You’ve Heard Of Elf On The Shelf

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:object #drones #eye_focus #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #christmas #dom:doll #hypnotic_eyes #puns

Irma decorates the apartment for her roommate Racheal, but her centerpiece is rather unique.

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Racheal was shaken from her sleep by her alarm, as she turned to silence its banshee-like screams she jolted awake hard, seeing Irma stood by her bed.

“It’s Christmas!” Shouted Irma

“It’s advent, we have like 24 days until Christmas,” mumbled Racheal, silencing the alarm on her phone.

“Advent means decorations! Come see what I’ve done with the place!” Shouted Irma, tugging hard on Racheal’s arm.

Racheal mumbled and rolled out of bed, pulling her nightshirt down as she followed behind the overly excited girl.

As they came into the living room Racheal was taken aback, the room looked like something from a Christmas card, how had Irma set all of this up without her noticing?

“It is beautiful!” Smiled Racheal, the pretty sight washing away the last vestiges of sleep from her eyes.

“And you haven’t seen the best bit yet!” Smiled Irma, motioning Racheal towards a bookshelf that was partially covered with a sheet.

“Oh? What could this be?” Asked Racheal, becoming genuinely curious. “An advent calendar maybe?”

“That is over there!” Smiled Irma, pointing to a box on the wall.

“Hmm, so it isn’t the tree and it isn’t an advent calendar,” pondered Racheal. “That what is it?”

“Well,” smirked Irma. “You’ve heard of Elf on the shelf right?” She said, causing Racheal to nod. “Well, get ready for!” Shouted Irma as she pulled the sheet off, revealing a doll stood on a small plastic platform. The doll was clad in full armor and had white wings that contrasted with its bright blonde hair.

“It is,” said Racheal, tilting her head to try and see if a different perspective would help her understand what was going on.

“Valkyrie on the balcony!” Cheered Irma, making Racheal laugh as she finally got the joke.

“Very clever, and neat doll,” smiled Racheal, reaching out to touch it, only to get her hand slapped away by Irma.

“She’ll lose all her magic if you touch her! How will she send her reports without her magic?” Said Irma firmly.

“Reports? She going to report on me to Santa?” Giggled Racheal.

“No, of course not,” laughed Irma in response. “She is going to report to someone much more important than Santa. She reports to me,” she finished with a smirk.

“You?” Stuttered Racheal.

“Yes, she will make sure you are well behaved all the way up to Christmas, so you can get a reward.” Smirked Irma as she reached across and petted Racheal on the head.

“I’ll do my best?” Replied Racheal quizzically, blushing a little as her hair was rubbed.

“I know you will,” smiled Irma before walking into the kitchen to make coffee.

The day went as it did usually, Racheal went to work and pretty much forgot about the Valkyrie doll that was sat on the shelf at her house. Once the workday ended she wandered back home. Once she opened the door she headed straight towards the couch, keen to lie down.

“Ugh, dishes to do,” she mumbled, remembering that she had forgotten to do them after breakfast. Her eyes looked towards the soft, inviting couch. “I’ll just do it later,” she said moving towards the soft cushions, only to catch sight of the doll on its little balcony.

“Don’t judge me,” laughed Racheal. However, as she looked at it, she realized just how blue the eyes on the doll were. Usually, dolls at this scale had just matte paint, but these seemed to shimmer, like they had actual depth, like she could just fall into them.

Racheal moved closer, admiring the eyes, feeling her own eyes growing wide, copying the ones on the doll as she stared into the pools, the world dropping away around her, something about the gaze made her brain tingle.

The gaze was, so calm, so gentle, yet firm and authoritative, Racheal felt a thought push into her head. “I have to do the dishes now,” she mumbled to herself before blinking and shaking her head as she moved into the kitchen and started to run some hot water.

But the time Irma returned the dishes were as clean as the day they were made and they had all been meticulously put back in their proper place.

“Thank you for doing them,” smiled Irma, going up behind Racheal and kissing her on the cheek.

“Oh, it is nothing, really,” smiled Racheal, blushing gently as she did. “They needed to be done, after all,” she added.

“Well it seems the Valkeryie is going to give me a good report tonight,” giggled Irma, causing Racheal to roll her eyes. It really did seem like Irma was going all-in on this silly doll idea, did she really think it would make Racheal do stuff? A doll in pretty armor is still a doll, Racheal was still Racheal and Racheal could procrastinate anything!

The next morning came and Racheal pulled herself out of bed. She looked down at Irma and smiled. She did look cute when she was sleeping. Racheal wandered downstairs and flicked on the light before gasping.

The Valkyrie had moved, she was now hanging above the table, a bank of LEDs forming a massive halo of light around her. Below her, on the table, sat action figures and statues from all around the house.

It was an impressive sight, it was like this doll was a Saint, flying in to bring salvation to the masses below. Then Racheal looked down and realized something. Every doll with knees was kneeling, they were not celebrating, they were reverent, they were submitting to her. Kneeling before her.

Racheal shuddered a little before blinking and chuckling to herself, her thoughts were out of control today, it was just a diorama, nothing to get worked up about. She walked into the kitchen and flipped the coffee maker on and listened to it start to whirr as the blades pulverized the beans into delightful caffeinated dust.

Once the coffee was done Racheal carried it into the living room and put it down, sitting in the chair she always did. It was once she sat down she realized her chair was directly opposite the diorama.

Racheal looked at it, the LEDs around the doll seemed to pulse slightly as if they were candle flames that were flickering in an artificial breeze only they could feel. Racheal had to admit the image was wonderful, the light was enough to always draw the eye back to the doll, her body just high enough to mean you always had to look up at her, perspective making her seem. Intimidating?

Racheal shook her head but found her eyes going straight back to the doll. How could a doll be intimidating? Was it the angle she was at? It was just a doll, after all, she wasn’t normally intimated by dolls. Suddenly Rachel had an idea, maybe if she kneeled like the other toys, the diorama would make more sense, maybe the doll was only so intimidating due to her being at an odd angle?

Racheal got on her knees and looked up at the doll. “It actually looks more intimidating down here,” thought Racheal for a few moments before her eyes were drawn to a light that was only visible from this angle. It was white like the others, but this one had a much more distinct flicker. If the rest were candles, this was a candle in a snowy blizzard, the light dancing and flickering on and off, on and off.

Racheal felt herself staring at the light, she realized she couldn’t look anywhere else, she realized the world was slipping away, but she didn’t really mind. The image of the Valkyrie above her banished her thoughts to some far off place, her form was just too powerful for Racheal to resist. How could she fight her when everything else had knelt before her, Racheal didn’t have a choice.

She stared for a while, the lights pulsing and flickering in her glazed over eyes until she blinked and stood up. “I have breakfast to make,” she smiled to herself as she went to the kitchen, she couldn’t spend all day looking at the scene, no matter how good it was.

After a small flurry of activity, breakfast was made and Racheal picked up the tray and took it up to Irma, and gently kissed her on the cheek. Irma turned over and smiled up at Racheal, sitting up gently as she did.

“Breakfast, oh you shouldn’t have!” She smiled as she took the tray. It was at this point Racheal realized she hadn’t needed to do this, but for some reason, she felt like she had to. There was a reason for it, but she just couldn’t find it in her mind.

“Well, you deserved something nice!” Smiled Racheal, trying to cover for her sudden logic gaps.

“Fishing for a good report,” winked Irma, causing Racheal to back up and squeak, a little jolt of pleasure running through her. She tried to gather herself, she didn’t care about the opinions of a stupid doll! But why did the idea of it giving her a good report make her react like that, why did the idea feel so good?

“No, I just wanted to make breakfast,” rambled Racheal, trying to cover for her confusion. “I’m going to do dishes now!” She exclaimed dashing back off to the kitchen, making sure to not look at the diorama as she did.

Racheal’s day went normally, the usual uptick of work around Christmas meant she didn’t think about the doll at all. In fact, by the time she got home, she had forgotten all about it. As she entered the hall she heard Irma talking from just inside the house.

“Really now, interesting,” said Irma, her voice sounding very academic. Racheal crept through the house, presuming that Irma was on a work call. As Racheal turned the corner she squeaked.

Irma was sat on the couch with the Valkerye doll next to her, both Irma and the doll had matching clipboards and Irma was scribbling notes on hers.

“Well, I’m sure that is only an edge case of bad behavior, so we shouldn’t,” said Irma, only to look up and see Racheal. “Hello dear, we are doing a performance review!” She smiled.

Racheal squeaked again and dashed upstairs, her knees trembling. After a few moments, she pulled herself together. Why did she feel so weird? Wasn’t Irma the weird one? She was talking to a doll after all.

But Racheal couldn’t deny, something about the sight, made her feel weak, something about it left a yearning in her, a yearning to be a better slave to Irma.

Racheal blinked. Slave. Why had she thought that? She wasn’t a slave was she? Irma hadn’t called her one before, but part of her was crying out for it, she wanted to be a good slave, to win the praise of Irma and that doll.

“Your review is finished,” smiled Irma as she entered, breaking Racheal from her thoughts.

“It’s okay!” Shouted Racheal in return before mentally kicking herself at blurting out such a nonsensical thing. Irma just laughed.

“I made dinner, come get it!” She smiled before walking out, Racheal followed still trying to pull her thoughts together. As she walked through the living room she saw that doll again, back on the shelf. However, this time it had a small mug and was looking at an equally small newspaper.

Racheal laughed, even the doll needed time off it seemed. The sight made her relax a little and let her pull herself together and have a normal dinner without worrying or thinking about reports or anything of that ilk.

Once the meal was done Irma stood up, and moved towards the sink. “I’ll do them!” Said, Racheal, as she stood up before blinking for a few seconds, realizing what she had said. It was like her thoughts had clicked over into a new track, all she could think of was cleaning those dishes.

“Are you sure?” Smiled Irma. But Racheal was already moving to the sink, she couldn’t think of anything else she would rather do than clean the dishes, there was nothing in the world more important at that moment than those dirty dishes.

Racheal blinked. The dishes were done and her thoughts were going back to normal. Why had she been so fixated on them? Racheal shook her head, something had been going on recently and she just couldn’t put her finger on it.

“I’m just in the Christmas spirit,” she said to herself out loud. Her voice sounded off, more a monotone whisper than her usual chipper tone. But she realized she was right, people act differently at Christmas, she was just in the spirit of the season, everything was fine.

The next morning played out a lot like the one before. Racheal awoke and looked over at the sleeping Irma before getting out of bed and heading downstairs. However, before going into the living room she braced herself. The doll would have likely moved again, but it was just a doll, not something she had to pay any mind to.

However, as soon as she pushed open the door her eyes locked onto the Valkyrie. It sat upon their tree, gazing down at the room, its eyes perfectly aligned to stare right at Racheal.

Racheal’s eyes grew wider and wider, as she stared into the authoritative blue pools of the doll. She could feel it, pushing into her mind, she felt wobbly, like her mind was being shut off. She was helpless. After a few moments, she fell to her knees, looking up at the doll, looking into its deep blue eyes, a thought pushing into her mind, wiping out everything that stood in its path. At that moment Racheal knew what she had to do, she had a singular thought and a singular purpose.

She pulled herself up from the floor, and turned back out of the room, walking back to the bed where Irma slept soundly. She knew she needed to wake Irma, but merely shaking her wouldn’t work. Merely shaking did not make a good report, and Racheal craved a good report so badly.

Racheal moved into the room and went to the foot of the bed and lifted the cover before starting to gently crawl her way up. At first, finding Irma’s foot and then slowly moving up her body until she found the space between her legs. Racheal’s body moved on automatic as she gently grasped the other girl’s hips and started to lick, the sudden moan from above the covers telling her she was doing a good job.

She focused all of her attention on the sounds and touch of the other woman, the duvet making it too dark to see well. However, her single-minded focus made performing well the easiest task she had ever done, all she needed to do was lick and listen. Listen and follow. Follow and obey.

And soon, her obedience was rewarded as the limp legs of Irma wrapped around her, pulling her against the other girl’s sex, telling her in no uncertain words that her worship was enjoyed and welcomed. Racheal stopped holding back and gave it all she had, she was a reverent worshipper, under the glorious glowing figure of her god and it felt so wonderful, she didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world at that moment.

Soon Irma let out a scream, her legs going limp as she did. Racheal didn’t need any more prompting and withdrew her mouth and worked up the bed until her head popped out from under the duvet, only to be instantly grabbed by Irma who hugged her close.

“Good morning to you too,” she smiled, her cheeks flushed and breathing ragged. “What made you do that?”

Racheal froze, why had she done that? She could have sworn there was a reason why she had to do it, but she couldn’t recall it, no matter how hard she tried. “Christmas!” Smiled Racheal, doing her best to once again cover for her confusion.

“Ahhh, so you thought you would try and come down my chimney?” Asked Irma sarcastically.

“Exactly! I hope you left milk and cookies!” Smiled Racheal, becoming more confident in her lie.

“Well, there are cookies downstairs, bring me two!” Said, Irma, as she leaned in and kissed Racheal on the nose. Racheal got out of the bed and moved down the stairs once more, only for the realization to hit her. The doll was there. It was going to catch her again.

Racheal debated what to do, before once again chastising herself for making such a fuss over a dolly. She told herself she wasn’t going to do anything, she was going to get the cookies like any normal adult did at breakfast.

She threw the door open and marched in, only for her eyes to instantly lock onto the blue eyes of the doll. Instantly she felt her mind spiral away from her, her thoughts fading to absolutely nothing.

She didn’t know how long she was staring for, it could have been seconds or days but the eyes held her firm, Racheal couldn’t resist them or their unwavering power and authority.

A thought pushed into Racheal’s head, one that made perfect sense to her. “Obedience is bliss,” said the thought, Racheal’s lips repeating the words without her input.

“It is good to obey,” came next, as Racheal continued to speak the words, letting them dance and twist around her brain, like the pretty bows on a present that sat under the tree.

“I aim to bring pleasure with my service,” came the thought again, making Racheal shudder with desire.

“I serve because I am a slave,” the thought and Racheal’s voice said in perfect harmony.

“Slaves perform service with a smile,” her mind said. Racheal’s mouth sang it, like it was a jingle from an advert, the words looping around her brain several times before she blinked and pulled herself up from the floor.

She quickly went to the kitchen and grabbed the cookies and delivered them to Irma. As she handed them over Racheal felt a warmth fill her up inside as a smile came to her face.

“Happy to be of service!” Smiled Racheal as she watched Irma eat the cookies.

“Oh you did great,” smiled Irma before patting the bed next to her. Racheal didn’t need to be told twice and dived in next to Irma, the warmth still making her tingle inside.

The next few weeks continued much in the same way, Racheal doing her best to avoid the doll as it moved around the house, while simultaneously deeply wanting to impress it, wanting nothing more than a good slave report from the doll.

She did dishes and cleaned the house with increasing precision, each task making her glow inside, each task done with a large smile on her face.

This seemed to make Irma happy as well, and that made Racheal even happier because the happier Irma was, the better her reports would be.

The morning of Christmas Eve came around quickly. Racheal yawned and stretched as she awoke from her sleep only to be greeted by a sight that made her eyes go wide and her body stiffen. The doll was on her nightstand, staring directly at her, the blue pools, the ones she had succumbed to over and over were once again causing her mind to spiral off into some faraway land.

However, unlike before there was a voice coming from next to the doll. Irma’s voice.

“Time for your full report,” smiled Irma, producing a clipboard and reading off it. “According to Miss Valkerye here, you’ve been a very good girl this year, do you know how?”

“I don’t,” murmured Racheal in response, even the act of making words becoming difficult when in the presence of those deep blue eyes.

“You have been suggestible,” started Irma, tapping on the clipboard. “You have been obediently falling into trance on command, you have been willingly accepting brainwashing, you have been completing tasks quickly and perfectly,” continued Irma. Each point on the list made Racheal squirm, the warmth inside her growing and growing with every moment, causing her to let out small audible moans as she writhed on the bed.

“This means your final report ranking is S rank,” smiled Irma, snapping her fingers. The snap made Racheal turn her head allowing Irma to fill her entire field of vision. “S rank standing for a superb slave,” smiled Irma.

Suddenly wave after wave of hot pleasure ran through Racheal’s body making her shake and moan as torrents of bliss pushed through her entire being, driving her to the very peaks of ecstasy.

She lay in the afterglow for several minutes before looking up at Irma who climbed into the bed next to her. “Have fun?” smiled Irma, gently toying with Racheal’s hair.

“Wonderful,” purred Racheal. “So the doll has been messing with my head?” She asked, slowly piecing it all together.

“Well, messing with you through me,” smiled Irma. “You’ve been in trance a lot this month, both due to the doll and due to me setting up the stuff to make sure you saw and obeyed the doll.”

“It has been so deliciously mind-bending,” moaned Racheal, as Irma pet her and climbed off the bed and left the room, coming back a few moments later with a gift-wrapped box.

“I did promise a reward,” smiled Irma, putting the box next to Racheal on the bed. Racheal looked at the box and squeaked, instantly diving on it and pulling the wrapping off. As she lifted the lid of the box she gasped.

“It’s beautiful,” said Rachel reaching into the box.

“Only the best for my superb slave,” smiled Irma petting Racheal on the head again as Racheal moved closer and wrapped her arms tightly around Irma’s waist.


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