Text Parser

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #clothing #dom:female #drones #f/f #humiliation #pov:top #gamemechanics #robots #sleeper_agent #sleepwalking #tech_control

Envy plays a text-based game on her phone, but this one has a unique twist.

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Envy opened the app on her phone. She had always loved text adventure games, there was something so engrossing about them, so anything to help them make a comeback was okay with her.

> Game Start

She typed and hit enter. A few moments later she got a response back.

—I’m in a room with exits SOUTH. In the room is a TABLE, a BED, a CHAIR and a WARDROBE.

Envy nodded, a simple enough start. One room, one exit, and if she knew adventure games a plot-critical item that she would need at the very end of the game. She decided to start in the traditional way and inspect literally everything in the room.

> Inspect TABLE

—I see my PHONE it is on full battery. There is also COSMETICS scattered around the table.

Envy thought for a moment. A phone did sound like a useful item to have, and it had flavor text which tended to be a really good sign.

> Take PHONE

—I can’t do that

Envy rubbed her chin, maybe she had the verb wrong?

> Pick up PHONE

—I can’t do that

Envy pondered a little more. This was odd. Then it hit her, maybe it was one of those games where she had to inspect it before she could collect it?

> Inspect PHONE

—It’s my PHONE. It has full battery and no missed calls. The lock screen is a cute kitten!

Well, it was a logical description, maybe now Envy could get it collected into her inventory.

> Pick up PHONE

—I can’t do that

Envy was stumped, this was the first puzzle and she couldn’t work out what the game wanted. She thought for a moment and realized she should check what was in her inventory.

> Inspect ME

—I’m in pretty good shape! My hair is a little messy but I look okay. Oh, wait..I’m naked! This is very embarrassing!

Envy laughed. It seems her character had a little personality, she could be down for that. Also, this means this must be one of those slightly metagames that made you do normal stuff games would usually omit.

> Inspect WARDROBE

—It is a wardrobe built into the wall. It is closed.


—The door slid open easily. I see UNDERWEAR, SKIRTS, DRESSES, JEANS and T-SHIRTS

Envy wondered if this was a choice, could she play dress up in her adventure game?

> Put on JEANS

—I can’t do that.

Envy sighed, of course, she had to work out how to use items. She realized that was likely a good verb to use for this situation so she went with it.


There was a slight delay, leaving Envy slightly unsure if her game had crashed or not. But after a minute or so she got a response.

—These jeans are form fitting and really comfy! I love them!

Envy smiled, this was perfect, it seemed she could customize her character a little and she now knew the command to do stuff with the items she found.


—This T-SHIRT looks cute on me!

Now seemed to be the time to have another go at picking up the phone, maybe putting clothes on was the flag for it.

> Inspect TABLE

—I see my PHONE it is on full battery. There is also COSMETICS scattered around the table.

> Take PHONE

—I put the PHONE in my pocket. I would hate to miss a call!

Envy punched the air, the first puzzle solved and she hoped this meant she could finally move on from this room. She readied a command to use the exit before realizing she should possibly get keys or something as this game seemed to like realism.

She only had one part of the room left, so it seemed the logical place to check.

> Inspect CHAIR

—A basic CHAIR to sit on. It has my BAG hanging off the back.

“Perfect,” thought Envy, this was just what she needed.

> Take BAG

—I put the bag over my shoulder. It is very light!

> Open BAG

—I open the bag, I can see inside it now.

> Inspect BAG

—My BAG, it is blue and goes over my shoulder. It is currently open and inside I can see a CHAPSTICK, HOUSE KEYS, NOTEPAD and PEN

Envy nodded, this was good, plenty of useful items in here. Now she should really see about moving onto another room.


—I go SOUTH. I am in a hallway with exits NORTH, EAST, and WEST


—I am in a BATHROOM with exits EAST. I can see a TOILET, SINK, BATH and MEDICINE CABINET.

Envy shrugged a little, while this room wasn’t what she intended she might as well rummage around. She had once played a game that became unwinnable if you forgot to take a toothbrush with you. So it wouldn’t hurt to check.


—It’s a MEDICINE CABINET, it has a mirrored door, I can see my reflection. I look slightly dazed.


—It is full of bottles, some of them are really old. It contains ASPRIN, ALLERGY MEDICINE, LUBE, TOOTHPASTE and DENTAL FLOSS

This was a conundrum as Envy was unsure if this game had an inventory limit. Likely taking pills was a bad idea. It did dawn on Envy she should be super careful using a TAKE command around pill bottles just in case someone has programmed this game weirdly.

She settled on just taking the lube because it sounded funny and was the only unusual thing in the cabinet.

> Take LUBE

—I put the LUBE in my bag, I hope it doesn’t leak and make a sticky mess!


—I go EAST. I am in a hallway with exits NORTH, EAST, and WEST

Envy decided progress must be the way she had yet to go.


> I am in a LIVING ROOM. With exits EAST and WEST. There is a COUCH, TV, BOOKS, TABLE, GAME CONSOLE.

Envy wanted to go out the door and hopefully get outside but she took a breath. She knew rushing through never went well on these games so she decided to at least inspect a few of these things.

> Inspect TV

—It is a TV, it is currently turned off.

> Inspect COUCH.

—A well used but comfy couch it has CLOTHES scattered all over it and a NOTEBOOK hidden under the clothes.

Envy chuckled, a hidden item! This had to be good!

> Inspect NOTEBOOK

—It has a name on it I can’t read. It features random doodles and notes.


—I put the notebook in my bag

> Inspect CLOTHES

—These are my clothes! It looks like I threw them off in a hurry!

Envy decided that this was likely the point of the room and decided now was the time to leave.


—I leave the house onto the street. There are lots of people around. From here I can travel to STORE, HOUSE, MY HOUSE.

Envy considered carefully. House was an odd option, considering she didn’t remember anything suggesting or justifying it. She decided to go for the weird option.


—I can’t do that

Envy sighed, It must require a different verb, what could the programmer have thought was logical at the time.

> Travel HOUSE

—Sounds good! But I can’t turn up without a gift!

This obviously pointed Envy towards the store. It was an inelegant plot hook but it was functional.

> Travel STORE

—Off I got to the STORE

After that, the app went quiet. Envy was unsure if this was a feature or if she had selected an option that just hadn’t been written yet. Envy put her phone down and went to make herself some tea.

When she came back the phone buzzed an alert showing that the game had responded to her last input.

—The STORE is full of things and I’m the only customer! I have an exit SOUTH and I can see a COUNTER, SHELVING UNIT, and DISPLAY STAND

Envy nodded to herself. This was a pretty normal layout for a store. She presumed she needed to find chocolate or some flowers as those would make sense as a gift to take to the house that was mentioned. She then realized wine might be a good option, or kill her instantly if it was one of those sorts of games. She realized she wouldn’t know unless she checked, so time to go on an inspecting spree.


—There is a mannequin in a RUBBER NURSES UNIFORM advertising new, more powerful VIBRATORS.

Envy let out an audible gasp. It appeared she had the totally wrong idea about this store, it appeared it was a different kind of establishment. This would be a hard place to find a gift for someone.


—It has loads of cool stuff. Some ROPE, a VIBRATOR, and EDIBLE UNDERWEAR

Envy was confused, but quickly realized that this must be why she picked up the lube earlier in the game! She decided that the Vibrator was the best option because it had been mentioned twice. Sure it was a weird gift, but they all were sub-optimal.


—I can’t do that in public!

Envy giggled. Of course, she had picked the wrong verb in this case, but she was happy the developer had put in the extra text for it.

> Pick up VIBRATOR

—I picked up the VIBRATOR, I should go pay for it!

Envy was curious, could she pick up the other items on the shelf as well, or did she only need one to act as a weird gift?


—I don’t like sugar down there thank you. That is how you get ants.

Envy nodded, seems like the Vibrator was what she had come here for. Now how did she get the vibrator and herself over to the clerk to pay for this?


—I go to the counter and pay for the VIBRATOR. I put the VIBRATOR in my BAG. Now I’m all ready to go!


—I’m on a street! From here I can travel to STORE, HOUSE, MY HOUSE.

> Travel HOUSE

—On my way!

Once again the phone went silent. Envy presumed this was some pseudo-real time mechanic to increase immersion. But at least it gave her some time to get some work done. She put her phone next to her keyboard and started to work on her stuff, waiting for her character to get to the next event.

After a while, Envy’s phone buzzed and she saved her work and picked her phone up. Just as she went to check the phone she heard a knocking at her door. She put her phone in her pocket and ran downstairs and looked through the peephole. To her surprise it was Catherine, she didn’t think she had arranged to meet her today.

Catherine walked past her the second she opened the door. Envy watched as she went to the center of the room and pulled out her phone and started typing. As she did Envy’s phone vibrated. Envy giggled at the coincidence. “Give me a second,” Envy said as she went to pause the game.

—I’m at the house! It’s a pretty normal house but I am happy to be here!

—I’ve been let in!

Envy was confused, this was quite a big coincidence. But as she looked up and saw Catherine typing and then felt her phone vibrate she realized what was going on. She checked her phone.

—I can see ENVY, COUCH.

Envy went to type, but before she could a new input message was added to the game.


Envy was now very confused, she hadn’t typed that into the game. She tried to think but her attention was taken by Catherine pushing the Notebook into her hands.

Envy held the notebook and opened it. On the first page was written “Surprise” in big letters followed by a whole list of verbs. Envy quickly looked through them and realized that some of these were a lot more adult than most adventure games.

Envy was once again disturbed by her phone vibrating.


That phrase immediately tipped Envy off on what was going on. She looked up as Catherine stiffened and started to talk in a dreamy monotone.

“Lucille has hypnotized me and made me into an adventure game character controlled by my commands. She wanted to make sure we had a good time while she was on vacation and she did this because she can keep an eye on it over her phone and she knows that you can never resist a new game.”

Envy giggled, this was the type of idea Lucille had and it was nice of her to think about them when she was away adventuring. She paced around her partner, who was stood facing forward, eyes glazed. Envy wondered what to do first. She opened the notebook and closed her eyes, running one finger down the list and stopping. She opened her eyes and smiled and pulled out her phone.

> Dance ENVY

—I need some music to dance!

Envy giggled, even as a totally obedient adventure game character Catherine was still very sarcastic. Envy wandered over to her speakers and flipped through her music and found something that was easy to dance to.

> Dance ENVY

Catherine looked down at her phone before she turned towards Envy and started swaying and moving to the beat. Envy had to admit she did look slightly strange dancing like this while fully clothed, but it was still quite a nice sight. As the song stopped Catherine came to an instant halt, her command complete.

Envy realized she should take this to the bedroom. She lifted her phone to type before realizing she had no idea what compass direction her house was on.


—There is a wall in the way.

> Go West

—There is an ENVY in the way


—I’m heading NORTH

Envy smiled and followed her entranced partner who seemingly understood the nature of the command as she wandered up the stairs and straight into Envy’s room before stopping and typing on her phone again.

—I’m in Envy’s bedroom! It’s a mess! I can see a COMPUTER, a BED, LAUNDRY and ROPES

Envy glared at Charlotte, she had just forgotten to clean for a few days, she was a very chaotic person! She did consider playfully arguing that description of her room, but then she realized that Catherine wouldn’t respond, so it was totally and utterly pointless.

Envy looked back through the notebook and found the perfect verb for the situation.

> Strip ME

She looked up to see Catherine taking her clothes off one by one. Amusingly she was folding them neatly and making them into a perfect pile, further reminding Envy that while hypnosis could do a lot, there were some things it could not change. She also realized that Catherine was not wearing any underwear which was highly unusual for her. Envy then remembered she had never told her to put any on in the very first room.

After a while, Catherine stood naked, phone in one hand and a neatly folded pile of clothes by her leg. Envy enjoyed the view for a brief moment. She was always blown away by how beautiful Catherine was and today was no exception. She returned to her list of verbs and scanned through them, one caught her eye, she was unsure how it could be used but she decided to type it in and see what the reaction was.

> Admit

Envy looked up and saw Catherine blush as she typed on her phone.

—I’m really loving being this out of control! It’s nice to let go into the command of the people I trust the most.

Envy felt her cheeks flush as well. Catherine was always a tiny bit shy, so seeing that she was enjoying this and she trusted both Envy and Lucille enough to not worry was nice. It also made Envy want to keep going with commands to make sure Catherine could have the best time possible.

She found a verb near the top. It was one of the few with a note next to it and she instantly realized how Lucille had intended it to be used.

> Give GIFT

Catherine bent down and rummaged through her bag and grabbed the vibrator she had brought earlier and walked over to Envy.

“I got you a gift, I hope you like it,” said Catherine, a wide and dopey smile painted across her face. Envy took it and looked it over.

“I love it very much, Thank you,” she replied as she watched Catherine return to her stiff attention position. Envy smiled and admired the new toy, it certainly was pretty. She turned it on and held it between the legs of her entranced partner. Envy watched as Catherine squirmed slightly, but was unable to move towards or away from the vibrating toy because she hadn’t been commanded to.

As the toy continued to vibrate Catherine’s squirming increased until she was practically shaking. At that moment Envy turned the toy off and put it on the desk with a coy smile on her face. “Oh, were you enjoying that?” She teased.

She went back to the notebook to give Catherine time to cool off from the toy. In the long list of verbs, she found one that basically all adventure games had, but almost never used outside of one or two jokes. However, she presumed it would work slightly differently in this context and decided to give it a try.

She went to the bed and sat down, spreading her legs wide, excited for what she was about to try. “Well it’s time to see if you can trip my event flag,” she said before breaking down into giggles at how silly her own joke was. She then typed the command into her phone.

> Eat ENVY


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