Bowled Over

by IDontEvenKnowManIDEK

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/m #microfiction #sub:male

Jaimey just wanted to sit back and watch the Super Bowl, but as always his nag of a girlfriend just had to interrupt. She always complained about everything, but he’d learned to just ignore her and let her voice drone on and on in the background.

"Are you seriously watching the game right now?"

"... Uh... yeah?"
"Oh My God! It's just total mindless viewing for you. You're just watching a bunch of guys bashing into each other over and over again. Where's the appeal?"
Jaimey felt his eyes roll and quickly turned back to the TV so Jess couldn't see it. Whenever he tried to watch a game, she tried to start a fight with him. He wasn't sure if she had a personal vendetta against sports in general, or just him watching them, but nothing was gonna stop him from watching this one. The Cheifs vs. The Bucc's, nah, he was gonna catch this one. 
The fights had started a few months back, after Jess had been swamped with work for her psych classes. While Jess studied, Jaimey had been watching a game in the living room. He had to admit that he'd gotten a little "spirited", but Jess had gone completely psycho! Yelling at him, waving her arms and standing in front of the TV. He'd tried to listen to her and be understanding about it, but she just kept going on and on. Her voice did something weird when she got mad, it moved to this register that was just shrill and grating, but her words got lost in the shrillness. Jaimey found that he could just... ignore her. Let Jess rant and rave and stare straight-ahead. Eventually she always tires herself out and moves on, and so far, she hasn't seemed to catch on to the fact that Jaimey was NOT listening.
Right now Jaimey was staring at the TV screen as Jess kept talking at him. His eyes were getting bleary and heavy, but he didn't blink, keeping a practiced focus on the screen before him.
"It's like your mind just goes right out the window whenever a game is on! Look at you, just staring at the screen, I bet you don't even know what's going on. Your mind just goes to sleep whenever you watch sports, yet you keep watching them. I bet you wouldn't even notice if I sat down next to you. You're just going to keep watching the game, aren't you? Your subconscious mind is just absorbing all the words I'm saying and letting them sink in deeper and deeper while your conscious mind focuses on the game."
Jaimey felt the couch shift a bit as something happened next to him, but he just kept watching the screen.
"Oh and look at that! Commercials! More mindless drivel that just allows sends your subconscious mind deeper and deeper down. Focus on the game, why don't you. Don't pay me any mind whatsoever."
Jaimey wasn't even really that much of a sports fan. He only cared about certain teams in certain sports, but he'd found himself watching more games lately because it was mindless viewing. He could come home after a log day of work and put on a game and lose himself in it. No major plotlines to follow. No new characters to try to remember the names of, and the next day, he knew he'd have something to talk about with the guys at the office. So what? Why did Jess have to hold it against him if he wanted to turn his brain off every now and then? Why should he have to worry about anything?  He just wanted to be able to turn on a screen and watch some bright lights and colors flashing on them.
"That's right, you're so caught up in your mindless sports that you don't even notice when I change the channel. You keep watching sports in your minds eye when you're really watching a delicious spiral. The spiral sends your mind deeper than the sports. My words make your mind go blank. Give in to the relaxation I'm causing you."
And Jess just kept on talking. Honestly, it was getting exhausting for Jaimey to listen to. Not that he was listening. He felt his eyes growing heavier and heavier, his limbs were too. The couch felt like it was pulling him magnetically down into it's soft, plush, warmth.
"And as your body and mind get pulled down, feel something else begin to float up, up, up. Getting so hard, your body growing so horny. You're so foused on the game that you don't even notice, though do you? No. Your mind is incapable of noticing anything thats going on around it right now. How could you focus on anything while there's a game going on? Now pet, it's Half-Time. Let's put on a show."

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