Rod of the Pharaoh

by Illuminati_Architect

Tags: #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #dom:male #exhibitionism #fantasy #necrophilia #religion #video_game

Ancient pharaoh seeks female archeologist.

I found myself in an unfamiliar location. I looked down and saw I was dressed as a palace maid of one of the early dynasties of the Egyptian New Kingdom and was carrying a tray with a loaf of bread, two empty cups, and a jug of wine. I looked around and saw that I was indoors, in a corridor decorated in a highly high-status manner for the period, perhaps even a palace.

I put the tray on a table and examined my face in a silver hand mirror. It was my face, but my costume was correct in every detail. I wore the proper makeup, and even my ponytail was restyled to fit the role I was dressed for. I had often envisioned myself back when the tombs were created to better navigate their ruins in my day. But it had never been in such exact detail before. I marked it down to the stress of the lack of success of my current expedition and decided to enjoy this dream while it lasted and leave disappointment for the dawn.

“Maid, attend me.”

“At once, my lord,” I responded in much more fluent Ancient Egyptian than I was capable of—another aspect of this intense dream. I picked the tray back up and walked into the royal bedroom. I stopped at the doorway and, in shock, almost dropped the tray. The pharaoh who sat on the bed, covered only by a sheet up to his waist, was the antithesis of classical manliness with his thin limbs and long nose and face. Still, I found myself struck by a deep affection I hadn’t known since my father’s passing, and this time, combined with a surge of lust much more potent than any man had ever stirred in my womb or even a woman for that matter.

“Maid, come here.”

“Yes, my lord.” I blushed and bowed my head. Mostly, this was to avoid looking back into those commanding eyes, but it also helped me watch my steps. My years of ballet, acrobatics, fencing, climbing, and parkour training seemed forgotten as I crept slowly toward this living god on wobbly legs.

I somehow managed to place the tray on the table next to his bed without spilling the wine, and I stood there looking down at the floor, straining to hear his breath above my thundering heartbeat.


My legs collapsed under me as I knelt on the floor before him.

“No, sit next to me.” He reached out one hand to grab my left shoulder, and I found myself floating up next to him on his bed.

“My lord, I am not worthy to sit beside you.” I looked away from him and felt my skin tingle as he released his touch. I fought the urge to lean back against him.

“Maid, do you proclaim yourself a better judge of these matters than I am?”

“Of course not, my lord!” I turned towards him and found myself lost in his eyes. As I struggled to retain some sense of composure, I blurted out. “By what name are you known, my lord?” Then, I silently cursed myself for overstepping my station.

“Akhenaten II.”

At this point, I was slightly jolted back to my true self and responded as a student and researcher. “But Tutankhamun was the successor of Akhenaten.”

“My younger twin brother banished me under the urgings of the priests, and then he ruled under that name. I can see from your memories that he also was erased from our histories, only to be found in your time, and then he became the most famous pharaoh of all.”

“Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered a century ago.”

“A mere blink of an eye compared to the time I have rested and waited for my return. Maid, you who have triggered my wards, what sort of princess are you?”

“My lord, I am a mere countess, not a princess.”

“Pharaohs can’t be choosers, I suppose. What is your name, Maid?”

“I am Floria Krupp, my lord.”

“Why have you ventured into this desert on your own? Why is your husband not with you?”

I paused momentarily as I considered evading his questions, but I found my concerns drained away by his gaze, and I was compelled to answer to the best of my ability. “I exposed the conspiracy of my betrothed, but this connection to him has tainted my personal and professional reputations. I have a girlfriend back in England, but she is a researcher unsuited to fieldwork.”

“And do you love her?”

“I thought I loved her with all my heart, but I find that I love you, my lord and master, a dozen times more.” I blushed and tried to turn away, but he put his hand on the side of my face, and I didn’t resist as he turned me back to face him.

He withdrew his hand, and I responded to the tingle he had left by stoking my cheek with my own hand.

“And what do you seek in the desert?”

“Adventure -” His stern glance stopped me, and I started over. “My apologies, my lord. I seek rich tombs to restore my estate finances and professional reputation.”

“Your greed can be accommodated. Are you young, healthy, and fertile, Floria?”

I felt a jolt at his use of my name, and my sense of belonging to him grew. “Yes, my lord, but not for another week.”

“My mana is lagging, but I will expend some to accelerate this.” He pointed to the table where a blank papyrus scroll, ink, and stylus were now sitting next to the wine. “Please map out your exact location with all landmarks you suspect may have been present in my time.”

I knelt before the table and took up the stylus. As I set to work on this, he poured himself a cup of wine.

“My lord.” I objected to his having to serve himself while I was available.

“Please continue the task that I have assigned you. But have a glass of wine yourself.”

“As my lord commands.” I found the ancient wine as powerful to the imagined servant girl’s body as Scottish whiskey was to my modern self. I shook my head and then completed the map.

“Bring the map to me.” He patted the spot right next to him on the bed.

Again, I sat next to him, keenly aware of his breath on my body. “My lord, my Range Rover is parked here. These are the hills around me and some of the pyramids.”

“Yes, I can see where you must be. Is this rover a vehicle of some kind? What are its capabilities?”

I quoted out the specifications for my SUV, converting these back into the units of ancient Egypt.

“Impressive. I see that by tossing out a few excess items you have brought, you can carry all of the meager treasures I escaped the court with in one load to be taken back via this ferry to your estate in this distant England. This should prove sufficient to sustain yourself for a lifetime so you may devote all your efforts to myself.”

“But my lord, surely the Egyptian authorities would object to this theft!”

“I will cloud their minds so that none object, and it is no theft when I make use of the things that are mine, such as yourself.”

“As my lord wills it, so will it be.”

“Here is where I am located. When you awake in the morning, you will park your vehicle on the north side of this hill, stand at the exact center, and repeat this phrase:”

He had me repeat the incantation three times, and then, satisfied, he took the map from my hands, placed it back on the table, and began to undress me.

“My lord, do you seek an heir?”

“More like a resurrection.”

“Is such a thing possible?”

His hands paused as he asked. “Have you seen no evidence of this in your time?”

I sat there topless but did not attempt to cover myself from my lord’s gaze. “I have seen no concrete evidence, my lord. However, several foes I have contended with have shown mysterious ancient knowledge and habits.”

“Then we must carefully conceal my return as we contend against these other immortals. You will name your son Alexander and raise me a proper English noble.”

“I will have a son?”

“That is for the ritual tomorrow. This is but a dream and will leave no physical changes to the waking world. Speaking of distortions in dreams, are these your actual breasts?” He held them in his hands and ran his thumbs along my engorged nipples as I thrust my chest out to facilitate his access to my body.

“Yes, my lord. I have considered surgery to reduce them to reduce the load on my acrobatics. Do they please you?”

“Yes, these will do nicely. I have heard that a mother’s milk is best for an infant.”

“As have I, my lord. I am grateful that they please you and will make sure to put them to your use.”

“I am very pleased, indeed, with all that you offer. Now, let me examine all of you. And when we are unobserved, you shall call me Master.”

“Yes, Master!” I almost squeed that out and felt myself moistening.

He kissed me on the lips, then lowered me down to lie on my back as he moved down to kiss my neck and then my achingly erect nipples.

I lifted my hips to let him slide the last of my servant-girl garments off my body. As he probed my cunt with his tongue, I bit at my lip and reached down to grab his head to urge him to go deeper. I felt guilty about touching the Pharaoh like this, but the sensation was too strong to control.

Then he interlaced his fingers in mine to spread my arms to the side as he moved up to position his manhood at the entrance of my womanhood. This wasn’t the first dream in which I had lost my virginity to a man, though this had never happened in my waking life.

“Master!” I cried out as he filled and fulfilled me with one thrust. As he slowly pulled out, I again lost control of my body, wrapped my arms around him, and placed my ankles on his buttocks to urge him to thrust into me again.

As he slowly thrust in and out of me, I felt myself rising to levels of arousal I had never dreamed of before. On his dozenth thrust, I cried out, “Master!” and all strength left my limbs as these flopped to the sides.

He grabbed my hips and continued to thrust into me, and all I could do was look up with awe into his commanding eyes. Then, with one final push, he thrust into me even deeper than before as he shouted out. “Now!”

I orgasmed even more with each spurt of his semen into my womb. As he finally withdrew, the requirement to return his gaze kept me from closing my eyes and drifting off to exhausted and overwhelmed sleep.

He supported himself with his hands planted on the bed to the sides of my head and spoke with that commanding voice. “This devoted maid and mistress is your true self. That Floria Krupp is but your latest reincarnation, a facade you maintain to play your role in the modern age. You will remember your true self when you hear my voice, but give no sign of this to others. You will protect myself and my possessions, including yourself, and tell me when my commands will threaten these. Floria will enter my tomb, perform the conception ritual, pack my treasures into her vehicle, return to her estate, and hide the treasures, selling these slowly as needed. Floria will then remain in seclusion in her estate. When she discovers that she is pregnant, she will recall a drunken encounter with a nameless Egyptian man whose face she has forgotten and devote herself with all her heart to raising this beloved child. Are these instructions understood?”

Barely able to breathe, I could but nod as I greedily engraved each of his commandments into my soul.

“Now awaken, and do as I have commanded.”

I woke up from what I hazily remembered as a highly erotic dream. I looked around and saw nobody else near my Range Rover, so I changed out my wet panties for a clean-ish pair. As I did this, my mind drifted back to the previous day. Wasn’t that hill I had passed too square to be natural?

I drove back up the road and then pulled over to the north side of that hill. There was something a bit off about it. I got out and walked to the center of the north side and spoke an unfamiliar phrase there. The exact phrase appeared in glowing hieroglyphs, and a door appeared under these and slid open.

As I stepped inside, my mind grew hazy. I took off my vest and dropped it on the floor. At this point, I saw another phrase appear on the inner wall, and as I spoke this, another door opened.

Inside the next door, I unbuttoned and dropped my shirt. This process repeated a few times and I giggled something about Ishtar and the seven gates. As my state of undress grew, so did my arousal. As I dropped my panties and walked through the final door, I reached for my sex but then found my hand pushed away. The need was so great that I nearly cried as I stepped into the inner chamber.

I saw many golden treasures packed into the small chamber, but my eyes focused only on the sarcophagus in the center of the room. I managed to read out the inscription on that, then stood there panting in my lust as the lid opened in the center and the two sides swung open.

Inside was the corpse of a man who resembled Akhenaten, but this was no mummy. Somehow, his body had been preserved so well that he might as well be only an hour dead. He lay naked with his penis fully erect.

I wasted no time as I crawled inside to straddle him. There was a moment of sharp pain and a little blood as I impaled my hot virgin snatch onto his cold rod. I almost came to my senses, but then glowing hieroglyphs appeared on the wall, and I read out the lengthy incantation as I bounced up and down on his member, my heat growing ever brighter with each stroke.

Finally, I reached my climax and froze as his penis erupted inside me. I squatted, frozen for half a minute as he delivered spurt after spurt into my eager womb. Then, as I collapsed on top of him, his body turned into dust, and I inhaled this.

I started coughing inside the coffin, and my awareness returned. I looked around at where I was and my state of undress. I was almost at the point of panic when I heard a voice inside my head.

Maid, can you hear me?

At the sound of his voice, I returned to my true self and shouted back in joy. “Yes, Master!”

Maid, when we are in contact, you can respond mentally.

Like this? I thought.


Master, by in contact, do you mean that the conception ritual was a success?

Yes. I will need to sleep as my new life grows inside you. Please only call for me in your mind when my assistance is urgently required. Get dressed, pack my treasures into your vehicle, and return to your estate to await my rebirth.

Yes, Master. It will all be as you have specified.


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