HuntLog 6B-257-689

by Queen Zii

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #sadomasochism #sub:female #urban_fantasy

Hunting a vampire isn’t an easy job. Underestimating your opponent can often be a fatal mistake. Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg” is about to find that out the hard way.


6:30 AM

HuntLog 6B-257-689-001

<Record Begin> Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: Alright, finally on the road and getting started. Lotta guys have gone after this bitch and none of ‘em have come back. I got this, just gotta learn from their mistakes, keep my distance, take her when she’s unaware. I’m about 4 hours drive from her current location. Just some boring suburb up north. Gonna be entering her hunting ground, and she’s gonna be waiting for me. Ain’t gonna be easy, but I’m confident I can take this bitch. “The Queen”, what a pretentious fuckin monster she is. Your number’s up, lady. I’m comin’ for ya. <Record End>


11:13 AM

HuntLog 6B-257-689-002

<Record Begin> Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: Made it to the hotel. Just getting everything set up in the room here. Nice place, got a kitchen and everything. Glad I ain’t payin’ for it. Pulling up a lotta missing person’s reports from around here. Just as many as anyplace else, really. Just gotta know how to find the patterns. Certain places, times, y’know. Checking social media too, any posts that seem off, about meeting some incredible woman, that kinda thing. Can’t risk asking around, this thing has definitely got thralls out and about. Looking for someone exactly like me gettin’ too nosey. <Record End>


10:20 PM

HuntLog 6B-257-689-003

<Record Begin> Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: Tracking for three days, and I got her. She’s at 1818 Elmwood Avenue. All the way across town. This time of night, the bitch is likely out hunting. Gonna head out there, try and get a look at her base of operations. Gonna have to be careful, she’s definitely gonna have thralls watching the place. Just a quick drive past and snap a few pics. <Record End>


10:57 PM

HuntLog 6B-257-689-004

<Record Begin> Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: On my way back to the room. Place is just a house, nothing special about it. Was some blue haired punk girl sitting on the porch, smoking a cigarette. Probably a thrall. Good to know where she hides though. 

<Sound of door opening>

<Unknown Voice>: Well hello there, little hunter.

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: What the fuck?

<Sound of a firearm being unholstered and readied>

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: Stay right where the fuck you are, bitch! 

<Unknown Voice>: But of course, darling. Wouldn’t dream of moving anyway. This bed is so comfortable.

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: How the hell did you get in here?

<Unknown Voice> Oh you know how I operate, sweetie. You’re here to kill me, after all. And I know The Organization keeps good records. Now, why don’t you put that gun down, hm?

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: I don’t fucking think so. That how you got the others? Just asked politely? I ain’t gonna be that easy. Fuck you.

<Unknown Voice> By all means, honey. Shoot me in this hotel. A public space. Fire off a gun in here. Go ahead.

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: Fuck you! Stop smiling like that. This ain’t the only way I got to kill you.

<Unknown Voice> <Sound of laughter> Oh I know it, honey. Look around me. Take your pick.

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: <Quietly> Motherfucker… <Normal volume> Fuck it.

<Sound of gunshot>

<Unknown Voice> Oh that was rude, darling. Very rude.

<Sounds of a scuffle> 

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: <Sound of pain>

<Unknown Voice> There, now isn’t this better? All trapped against the wall, that silly gun out of the way. Now we can talk properly. But first, have a taste, darling.

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: <Screaming in agony>

<Unknown Voice> My blood burns the life from all it touches, little hunter. And you just made me bleed. And so you get to feel it. Do you like it?

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: <Strained breathing and whimpering> F-fuck you… bitch. 

<Unknown Voice> Yes yes, I know. Heard it all before. Now, sweetie, look into my eyes. Oh don’t go squirming like that. Just look. There we go… Turn off your recorder, sweetie. <Record End>


5:30 AM

HuntLog 6B-257-689-005

<Record Begin> Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: <Quietly> She thinks she has me. I’m in a dark room, probably in that house. I’m… not sure when I got here or how. Bitch disarmed me and then… I dunno. I… I’m ashamed to say how I feel when I think about it. I want to escape but… I can’t. I’m not restrained but… I just… I can’t… But my mind is still mine, damn it. I still hate that bitch. That fucking thing. No matter how pretty she is, she ain’t human. I’m getting out of here, somehow.

<Sound of door opening>

<Unknown Voice> Hello there, little pet. Recording again, are we?

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: Yes. I am. I'm documenting what you've done to me, The Organization's gonna know, and knowledge is power.

<Sound of slight scuffle, something heavy slamming against immobile object>

<Unknown Voice> Oh honey, is that what they teach you? Knowledge isn't power, sweetie. Power, is power.

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: Your power ain't shit, lady. If I'd hit you in the head-

<Unknown Voice> If you'd hit me in the head, I would have died, yes. But see, you hit me in the chest. Because you see, you didn't want to kill me, honey. You were mine as soon as you got into the room with me.

<Sound of heavy object hitting floor>

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: <Sound of pain> Bullshit.

<Unknown Voice> Is that so? How about you take another look into my eyes, then, hm?

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: N-no... I'm not... n-not.. nn...

<Unknown Voice> That's it, dear. Just stare, let all your focus fall into my gaze. Your back against the cold concrete floor, my boot on your chest, none of it matters. Your thoughts do'nt matter. All that matters, are my eyes, and my words.

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: Y-your... eyes... words... I...

<Unknown Voice> Good girl, falling so easily, again and again. You don't even known how many times we've done this little dance since last night, do you?

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: I... eyes... words...

<Unknown Voice> <Laughter> Oh sweetie, you're so far gone so quickly. It's like I said, you wanted this. You wanted me, the moment you saw me. Tell me.

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: I... I wanted you... the moment I saw you...

<Unknown Voice> Good girl! You will need to be punished for those hurtful things you said earlier however. So wake up now, sweetie.

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: Fuck you! Stop fucking with my head you disgusting monster!

<Unknown Voice> <Wincing sound of pain, suspected subject cut itself to cause bleeding> No, I don't think I will. Anyway, drink up, darling.

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: N-no! Nono, please I- <Screams of agony>

<Unknown Voice> This is why you don't talk back, honey.

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: <Continued screaming>

<Unknown Voice> If you're a good girl, you never have to feel this again. Are you gonna be a good girl? Or do you need some more teaching, hm?

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: <Gasping breaths, coughing> F-fuck fuck okay I'll be a good girl! Please no more! I'll be a good girl, please!

<Unknown vOice> <Laughter> Just like the last time. Good girl. Turn that recorder off for me, honey.<Record End> 


12:18 AM

HuntLog 6B-257-689-006

<Record Begin> Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg”: Yes Ma’am. To The Organization: I am the latest of your failures. The Queen is more powerful, more beautiful, more perfect… s-sorry, lost myself a bit. The Queen is more powerful than you’ll ever be. If you don’t wish to keep losing operatives, cease sending them. I love My Queen. I will serve her to my dying breath. Death to The Organization.

<Unknown Voice> Good girl, Krystine.  Now, send them everything. Good girl. <Record End>

Hunter #281-325 “Krystine Kellogg” listed MIA. Subject V-6B-20-62 "The Queen" still at large. Suggest revising termination procedures to include recommendation to stay at minimum distance from town and subject until ready to enact termination.


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