On The High Seas

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #bondage #clothing #cosplay #drugged #drugs #exhibitionism #pirate

Caroline, Tammy, and Emma visit Clara on her boat, and learn that since Clara is the Captain, she must be obeyed.

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“A houseboat!” Smiled Caroline as she bounced up and down on the dock.

“Well, not technically, but close enough!” Smiled Tammy as she helped Caroline onto the gently swaying boat.

“This vacation is just going to be the best! I’ve always wanted to live on a boat!” Smiled Caroline causing Tammy to nod.

“And I’m glad we get to help you live out that fantasy, this boat is super nice, a bit small, but not like we all haven’t seen each other naked at least once.” Beamed Tammy.

“At least once? I’ve seen your parts more often than I’ve eaten a hot dinner!” Added Caroline, lightly prodding Tammy in the arm. Their giggles were interrupted by a shout from the dock.

“Permission to come aboard!” Shouted Emma as she threw her bag onto the deck with a soft thud.

“Not late for once!” Cheered Caroline, throwing her arms open for a hug.

“Well I can’t exactly be late for a boat now can I?” Replied Emma as she embraced Caroline tightly.

“Don’t know, you could have tried to swim for it,” added Tammy joining in the hug.

“Then I get eaten by sharks!” Argued Emma as she pulled out from the hug.

“Something, something bigger boat?” Shouted another voice from the dock.

“Izzy!” Shouted Caroline, clapping her hands furiously. Izzy smiled and quickly climbed onto the boat and hugged Caroline.

“So one more to go then?” Asked Tammy as she looked around the boat. The other girls nodded all hugging and getting familiarized with the boat.

“Yeah, just need to wait for,” started Emma before she was interrupted by the door to the living space opening and Clara striding out everyone’s’ eyes immediately drawn to Clara’s large bicorn hat, complete with regalia.

“Greetings crew,” smiled Clara as she stood on the deck and surveyed them all.

“Houseboats aren’t military they don’t follow the,” started Caroline. However, she was interrupted as Clara extended a single finger and gently lifted Caroline’s chin. Caroline’s eyes grew wide as she stared into Clara’s, a faint glaze coming over them as she did.

“This boat does follow rank. I am Captain of this boat. You will obey my authority. Repeat.” Said Clara firmly.

“This boat follows rank, you are Captain of the boat, I will obey your authority.” Mumbled Caroline, a small trickle of drool trickling down her chin as she did.

“Wonderful,” smiled Clara, snapping her fingers and removing her hand from Caroline’s chin in one smooth movement. Caroline blinked and shook her head, her cheeks going a deep shade of crimson as she looked at the other girls.

“Now,” exclaimed Clara. “I think the line of command on the ship has been established. Don’t you all agree?” She said looking over the girls.

“Yes, Captain!” Shouted all the girls in response, Tammy and Emma doing mock salutes as they did. Clara smiled at the display of obedience.

“Now, you may all move and get settled into the crew quarters before we cast off,” Said Clara pointing down into the boat.

“Umm, Captain?” Asked Izzy with a hint of confusion in her voice. “Where are the crew quarters? There are two bedrooms?” Clara sighed and shook her head gently.

“The room to the left, is the Captain’s quarters, for those who have earned the right to lead this ship. The room to the right is for the lowly members of the crew. Do I need to explain which one you will be in?” Asked Clara as she raised an eyebrow.

“No Captain. Thank you for correcting me Captain,” muttered Emma as she picked up her bag and moved into the room, the other girls close behind.

The room was small, but the girls quickly found a way to all fit their stuff into the cupboards and their bodies into one bed. “Well, this will be cozy!” Smiled Caroline as she snuggled between Emma and Tammy.

“Cozy is one word for it,” said Izzy from the far side of the bed. The girls moved closer together only to be interrupted by a bell.

“What in the world?” Said Tammy sitting up.

“An alarm?” Asked Emma, looking towards Tammy.

“No, all the alarms in this boat are electronic, why is there a bell?” Explained Tammy as Izzy clambered out of the bed.

“Well, we better check!” She exclaimed as left the room, the other girls in hot pursuit. As they came into the main lounge they found the source of the bell, a large silver one that sat on one of the end tables.

Next to the bell stood Clara, her arms crossed and a sullen expression on her face as she counted out loud. “Thirty-Five, thirty-six, thirty-seven.” She continued until all four girls were in the living room, then she rubbed the bridge of her nose and sighed.

“Thirty-Seven seconds.” Stated Clara, a hint of disappointment in her voice. “I called the crew and it took you thirty-seven seconds to arrive. This isn’t just inappropriate, it is a disgrace!” She lectured, stamping her foot. The girls jumped a little, all of them wearing a look of shock, none of them able to formulate a response. Clara pointed to the couch, the girls didn’t need any further information, they moved and quickly sat in a row, trying to keep their eyes on Clara as she walked around. “Eyes front crew!” Shouted Clara and the girls obeyed.

After a short silence, the girls felt something fall over them and suddenly grow tight around their waists. Emma was the first to notice what it was. “Rope!” She exclaimed, looking down at the thick orange strand that was holding them on the couch like a seatbelt, feeling it growing taught. In all this chaos the girls missed Izzy squeak as her hands were quickly bound together. It wasn’t until Caroline found her wrists getting tied that everyone noticed. One by one Clara went up the line, binding the girls until none of them could move.

“Captain?” Asked Caroline, only to be immediately interrupted by Clara.

“You don’t have permission to speak,” she said firmly, moving in front of the girls and hanging a crystal from a beam. The subtle motion of the boat causes the crystal to slowly sway with the gentle motion of the boat.

The girls found their eyes drawn to the crystal, with their bodies so restrained there was no way to avoid it and each one was so conditioned the mere concept of not looking at the swaying bauble was alien to them.

Their eyes slowly glazed over as they followed its gentle movements, they heard a faint murmur that sounded like a voice but they couldn’t make out the words as the crystal took all of their focus, each small movement requiring every brain cell just to perceive.

Caroline was lost in the crystal, trapped in it and its sway, the rest of the world was nothing more than a suggestion, a vague hint of something other, but Caroline didn’t care to try and find it out. She was warm and heavy and the crystal was just too beautiful.

The light chatter continued to wash over her, during this time she could have sworn she saw Tammy get up and walk away, but as the crystal increased its swaying she sank back down into a mindless abyss as a wave of warm darkness washed over her.

Caroline blinked, she was moving. Not just the boat under her, but her body was moving. She blinked a few times as her vision came into focus. She looked down and saw her hands moving over a dish.

She was doing the dishes. This made perfect sense, of course, she was. She didn’t know why, but she knew that she had to do the dishes. As she watched the sponge push through some dirt she smiled. It felt good to clean, to make everything perfect. Ordered. Her arms put the dish on the drying rack as she pulled another out, her body still working automatically.

She looked out of the small window opposite the sink and smiled to herself, the boat was moving now. Caroline liked boats, and this was such a nice way to travel, making things nice and clean while the waves lapped at the hull.

As she turned to get a dish brush she saw Izzy walking around the boat, moving and dusting every object, Caroline considered speaking but felt like she shouldn’t. The glaze in Izzy’s eye proved she was far too focused on her work to bother with such pointless things as conversation. Caroline also realized she had work to finish and continued back on the dishes, watching and rejoicing as she brought order to the sink.

Once the last dish was in the dryer rack Caroline stopped. Her mind going blank as she stared out of the window. Without dishes, there was nothing to do and thus nothing to think about. She didn’t know how long she stared at the water, nor did she really care. She didn’t really notice anything until she felt a hand on her shoulder. She stiffened.

“Good, very good,” came Clara’s voice from behind her. Caroline smiled, it felt amazing to be praised. To be told she had done well. “It feels good to be praised by the captain,” she said in her head. Or had she said it? It was her voice, in her head but it felt oddly strange, alien even. Like it wasn’t hers, but she still agreed with it totally.

“Thank you, Captain!” She replied with joy and enthusiasm.

“You may go on break,” Nodded Clara before walking off. Caroline nodded, her brain filling for the first time in hours. She stretched and looked around. She saw Clara talking to Izzy, who was stood at attention. Caroline decided to not disturb them, they looked busy. Clara wandered around the boat a little, exploring every nook for interesting things. She ended up finding an old book on the one shelf. It was a guide to sailing and Clara found a chair and started to flick through it, the book had dated terribly, but she presumed most of it still applied.

Mid-way through an interesting chapter on avoiding going into shipping lanes a bell rung. The ringing filled Caroline’s mind and instantly destroyed any semblance of thought, she put the book down and moved quickly to where the bell was, she knew she had to be quick. Luckily for her, the bell was where it was the last time and it took her mere moments to get over there.

Clara was waiting for them, she smiled as she counted the girls in and then pointed to the couch. They all sat down, each looking slightly nervous, their returning thoughts quickly remembering getting tied down the last time they had sat here. Clara walked off and quickly returned with five shot glasses and two bottles. The girls looked at the glasses and then each other, each hoping the others had some idea what was going on, but the expressions proved that no one knew exactly what was happening.

“As is traditional,” started Clara, breaking the silence. “And because I am a kind Captain, I’ll make sure you get your daily tot.” She said as she pulled open the darker of the two bottles and poured some into four of the five shot glasses. The liquid was odd, a darker brown than any alcohol Caroline had seen before.

Clara slid the glasses across before pouring herself something from the other bottle. She looked at the girls. “Drink up crew,” she smiled. The girls tentatively reached out and clutched the shot glasses before looking at each other.

“One, two, three,” counted Emma gently. On three all of the girls tipped their heads back, allowing the liquid to slide down their throats, it felt warm and tasted odd. They put the glasses on the table. Then it hit Caroline, a warm wave passing through her body, from her toes to her head. It felt, so strange, almost mind-bending. She felt her eyes roll up into her head as she heard the other girls moan, she fell back into the couch, it felt like the world was bending around her like she was twisting and spinning. Bright colors filled her every sense, she was able to flutter her eyes for a moment, long enough to see all the pretty colors dancing around the room. She felt amazing, heavenly, euphoric, every cell of her body overwhelmed with bliss.

However, soon the bliss faded, Caroline panted as she lay back on the couch, the afterglow slowly ebbing away. She looked to the other girls and found them all in a similar state, dreamy smiles plastered on their faces.

“Wonderful,” said Clara. “It has been a long day and tomorrow involves a lot of sailing. So I think an early night is in order.” She said explained before looking at Tammy. “Quartermaster, is the ship safely moored?”

“Yes Captain,” nodded Tammy between little pants and moans.

“Perfect, then crew to your quarters,” smiled Clara as she waved the girls off. The girls pulled themselves out of the couch, their limbs heavy as they gently stumbled into the bedroom and removed their clothes before falling into bed, cuddling each other close in a big pile, drifting into sleep.

Caroline blinked heavily as she started to untangle herself from the mess of warm and naked bodies. She pulled her clothes out of the wardrobe and changed slowly, her mind still slowly in the process of reaching full awareness. Why had she got up this early? She wasn’t totally sure, but something was bugging her, a tickle at the back of her brain, something she knew she had to do.

She walked to the kitchen and suddenly it came to her, she had to make breakfast for everyone. She quickly got to work, her mind totally absorbed by her task of making not just a meal, but a perfect meal for everyone else. After a flurry of work, she had four perfectly prepared plates, but she knew the fifth would have to be special. She spent extra time and care making sure the fifth plate was perfect, everything aligned, and no a single thing out of place.

As she turned around she noticed everyone was sat around the dining table. Caroline had been so focused on her work she had not heard or noticed them getting up.

“Breakfast is ready I see Steward!” Smiled Clara causing Caroline to smile in response. Something about being called steward felt right like it was an extension of her name, a title she could rejoice in. She quickly moved the four basic plates over to the table before moving the fifth, perfect plate with care. She bowed down slightly before placing it in front of Clara.

There was a thick silence in the air as everyone watched Clara slowly lift her fork and knife and cut a small forkful of food before gently raising it to her lips. She ate it slowly and then smiled. “Excellent work Steward,” she beamed. The silence dissipated at once as the others started to eat, a warm glow filling every inch of Caroline.

Once the plates were cleared Caroline jumped into action, knowing that she had to clean the dishes. It wasn’t a question of wanting to do them or even enjoying doing them. She just knew she had to. As she filled the sink with water, Clara stood up.

“Well after that hearty breakfast I think it is time for us to get to work. All hands on deck!” She bellowed. As she did Caroline felt her brain shrink, as if someone had put blinkers on it, all she could think about was the dishes and making sure they were scrubbed clean.

After several minutes the dishes were once again restored to their perfectly clean glory. Caroline stood for a few moments, staring mindlessly out of the window. Then a thought pushed through her mind, she stiffly turned on her one foot and marched along the boat, and climbed onto the deck. The other girls were all out there, Clara was the easiest to spot, the regalia on her hat blowing in the breeze as she looked out over the water.

Tammy was by the controls, staring ahead, her arms making small movements to keep the boat steady. Izzy and Emma were on their hands and knees, rubbing over the wood of the deck with toothbrushes, a small trail of drool trickling out of each girl’s mouth, the faint shimmer it left making it clear the route they had taken.

Caroline would have laughed if she could muster anything more than mindless determination. She felt her lips move and heard words fall out as she stiffened. “Captain.” She stated firmly. “Galley is clean and ready for inspection.” She finished as her arm shot up and saluted towards Clara. Clara turned and smiled, nodding gently.

“I trust in your work Steward, you may go on break.” Said Clara happily. As she did, Caroline felt her thoughts rush back, a wave of giggles coming over her as she saw Emma and Izzy scrubbing the deck of the ship.

“They are so gone!” Giggled Caroline as she watched the girls scrub. Clara came over and stood next to her and wrapped an arm around her.

“Well someone has to swab the poop deck,” She chuckled as she looked out over the water.

“I think they need some help,” smiled Clara as she walked to a bag she had left just inside the boat. After a few moments of fiddling with it, she came back with a small hand drum. Caroline looked on with confusion.

Clara started to gently beat the drum in a firm four-beat rhythm. Caroline watched as Izzy and Emma started to brush in time, it was after a few seconds of watching she realized the beat made her feel woozy, dizzy like it was forcing everything out of her head. She felt a hand on her shoulder, a hand pushing her down onto the floor, guiding her to a seated position as the beat continued to push through her mind.

Caroline passively watched as the drum was put into her lap and she started to beat it in the same four-beat rhythm that she had heard, the one that had forced all of the thoughts out of her head. She watched as her hands beat the drum, watching as the girls cleaned in time. The harmony and order felt wonderful, there was no need for anything but keeping time, keeping time so the girls could clean. As her body worked on autopilot Caroline’s mind slid into darkness.

Once the wood on the deck was shimmering in the afternoon sun all the girls blinked and stood up, all starting to talk and smile. They gathered around the steering wheel and looked out onto the waves, even taking turns at trying to pilot the boat and avoid the local wildlife, enjoying each other's company and the wonderful seclusion the boat offered them. The hours rolled on, soundtracked by giggles and waves gently lapping at the boat. All the girls were at peace, having such a wonderful time together. Anywhere where they were together was wonderful, but this setting made it all the sweeter.

As the sun started to hang low in the sky Caroline felt a stirring in her mind, her thoughts became slower. Simpler. It was like sand slowly slipping out of a container until there was only one thought left. “I will go start dinner,” she whispered in a monotone before slowly walking back down into the galley. She heard noises behind her, but it didn’t matter, she had one thought only.

She went into the kitchen and got to work, her muscles and limbs moving of their own accord while her higher thoughts drifted away leaving only focus on her work. After a busy period of chopping and cooking, Caroline had a meal in front of her. She felt her lips move as she shouted. “Dinner is ready!”

The other girls filed in, each of them with big smiles on their faces. Caroline went around the table, placing a plate in front of each girl before kneeling to offer one to Clara who took the plate and gestured towards the empty spot at the table.

Caroline sat and ate with the rest, everyone laughing and talking, yet no one mentioned what they had been doing that day. As the meal reached its conclusion Caroline started to feel strange. Her muscles felt twitchy like she had pins and needles, her head felt slightly foggy, her lips dry. This didn’t stop her as she went to do the dishes, but she felt less coordinated like she was moving through molasses.

By the time dishes were complete Caroline could hardly think straight, she needed something, but she wasn’t sure exactly what. As she looked around she saw the other girls and realized they must be in the same situation. Each of them looked very on edge, Tammy was gently rubbing her arm while Izzy was on the couch, rocking gently.

“Do you all feel,” started Caroline.

“Weird? Yeah.” Interrupted Tammy her voice stuttering and skittish.

“Any idea why we feel like this?” Questioned Izzy as she looked up from her rocking, one hand mindlessly twirling a strand of hair around her finger.

“I don’t know!” Snipped Emma from her place in the corner before taking a deep breath. The girls all looked around at each other, each trying to understand just what was going on in their heads. They all jumped as Clara walked in. “Girls,” she smirked.

“Yes, Captain?” Said the girls in slurred unison.

“You seem to be flagging,” smiled Clara as she walked over to a cupboard and produced five shot glasses and two bottles. At the sight all four girls’ eyes widened, instantly they realized they needed that drink. They didn’t know why, but they knew that drink was the cure to their ills. They all stumbled over to the couch and looked expectantly. After a few moments of gazing at the shot glasses, the girls looked up, wondering why Clara was taking so long to pour.

“Captain?” Stuttered Izzy, starting to gently rock again.

“Oh no, you don’t get your tot unless I’m happy with your standard of work.” Said Clara frankly. Each girl let out a groan, the thought of going another minute without having that drink felt like it would drive them mad, the fog and disorientation only growing worse with every moment.

“My work is done! Please!” shouted Caroline as her hand shot into her air before she slumped backward.

“Wonderful,” clapped Clara as she stood up and adjusted her hat, pointing over to the sink. Caroline got up and stumbled towards it, pointing to the dry dishes on the rack with a wide, if drunken, smile. Clara moved in close and stared at the dishes, running a single finger along the one dish.

“Damp,” she frowned. Caroline’s heart dropped, as she looked at the moist finger that Clara extended in her direction. “Lacklustre work does not deserve a reward. Next!” Shouted Clara, walking back over to the couch. Caroline fell to her knees, she felt so weak, so helpless, her brain was a mess of fog, the only thought she could be sure of was the need for that drink.

“I, sailed the ship?” Said Tammy, obviously struggling to make even the most basic of sentences.

“That you did, and as we have not hit land nor another vessel, I feel the Quartermaster has done a fine job.” Smiled Clara, opening the bottle and filling one glass to the brim with the strange brown liquid, causing Tammy to let out a small squeal of excitement.

“The deck is clean!” Babbled Izzy, moving her body into the fetal position as she did.

“Yeah! Super clean!” Added Emma from her position, both her hands lightly pulling on her hair. Clara smiled.

“Yes, you both cleaned it so well.” She said as she poured two more glasses. “So, you three drink up,” she grinned as the three girls lunged forward and threw the liquid into their mouths. All three of them let out a loud moan as they went limp, their eyes rolling up into their heads as they fell into bliss. Caroline watched from her position on the kitchen floor, the need mixing with envy.

As the three girls lay panting on the couch Clara made her way back over to Caroline. “Now, I know you must be craving it quite badly,” she purred as she looked down on the girl. Caroline grabbed onto Clara’s leg and looked up, her eyes wide and full of desire.

“Please,” she whimpered, doing her best to put on puppy dog eyes.

“Well, a Captain does have needs, and as we won’t be on land for a while, I need to indulge,” smirked Clara as she rubbed Caroline’s head gently. “So, if you are a good girl and come to my cabin tonight, I’ll make sure you get your drink, isn’t that kind of me?”

“Yes, Captain! Thank you, Captain!” Nodded Caroline furiously, leaning down to kiss Clara’s shoes, trying to do whatever her foggy mind could think of to win favor with the person who could help her overcome this horrible fog.

“Now, go join the others,” commanded Clara as she pointed to the other girls. “And no telling of our special arrangement, else I will have to remove my offer,” she said with a sinister smile. Caroline nodded furiously, determined to not ruin her chance, desperate for that drink.

She flopped down on the couch and looked at the other girls, doing her best to keep her twitching under control. She looked at them with envy, they seemed so good, so limp, like they were lost in the best pleasure they had ever had. But Caroline’s desire and urge to serve helped her sit and wait until the girls roused themselves from their heavy slumber.

The rest of the night flowed easily for everyone but Caroline. The girls played games and talked, the three who had received their drink seemingly riding on a wave of energy. Caroline did her best to imitate them, but she was struggling, her brain was unable to keep track of anything. Soon, however, the girls started to yawn.

“Bed?” Yawned Izzy, causing the other girls to nod. They all got up and started to move to the bedroom.

“Caroline, can you help me?” Asked Clara, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Oh, sure!” Stuttered Caroline, trying to sound as natural as she could. Clara beckoned her over and waited for the others to close their door behind them. Clara leaned in and whispered into Caroline’s ear.

“I will arrive in twenty minutes, be ready for me,” she purred, her hot breath causing Caroline to shudder.

“Yes Captain,” she muttered before dashing to the other room. The Captain’s cabin looked much neater than the one Caroline had been sleeping in, though only having one occupant likely helped with that. Caroline looked around and saw a collection of things on the dresser and instantly she knew that is what she needed to be ready.

She ran her eyes over the objects, she pretty quickly worked out what they were. The largest was an almost see-through dress adjusted to look like some wench from a generic fantasy game. Next to it was a collar, made of thick black leather, the mere sight of it made Caroline feel warm inside, a warmth that cuts through the fog, it seemed familiar to her, yet she couldn’t place it. The third item caused her heart to quicken. It was a small bottle filled with a dark brown liquid.

Caroline knew what to do, she gently stepped out of her clothes and folded them neatly, sliding them away out of sight. She then dressed in the outfit, making sure the see-through patches aligned perfectly with her breasts and crotch. Caroline looked into the mirror and swayed her hips gently, a smile on her face, but something seemed off, she knew if she wanted to please Clara she had to be perfect.

She pondered for a few moments and then the idea hit her, she turned from the mirror and raised her index finger in front of her eyes. She stared it at, put all of her focus into it. She moved it closer as she felt her mind slide away from her. The last thought she was able to think was one that felt so simple and yet so right. “Glassy eyes, Clara loves those.”

Caroline’s body continued to work even after her brain vanished into the fog, it moved and grabbed the bottle and chugged the contents in one swift movement. A heat washed over her body and she started to pant, every erogenous zone was on fire and desperate for touch, desperate for attention, desperate for love. Her body moved and knelt down next to the bed, facing the door.

Caroline had no idea how much time passed, but soon Clara waltzed into the room and smiled. “That outfit really does suit you,” she said as she rubbed Caroline’s hair and watched her pant. “And I see you found my spiced drink to really inflame the passions.” She giggled as she lifted Caroline’s hair and smiled even wider.

“Oh you left me the best bit,” smiled Clara as she walked over to the dresser and picked up the collar, feeling the leather in her hands. She slowly walked over and wrapped it around Caroline’s neck and smiled. As it closed with a loud click.

“I am hypnotized, I am obedient,” said Caroline, her voice drifting off into dreamy mumbles.

“That you are,” purred Clara as she climbed onto the bed and stretched out. “Now, why don’t you be a good slave and come up here?” She gently asked. Caroline didn’t need to be told twice and quickly climbed up onto the bed. Clara grabbed the collar with one finger and pulled Caroline in for a deep and passionate kiss.

“Now, you need to go down don’t you?” Purred Clara as she gently nodded Caroline’s head up and down, watching as her glassy-eyed rolled up into her head. Clara opened her legs gently and pointed between them. Caroline didn’t need any more prompting, she slid down Clara’s body, her mind drifting deeper as she did.

Caroline gently moved between Clara’s legs and gently undid her jeans and slid them down, her glazed eyes admiring the sight with revenant awe. She slid the panties aside and started to lick, it felt as natural as breathing and it was the greatest pleasure she had felt for ages. Her tongue roamed the other girl’s nether regions, each little moan acting as a symphony and order to Caroline’s foggy and obedient mind. All she wanted to do was please, all she desired was to make Clara happy, there was nothing else but.

Clara clenched her thighs around Caroline’s head, the pressure and the darkness helped Caroline focus herself even more on the wondrous sight before her. Her tongue danced and pleasured in every way it knew how, she was surrounded by Clara, her warmth, her touch, and her scent, all combining to make a heady and totally intoxicating mixture.

Caroline felt like she was in heaven, her mind twisting and turning as she licked and lovingly lapped at the crotch. Suddenly Clara let out a loud gasp and Caroline felt it run through her whole body, her pulse quickening as she started to pant gently between licks, she felt amazing. This amazing feeling only made her want to lick and lap and worship even more.

After a few moments, Clara’s muscles tightened and she let out a large moan that Caroline felt echo and vibrate through every cell of her being. Caroline felt a warm wave push over her as the orgasm hit, washing away everything but her love and devotion for Clara, her eyes rolled up into her head as she went limp.

After a few moments of basking in the afterglow, Clara broke the silence. “Up, to my side,” she said her voice soft and wavering as she gently pats the bed next to her. Caroline climbed up and pushed into Clara’s arms and let her eyes close as she drifted off into sleep.

The light poured in, Caroline stretched and looked around. She was still in Clara’s room. She looked down and she realized she was in that harlot costume. Caroline pulled herself out of bed with a heavy sigh and stretched. Then a smell hit her nostrils, it was breakfast!

Caroline dashed out of the room, had she overslept and forgot to make it? As she dashed into the kitchen she saw the other girls sat naked around the table. Clara was placing a plate on it before she turned and smirked.

“I’m sorry Captain!” She said, bowing deeply. “I’ll do anything to make up for my mistake!” She pleaded, the laughter of the other girls confusing her.

“Oh, right,” chuckled Clara. “I Shanghaied her last night and fell asleep before I could turn that off.” She said before she moved over to the bowing Caroline and hugged her tight. “Up you come now, nice and clear, blinking for a nice heavy reset,” she said gently and softly.

Caroline blinked and looked around, her mind feeling like someone had removed blinkers from it. Clara just giggled and gently took Caroline’s hand and moved her to the free spot on the table. Caroline sat for a few moments, trying to get her thoughts in order.

“You’re all naked.” She said as she looked at the other girls.

“Of all the things, the first thing she comments on is the tits,” laughed Emma.

“Oh come on, perverts gotta perv,” smiled Izzy wiggling her breasts towards Caroline.

“Hey, I mean I get everything else. I think. The pirates and everything but you are all naked!” Insisted Caroline as she looked around the table.

“Yeah, well none of us can find our clothes,” said Tammy, glancing at Clara. “And I think I know who is responsible for this.”

“As Captain of the vessel I own everything aboard it,” smirked Clara.

“Actually, I think you’ll find the Quartermaster has veto power over the Captain when not in combat.” Replied Tammy.

“Of course you would know that,” smiled Clara shaking her head sarcastically. “Hence why I made you Quartermaster, I knew you would attach to a role with a bit of ceremony to it.”

“Pardon my interruption,” interjected Emma, “but I find it funny that the lady dressed like a cheap tavern wench is deriding our nudity!”

“I’m not cheap!” Huffed Caroline.

“You dressed like that and spliced my mainsail for a bottle of cold tea,” smiled Clara. The other girls laughed but then quickly turned to Clara.

“Cold tea?” Asked Caroline gently.

“Oh yeah, that drink you were all going loopy for? Cold tea.” Smiled Clara as she got up and walked to a bag and pulled out the box before putting it on the table.

“Wait,” snorted Izzy, picking up the box and reading it out loud. “Our sleepy-time lavender blend is calming and gentle and helps you relax for a peaceful night.” She said in her best serious voice. The other girls fell around the table in laughter.

“I presumed the small store near the dock would carry black tea,” explained Clara. “But nope, that is the closest they had, so I can confirm mental conditioning wins out against herbal tea. So we have effectively done science here.”

“I don’t think this will stand up to peer-review,” interjected Emma.

“Well neither did your bra sweetie,” smiled Clara, sticking her tongue out.

The girls all started to talk and eat, the table quickly becoming a mess of several different conversions, most featuring questions directed at Clara as the girls tried to piece together what had happened. Once all the plates were clear Clara stood up and smiled.

“So, once the dishes are done, you’ll all remember where your clothes are,” She said as she walked to the front of the ship. “When done meet me out there, I’ve been told it is traditional to play shuffle-board while on a ship, so I’ll set it up. Winner gets a bottle of the tea.” Smiled Clara as she opens the door before turning back. “And the reset only got rid of the addiction, not the tea’s effects,” she winked. The girls all smiled and quickly got to work on the dishes.


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