The True Demeaning Of Christmas

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #sub:female #amnesia #bondage #brainwashing #bratty_sub #christmas #clothing #comedy #dom:object #eye_focus #hypnotic_amnesia #hypnotic_eyes #hypnotic_object #milf #rhyme

On Christmas eve, Riki wakes up to find a strange woman in her bedroom. However, to Riki’s shock, this woman insists she’s Santa’s regional manager!

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and festive traditions are the products of the author's (terrible) imagination. Any resemblance to actual Santas, living or dead, or actual Christmas events is purely coincidental.

Please don’t put me on the naughty list...

Riki groaned as her mind pulled her from slumber. She turned over in her bed and groggily opened her eyes, letting her vision come into focus. Slowly, she realized it was still night. The second, more troubling thing she noticed was someone standing in her room. 

With a scream, Riki sat bolt upright. Her heart started to pound and her mind spun in several hundred directions as her flight or fight and panic responses dueled in her brain, trying to work out which should take precedence. 

The intruder jumped and spun around, obviously surprised by Riki's screaming. Now the figure had turned, Riki could see that it was a woman wearing a skimpy Santa outfit, complete with fluffy fur trim around the edges. Something about this sight allowed Riki's fight instinct to win out against everything else. A woman wandering around in that outfit during the bitter winter months had to be a fool or a weirdo.

"What are you doing in my house?!" Riki demanded to know as the woman looked frantically left and right, "I'm going to call the police!" The woman took a few steps back.

"I'm delivering presents!" replied the woman, forcing an awkward smile onto her face. 

"Yeah, right!" shouted Riki as she clenched her fists. She debated taking a swing for this woman. However, she decided to hold back, if only so she didn't get in trouble when the police arrived. "Like I'm supposed to believe that!" 

"But I am! I am!" the woman insisted as she pulled a large sack off the floor and tipped it upside down, causing a massive torrent of wrapped gifts to pile up on the ground in front of her. 

"You stole those from some other house!" Riki accused with a yell. She fumbled about for her phone. 

"I didn't! I didn't!" yelled the woman as she pointed at the window. Without thinking, Riki's eyes followed the woman's finger toward the window. The window was as Riki left it when she went to bed, closed and locked. And, while she wasn't going to turn around to check, Riki was pretty sure her bedroom door was still closed.

"Then, how did you get in here? Teleport?" huffed Riki, her nails digging into her palm. 

"Well, duh," replied the woman, "You don't have a chimney. What was I meant to do? Squeeze through the letterbox? A bit hard to do with Donner and Blitzen!" 

"Reindeer? Really?" groaned Riki. The joke was dumb, but Riki was more confused by the woman's commitment to the gimmick. It seemed an odd move for a thief to pull. Unless, of course, this woman wasn't a thief and just some random who had indulged a bit too hard at her office Christmas party.

"Not Reindeer, you perv." replied the woman firmly. "Donner," she said as she used one of her hands to lift her left breast, "And Blitzen," she followed, doing the same with the other. Riki would have been slightly offended by how crude the woman was, but her brain was too busy trying to work out why presuming the woman meant reindeer was the perverted thing. 

After a few seconds of confused pondering, Riki's patience finally snapped. "That's it," she said firmly, looking around for her phone. "I'm calling the police. You can't just break into my house and mock me like this. Maybe you'll sober up in jail, and you can come to your senses." 

"Oh really now," sighed the woman as she adjusted her revealing jacket, "Why do you think that's a good idea?" 

"You broke into my house!" Riki balked as she spotted her phone and dived back to grab it. 

"But, I'm delivering Christmas presents!" the woman argued, saying it like it was the most normal thing in the world. Like Riki was the one being unreasonable, like she was somehow talking nonsense. 

"Stop with that!" demanded Riki as she fumbled to unlock the phone. "You're not delivering gifts! You broke into my house! What do you think you are? Santa Claus?" 

"Don't be silly," said the woman as she rolled his eyes, "I'm the regional manager."

"I'm so done with you," Riki grumbled as she unlocked her phone and started to dial. However, as she did, the woman waved her finger around in the air. Riki stopped, presuming the woman would attempt to lunge at her. 

However, the woman didn't lunge. Instead, after a few moments of waving her arm around, she pointed at one of the dropped grifts before grabbing it off the floor. "Are you sure you want to call the police?" 

"Yes!" Riki answered, only getting angrier. "You broke into my house, and now you're acting like I'm irrational?" 

"Not irrational, silly," chuckled the woman, "Bratty!" 

"How dare you!" growled Riki, astonished, as she moved to dial the police. However, before she could, the woman held the gift out in front of her. Riki wanted to shout at her. The idea that this woman could undo all of this simply by offering her something she had stolen was ludicrous. 

However, something about the present grabbed Riki's attention. She couldn't bring herself to look away. The wrapping paper was shiny and reflected the light in pretty and fascinating ways. Plus, the bows bounced majestically with each little movement of the woman's body. Riki knew she should call the police. She knew she wanted to call for help. But, something about that present drew her deeper in. 

"Merry Christmas," giggled the woman. 

"I don't," started Riki, only for her mind to grind to a halt when the woman shook the shiny package. Before Riki could work out what was happening, her body was moving forward of its own accord, getting closer and closer to the woman. She wanted to stop, but whenever she tried to motivate herself to do so, the box caught her eye again. She just forgot all about it.

Once she was in range, Riki's arms grabbed the present and started to furiously unwrap it. As each shiny piece of wrapping paper fell away, Riki's head started to feel funny. It was as if a big lump of cotton was growing in her mind, smothering her thoughts.

Still, Riki couldn't stop tearing the paper open. Her arms refused to listen to her. The more she ripped, the wider her eyes became as she slowly realized that a rag doll was sitting under the paper. Once the red-headed dolly was fully revealed, Riki pulled it tight to her chest, her phone tumbling out of her hand as she did. She squeezed the doll for what felt like hours, waves of excitement and dizziness washing over her. 

It wasn't until the woman giggled that Riki was dragged back to reality. "Like her?" she asked, a knowing smile on her face, "She's pretty. Like you!" 

"Hey!" Riki shouted, cutting her off, "I'm not a kid! You can't pay off with some dumb doll!" Riki went to put the doll down so she could call the police. However, she quickly realized she couldn't let the toy go. Her arms were locked in place around the soft toy. "What did you do?" Riki asked as she wiggled and tried to get her arms to respond to her. 

"I got you a present! It's your favorite!" the smiling woman answered.

"I've never seen this doll before in my life," grunted Riki as she tried as hard as she could to let the toy go from her arms.

"But, Santa Mommy knows what you want! Even if you don't! It's in my remit!" giggled the woman as she began to return other presents to the sack. 

"What do you mean? Give me my arms back!" Riki more cried than commanded. However, her frantic wobbling and shaking threw off her balance, causing her to tumble back down onto the bed with a soft thud. She lay on her back, furiously kicking at the air like a turtle that had gotten tipped over. "Let me up! Let me up!" she shouted rhythmically, her voice growing louder with each repetition. 

However, the woman did nothing but giggle. She watched from afar as Riki thrashed around on the bed, her lack of arms making it impossible to sit back up. "Glad you like your new dolly," quipped the woman as she tied the end of the sack closed. "It really does suit you. And, it helped calm you down! Isn't Christmas magical?!" 

"No, it isn't!" Riki huffed as she started to pant, her furious kicking slowly tiring her out. "I want to let go of this dumb dolly!"

The woman just laughed at Riki’s predicament. “But she's your best friend! I know. Santa Mommy always knows!"

"What are you going on about," groaned Riki as her legs went limp, the sound of her gasping for air filling the room. "What the hell is wrong with you?" 

"Ugh," grumbled the woman as she put her hands on her hips. "Were you born under a snow drift or something? I'm Santa Mommy. I'm the regional manager for this area. I come every Christmas Eve and bring all the good people presents! This is very simple. They wrote a book about it and everything." 

"It's a stupid fairytale! And you've got it wrong anyway,” Riki argued as the anger bubbling inside her grew slowly more intense. She struggled on the bed, but her arms would not let go of the doll.

"I'm wrong?" Santa Mommy snipped, now sounding actually offended by the mere idea of not being right. "We have a song! A song! It makes the whole thing very clear!" Riki opened her mouth to speak, but the angered woman cut her off before she could say a word. 

"Oh, come on, you must have sung it at least once! It's simple!" explained Santa Mommy, "I see you when you're sleeping. I know when you're awake. I know if you've been bad or good, so be good or suffer a horrible fate!" 

"That's not how it goes," Riki grumbled.

"Yes, it is," Santa Mommy huffed as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Isn't," replied Riki, only for Santa Mommy to once again shake her head dejectedly.

"I’m too old for dolls! I'm not a little kid," Santa Mommy mocked Riki, her voice turning into an over-the-top, patronizing parody of Riki's accent. "And yet, here you are, acting like a brat. I should know how the song goes because it's my song. It's about me! I'm the subject!" She pointed to herself whenever she referred to herself as a way to drive her point home. 

"But," began Riki, only to trail off as she realized that no matter what she said, the woman would disagree. She could tell her the sky was blue, and this woman would insist Riki was wrong. It was pointless to even say a word. 

"So, I know that I see you when you're sleeping. And I know that I know when you're awake,” explained Santa Mommy.

Riki wanted to stay quiet, but before she could stop herself, Riki's mouth blurted some words. "But you woke me up, so you're not very good at it.” The second the words fell from her lips, she instantly realized she had made a mistake. Santa Mommy put her hands on her hips. 

"I see you when you're sleeping. And I know when you're awake. It's just a sense. I don’t know when you're going to change state. Its not precognition! What a silly idea that would be! What do you think this is, a fairy story?"

"Not a fairy story, coming from you?" Riki facetiously guffawed as she started to wiggle again. However, she was still exhausted. After a few thrashes, Riki's muscles began to burn again, forcing her to stop. 

"You really are such a brat. I bring you a new best friend and what do I get for it? Sass!" Santa Mommy walked towards the bedroom door and pulled it open. "Anyway, I'm going to get my milk and cookies," she said before wandering into the other room, leaving Riki stuck on the bed.

As Riki looked up at the ceiling, she could hear the woman rifling around in her kitchen. Riki kept trying to get her arms to let go of the doll, but no matter what she did, they wouldn't move an inch.

After what felt like an age, Riki heard a shout come from her kitchen. "Really?!" echoed Santa Mommy's voice as the sound of her footsteps got closer. "Really?" she said again, now obviously in the room with Riki. "No milk and no cookies? At all? Not even a tot of brandy for Mommy?"

"What?" replied Riki.

"We have a deal. I give presents, I get treats. It's pretty simple." Santa Mommy leaned over Riki's body, glaring down at the girl. 

"I've never left anything out for you, so why is this year different? Get your story straight!" argued Riki as she half-heartedly wiggled on the bed. 

"I always find some stuff in your fridge! You always have snacks!" Santa Mommy nearly screamed.

"But," started Riki as something clicked inside her head. She had always joked that she was forgetful at Christmas. Nearly every year, Riki forgot to get something for her work potluck or family party, forcing her to run out and grab something at the last moment. Could this be why she always forgot stuff? Was this strange woman stealing her food? Riki hated herself for even considering it, but this situation made little sense. And thus, she couldn't keep her mind on any logical track. 

"No buts! Where are my treats?" Santa Mommy crossed her arms under her breasts. "I want my treats. You got the bestest dolly a girl could want. I should at least get a cookie." 

"I don't have any. I'm staying with my family after tomorrow," replied Riki.

"Not good enough!" shouted Santa Mommy, a hint of genuine anger forming in her voice. "There are rules, you know!" 

"I didn't know, you weirdo," snapped Riki, the burning in her muscles finally pushing her over the edge. The second she said it, Santa Mommy's eyes went wide. 

"That's it!" she shouted, "That is very much it! You are going to learn a lesson, young lady!" She leaned in closer, her nose rubbing against Riki's nose. "Now, be a good girl and focus on my eyes!” 

Something about the sudden physical closeness and Santa Mommy's warm breath on her lips made Riki uneasy. It reminded her how helpless she was. Riki was still unable to use her arms and was currently stuck on her back with no way to defend herself. She also realized that Santa Mommy had amazingly stunning eyes. They were a deep blue, but it wasn't a shade of blue she had seen on the human body before.

"It was the night before Christmas," purred Santa Mommy, shaking Riki from her internal monologue, "And all through your brain, not a single thought was stirring, but you won't complain. Your free will was hung by your eyes with care, ready to be sucked into Santa Mommy's hypnotic stare." 

At first, Riki was confused by the rhyme. But something about Santa Mommy's looming presence and her pretty blue eyes made it hard to question it. A soft tingling started in Riki's feet as she stared deep into the woman's eyes. 

"And Riki was nestled and snug in her bed, while visions of cute ladies danced in her head! And Santa in his Y-fronts, and I in my bra, were busy getting ready to work and spread awe!" continued Santa Mommy as the tingling slowly crept up Riki's legs, almost like she was sliding into a big, soft, snowdrift. The more Riki looked at Santa Mommy's eyes, the deeper they seemed to get.

"When out on my route, I met such a brat, but I sprung into work to make her resistance fall flat. Into her mind, I flew like a flash. I tore open her brain and made a deep splash! Her mind was as supple as freshly made dough, so my voice dragged her down to the trance void below! But what to my hypnotic eyes should appear? But a splash of free will and a mind I can steer!"

Riki felt so dizzy. The weird feeling had somehow covered her entire body. She couldn't even bring herself to wiggle her toes as they felt so distant and heavy. It was like trying to get up early, but twenty times more difficult. She could feel her eyes watering and fluttering as she gazed deep into the other woman's eyes. 

"So I sprang to my work, to your mind I whistle. Then it lets my words in, like a high-speed missile! And I hear you exclaim as you go out like a light, Thank you, Santa Mommy, I love you. Good night!" 

The second the last sentence left the woman's mouth, Riki knew what she had to do. The words bounced around in her brain, making it impossible to think of anything else. 

"Thank you, Santa Mommy," she slurred as the strange sensation washed over her brain. "I love you. Good night.” With that, her eyes slammed shut. She plunged into darkness, feeling herself spiraling down like her body was falling through space. 

The next few hours went by in a blur for Riki. It was like she was dreaming, with random unlinked images flashing through the darkness for only a moment before she fell back down into the void she was stuck. She saw herself in her wardrobe, running around her kitchen and snuggling another person. But the more she tried to think about the other person, the blurrier they became in her mind's eye. 

Riki let out a groan as she pulled her eyes open. "My head," she mumbled. Riki remembered going to bed early, but it felt like she hadn't slept a wink all night. As Riki's vision focused, she saw Lilly, her dolly, staring back at her. 

"Merry Christmas, Lilly," smiled Riki as she pulled the doll close. She loved Lilly. She never slept without her. Lilly was her most special friend, and Riki wouldn't have it any other way. After a few extra cuddles, Riki swung her legs out from the bed and stretched. She knew she had to get moving if she wanted to arrive at her family's house in time for Christmas dinner. 

Riki made her way to her kitchen to make coffee. But as she stepped inside, she was taken aback by a massive mess. There were bowls and trays scattered everywhere, and most were half full of dough. On the table sat a plate covered in crumbs and two glasses, one full of brown liquid and one full of white. Riki knew she should question it, but at the same time, it was Christmas and she was busy. "I'll deal with it later," Riki said with a shrug as she moved a bowl out of the way of the coffee machine.

Waiting for the machine to brew, Riki caught a glimpse of her reflection in the microwave's door. She could see she was wearing a tiny red-crop top with white trim, and matching panties sat on her bottom half. "I look like a slutty Santa," she mumbled before giggling and wiggling her hips. "Suits me." She felt she was answering a question she hadn't actually asked. 

Riki continued to admire herself in the mirror before the beeping of the coffee machine brought her back to reality. She quickly grabbed a cup and ran upstairs to get ready. However, when it came time to remove the Santa suit, she realized she was wearing a tiny cut-off t-shirt underneath. It was clearly printed at a t-shirt stand of some form. 

The shirt hardly covered her breasts, but it featured badly-printed text saying: "Santa is my Mommy, and I'm on the nice list!" Riki smiled as she read the text, her hands moving to take the shirt off. However, as she gripped the bottom of the shirt, she felt a tingling in her stomach. 

"It's kinda hot," giggled Riki. "Maybe I'll leave it on under my clothes. My sexy little secret." Something about the phrase sounded oddly familiar like Riki had heard someone say it somewhere else. However, the second she tried to recall where she had heard it, she felt a strange fog fill her mind. Riki wobbled on the spot for a moment before shrugging again. "No time to think! I've got a Christmas party to get to!" she cheered as she grabbed her clothes and plotted the rest of her Christmas day.


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