everything they say without question. It’s true what they say, conservative media truly rots your brain, and makes you completely unhinged.

Over the course of the day, Joe makes a decision. Maylene is insane, and her poisonous social media posts need to be stopped, and to stop them, he’s going to need to teach her a lesson. Luckily, Joe has always had a talent for hypnosis. He’s used it many times in his life, including with his college girlfriend, who he was able to consensually turn into a brainless bimbo after finals every semester. They had to break up after getting jobs in other cities, but he remembers the relationship fondly. Joe has confidence that his hypnotic talents will transfer quite well to Maylene, so long as he can get her to agree to be entranced. He sets up the plan to get her to do that during the last hour of his shift.

The next morning is the start of the weekend, so Joe gets ready with his plan. He walks up to Maylene’s apartment, and knocks on the door. She steps out, dressed in a tight, red top and a tight, black skirt that hugged her curves very well. She is also wearing a large smile that doesn’t quite reach her eyes as well as she hopes, because, you see, she’s done some Tweetbook stalking of Joe too, without his knowledge, like he did with her, so she knows that he must be part of The Cabal, the Satan-Worshipping child predators that wish to take over the world by silencing President Orson K Ralph. In preparation for this meeting possibly happening today, Maylene took 2 capsules of CranialBoost2K For Women, a supplement that is supposed to protect your mind from Liberal Corruption (Not clinically proven, please ask your DataShock approved doctor if this supplement is right for you).

Joe didn’t know she had taken those supplements, but if he had, he would have laughed that she had taken pure cane sugar in a pill capsule, sold at a premium by grifters after her money, but that wouldn’t change anything about the meeting they were about to have. He asks her if she has time to talk, maybe have some coffee, and get to know each other, as neighbors. She agrees, cautiously, and goes to the kitchen to brew him and her some cups of coffee. He sits at the dining table, identical to his, as most of the furnishings come with the apartment. She brings him his cup, he thanks her, and they begin their friendly conversation, across from one another at the table.

“So, what’s brought you to this neck of the woods? We haven’t really gotten a new tenant here in quite a while.” Joe say, taking a small sip. Maylene responds, “Well, I have a job working at a pretty big tech firm, and they just built a new office in this area, and I jumped at the chance to come here and help the new satellite firm get off the ground. Also, between you and me, I think this place is quite corrupt. The governor of this state was quite cruel to President Ralph, and now he’s endorsing the fake rule of Erik Duncan, the fraud! So, I was hoping that my being here allow me to get at, and fight against the corruption in this coastal elite state.”

Joe was honestly rather taken aback by this response. He hadn’t expected her to go “mask off” with her opinions so readily, but, then again, her Tweetbook posts where also quite unhinged whenever she spoke about politics, and she found any topic to be a segue to talking about politics. He took another sip of his coffee before responding, “Well, I certainly do think this state is as full of Duncan supporters as can be, but I don’t exactly think this is the best place for our first real conversation to go. Let me ask you something. Do you ever talk or think about anything other than politics? Don’t these political conversations get tiring after so long? I’m quite good at getting people relaxed. I’m a fairly good hypnotherapist.” Maylene smiled brightly at the mention of hypnotherapy, believing it to be a good test for the strength of her CranialBoost2k supplement, so she agrees to be hypnotized by Joe.

To start the hypnosis off, Joe asks Maylene to get into a relaxed posture in the chair. He then picks up a candle that Maylene had on the table, and lights it, setting it back down in front of the woman. “Now, Maylene, I want you to look deeply into the flame. I want you to relax every bone and muscle in your body, focusing only on the flame, my voice, and your relaxation. First, feel all the tension in your fingers, and release. Then, feel the tension in your toes, and release. Now, I want you to feel and release the tension is your forearms. Excellent. I can see you relaxing for me Maylene. I want you to relax every muscle in your body one by one, perfect, you’re doing so well. I bet you’ve never felt this relaxed, Maylene, wonderful. Now, I want you to feel the tension in your chest, and release it, perfect. Next, feel the tension in your mind, and release it, release your mind of its racing thoughts, allowing me instead to control them, corral them away from your stress. Good.” Joe can see now that Maylene is extremely relaxed, she is slumped over in her chair completely, in a very deep trance-sleep.

“Good Maylene, now, when I snap my fingers, I want you to open your eyes, and look at me, but remain in this trance for me, okay?” She nods slightly, so Joe snaps his fingers, slowly raising her to a blank, open-eyed trance. “Now Maylene, when you’re in this trance, I am the editor of your mind. What I say becomes what you think when I command it to be. Now, after I snap my fingers, I’m going to say some things, and when I say ‘repeat’ you will repeat back what I say from your point of view, and they will become the most deeply held belief in your conscious mind, do you understand?” Maylene nods slowly, then says “Yes, I understand.” In a slow, monotone voice.

“Good. Let me begin.” He snaps his fingers.

“You are an Erik Duncan supporter. Not because you like him, You preferred Alex Wakeman, but Duncan was the only candidate left who could defeat Ralph, who you hate. Repeat.”

“I am an Erik Duncan supporter. Not because I like him, I preferred Alex Wakeman, but Duncan was the only candidate left who could defeat Ralph, who I hate.”

“You are a socialist, and you believe that Orson Ralph is a fascist who stands in opposition to all of your beliefs. Repeat.”

“I am a socialist, and I believe that Orson Ralph is a fascist who stands in opposition to all of my beliefs.

He goes on beyond that for over an hour, reshaping Maylene’s political and economic beliefs to be more in line with his own, and concrete, giving her even the ability to debate those beliefs and stand her own against someone who believed all the things she did before meeting Joe. After the political reshaping, however, Joe decided that there was more mental editing he could do for this beautiful woman.

“You find me to be extremely attractive. Repeat.”

“I find you to be extremely attractive.”

“You are extremely sexually submissive, acting consensually like a slave to any man you date. Repeat.”

“I am extremely sexually submissive, acting consensually like a slave to any man I date.”

“You want me to dominate you, and become your Master. Repeat.”

“I want you to dominate me, and become my Master.”

“You enjoy doing whatever your Master tells you to do, whether it’s sexual, or domestic chores. Repeat.”

“I enjoy doing whatever my Master tells me to do, whether it’s sexual, or domestic chores.”

He then goes on like that for a short while, programming Maylene to become his absolutely dominated house-slave. An hour later and he has her out of trance, agreeing to do absolutely anything he tells her to, having her come over to his apartment and clean it, make them lunch, and then clean up some more.

That afternoon, Joe decides to take advantage of is new slave in the way he’s most waited for. “Slave Maylene, come here, and give me a blowjob!” He orders from his seat in his comfortable reclining chair. Maylene comes by as quickly as she can from across the apartment in his bedroom, and immediately gets on her knees, puts her hands in her lap, and puts the cock Joe has already pulled out from his pants into her mouth. Maylene, despite having just this morning been a staunch conservative, is a naturally talented fellatrix, and gets Joe to harden to full erection in only a few seconds. After only 10 minutes of bobbing her head up and down his stiff shaft, she is swallowing his cum as Joe’s body convulses from the overwhelming pleasure.

2 months later and Maylene and Joe are moved in together, Maylene having cancelled her lease, and moved in as soon as possible, even if it cost her a good bit of money. Living together has been a dream come true for Joe, and since his thoughts dominate hers, it has been a dream come true for Maylene as well, waiting on him hand and foot, and taking his cum in any orifice. One problem does occur, however, when one of Maylene’s old Ralphite friends tries to get back in contact with her through her old Tweetbook profile, which he never had her delete, but banned her from posting to anymore for fear of raising suspicion, apparently suspicion was raised anyway, because Maylene was formerly a prominent poster in many Ralphite communities, and her disappearance was eventually noticed.

After the day of their three month anniversary, the couple got a knock on their door from a young blonde in a blue top and cutoff jeans. Maylene met her at the door in a black dress with thin shoulder straps. “Oh, my goodness, if it isn’t Tamera Lumborum! It has been far too long since the last time I’ve seen you! I am so sorry I haven’t kept in touch, I’ve met the most wonderful Man, and-” Tamara cuts Maylene off with a raised hand. “It has been a long time since we’ve seen you, since anyone of the United States Freedom Movement has seen you, have you abandoned our President, Orson Ralph?” Maylene looks at her friend nervously. Tamara was a good friend to her, a fellow True Believer in Orson Ralph’s movement, but also a public pundit, appearing on new media and traditional news networks alike to spread the word of Ralph’s movement. She has a lot of pull, but has been extremely cruel to any defectors. Unfortunately for Maylene, her Master has forbidden her from lying to anyone, but he did give an important, life saving caveat, to protect her Master from being exposed as a mind controller, and her coming out to her friends as a an Anti Ralphist would definitely stink of meddling to the likes of Tamara. So, quick on her feet, Maylene comes up with a plan, “What? Of course not! I’ve simply found someone with whom I’ve decided to dedicate myself to in the Christian sense,” She winks at Tamara, “but of course I believe the same I always have, just don’t post as much anymore because I’ve been so busy in the home.”

Tamara seems convinced by the ruse and smiles wide at hearing of her friend’s new relationship. “Well then, that sounds wonderful. I simply must meet this man of yours” “I am sorry, Tamara, but He’s not home at the moment, He’s at work, although I heard there was a bit of a party being held in this city in about a week, maybe we can all meet up there?” Maylene knows that this party has a lot of people with a lot of influence over public opinion in politics. “Oh of course, what a great idea, make your great comeback to the political stage!” The women then parted ways for the day, both extremely pleased with the conversation they just had. Maylene immediately calls her Lord and Master, informing him of the conversation, and of her plans for the party.

2 weeks go by, and Maylene is on Joe’s arm walking up to the party. Joe is dressed simply in a suit, no tie or vest, just a dress shirt, suit jacket, nice pants, and nice shoes, wearing sunglasses, and Maylene is dressed rather scandalously in a lime green top that looks more like a crop top vest, the two sides joined in front together by some string, showing plenty of cleavage, and that the slave is not wearing a bra. She is also wearing skin-tight black pants and some rhinestones around her eyes, shaped like a butterfly mask. They walk into the party and absolutely dazzle the crowd in general, but cause a tiny shock to the Ralphites amongst them. This Maylene is certainly dressed a whole lot differently then they’re used to seeing her. Of course, she was never exactly allergic to sex appeal, but this is a whole new level as far as they’re concerned. Maylene doesn’t concern herself with their scornful looks to start off with, instead, she wants to dance with her Owner, so she does. She and Joe end up getting a lot of eyes on them, and more than a few pictures taken of them both.

Eventually, after building up quite the sweat, and building up plenty of excitement, Maylene decided to make an announcement to the crowd. She has no need to get anyone’s attention as she is easily the most eye catching person there, so she simply gets up on a chair, and makes her announcement. “Hello everyone, it’s me, Maylene Taurus! Famous Ralphite poster and pusher of conservative values! I have come here to make a statement!” The crowd all hush, and the music that was playing is abruptly stopped. “I want all of you to know that I have been wrong all of my career, and I wish now to publicly disavow Orson Ralph and his hate, as well as the hate I spewed as his supporter. I want my online followers to know that you’re all wrong, and you should open yourselves up to be convinced of other positions like I have. I will no longer be putting myself in the spotlight after tonight. My fiancé, soon to be husband, will be my only priority going forward, unless he wants to make me a mother. Anyway, screw Orson Ralph, Erik Duncan is the President, and Alex Wakeman should have won!” She gets down from the chair she was standing on, into Joe’s arms, who she proceeds to kiss as most of the crowd cheers, but quite a few seethe quietly, especially Tamara, who has a complete freak-out, shrieking about deep state infiltrators taking control of Maylene’s mind. Clips of her rants end up on Tweetbook, ruining her reputation as a calm and measured political advocate, exposing her instead as a conspiratorial wack-job like any other far right activist. The clips of Maylene’s announcement, of course, also end up spreading like wildfire, bringing with it a shock to quite a few people, on both sides of the aisle, who saw Maylene as the staunch woman she once was.

Soon after the announcement, the couple end up heading back home, and immediately run straight for the bedroom, making love, not for the first time, but this time, it’s unprotected, and Joe gives the greatest gift he’s capable of giving to his brainwashed slave. “I love you, so much, Ma-aa-MAASSSTTEEER!” Maylene yells as she cums with her owner.

6 Months later, Maylene is the happiest housewife on the face of the earth. She rubs the prominent bump on her belly. The doctor said she’s carrying 2 healthy twin girls, and Maylene is living a pure life of bliss. Every day she cooks and cleans for her Lord and Master, and she runs her social media. Now that her forced political shift has been made public, Joe now allows her to do whatever she wants with her old social accounts. Mostly she posts passionate rants about current events, from her new perspective, but she also helps to talk people in her old position out of their radical beliefs. Despite her announcement of leaving public life, she has made a limited number of appearances on peoples’ podcasts, or calling in to livestreams or radio broadcasts to debate Ralphite hosts, or just have friendly conversations with her fellow progressives. Anyone she talks with would never assume she was brainwashed into her position, just that she is a very intelligent woman, with a deep conviction in her beliefs.


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