Nightmare: The VHS Boardgame

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:cannibalism #cw:gore #cw:noncon #clothing #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #sub:female #biting #blood #boardgame #Dom:Recording #dom:vampire #gamemechanics #horror #VHS_Tape

When Kaylee and her friends decide to play an old VHS board game, they find that the vampire isn’t just a cheap actress. In fact, she plans to make the game much more interesting.

“Here it is!” Shouted Kaylee as the box hit the table with a thud so loud it made the other three girls jump.

“What is it?” Smiled Ashley as she leaned across the table and read the title. “Nightmare: The board game.”

“Nightmare: The VHS boardgame!” Grinned Kaylee. “I wanted this when I was a kid, but never saw it and I recently found it online so we’re playing it!”

“Slight issue,” interrupted Jada. “We don’t have anything that can play a video.”

“I thought of that!” Grinned Kaylee as she put another bag on the table. “I brought one!”

“You brought a tape player just to play this game?” Blinked Maya. “That is very dedicated.”

“Not really,” laughed Kaylee. “I just went to the thrift store, they’ve got hundreds of them knocking around. The coffee I brought on the way to the store was way more expensive than this player.”

“Well, let’s try and hook it up!” Smiled Ashley as she jumped out of her chair and grabbed the player from the bag. Kaylee followed behind and within a few minutes the pair had hooked the player up to the TV.

By the time Ashley and Kaylee had set up the TV, Jada and Maya had successfully removed everything from the box and arranged it into small piles.

“So many tokens,” smiled Jada. “That is always so exciting to see.”

“Really?” Replied Maya. “It always terrifies me as it means the rules will go on forever. Remember that city building game?”

“The one where we played it for three hours and didn’t get past the first turn?” Chuckled Jada. “How could I forget.”

“That game is fun once it gets going,” interrupted Ashley as she looked at the pieces on the table.

“Right, but I don’t have a year free to get it going,” replied Jada sarcastically.

“So!” Smiled Kaylee as she grabbed the manual off the table and started to look through it. “This game is really simple, all we have to do is go around the board and collect key fragments. When you have a top, middle and bottom of the same color you get a key. Most keys win.”

“And where does the tape come in?” Asked Ashley as she rubbed her hands over the black plastic shell.

“The video acts as a timer basically. And now and again the host will randomly pick one of the player colors and make them do something stupid or steal keys from them.”

“Sounds fun,” nodded Ashley.

“But it isn’t random,” chuckled Jada. “It is a tape, won’t it be the same thing each time?”

“Oh, right.” Said Kaylee. “You know, I never thought about that.”

“Not that it matters,” interjected Ashley, “when was the last time we replayed a game? My shelves are full of ones we haven’t tried yet!”

“Right, I didn’t want to take away from it, I want to play it if you do!” Nodded Jada as she smiled at Kaylee.

“Then let’s do this!” Replied Kaylee as she grabbed the tape and pushed it into the player as the rest of the girls divided up the counters.

The tape burst into life with a series of logos before a simple line of text appeared in the center of the screen. “Turn your lights down and your volume up.”

“Sure!” Grinned Jada, reaching over and flicking the light switch. The girls all looked at the screen, all of them curious to see what would happen.

Suddenly a loud thunder effect echoed out of the speakers as the girls jumped out of their seats. A woman appeared on the screen, her skin was pale and she was clad in a long gothic dress with a tall lace collar.

“Hello pigs,” she sneered. “I am Lady Vespera and you shall grovel before me.”

“Wow bossy,” giggled Maya.

“I am in control of the game and your fate. Whenever I appear to you, you are to shout. “Yes my Lady!” Do it now!”

“Yes my Lady,” shouted the girls in unison, doing their best to not laugh.

“Very good pigs,” chuckled the woman on the screen. “You will have exactly one hour to claim as many keys as you can. However, be on your guard for I am always watching. Now, the most pathetic one of you, the shortest shall roll first and start your descent.”

“I think Jada,” said Ashley as she looked around the table.

“Totally Jada,” nodded Maya.

“Well if you insist,” grinned Jada as she grabbed the die and rolled it. “Six!” She cheered as she moved her piece. “I guess we go clockwise?”

“Well, the rules didn’t specify, so sure.” Nodded Kaylee as she grabbed the die and make her roll.

The girls each took a turn, moving their pieces around the first handful of spaces. Just as Jada picked up the die to make her second roll the thunderclap echoed out of the speakers.

“Pigs!” Shouted Lady Vespera as the girls jumped in shock.

“Yes my lady!” Shouted the girls in unison, all of them turning to face the screen.

“I hunger pigs! I hunger! Why don’t you act like the meat you are! Blue player! Snort like a pig!”

Maya looked at her blue piece and blushed a little bit as she looked towards the other girls, debating if she could avoid humiliating herself. However, the excited and expectant gazes of the other girls made her ignore her shyness.

“Oink, Oink!” Shouted Maya as she tried to keep her blushing under her control.

“Wonderful pig!” Laughed Vespera. “Take a key fragment to make up for your lost dignity.”

“Nice!” Grinned Kaylee as Maya pulled a card off of the pile.

“I don’t think that was a fair trade,” smiled Maya as Jada made her next roll, watching as the woman on the TV faded away, leaving only the timer.

As the timer continued to count down, spooky music came out of the TV speakers, the screen shimmering slightly now and again. Something about the sound was oddly unnerving, it put all of the girls on edge, it felt like it was building to a jump scare of some sort.

After a few rolls, Maya was in the lead, the key fragment she acquired by acting like a pig giving her an edge over the other girls. Suddenly the thunder crashed again as the woman appeared on the screen.

“Pigs!” She screamed, her flesh looking paler somehow.

“Yes my lady!” Shouted all the girls in unison, their bodies trembling as they looked at the figure on the screen.

“Everyone will roll the dice. Whoever rolls the lowest will give up all of their key fragments and suffer,” purred the woman with sadistic glee. The girls all rolled the dice, only for Kaylee to come out the lowest.

“Getting my bad rolls out of the way,” she said with a smirk, putting all of her cards into the discard pile.

As the woman faded, the strange shimmering pattern reappeared on the TV as the odd music continued to play. Each of the girls could swear they heard whispering voices just out of earshot, but they all ignored them, writing them up as the tape trying to be creepy.

“Draw a card,” said Ashley as she read her space out loud. She reached forward and grabbed a card and lifted it off the pile. “Curse immunity,” she read before looking at the other girls. “What’s a curse?”

“No idea.” Shrugged Kaylee. “I guess we can mess each other up later.”

“It isn’t in the rules?” Asked Ashley.

“No, the rules just say to follow the guide on the cards for everything.”

“Well thought out,” nodded Ashley as she put the card into her hand and watched as Jada grabbed the die and made her roll.

“Hey I’m on a card space as well,” she said as she grabbed a card. “I’m immune to the curse as well. Who shuffled the deck?” She said accusingly as she looked around the table.

“I did!” Said Maya. “I guess I missed that bit.”

“Well if you want to avoid the curse grab the next card,” smirked Jada as Ashley grabbed the die. Unfortunately, Ashley rolled too high and didn’t land on the correct space.

After a few more rolls the thunder crashed once more as the woman appeared on the screen. “Pigs!” She screamed, a strange red mark on her cheek.

“Yes my Lady!” Shouted the girls with practiced ease.

“My hunger for blood grows,” growled Vespera as she licked her lips. “It is time to spread the curse, those of you who are not immune, come to me, kneel before me.”

Kaylee and Maya looked at each other before shrugging and making their way over to the TV. They both knelt down before it and stared at the woman who continued to lick her lips.

“Wonderful, wonderful,” said the woman before she lunged forward, almost like she was going to press her nose up against the camera. The background flashed and wobbled as the woman’s face filled up the whole screen.

Kaylee and Maya started to tremble as the woman looked at them. Neither of them was totally sure what was going on and both of them were feeling slightly uneasy about the whole thing.

“Hear me, my cursed pigs,” growled the woman as her eyes went wide. “You have fallen to the curse and now your fate is sealed in your blood, there is no escape for you, no redemption you can only fall before my unceasing hunger.”

Jada and Ashley giggled to themselves, it seemed so silly from their angle. Watching Kaylee and Maya tremble like terrified puppies as a woman in bad makeup shouted at them from the TV, but for Kaylee and Maya, it was a very different experience.

The rippling effect was much more intense now they were close to the screen and there was a strange glint in the woman’s eye, a pattern that seemed to constantly warp and change. Neither Kaylee or Maya could pull their gaze away from Vespera, all they wanted to do was look deeper into her eyes.

The whispering seemed so much louder, almost as if someone was stood a few feet behind them, whispering right into their ears. These whispers whispered about obedience and submission, about becoming one with the curse that Lady Vespera spoke of.

Time seemed to stretch as Kaylee and Maya continued to gaze at the woman, the longer they looked at the pattern in the woman’s eyes, the more real she seemed to become. No longer was it some two-bit actress covered in make-up, Lady Vespera was real and they were both victims of her curse.

As the whispering continued to bombard the girls’ psyche they felt themselves growing dizzy. It was almost like their thoughts were falling out of their ears, their minds slowly emptying until there was only Lady Vespera.

“Now go my cursed piglets. Feel it in your blood. You are doomed but you all get a key fragment.” Laughed Vespera as the screen flashed. Kaylee and Maya rose from their knees and walked back over to the table, both of them feeling slightly light-headed.

“In retrospect, this is very kinky isn’t it?” Chuckled Ashley as she watched the other two girls stumble to their seats.

Kaylee and Maya sat in their chairs, gazing forward for a few moments, their brains still trying to make sense of what had just happened. They could still hear the whispers in the music, but now they seemed much more distinct like they could make out individual voices and words.

“Earth to Maya, Earth to Maya.” Said, Jada, as she held the die in front of Maya.

“Sorry,” blinked Maya as she took the dice. “I zoned out.” She added as she rolled the die and made her move. As she moved her piece around the board she felt an odd sensation inside her. It was like an itch she couldn’t quite scratch, a desire to do something but she wasn’t exactly sure what it was.

Kaylee was having a similar issue, the sound from the TV seemed to echo in her head, drowning out the words of her friends. But Kaylee didn’t mind, the whispers had much more interesting things to say.

The girls continued to take their turns. While the video was fun the game itself wasn’t any more complex that Snakes and Ladders or any other children’s board game and thus the girls were mostly silent, letting the strange music wash over them as they moved their pieces around the board, picking up cards now and again.

Just as the clock informed the girls that they only had thirty minutes left the thunder crashed again.


“Yes my Lady!” Shouted the girls, Kaylee and Maya almost moaning as they gazed at Lady Vespera.

“Whoever is last. Roll the die. On an even number, you gain two key fragments. On an odd number, return to the first space.”

“That’s me,” nodded Ashley as she grabbed the die and rolled it, only for it to come up as a three. “Damn it!” She shouted as she picked up her counter and moved it back to the start.

“The time for blood is swiftly approaching,” cackled Vespera as she faded back into the shot. “So prepare while you still can.”

Kaylee and Maya were utterly mesmerized by Vespera’s image, the whispers in the audio reminding them of things that sounded like simple facts. Vespera was a vampire and she was their Queen, they had no choice but to obey Vespera and do whatever she commanded of them, they could feel it in their blood, they had no choice.

“Kaylee,” said Ashley firmly. “Kaylee!” She said as she rattled the die in her hand. “Your turn!”

“Oh,” blinked Kaylee, realizing that Vespera had vanished from the screen several seconds ago. “Just planning my move,” she added as the world spun around her.

As Kaylee rolled the dice, the whispers continued to purr into her ears, a desire to obey growing within her as she moved around the board. Images of obeying Vespera flashed through her mind, images of bowing before her, of kissing her feet, of doing anything she requested.

After another few minutes of rolls, the thunderclap reverberated through the TV speakers, making Kaylee and Maya moan out loud.

Ashley and Jada stared at Kaylee and Maya in shock before quickly turning to the screen.

Lady Vespera had changed a lot, she now had two large fangs and her eyes were a deep crimson. “Pigs!” She shouted.

“Yes my Lady!” Shouted the girls, the two uncursed girls looking slightly terrified by the woman’s horrific new visage.

“It is time for my curse to spread. Those who are cursed can feel my hunger, it is time to embrace it!” Laughed Vespera as the background started to strobe red and white.

Kaylee and Maya’s eyes went wide as they gripped their chairs, the lights boring right into their brains, the whispers growing louder and more dissonant by the second.

They could feel something growing inside them. That unknown desire quickly taking a more recognizable form. They were hungry, but not for chips or snacks, they wanted something else. They craved something else.

“Are you okay?” Asked Jada as she looked at the girls in terror. Their eyes were totally rolled up into their heads and they were shaking intensely, their knuckles going white as she gripped their chairs.

“Holy crap!” Shouted Ashley as she turned to look. She was going to ask about calling an ambulance, but before she could Lady Vespera started to talk.

“Yes, pigs! Feel it! Feel the curse of blood! Your descent into vampirism has begun! You shall feast!” She cackled as the flashing and whispering grew more and more intense, the whole room illuminating with every flash.

Kaylee and Maya moaned softly, the hunger growing with each flash. The whispers explained everything to them in simple terms. They were hungry for blood, they needed blood, it was the only thing that would help their desire. They could feel their minds unraveling, if they didn’t deal with the addiction soon they would go totally insane.

“Blood,” groaned Maya, causing Kaylee to let out another little moan.

“Blood?” Said, Ashley, as she jumped out of her chair and went over to Maya. “Are you bleeding? Where from?”

“Do it,” screamed Vespera. “Do it!”

Maya’s body moved without her thinking. She grabbed Ashley’s hair and yanked her head to the side before jumping up and plunging her teeth into Ashley’s neck.

Ashley let out a scream as the teeth pushed into her neck. “What are you doing?” She screamed as the weight of Maya forced her to the floor.

“Holy crap!” Shouted Jada as she ran over and grabbed onto Maya. “Get off! Get off!” She said as she pulled on her friend’s shirt. Suddenly Jada felt hot pain radiate through her neck, a pain so intense that it made her legs turn to jelly.

Maya and Kaylee pushed their teeth deeper and deeper into their friends’ necks. The sensation of biting the warm, yielding flesh was positively orgasmic to them, they couldn’t stop themselves, it just tasted so good, like the finest steak mixed with the sweetest candy.

After a few moments of biting, Lady Vespera’s voice boomed out from the TV. “Bring them to me, my pigs! Bring them to me! Kneel them before my brilliance!”

Maya and Kaylee couldn’t control their bodies, Lady Vespera was in control of them and they couldn’t think of disobeying her. They both released the girl from their teeth before grabbing her by the hair and dragging her over to the TV.

Ashley kicked and struggled, however, she couldn’t break Maya’s grip. Jada just lay limp on the floor, the sudden pain and shock leaving her in a confused fugue state.

As they got close to the TV Maya and Kaylee grabbed their victim by the waist and forced them to a kneeling position before grabbing their victim’s head firmly, preventing them from looking away from the screen.

The bright red flashes made Jada and Ashley’s eyes sting. Lady Vespera looked even more monstrous than she had the last time she appeared on the screen. Her flesh was plaid and sunken and her eyes were now fully crimson, her long fangs dripping with blood.

“You will take my curse just like the other players.” Cackled Lady Vespera. “Look into my eyes, my vampiric charm will beguile and own you.”

“No,” groaned Ashley as she struggled in Maya’s arms, watching as Jada’s eyes instantly glazed over as she stared into Vespera’s hypnotic gaze. Ashley wanted to do something, but she couldn’t escape her friend’s grip nor the eyes of Vespera. Something about them just caught her attention and made it so hard to think.

“You will take the curse. You are mere victims of the curse. It can not be avoided and it can not be outrun. You are a victim.” Purred Vespera, taking obvious glee in what she was doing.

“I’m a victim,” slurred Jada.

“No! You’re not! Snap out of it!” Shouted Ashley.

“Your submission is inevitable,” smiled Vespera, interrupting Ashley’s thoughts. “You can’t resist my beauty or my curse,” she purred as the pattern in her eyes kept trying to grab Ashley’s attention.

“No,” whimpered Ashley, desperately trying to think of an escape plan.

“Cursed piglets, help spread the curse!” Laughed Vespera as the strobing red light got brighter. Maya and Kaylee knew exactly what to do, both of them started to gently caress their victim’s body, their hands slowly snaking down between the victims’ legs.

The sudden burst of pleasure threw Ashley for a loop. Ashley had never been touched in this way by a girl before, but she couldn’t deny that Maya knew exactly how to please a woman.

Ashley closed her eyes and tried to block out the noises and the pleasure from Maya’s touch. She put all of her willpower into blocking out the multi-sensory assault.

Maya’s hands continued to roam over Ashley’s body, rubbing softly between her legs as the noise from the TV seemed to echo and reverberate throughout the room.

Suddenly Ashley felt two more sets of hands rub over her body, one set rubbed across her breasts while the other softly caressed her neck. Ashley’s stomach dropped as she realized what was going on.

“Stop, please stop,” she cried as she squirmed, the pleasure becoming almost unbearable. However, her friends refused to listen to her cries, they continued to touch and caress her most sensitive spots, making her heart pound and her body tremble.

Ashley couldn’t keep control of her body, it just felt so good, it was almost as if the strange noise coming from the TV was acting as an amplifier, making her body feel everything more intensely than normal.

After a few minutes, Ashley felt a pair of hands start to massage her temples. Like every other touch, it felt amazing, it was like all of Ashley’s tension and fear was being washed away. The hands gently moved down Ashley’s face before pulling her eyelids open.

Ashley instantly realized that she had been tricked. The flashing red light and the image of Lady Vespera felt like it was burning into her retina, Ashley wanted to look away but she just couldn’t. Vespera was just too pretty to ignore and her eyes were so beautiful.

Ashley’s mind quickly slipped away into the strange pattern that filled the vampire’s eyes, her will twisting and bending to fit the demands of the obviously superior woman, eventually, her eyes glazed over totally and her jaw hung open as she stared dumbly at the screen, Vespera’s words overriding all of her thoughts.

Deep within her, Ashley felt a yearning, a yearning that quickly eclipsed everything else. She needed blood, she needed to sink her teeth into someone’s neck, to feel their flesh yield under her razor-sharp teeth, to feel their life drain into her mouth. The mere thought of it made her feel like she was going to cum, the act seemed both normal and erotic at once.

Ashley looked towards Jada, her glazed eyes making her look so weak and helpless, her neck looking so soft and delicious. Jada could obviously tell what Ashley was thinking as she leaned in and softly whispered into Ashley’s ear.

“I’m a victim.”

Instantly Ashley grabbed the girl and pinned her to the floor, plunging her teeth into her friend’s neck, the girl’s moans of pain only increased the erotic bliss that pumped through Ashley’s veins. As she sucked on Jada’s neck Ashley could feel Maya and Kaylee’s hands rubbing over her body making her feel better and better as she lost all control of herself.

The girls quickly tangled together, kissing and rubbing each other’s most sensitive spots, biting into their friends’ necks and groaning at the pleasure it brought. The heat in the room grew more intense with each touch and bite, the girls sitting right on the edge of orgasm.

Slowly they formed a circle, each girl finding the sex of one of their friends and starting to lap and nibble at it as their hands roamed their friend’s body, doing all they could to bring as much pleasure to the other girl as possible.

In the background, Lady Vespera explained things to the girls, things that they didn’t need to listen to because they were things that the girls already knew subconsciously, so they could just let the words wash over them as licked and teased their friends.

Eventually, the combination of teasing and Vespera’s words pushed the girls over the edge making them all scream out in unison as their bodies exploded in pleasure, their vision becoming foggy as they slowly fell into a deep slumber.

Kaylee sighed as she stretched. “This game sucks,” she mumbled as she looked at the board.

“Oh gosh,” shouted Jada as she shook her head. “I’m sorry! I fell asleep! Is it my turn?”

“Huh? I think I did too,” yawned Maya as she looked around. “Did the tape finish?”

“Yeah I guess so,” sighed Kaylee. “I’m sorry, this is what I get for letting childhood nostalgia pick our game.”

“It’s fine,” said Ashley softly as she rubbed Kaylee’s back. “It is cool we got to try it.”

“Yeah, though I might go take it back to the store,” mumbled Kaylee. “Might have some resale value to someone as nostalgic as me.”

“Sure,” grinned Ashley as she licked her lips. “Maybe we can get some breakfast on the way?”

“Sure,” nodded Kaylee as she got up and started to unhook the tape player. “Where do you want to go.”

“I know a good dive a few blocks away. They do really good steak.” Purred Ashley.

“Oh I could go for a steak right now,” replied Jada as she squirmed in her seat.

“Mmm, yes, steak.” Nodded Maya. “I love steak.”

“Soft, bloody steak that you can just rip with your teeth,” mumbled Jada as the other girls let out a soft moan.

“Steak now, we can take the game back later,” moaned Ashley as she jumped out of her chair and ran to the door.


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