I forgot I was getting dropped

by Insomnium

Tags: #f/f #pov:bottom

A story of a first date and finding out you didn’t really know what you wanted, and still getting it anyway.

During their first date together, Our Subject (The POV), a virgin, brings up her kinks. Her partner, the hypnotist, reacts positively and agrees to help and mentions she's had a handful of experiences hypnotizing partners. If the night goes well, Shey'll be happy to indulge our subject. The night goes well with dancing, fine dining, and our dates leading into the hypnotist's bedroom...

After a wonderful night of dancing and fine dining, my date asked me if I wanted to come into her house. I nodded, thinking I knew what was coming next. I was finally going to lose my V-card. I mean, I'm 30 years old, it's about time. She lead me into her room and told me to lay down, face up, on the bed. I did so eagerly and she hopped up on top of me. We'd already discussed what was going to happen, but I had completely forgotten because I my brain was focused on my date. As our gazes aligned, I found myself getting lost in her eyes, feeling the weight of her presence upon me increasing by the second. I started to feel myself being whisked away, my mind being stolen from me like I was a mark in a secret agent film. There was nothing I could do to resist, mostly because I didn't want to.

My mind, nearly complete mush, could barely make out what was happening. I couldn't resist, nor did I want to. I just felt warm, safe, and happy. I started to hear my date's voice, "Hello Pumpkin, how are we today? Good?" All I could muster was a low moan. My date's voice continued, "That's okay, you don't need to talk. You can just moan or make whatever noise is easiest so I know you're here. You're such a good girl. You like being a good girl. When you hear me call you a good girl, you will feel happy. You are happy because I am happy. When I am happy when you are happy."

I moaned again. My date continued, "Tonight's date made me very happy. Do you remember us dancing? You are such an excellent dancer. Good Girls take me dancing. Dancing makes me happy. If I am happy, then you are happy. You are a good girl, and you like being a good girl, because I like you being a good girl."

I felt myself heating up to a warm, pleasant temperature. "Do you feel that? That warm feeling?" I tried to make words but I couldn't form them, so they came out like a short burst of baby gibberish. "Heehee" My date giggled at the sound. "I'll take that as a yes. This warm, cozy feeling is what you desire. You will ask for peace when it all becomes too much. If you say peace, then I will bring you back into reality. When you hear safety, you regain control. When you need to stop, say peace. you will quickly return to the warm, relaxing coziness of safety, and I will be here to comfort you, even if I am not nearby."

I mumbled a bit. My date's voice changed pitch ever so slightly. "You know, even though you've been such a good girl for me, I want you to forget that good girl is your happy trigger. If you hear good girl, you'll still feel the effects, you just won't know what caused them. I think that's a wonderful present for my good girl. But you'll have to be mentally around for that. I'm going to count up from 1 to 10, and when I reach 10, you're going to come back to me from where you are now. Does that sound good? I bet it does
"One. Becoming restless"
"Two. Starting to wake up"
"Three. Mind becoming clearer"
"Four. Stretching your arms and legs"
"Five. The light warms your eyelids"
"Six. Becoming aware of your surroundings"
"Seven. The feeling returns to your core"
"Eight. Your mind regains some control."
"Nine. Feeling returning to your fingers and toes"
"Ten. Wide awake now. Up up up." 

I sat up slowly. I looked around the room. My date was still sitting on top of me. She looked right into my eyes "Hello, my good girl, did you have a good nap?" I felt the glow of a golden warmth spread from my core, radiating outward. I grabbed at myself. "What is this?" I thought. I couldn't figure out what it was. I didn't care, it felt great. "Did we have sex?" I asked my date.

My date giggled. "No, but it was really cute how you felt so relaxed that you fell asleep with me on top of you."

I shrugged. "Can I see you again?"

My date put her finger on her chin as if it was a tough question. "Sure! how about same time next week?"

I did a mental fist pump as I nodded. "I'll see you then." I headed out to my car, the morning dew reflecting the first rays of the sun at dawn. I opened the door, hopped in, buckled up, turned the keys, and drove home, feeling super satisfied. When I arrived home, I texted my date to let her know I had arrived safely. She replied with two words.
    "Good Girl."

This is my first story. I'm new-ish to hypnosis, typically I'm a subject.


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