My Mom Is A Supervillain?!

Chapter 7 — Changes

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #bondage #comic_book #D/s #dom:female #drones #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #robots #sadomasochism #superhero

“Miss Castle, Miss Castle? Can you hear me?” Said the Police officer as she gently tapped Merida on the shoulder.

“Huh?” grumbled Merida as she blinked and tried to focus her blurred vision.

“Miss Castle?” Smiled the officer. “I’m from Ruby City PD, you called us, there is an ambulance on the way. Is the robber still in your store?”

“What? I didn’t,” mumbled Merida as she tried to sit up, her mind spinning so fast she could hardly string a thought together.

“It’s okay. No need to get up,” said the officer. “Wait for the ambulance.”

Suddenly a load of white vans screeched to a halt outside of the store. Once they were stopped, the van doors were flung open and a large group of people poured out and started to surround the building.

“What?” Gasped the officer, grabbing her gun.

A woman in a long grey trench coat marched into the store with a purpose in her step.

“Who are you?” Asked the police officer, rising from the ground.

“MIST Agent.” Said Ulla firmly, fishing a badge out of her pocket. “We’re taking this over, you’re free to leave.”

“Why?” Asked the officer.

“Best you don’t know. Don’t worry, Miss Castle will get medical attention.” The officer looked over the badge and sighed, this woman did outrank her, so she didn’t have much say in the matter.

“Yes Ma’am,” she nodded, walking out of the store as the people started to search the building.

“Tear it apart if you have to,” said Ulla firmly. “Anything that might lead us to them.”

“What is going on,” whined Merida.

“You were kidnapped a day ago, and then just turned up out of nowhere. We need to know what happened to you.”

“I don’t remember,” replied Merida, blinking her eyes heavily as she pushed herself into a seated position.

“Merida, we need you to remember, this is very important.” Said Ulla firmly, obviously getting annoyed.

“I can’t,” mumbled Merida, her eyes crossing slightly as her head throbbed.

“Merida,” started Ulla, only to get interrupted by a voice from behind her.

“Give the lass some air,” said another woman as she walked forward. “She has had a bad morning and the last thing she needs is you gettin’ in her face.”

“Right,” sighed Ulla as the woman walked up to Merida and offered out her hand.

“Let’s get yer up.” She said as Merida grabbed her arm and wobbled to her feet. Merida looked at the woman for a few moments. She was medium height had bright ginger hair. However, the arm she offered, wasn’t made of flesh, but of metal.

“Wow,” mumbled Merida as she looked at the woman and the arm.

“Ah, yer saw my extra bits did ya?” Smiled the woman. “Comes in handy for lifting things. My name is Ailith, but everyone around here calls me Medic. I just want to get a look at you, make sure you haven’t scrambled yer noggin, okay?”

“Oh, okay,” nodded Merida, still utterly confused about what was going on. She slowly followed the woman out to one of the vans as Ulla started to pace around the store.

As she paced, the other people started to turn the building upside down, looking for evidence in every single nook and cranny. After a few minutes of searching, one of the investigators raised their hand.

“Ulla, I’ve found something.”

“What?” Asked Ulla as she walked over.

“Paper. Looks new, and it has your name on it.”

“Give me that,” grimaced Ulla as she grabbed the paper off of the floor. The investigator was right. The folded paper had Ulla’s name written on it and looked like it couldn’t have been on the floor for more than a day.

“Well,” said Ailith, walking back into the room. “Lass is doing fine. No signs of trauma, whatever put her to sleep wasn’t blunt.”

“Right.” Nodded Ulla, unfolding the note and looking over it.

“Dear Ulla,” read the note. “I’m sure you remember the gem you owe us. When you have it, please signal to us by lighting a flare on top of the Cybernetic Building. Hitomi misses you.”

Ulla started to seethe with rage, having her sister dangled in front of her like a carrot on a stick was the end of the line, not only was she going to give them the gem, she was going to ram it down Creme’s throat until she choked on it.

“Right!” Clapped Ivanna. “Today, handicap situations!”

“Handicap?” Blinked Alicia. “I don’t think I’m great with one on one yet!”

“You learn by doing,” smiled Ivanna, jumping up onto the ring apron. “Dragón and I shall try to fight you. At some point, push me off of here and then go in for the kill.”

“How?” Asked Alicia, getting slightly nervous.

“Improvise.” Said Ivanna firmly. “You need to make your own style and part of that is experimenting.”

“Okay,” nodded Alicia, taking a deep breath. She hadn’t really expected to get so far into this that she would need to improvise and do more than a handful of drills.

She bent down a little bit and glared at Dragón who ran forward. Alica grabbed her by the leg and threw her down to the mat. Once Dragón was on the floor Alicia mounted her and grabbed her arm.

Dragón started to wiggle, trying to get out from under Alicia or free her arm. However, Alicia stayed firm, looking around the ring to try and plan out her next move.

Suddenly Dragón yanked herself out from under Alicia and sent her rolling across the ring. She then charged and hit Alicia in the chest with her knee, winding her.

Dragón came forward and squeezed Alicia’s arm, obviously trying to mimic the arm hold that Alicia had applied to her. Alicia squeezed her hand shut in the hope that she could prevent Dragón from getting any leverage on the hold. However, Dragón continued to wrench at Alicia’s arm and hand, keen to gain control of the limb.

Alicia struggled through the pain and discomfort, trying to think of a plan as Dragón pulled at her fingers, her cool skin making Alicia even more aware of how weak she was.

Suddenly an idea gripped Alicia, she swung her leg out and tripped Dragón, sending her crashing to the mat with a thud. Alicia stretched her fingers a little as she tried to regain feeling in her tingling digits.

Alicia spotted Ivanna out of the corner of her eye and decided this was her best chance to complete one of her objectives. She ran forward and dived at Ivanna, smashing her hands into the woman’s chest. While Alicia’s punches were normally not enough to even phase Ivanna, the force added by Alicia’s wild dive was enough to make Ivanna lose her footing and fall off of the apron.

“Alright!” Screamed Alicia between pants, feeling a rush of power running through her body. She was doing it! She was really doing it! She theatrically spun on her foot and stared at Dragón, watching as the girl picked herself up off of the mat.

“Not complete yet,” smirked Dragón as she ran towards Alicia and leaped into the air, her feet rocketing towards Alicia’s face. Thoughts dashed through Alicia’s head as she saw the sole of Dragon’s foot growing larger and larger as it hurtled towards her. As it came within inches of her face Alicia grabbed onto Dragón’s ankle and started to rotate.

She wasn’t sure exactly why she did it, or where the idea even came from, but something about it made sense. As she spun around Dragón waved her hands, unsure what was going on and unsure how to counter being swung around like a hammer.

After a few spins, Alica released the ankle and watched as Dragón flew out of the ring and landed on the floor a couple of meters away from the ring. Alicia gasped as she realized just how far she had thrown the poor girl.

“I’m so sorry!” Gasped Alicia.

“That was excellent!” Smiled Ivanna as she climbed up onto the apron once more. “You’ve really built up your strength.”

“I guess so?” Blinked Alicia as she watched Dragón pull herself up off the floor. “I didn’t realize I was that strong.”

“The momentum helped,” smirked Dragón as she walked back over to the ring. “But that was still very impressive, a good sequence.”

“Very good” nodded Ivanna, “but I didn’t say we were done,” she laughed as she grabbed Alicia around the waist. Alicia started to wiggle, doing her best to escape from Ivanna’s grip.

Usually, Ivanna’s waist lock was inescapable, once Alicia was in it, she was guaranteed to be victim to whatever move Ivanna could think of, but today it felt different, she could feel Ivanna’s balance faltering. Alicia didn’t think, she reached down and grabbed onto Ivanna’s hands and started to try and pry them open.

Ivanna let out a grunt as Alicia pulled harder and harder. As Ivanna’s hands started to part, Alicia’s eyes went wide in shock. She couldn’t believe it was working as well as it was, normally Ivanna would have thrown her across the ring within seconds.

“Yes, that’s it!” Grunted Ivanna. “Give me all you’ve got!”

Alicia thought her options through in her head as she squeezed Ivanna’s wrists as tightly as she could. She took a deep breath and fell back towards the mat. Her intention had been to throw off Ivanna’s balance so she could attempt a leg takedown, but as she fell she saw that Ivanna was rising off of the mat.

As Alicia pulled her arm across her body she saw Ivanna go flying over her, rocketing right out of the ring and to the floor. Alicia couldn’t believe it, Ivanna was much heavier than she was, but she had somehow thrown her like she was nothing more than a paper airplane.

“I think she took your lesson to heart,” smiled Dragón as she wandered over to Ivanna and helped her up.

“I love it,” smiled Ivanna. “That is the killer instinct I’ve been looking for!”

Alicia stood up and smiled at Ivanna and Dragón. “Thank you,” she nodded, still utterly confused by what had happened. She had never been as strong as Ivanna, and even working out couldn’t have gotten her this strong, this quickly.

“You have done great,” smiled Ivanna. “I think we should let you cool off after that display.”

“Actually,” interrupted Alicia. “Mind if I try that throw again? I want to test a variant.”

“Your own moves,” grinned Ivanna, looking almost like a proud parent. “Of course!”

Alicia took a deep breath as Ivanna climbed into the ring and held out her arm, allowing Alicia to grab her wrist firmly. Alicia took a few moments and ran the move over in her mind. All she needed to do was fall backward and then pull her arm across her body.

She closed her eyes and dropped back, awaiting the thud of the mat against her butt. However, that thud didn’t come, in fact, Alicia stopped falling a few seconds after she started. She opened her eyes and looked up, only to see Ivanna stood above her, still stood perfectly in place.

Alica tried to fall back again, but she couldn’t get Ivanna to move an inch, she pulled with all of her might, but nothing happened. After a few minutes, Ivanna lifted Alicia back into a standing position. “You’ve tired yourself,” she said firmly. “It happens, we’ll do some bag work while you recover your energy.”

“Right,” nodded Alicia, feeling utterly embarrassed by the whole situation.

The incident continued to loop in Alicia’s brain. She ran through every detail trying to work out what had happened. Could it have all just been adrenaline? Was it all some random prank that Ivanna and Dragón had designed to humiliate her or boost her confidence?

Alica shook her head. That couldn’t be true. There was no way that Ivanna could launch herself like that without help, so it had to be partially Alicia’s doing.

The second Alicia got home she went to find Sharon. “Hey Mom, can I ask you something?” she said as she found her Mom working in the kitchen.

“What is it, sweetie?”

“Before you realized you had powers, what tipped you off that you were different?”

“Well, things started happening around me,” smiled Sharon. “I would just think about something and then it would happen. I got a lot of free drinks and weird free gifts.”

“Right,” nodded Alicia. “So if I did something really weird, it might be a sign that I have a power?”

“It could be!” Nodded Sharon. “What did you do?”

“I picked up a woman bigger than me and threw her a few feet.” Replied Alicia, feeling slightly silly for even suggesting such a thing.

“That sounds very much like a power,” nodded Sharon. “What happened in the build-up?”

“I don’t know, I was just working out, we did a thing, next thing I know she is flying through the air. I wasn’t really thinking about it.”

“That is normal.” Smiled Sharon. “Did you try and recreate it?”

“Yeah, it didn’t work, I couldn’t even trip her, let alone throw her.”

“Right, right. That is curious,” said Sharon as she gently tapped her chin.

“This is confusing,” sighed Alicia, slumping onto the counter.

“Hey, hey!” Said Sharon, lifting Alicia’s head up. “This is progress! Progress is good, powers are weird things, so any hint is a step in the right direction.”

“Really?” Blinked Alicia.

“Of course!” Nodded Sharon. “This is a step. And every step brings you closer to knowing.”

“Right,” smiled Alicia, sitting back up. “Thank you.”

“I think the best option is to discuss this with Mara!” Smiled Sharon. “Always ask the experts.”

“Of course,” giggled Alicia. “Nothing to do with you two getting all lovey-dovey.”

“Nothing at all,” laughed Sharon, wagging her finger at Alicia.

“Momo?” Shouted Creme as she walked into the lab. She felt slightly nervous, mostly due to the fact that the lab was silent and a silent Momo was very unusual.

“Boss!” Screamed Momo as she skipped in from the other room, cuddling a toy rabbit in her arms. “I’m so glad you could make it!”

“What did you call me down for?” Asked Creme. “Progress on the gem replacement?”

“Well, some!” Giggled Momo as she tipped a trash can onto her desk, sending a load of burnt fragments everywhere. “I know samples one to forty-five are no-gos! They all explode when plugged in!”

“Right,” nodded Creme, looking at the mess on the floor. “So, does that help you at all?”

“Well, it tells me a lot of things.” Nodded Momo. “It shows that the gem needs to be slightly unstable, the instability is what the machine needs to function. Which pretty much rules out this machine being normal.”

“How so?”

“Normal engineers aim for safety. Only someone trying to do the impossible would want their components to be as dangerous as possible.” Smirked Momo.

“I presume you are right.” Nodded Creme.

“You should know, you mastered in engineering.” Replied Momo.

“No?” Blinked Creme. “My degree is in business if it is anything to do with you.”

“Oh right,” giggled Momo as Creme glared at her. After a few seconds, Momo looked at the mess on her desk and made a disgusted face. “This stinks, Bestie! Come and clean my desk!”

“Yes Bestie,” replied Hitomi as she stumbled into the lab, her eyes totally glazed over as she started to robotically sweep the mess off of the desk. “Your wish is my command,” she mumbled as she cleaned, obviously not deterred by the smell or the fact that Momo was being so rude.

“Well, I’ve got work to do,” sighed Creme, turning around to leave, only to be interrupted by Momo.

“But boss, you didn’t see the thing yet!”

“I saw the failed experiments.”

“Not what I brought you to see!” Giggled Momo, waving Creme into the other room of her lab.

The other room was messier than usual, there were crackling wires running everywhere. In the center of the room, there were several seats, each one holding a girl with a helmet on her head. Despite the seats not featuring any form of restraints, the girls seemed oddly calm and docile.

“I see,” nodded Creme.

“Monger party!” Giggled Momo. “I need to top the brainwashing up, so I had to expand the brainwashing machine a bit.”

“Right,” replied Creme, looking at a few of the sparking wires. “This seems dangerous.”

“Nah,” smiled Momo, waving her hand dismissively. “I bypassed the fuse box, so no worries about it slowing me down!”

“So, why do I need to be here,” said Creme, rolling her eyes at Momo’s stupidity.

“Because I want your help to brainwash them! It will be fun!”

“I don’t understand why I need to see this, but if you insist.” Nodded Creme.

As she nodded Momo ran over to a table and grabbed a small control box as well as a microphone which she quickly passed to Creme. Creme turned the mic over in her hands with confusion.

“It is like karaoke!” Chuckled Momo.

“Not using your Synaptic stuff?” Asked Creme.

“Nah, they are not good enough for it,” replied Momo. “The stuff isn’t easy to make, I can’t go wasting it on anyone you know!”

“Fair,” nodded Creme, watching as Momo pushed a button on the control pad. Instantly the helmets started to flash with an intense pink light. The light was so bright that it made Creme wince.

The girls twitched and spasmed as the light bore into their minds. Creme watched on with a morbid fascination, slightly put off by Momo’s slightly aggressive methods.

Momo just giggled as she pulled the microphone from Creme’s hands. “Listen closely,” she said as the pink light changed to match the pace and beat of her words. “Look into the light girls, just look into the light. It is too uber-cute for you to resist and you know that you can’t fight this kind of thing, fighting just leads to pain, a pain you know you can’t stand.”

As Momo said the word pain, the light flashed brighter for a second, making each girl stiffen and cringe before falling back limp once more.

“Yes, the light can torture or it can reward and we both know you want the reward, the sweetest rewards come from the sweetest sources,” continued Momo.

Creme grimaced a little bit as she watched. This process, while effective seemed painful, even the thought of being subjected to it made her uneasy. The fact that the girls hardly seemed to react to the intense light made Creme both happy and slightly anxious for reasons she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

“You have to do what you are told, your minds are like obedience engines,” giggled Momo. “Commands go in and obedience comes out, there is nothing in the middle, you don’t think for yourself, without commands you are directionless and lost.”

As Momo talked the flashes grew brighter and brighter. The girls didn’t move a single muscle as their minds were overwritten by Momo’s words, they just sat opened mouthed and drooling as Momo continued to lecture them.

“Yes, you need commands, commands are cute! Commands are fun! Commands make you feel great!” Continued Momo as she started to talk louder and louder.

As Momo continued to talk, Creme realized that Momo was looping the same few things over and over, almost as if she was trying to force her words into the girls’ heads via repetition alone.

After a while, Momo passed the microphone to Creme and wandered over to one of the cabinets, and reached inside, coming out a few seconds later with a series of long wands.

“Momo?” Blinked Creme.

“They were good puppets,” smiled Momo as she plugged the wands into the outlet and pushed them firmly between the legs of her victims. “And good puppets get rewarded.”

“I see,” nodded Creme, watching as Momo finished placing the wands and picked the microphone back up.

“Now,” giggled Momo. “This is a world full of obedience!” She said as she pressed another button on the control pad. Suddenly the wands started to intensely vibrate between the girls’ legs, stimulating their most sensitive parts.

The girls started to pant and squirm as the sounds of the vibrating wands filled the room. Momo smirked and nudged Creme as she watched the girls’ faces twist into distorted smiles.

“And this is a world full of disobedience,” leered Momo, pressing another button on the controller. Suddenly electricity ran through the helmets, all of the wires in the room started to crackle and spark as the girls let out horrific screams as their muscles started to spasm.

“Disobedience hurts!” Cackled Momo. “Disobedience really hurts! And it only gets worse the more you disobey! The more you disobey me the worse your pain gets until it totally destroys you,” continued Momo, her smile growing wider and wider as she watched the pain unfold in front of her.

The girls continued to thrash and spasm in their chairs, the sparking wires illuminating the room with a strange and ethereal glow. As the electricity continued to arc over their bodies the girls slowly went quiet, their screams fading into soft gurgles.

“But obedience,” grinned Momo. “Obedience is a pleasure!” She smiled as she pressed a button. Instantly the electricity stopped and the vibrating wands burst into life once more.

After a few seconds, the girls started to moan, their mouths dropping open as wave after wave of pleasure washed over them. Momo burst out into uproarious laughter as she watched the girls explode into orgasm.

“Obedience is cute!” Grinned Momo between her laughs. “Obedience is the best, you want to obey all the time. Obedience makes you cute. And not being cute is terrible. Not being cute is. Well not being cute is like.” Grinned Momo, hovering her finger over the button for a few seconds before pressing it.

The electricity arced again, causing all of the girls to scream until they were hoarse. Their bodies seethed with pain as they thrashed in their chairs. After they had screamed for a while Momo pressed the other button, turning the wands back on and electric shocks off.

“See?” She giggled. “Compliance is good, compliance makes you feel good, being cute makes you feel good! The cuter you feel the more you want to obey! The more you obey the cuter you feel!”

“I’ve seen enough,” sighed Creme as she turned and walked out of the room.

“But boss, there is two more hours to go!”

“Momo, I think I get the point,” sighed Creme, walking out of the lab and back towards her office, doing her best to suppress the strange anxiety she was feeling.

Mara opened the door and pulled Sharon into a tight hug. “Misst,” she started, only to spot Alicia out of the corner of her eye. “Miss!” She coughed. “Miss Sharon! How are you today?”

“I’m doing great,” smiled Sharon, running her hand along Mara’s back possessively. “Alicia wanted to see you about something and I thought I would come and say hi.”

“Oh you are always welcome,” blushed Mara as she guided the pair inside. “What is up Alicia?”

“Well,” said Alicia as she took a deep breath. “I had something happen that I think might be power related?”

“Wonderful news!” Grinned Mara. “Come through and we’ll discuss it. Sharon make yourself comfortable!”

“Sure,” smiled Sharon as she sat at Mara’s desk.

Once Mara and Alicia were alone Mara sat on one of the tables and grinned. “So, what was the power?”

“Super strength I think?” Said Alicia, feeling slightly awkward.

“Very nice! How strong was it?”

“Well, I threw a woman a couple of feet.”

“Impressive,” nodded Mara. “Can you still do it?”

“No,” replied Alicia, shaking her head. “I couldn’t do it a few minutes later either.”

“How interesting.” Nodded Mara. “Run me through the event, in detail.”

“Well, it was wrestling practice,” explained Alicia. “It was me against the two of them, I was looking around and trying to dodge and then it just happened, I wasn’t even really thinking, it just sort of happened.”

“Right,” nodded Mara. “Could it be stress or excitement maybe? Those have a tendency to trigger powers.”

“I was very excited,” nodded Alicia. “But if that was the case why didn’t it trigger when I’ve done other stuff with Mom? We’ve done stuff that was way more exciting and dangerous, but I couldn’t launch people then.”

“I don’t know.” Replied Mara. “Sometimes the triggers can be very specific. “I didn’t realize about my stuff for ages, it is amazing what you get used to and dismiss as normal.”

“You have powers?” Blinked Alicia.

“I have some,” smiled Mara awkwardly, obviously kicking herself for bringing it up. “But I’ve not used them for ages.”

“What were they?” Asked Alicia, leaning forward.

“I’m a system user, but as I said. Not touched my system for years.” Shrugged Mara. “I’ve rather forgotten about them and I was a very different person back then anyway.”

“Right,” nodded Alicia, realizing that she was obviously making Mara uncomfortable. “So I guess I have to get myself excited and worked up and see if that gives me super strength.”

“Well, don’t do anything stupid,” smiled Mara. “Just be aware of such things when they come up!”

“I will!” Smiled Alicia.

“Wonderful!” Grinned Mara, wandering out of the lab and back into the main room.

“How was it?” Smiled Sharon as Mara walked over to the desk.

“Helpful,” grinned Alicia. “Do you two want some private time?”

“Oh that would be nice,” winked Sharon. “How about I meet you at that cafe down the road?”

“Can do!” Giggled Alicia as she wandered out of the office.

Mara watched as Alicia wandered out of the room. Once the door closed she let out a little sigh of relief. “I nearly slipped up there.”

“It was seamless,” laughed Sharon as she wandered over to Mara and gently rubbed her back. “And she has heard worse I bet.”

“True,” wiggled Mara, leaning across and kissing Sharon on the cheek. “Still, I get embarrassed.”

“I realize, it is cute.” Giggled Sharon as she grabbed Mara by the hair and pulled her head to the side before kissing her softly on the neck.

Mara let out a little gasp as her knees turned to jelly, her cheeks going a deep crimson as her gasp faded into a small moan. “Oh god,” she groaned.

“What is it my loyal subject?” Snarked Sharon, only for Mara to wobble even more.

“Oh that is,” she said as she started to pant. “So wrong, but it appeals to me.”

“Me being a god?”

“I mean, there are a lot of rituals that can be exploited,” smiled Mara, gently running her hand down Sharon’s stomach. “And it is such an exalted position.” She added as her hands slid into Sharon’s jeans.

Sharon gasped and bit her lip, rubbing Mara’s hair softly as she felt the girl’s fingers tease at her sex. “But what if you end up as a sacrifice, no one said I was a benevolent god.”

“Oh?” Smiled Mara. “What if I want that? What if I want the vengeful eye of God to make me into an obedient neophyte?”

“Then you would need to be on your knees,” smirked Sharon, watching as Mara instantly complied and slid down Sharon’s body.

“Of course my god,” smiled Mara as she gently pulled Sharon’s pants down and kissed up the woman’s thighs. Sharon gasped as she felt Mara’s warm breath between her legs, an idea quickly forming in her head.

“Darling,” cooed Sharon softly. “You mentioned the eye of god, why not look into mine?” She said as she lifted Mara’s chin with a finger. The second Mara caught a glimpse of the swirling silver pools inside of Sharon’s eyes she felt her body swirling and spiraling down, falling into an infinite silver void where her will was wrapped in a soft blanket and whisked away.

It felt like heaven, like all of her stress was being removed and she was being massaged in every single part of her being. The warm fog that clung to her brain felt like a cool winter morning, full of calm stillness and wonderous, beautiful potential. Mara didn’t even consider fighting, all she wanted to do was let Sharon into her mind.

Mara continued to stare as she felt her body growing warmer and lighter as her mind slowly shut down, the world dissolving into a silver haze until there was nothing but Sharon and her will.

Mara blinked her eyes and looked around the room. “What the fudge happened?” She said as she rubbed her head. “Fudge?” She blinked. “Why did I say that? I’m not seven.”

She pulled herself up off the floor and stumbled around for a few moments, trying to work out where she was and what she was doing. As she got her footing, she caught sight of her reflection in a picture frame. For a brief second she could have sworn she was wearing panties on her head, but she very quickly realized she was in her usual nun’s habit.

“What the frick was that?” Asked Mara, trying to work out why she saw such a silly version of her reflection. Why would she not be in her habit? Why would she be wearing panties over her head?

“I’m not street strumpet.” Mumbled Mara to herself before blinking again. “Not a strumpet, a strumpet.” She said before shaking her head. “Why can’t I say it, I’m not a strumpet! Why can’t I say it!”

“Because I don’t like naughty words.” Came a voice from across the room. Mara turned and saw a woman sat on a throne. Instantly Mara felt awed, the goddess was sat before her. Mara could hardly contain herself, the goddess was there! The eternal goddess, the one she had worshiped for as long as she could remember.

“Goddess!” Screamed Mara, falling to her knees and pressing her nose into the carpet. “I am not worthy, I am not worthy, I am not worthy,” chanted Mara as she bowed.

“Such a good child, come to me,” said the Goddess, her voice warm and sweet like the finest honey.

“Yes mighty one,” replied Mara, holding back tears of joy as she walked towards the divine Goddess. Her heart was pounding, the Goddess was so beautiful, no human could ever hope to match her. She was perfection in every single way.

As Mara got closer, the Goddess rose from her throne. “Yes, that is it, my child, come to me. Submit to me.”

“Your will is my command,” replied Mara as she stopped in front of the woman.

“So wonderful. Such beautiful, obedient flesh,” purred the Goddess as she ran her hands over Mara’s habit. Mara let out a soft whimper, it felt like the Goddess’ hands were going straight through the fabric. It was like the Goddess was touching her very soul with every movement.

“I only wish to please you Goddess,” groaned Mara, her bottom lip wobbling as she was touched and caressed. “Oh fudge fudge fudge,” murmured Mara as the heat in her body grew more and more intense by the second.

“Lie on the slab my child,” smiled the Goddess, guiding Mara back towards a stone slab that had appeared in the place where the throne had been moments before.

“Yes, my Goddess.” Nodded Mara, climbing up onto the cold stone slab. Her heart was fluttering, being in the presence of the Goddess was the greatest honor, she felt so blessed by this chance. She would do anything to please the Goddess.

“Give yourself to me,” purred the Goddess as she rubbed her hands along Mara’s body. “Surrender to me, let me devour your sensuality, let me absorb it, let your lust sustain me.” She continued as she rubbed between Mara’s legs.

Mara moaned as the wonderful and heavenly hands caressed her most sensitive spots, filling her with a bliss that she had never experienced before. The pleasure was made even more intense by the fact that the Goddess wanted her to do this, the Goddess had demanded her to give in and all Mara could do was obey.

The Goddess continued to touch and rub Mara. The Goddess’ infinite omniscience meant that she knew exactly how to touch Mara to fill her body with pure pleasure, a pleasure that Mara had never experienced before.

She felt her body cresting a wave of bliss as the Goddess rubbed faster and faster. “Fudge, fudge, fudge, fudge!” Screamed Mara as she started to shake and pant, an orgasm building up inside her.

“Are you ready to give it all to me?” Purred the Goddess as she looked down at Mara’s weak and yielding flesh. Mara looked up, her eyes full of devotion and awe.

“Yes, everything for you my Goddess!” Screamed Mara, her body precariously balanced on the edge of orgasm.

“Then give it all to me!” Smiled the Goddess as she firmly squeezed one of Mara’s breasts. Instantly Mara exploded into orgasm, a warm wave of total and complete euphoria crashing over her body as she let out a loud scream. Every single one of her muscles felt saturated with complete and total joy.

As Mara looked up at the Goddess she found herself becoming more and more blissful, finding so much joy in the beauty and perfection of her diety, that her orgasm seemed to go on forever. The pleasure that ran through her body seemed to warp time, making each second of bliss seem to last for hours if not years.

After an eternity Mara slowly relaxed, feeling the euphoria slowly ebbing from her muscles as she slowly came back to reality. She blinked and stretched and looked around the room, only to see Sharon stood over her with a smirk on her face.

“Sharon,” mumbled Mara, a wide smile forming on her face.

“How was that?” Grinned Sharon, climbing up onto the desk and hugging Mara tightly.

“That was stunning,” gasped Mara. “Where did you find a Nun’s habit?”

“Who said I did?” Winked Sharon, running her hand across Mara’s body. Mara looked down and went bright red as she realized that she hadn’t been wearing a habit at all and had been totally naked the entire time.

“I’m fudging naked.” Said Mara, only to blink and glare at Sharon. “I still can’t swear?”

“Not until next week,” smirked Sharon. “I think we need to work on your potty mouth, so I’ve removed your ability to swear.”

“What if I want to fudge swear?” Said Mara, obviously trying to feel out her boundaries.

“You don’t get a say.” Grinned Sharon as she kissed Mara on the neck. “And you love the fact that you don’t get a choice.”

“Maybe a little bit.” Blushed Mara.

“I’m glad,” purred Sharon as she held Mara tightly, enjoying the warmth of her body. Mara sighed gently and nuzzled against Sharon, feeling both wonderfully exhausted and deliciously content.

After cuddling for a while, Sharon broke the silence. “Hey, Mara.”

“Yes?” Asked Mara gently.

“Do you have any thoughts on polyamory?”

“I don’t think parrots should be given guns,” giggled Mara. “Oh wait, that is Polly armory.”

“Oh you,” laughed Sharon, gently slapping Mara on the cheek. “But seriously, what do you think?”

“I think it can be nice,” smiled Mara. “Though I’ve had enough trouble getting one date, let alone two. But love is love. The world needs more love in general and who am I to dictate the relationships of others.”

“Right,” nodded Sharon, starting to massage Mara’s shoulders. “But would you do it? Like if the option presented itself?”

“Depends who it is,” murmured Mara, relaxing into the massage. “Why do you ask?”

“Just came up in a book I’ve been reading and was curious to hear other peoples’ opinions.” Said Sharon softly. “I’m rambling, you should just relax and enjoy this.”

Ulla climbed up onto the roof, clutching the suitcase in her one hand and a flare in the other. It had taken her a while to stealthfully scale the Cybernetic Building, she could have saved herself several hours and just flashed her badge at the reception, but she wanted to do this quietly and not draw attention to herself.

She put the case down and lit the flare, throwing it up into the air to make sure whoever was watching had a good view. As it tumbled back to Earth Ulla pondered her situation for a few minutes.

She wasn’t a dramatic fan of the position she had found herself in, but she had to get her sister back. It was her fault that Hitomi had gotten herself involved in all of this and thus it was her job to get her back.

Ulla caught the flare and held it for a few minutes as she looked out over the city. The heat of the flare was a pleasant respite from the bitter wind that blew across the rooftop and the view reminded her of what she was fighting for.

“Well, well, well,” came a voice from behind Ulla, bringing her back to reality. Ulla turned around, only to see Creme stood by the door to the stairs.

“I have it.” Said Ulla firmly, pointing to the case.

“Wonderful,” smiled Creme. “I’m glad you made the right choice.”

“Why do you want this thing anyway?” Asked Ulla, doing her best to keep her emotions in check.

“Oh Ulla, I’m not going to tell you. Not my fault MIST is behind the game.” Laughed Creme, adjusting her jacket as she did. “Hitomi, fetch.”

As she said this, Hitomi walked out from the stairwell, her black armor reflecting in the moonlight. She moved over to Ulla robotically, seemingly not recognizing her sister at all.

Before Hitomi could reach her, Ulla grabbed the case and gripped it tight. “I want her back.” She growled, glaring a hole through Creme.

“You will when I get the gem.” Smirked Creme.

“Why should I trust you.” Replied Ulla firmly.

“Because you don’t have a choice, you can’t throw your weight around here. Your fancy badge means nothing.”

“Fine.” Replied Ulla, gritting her teeth. She hated to admit it, but Creme was right, she had no power in this situation, she had to do this so she could rescue Hitomi.

Ulla bent down and threw the case towards Creme. As it landed on the concrete in front of her Creme nodded. “You made the right choice,” she said as she reached down and started to unlatch the case.

As she opened it Ulla looked at Hitomi. This new Hitomi terrified her, it was so unlike her sister, like she had been replaced by a totally different person and if Hitomi was gone, that meant that Ulla was alone.

“Very good, very good,” smiled Creme as she locked the case and stood up.

“Now Hitomi.” Said Ulla firmly.

“Hitomi,” grinned Creme. “Kill.”

Suddenly Hitomi swung at Ulla, hitting her square in the face and knocking her down to the ground. “What,” groaned Ulla as she backed up and scrambled to her feet. “You promised.”

“I lied,” laughed Creme. Hitomi started to walk towards Ulla, her fists clenched into tight balls. Ulla stared at Hitomi, fighting back the tears as her sister moved closer. After a few moments, Ulla took a deep breath and shook her head.

“This is not the first time I’ve had someone use my loved ones against me!” She shouted. “And I’m not going to let you do this!” She added as she pulled her coat open and produced a ticket from her pocket.

“I’m going to clear this line, regardless of what obstacles are in my way!” Screamed Ulla as she pushed the ticket into her system. Suddenly a train appeared behind her and enveloped her totally, quickly forming her yellow armor.

“Interesting,” smiled Creme, watching the scene unfold.

“Hitomi, I’m doing this for you.” Said Ulla, sounding much more like she was trying to convince herself than Hitomi. “Full steam!” She screamed as another train rushed past and formed into her sword.

Hitomi charged in as Ulla slashed at her with the sword. The blade caused sparks to fly off of Hitomi’s armor but the girl didn’t even flinch and instead grabbed Ulla firmly by the shoulders.

“Hitomi!” Shouted Ulla as she tried to force her sister off of her. “I know you are in there, fight this!” She cried before kicking Hitomi firmly in the chest, sending her flying backward across the rooftop. “I know you are better than this!”

Hitomi didn’t react and instantly pulled herself up off of the floor and ran towards Ulla, swinging wildly at her. Ulla backed off to try and dodge as many of the blows as possible, however, she did not back up fast enough, and several of them hit her in the chest.

Ulla tried to stand firm, however, Hitomi grabbed her and threw her to the floor with great force, before leaning down and trying to punch her prone sister. Ulla quickly moved left and right, dodging as many of the strikes as she could before swinging her leg out to trip Hitomi.

Ulla scrambled to her feet and slashed Hitomi again, trying to get as many hits in as possible before Hitomi got back up. Each slash from the sword seemed to dent the black armor that held Hitomi. Ulla was sure that she could see hints of red through the dents and that sight only increased her resolve. She was going to free Hitomi from whatever this suit was, she just needed to keep going.

As she tried to bring her sword down again, Hitomi reached up and grabbed the blade, causing a shower of sparks to illuminate the rooftop. Ulla pressed down, doing her best to force the sword towards Hitomi’s chest, however, Hitomi was able to hold the blade at bay, preventing it even moving an inch.

Despite the damage being done to her hands, Hitomi was able to hold the blade away from herself for several minutes. However slowly but surely Ulla was able to force the blade down and with one mighty push, she was able to break Hitomi’s grip, causing the blade to crash down into Hitomi’s chest, knocking her prone.

Hitomi’s suit sparked and crackled as if it was about to fail. Ulla stood over her, holding the sword aloft, waiting to see if she needed to go for a killing blow.

As Ulla waited for her moment, Hitomi lifted her head. “Sis,” she coughed gently, reaching out her hand.

“Hitomi?” Gasped Ulla, lowering her sword. “Come back to me Hitomi. Please.”

“Sis,” mumbled Hitomi as she slowly pushed herself off the ground and reached out for Ulla.

“It is okay, it is all okay,” said Ulla gently, leaning forward to help her sister up. However, as Ulla grabbed Hitomi’s hand, Hitomi yanked her forward and grabbed onto her shoulder. Before Ulla could work out what was happening Hitomi used her free hand to punch Ulla right in her system.

Ulla rolled backward from the force of the punch. “Hitomi?” She said, obviously devastated by the betrayal. Hitomi rose from the ground robotically, showing no signs of the humanity or pain she had been displaying seconds before.

Suddenly Ulla felt a strange electricity run through her body. She went to say something, however before she could open her mouth a robotic voice interrupted her.

“Controlling Chaos! C! C! C!” Ulla looked down to find the source of the voice, only to realize that Hitomi hadn’t punched her in the system. She had locked one of those strange red devices onto it.

Ulla tried to move but found she could not. It was like her armor wouldn’t respond to any of her commands or movements. Suddenly an alert flashed up in her helmet. “Hijack warning!” It declared as a wave of electricity ran over Ulla’s body, making her scream out in pain.

“Disengage,” grunted Ulla, trying to regain control of her muscles, however, her suit refused to listen to her, the electricity making every part of her body sting.

“Hijack protection overridden,” declared Ulla’s helmet as the pain grew even more intense. Suddenly Ulla’s visor was filled by a spinning pink spiral that seemed to twist off into infinity.

Ulla stumbled around, trying to work out where she was in relation to the edge of the rooftop while also trying to block out the ever-increasing pain. “Trying to throw off my balance,” she grunted as she closed her eyes in the hope of blocking out the disorienting display, however, the second she tried to ignore the spiral she felt another shock blast through her suit.

She let out a scream as the shock forced her eyes open, making her stare at the strange rotating spiral. Something about it was very distracting, Ulla found her eyes following the spiral right down to a center that never seemed to appear.

As her body continued to get shocked Ulla found a strange solace within the spiral, something about it made the pain bearable, it let her block out the intense spasms the shocks caused and it was oddly relaxing. Ulla felt tired, exhausted from an emotionally and physically draining fight and the spiral seemed to understand that, it seemed to offer her a small oasis of calm. Something about the spiral spoke to her, almost like it was begging her to fall deep into its oblivion.

Part of Ulla tried to scream, realizing that this spiral was a trap that she shouldn’t fall for, but whenever it tried to regain control, another shock would arc across all of her muscles, forcing that part back down and forcing Ulla to embrace the spiral to block out the agony.

Ulla felt foreign thoughts pushing into her mind, thoughts telling her to follow the spiral, to let it take over her brain. And as these thoughts echoed in her mind Ulla couldn’t help but start to believe them, despite how wrong they sounded.

Ulla blinked, a rush going through her mind as the last functioning bits of herself tried to fight off the spiral. “Pulled Tail,” she mumbled as a massive shock ran from her toes to her skull, causing her eyes to roll up into her head as she thrashed wildly within her suit. The pain was astronomical and it totally sapped Ulla’s ability to fight, her whole brain shut down in a vain attempt to block the pain out.

Once the shock stopped Ulla stared blankly into the spiral, letting its words and thoughts into her empty brain. The spiral was pretty and that was all that mattered to Ulla.

It was almost like the spiral was talking to Ulla, cooing to her softly, praising her for being a good girl, for accepting that the spiral was in charge from now on, that the spiral made all of the choices for her. Ulla didn’t need to think, all she needed to do was obey the pretty spiral.

Creme smiled as she watched the C C C drive take over Ulla’s system, turning her armor black and causing several large spikes to burst from her shoulders and helmet.

Once it was clear that Ulla had submitted, Creme grabbed a phone from her jacket and pressed a button. “Pick me up,” she said firmly before shoving the phone back into her pocket.

Creme then walked over to Ulla and smirked. “Can you hear me?” She asked firmly.

“I can hear you.” Said Ulla in a soft monotone. Inside the suit, the voice of the spiral and the voice of Creme melded together to form one perfect choir of voices that made Ulla’s ears tingle. The remains of her brain knew that she had to obey the voice and thus, she did so without thinking, just letting herself totally focus on the spinning pattern.

“Excellent,” grinned Creme, turning to see a helicopter flying towards the building. As the copter reached the edge of the roof, it opened its side door and dropped a ladder out. Creme quickly climbed into the helicopter and waved for Hitomi and Ulla to follow.

As Ulla climbed into the helicopter Momo squealed. “Oh, it worked! I have twin besties!” She smiled, clapping her hands with glee.

“I guess so, yes,” nodded Creme. “Is Ulla’s conversion complete?” She said as she strapped the suitcase into one of the free seats.

“Nah, she needs her soda,” grinned Momo. “But I’ve got to get her back to the lab to do that, not sure if her armor has countermeasures to stop forced disengaging.”

“Of course,” nodded Creme. “Once that is done you will need to activate the gem, I think it is time to show ourselves to the world, don’t you?”

“I think so!” Giggled Momo, running her hand across Ulla’s thigh as the helicopter flew into the night.

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