Megan becomes a slut

by Jakitron

Tags: #dom:male #humiliation #m/f #mind_reading #sub:female #tech_control #multiple_partners #true_desires

Megan isn’t as much of a “good girl” as her religious community thinks she is. Written after being given a prompt in exchange for another prompt I asked for on Reddit, first real attempt at this kind of writing, so I’m open to critique

Megan woke up to another fine enough day. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and she was bored as all heck. She was visiting home on spring break during her third year at college, studying for a useless degree, and it was weird being back home. She headed downstairs to pick up some breakfast and say hi to her parents. “Hello sweetheart, I hope you’re enjoying this blessed morning leading to a blessed day!” her father said from the kitchen table holding a newspaper in one hand a cup of coffee in the other. “I’m fine dad, thanks, how about yourself?” Megan said this while she opens the freezer and pulls out a stack of toaster waffles. Before her father could answer though, she rushes out of the room and out the door, munching on frozen waffles as she goes.

Jeremy had done it. He had been trying and failing to get it to work for years, but now he had done it! A machine that can read the thoughts and deepest desires of any person! As he was cackling to himself in excitement, he receives the buzz of a text message from his phone. “Megan- Hey Jerry, I’m in town for a few days, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out or something like old times? I just want an excuse to be away from home as much as I can, Dad is still the same as he’s always been.” The message ended with a half-dozen barfing emojis. Jeremy was surprised and pleased to see the message. Megan was one of his oldest friends, their parents having been part of the same church, and he had always secretly had a crush on her… maybe he could use the mind reader to see if she liked him back…

Megan arrived at Jeremy’s apartment three hours later. She was dressed pretty plainly, but not in a way that hid her healthy figure. Her black hair was tied back in a loose ponytail, and she wasn’t wearing any makeup. “So, Jeremy, what’s this device you’ve got to show me? Does it even work or is it going to blow up like everything else you make?” She asks curiously, but with a hint of joviality. “I-it’s supposed to be able to read your mind, a-and find out your deepest desires” Jeremy stuttered slightly, nervous to finally show his invention to someone. “That sounds interesting, well turn it on then!” She says, excited. The device thrums to life, and Jeremy points it to her head. After a few moments, the device’s screen pops to life.



Jeremy does a double take when he reads this. Megan is a good, Christian girl. She may be a bit rebellious, as all young women are these days, but she’s still GOOD. She’s taken a vow of chastity, she’s only dated boys from the church, and she’s going to a Good College that’s supposed to foster those values, and yet here it is in plain English, Megan wants to get fucked, and hard, by a lot of people at once. “Well, what’re you making that face for, Jerry? What does it say I most deeply desire?” Megan asks after a few too many silent seconds have passed. “Oh, uhm, it says your greatest desire is to, uuuh, help those less fortunate than you.” He says, sweating nervously. “That sounds about right,” Megan says, then “Well, it’s been nice talking to you again, but I need to get going, I promised Annabeth I’d come see her too!” With that she heads out, but Jeremy is completely floored still by what he has read. He knows one thing for sure. The pure Megan he had a crush on in grade school and high school is gone, college had turned her into a heathenous slut, and was going to expose her.

He knew the first thing he had to do was create a device that would lower her inhibitions. How much, he wasn’t sure, but he knew he had to do it. With Megan seemingly out of the way for the night, he got to work on modifying the mind reading device into a mind writing device. The work was hard, but extremely worth it. The next day he called her over saying that he had made some modifications to the device to make it even more accurate. She bought the ruse and came over quickly for Jeremy to then turn the device on, point it at her, and begin quickly typing





She felt odd… horny as hell, and like she didn’t give a rat’s ass about what anyone thought about that. She didn’t know what to do about that feeling though, no attractive guys were anywhere to be seen, just Jeremy, who she sees too much as a brother. She decides to excuse herself quickly, claiming another friend she made plans with, but she instead got in her car and drove way over the speed limit to the nearest shady sex shop with a no questions asked glory hole. That night she could not have sucked less than 20 dicks of various girths and lengths.

The next morning Jeremy didn’t hear from Megan at all, so he assumed, correctly, that Megan wasn’t satisfied with giving 2 dozen blowjobs and decided to go on and find men to fuck her, and then multiple men to fuck her. He assumed right that his modifications worked, and his former friend turned harlot has been up all night searching out dicks to fill her holes. When he eventually found her, she was fast asleep on a dirty bed in a dingy hotel with a cum filled condom sticking out of her pussy. Without waking her up, Jeremy aimed his mind writing device at her makeup smeared face once again






Jeremy added that last little bit out of a desire for Megan to never be sent to prison because that would put a premature end to her sexual escapades. He did believe though that since she hasn’t really exposed herself to anyone she knows yet, he decided to remove all of her shame and any ability to regret her decisions so that even when she gets caught, the genie will never be put back in the bottle.

Three weeks later he decides to check on how Megan has been doing. She’s been kicked out of college for never returning from spring break, causing her parents to lose out on thousands of dollars in tuition and other college costs. This has caused her normally calm and collected father to feel rage, true anger at his irresponsible daughter. He doesn’t know any of the details of where she’s been or what she’s been up to, so he comes to Jeremy, one of her best friends to find out.

“Jeremy, I know you’re a good man, so I’m hoping that if you know, you’ll be willing to tell me what has happened to by baby girl.” He says with tears threatening to leave his eye, “I haven’t heard a word from Megan in over three weeks, but you’re the last person I remember her talking about seeing, so I hope that means you know where she went.” Jeremy had been practicing how he would react to this conversation, and he managed to get it to play out exactly as he planned. With a surprised face he replied, “Oh jeez Mr. Hartfield sir, I’m not entirely sure I know where she went, but before she left, I remember her mentioning the motel on the other side of town!” He knew for a fact that she was still there as he added programming that she would only ever have sex there, and that the only thing she would ever do is have sex.

What Mr. Hartfield experienced when he entered his daughter’s motel room could only be described as sensory overload. The first sense to be hit was smell; the smells of male and female arousal, the smell of sweat, and the smell of cum. Next was touch, the room was extremely warm, adding to the strength of the smell of sweat. Next was sound, he heard the most sexual moans imaginable in his once innocent daughter’s voice. The final sense to be affected was sight, as he saw his daughter, Megan, riding one man’s dick while she jerked off two more. The moment the door opened, the two men she was jerking off came, one on her face, the other on her already cum encrusted tits. At the moment of ejaculation, she made an ahegao face to try and catch the cum on her tongue. The sight enraged and disgusted Mr. Hartfield. He immediately vomited on the floor into the motel room, and then turned and ran back to his car, calling the other important members of the church to inform them that he will be excommunicating his wretched whore of a “daughter.”

After that day, Jeremy decided that, for a moment at least, Megan should know what happened. He found her in her hotel room, unconscious from fucking for as long as she could stay awake, and he tied her up tight before using the mind writer to undo all the alterations he made.




Upon waking up, he told her everything. Every last detail of his plan, and how perfectly it was implemented. Megan was enraged. “How the fuck could you do to me you bastard!” she yelled, “we were friends!” Jeremy laughed and showed her the screen of the mind writer/reader, and how it showed her unaltered deepest desire. “This is how I could do it, slut, by making you unable to resist doing all the degenerate and immoral things you already wanted to do. I never changed your emotions or your wants, I only removed the moral compass that kept you from true fulfillment.” She was frothing with anger at this response, but the memories of how she felt the last few weeks were too real to ignore, she knew he was right, that she truly did love being a cumdumpster for strangers, and as much as she didn’t want to feel it, she knew she desired to be one again. “You win,” she said, in a defeated voice, “I really do just want men to fuck me all the time, I really do have no greater ambition than to be a whore for strangers,” she began to cry, “so please, put me back the way I was, let me be a slut without regrets again, let me get fucked until I pass out from exhaustion again and again until the end of time!”

“When a pretty girl makes a heartfelt request like that, it’s a gentleman’s duty to fulfill it.” Thought Jeremy as he brough the mind writer’s settings back to how they had been the night before. He didn’t say anything though, not wanting to ruin the moment for himself or the whore he once cared about.

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