My Mom Is A Supervillain?!

Chapter 4 — Affairs Of The Heart

by HypnoticHarlequin

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The endless highway stretched out before her. Mile after mile of pure untouched asphalt. She was keen and she was ready. She was untouchable in her ability.

She pushed the pedal to the floor and heard the tires screech as she grasped the wheel firmly, she wasn’t going to let this slip through her fingers. She accelerated through the desert, focusing totally on her vehicle.

She was at one. She was at peace. The sun gleamed in fractal prisms of red, white, and yellow causing the cockpit to glow softly as she grabbed the gear stick and pushed it towards the next gear, listening as the tone of the engine changed.

She took a deep breath, letting the cold night air fill her lungs. The road was clear and straight, there was no one else around but her. If she was going to do this, she had to do it now. It was time for her to make the decision.

She closed her eyes and felt her body, trying to feel each limb as the blood flowed it. She slowly expanded herself, becoming aware of not just herself but the vehicle around her. First the steering wheel and gear stick, then the pedals, then the engine then the carburetor, and then the axels. She felt herself becoming one with them, each part was an extension of her body.

She no longer had to operate the controls, she was the controls, they were wired directly into her mind. She opened her eyes and admired the road, thinking about going faster as her vehicle started to accelerate.

She felt a rush of control. This was her. All her. She was the vehicle and the vehicle was her, there was nothing she couldn’t do.

She closed her eyes again and pushed once more, her form totally enveloping the vehicle. The wheels on the road felt like her bare feet running on the asphalt. All of this felt as natural as breathing.

Euphoria crashed through her body. This was it! This is what she had been searching for! The endless highway was hers and hers alone!

Alicia rubbed her head. Her mouth felt like she had been gargling aquarium gravel for a few hours. She pulled herself out of bed and tried to shake herself awake.

She stumbled down the stairs only to find Sharon busy in the kitchen. “Hungover?” She asked Sharon with a smile.

“A little,” groaned Alicia, only to jump as Sharon put a mug of coffee down in front of her.

“You are a little lightweight,” chuckled Sharon, returning to her cooking. “I thought college would make you immune to alcohol!”

“Very funny,” laughed Alicia before groaning. “I told you, I’m a little study bug, I don’t party.”

“Of course, you are utterly chaste, you are like a nun!” Snickered Sharon, putting some things onto a plate before placing the plate in front of Alicia. “Enjoy your breakfast holy sister.”

Alicia chuckled and started to eat, hoping that some breakfast would help take the edge off her throbbing head.

“I’m going to be visiting Doctor Mara later,” smiled Sharon as she sat opposite Alicia.

“Oh, do you mind if I come?” Asked Alicia. “I want to run something past her. Unless you two are planning to be romantic or something.”

“It is a professional meeting, I have something to discuss with her.” Nodded Sharon, blushing slightly.

“Hey mom,” smirked Alicia.


“If you two are going to be dating, maybe best to stop calling her Doctor Mara, unless she is into that of course.”

“Right,” nodded Sharon. “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.”

By the time the pair arrived at Doctor Mara’s office, Alicia had gotten her hangover under control. As Sharon pressed the buzzer Mara swung the door open with a smile.

“Sharon!” She said with a grin, only for her eyes to go wide as she spotted Alicia. “Oh, Alicia! Hi!”

“Hi, Doc!” Replied Alicia. “Sorry about coming unannounced, thought I would hijack Mom’s appointment to ask you something.”

“Oh don’t worry about it!” Smiled Mara, waving the pair inside. “Why don’t you come into my lab and we can talk while I prepare for your Mother’s appointment?” Said Mara, tripping over her words a little bit.

“Sure,” nodded Alicia, wandering into the lab just behind Mara. To her surprise, nothing was going on in the lab. Alicia had presumed that Mara was in the middle of some kind of experiment due to the fact that her lab coat was buttoned closed.

“So what did you want to ask me?” Asked Mara as she moved some tubes from one rack to another.

“Can people fly? Like not in a plane, but like go up in the air and stay there?” Replied Alicia, feeling slightly dumb for asking a question that sounded so silly.

“Of course,” nodded Mara. “Why do you ask?”

“I think I encountered someone with a power. I was at my gym and while we were working out, she jumped into the air and hovered there for a bit.”

“Any signs of technology? Either helping them fly or holding them up? Was anything else in the area affected?“Asked Mara, moving more test tubes as she did.

“No, they were not wearing much, just a leotard and a mask,” pondered Alicia. “And I was right under them and I wasn’t affected.”

Mara stopped mid-step and looked at Alicia for a few seconds. “Your gym sounds odd,” she said before pondering for a few more seconds. “But it sounds like a bio to me.”

“A bio?”

“Oh right, a Bio is a hero whose powers come from their genetics. Your mom is a bio, her powers are innate to her, she doesn’t need any technology or magic to produce her hypnotic vision.” Explained Mara as she picked up the whole rack of test tubes and moved it a few inches to the left.

“Ah, so she was just born with it?”

“Basically,” nodded Mara. “Of course, genetic predisposition is only part of it. Think of it like any other skill, sure you might be naturally talented at say, painting. But you won’t be great at it unless you practice, it is just easier to be great due to your talent.”

“Right, right,” nodded Alicia. “Thanks, doc, I’ll let my Mom in.”

Alica quickly left the room, walking up to Sharon with a smile. “I’m done, I’m going to head to the library for a bit, so I’ll catch you later, okay?”

“If you want to dear,” smiled Sharon, kissing Alicia on the cheek. “Have a nice day!”

As Alicia wandered out of the office Mara opened the lab door. “Come in Sharon,” she said with a grin, beckoning her closer with a finger.

Sharon walked into the lab, only for Mara to quickly close the door behind her. “Is Alicia still here?”

“No, she left,” replied Sharon. “I can chase after her if you want?”

“Oh no,” grinned Mara, moving close to Sharon and wrapping her arm around her. Mara leaned close to Sharon’s ear and whispered gently into it. “I’m not wearing anything under this lab coat.”

“Well that is very naughty of you,” blushed Sharon.

“I’m a very naughty Doctor,’ replied Mara.

“But Doctor,” giggled Sharon, turning to face Mara. “I’m a supervillain, surely I would encourage your naughtiness.”

“Oh well, then,” grinned Mara, slowly undoing the top few buttons of the coat, confirming that she was actually naked beneath it. “I should be a little more naughty.”

“Yes, give in to the evil,” smiled Sharon, rubbing her hands along Mara’s sides. Sharon was actually quite surprised, this was a very new side of Mara, but she understood that someone in her position couldn’t exactly afford to wear their heart on their sleeve.

“I’m so evil,” giggled Mara as she continued to undo buttons until the coat fell totally open, revealing her naked body to Sharon.

“So deliciously evil,” smiled Sharon, pulling Mara closer and kissing her firmly, grabbing a handful of her hair as she did.

Alicia marched towards the gym with a purpose in her step. She hadn’t really planned out what she was going to do, but she wanted to get some answers. However, as she walked Alicia realized she couldn’t give away too much, Ivanna was bigger and stronger than her and while she had been nice during training, it could be an act.

Alicia’s walking slowed as she ran the situation over in her head, she couldn’t think of a good way to approach this conversation. “Hey, I know you have superpowers,” was far too blunt and opened her up to all sorts of questions.

Alicia turned the corner, only to see the gym was swarming with cops and a load of unmarked vans had surrounded the door. Alicia ran forward, trying to see what was going on, only to be stopped by a police officer.

“Can’t let anyone in right now madam,” said the officer.

“What’s going on?” Shouted Alicia, trying to see around the blockade.

“Police business madam. Please step back.”

“Okay, but is everyone okay?” Said Alicia, taking a few steps back.

“Do you know anyone here madam?” Asked the officer, raising an eyebrow.

“Ivanna. She is my trainer.” Nodded Alicia.

“Give me a moment,” replied the police officer, walking into the building. Alicia waited, every second seeming to last an eternity, her whole body tingling with nerves and anxiety as her heart pounded in her chest.

After a while, the officer re-emerged with Ivanna behind her. “Ivanna!” Shouted Alicia.

“Alicia,” replied Ivanna, moving closer. “Do not worry, it is okay,” she said, obviously seeing the anxiety on Alicia’s face.

Suddenly another figure exited the gym, Alicia would recognize her anywhere. It was Ulla. She was dressed in the same long trenchcoat that she had been wearing at the ice factory, except this time she had a pair of glasses on and had put her hair up into a bun.

“Well Miss Leon,” said Ulla, adjusting her glasses as she did. “I’ve found the point of entry, we’ll keep some officers in the area in case they come back. I’ll also try and get a workman over to board up the windows until you can arrange for the glass to be replaced.”

“Thank you,” nodded Ivanna. “Do you have a motive?”

“Afraid not.” Replied Ulla, shaking her head. “However, we shall continue our inquiries. If anything comes up, call us.”

“I will,” said Ivanna, watching as Ulla walked into one of the waiting vans.

Once the van door closed Ivanna moved over towards the blockade. “Alicia, I have some cleaning to do. Could you help?” She asked, a look of exhaustion on her face.

“Of course,” nodded Alicia, jumping the barricade and following Ivanna. Alicia partially expected the police officer to shout at her, however, the woman seemed more focused on Ulla than her duties.

The gym looked messier than normal, there was broken glass everywhere and the walls were riddled with dents as if a very violent struggle had just occurred. Ivanna passed Alicia a broom and guided her towards the biggest pile of glass.

“Is everything okay?” Asked Alicia softly, using the sweeping to cover the sound of her voice.

“This morning some people turned up. We're keen to talk me into giving up someone who is apparently in trouble with a gang,” replied Ivanna, speaking in time with her sweeping. “They decided to mess the place up to send a message.”

“A gang?” Gasped Alicia, trying to sound surprised.

“I don’t know much about them,” replied Ivanna.

“Who is in trouble?” Asked Alicia, already putting two and two together.

“Dragón,” sighed Ivanna. “I’ve been trying to keep her on the straight and narrow, but she seems to have strayed.”


“She is a magnet for trouble.”

“What sort of trouble,” asked Alicia, doing her best to probe without making it too obvious.

“It is best you don’t know,” nodded Ivanna, walking off to grab a trash bag.

Sharon gently ran her fingers between Mara’s legs, watching the woman squirm and pant.

“You are such a tease,” gasped Mara.

“I think you wanted this,” replied Sharon with a smirk.

“I won’t tell you anything,” panted Mara.

“Do I have to turn my eyes on?” Giggled Sharon, “remember I can make you tell the truth.”

Mara suddenly went a deep shade of crimson, quickly turning her gaze towards the floor. “What if I want that?” Mumbled Mara.

“That,” started Sharon, stumbling over her words. “Is a good question.”

“I’m sorry that was a weird thing to say,” replied Mara, pulling away from Sharon a little.

“No,” said Sharon, moving her hand off Mara. “It isn’t weird at all. Tell me more, I’m interested.”

“I don’t know,” mumbled Mara, obviously flustered. “Just seemed like a hot idea.”

“And it just popped into your head?” Asked Sharon, smiling at Mara.

“I might have thought about this for a while,” replied Mara softly, turning her head to look at Sharon.

“Tell me more,” grinned Sharon, using a finger to lift Mara’s chin. “Tell me everything.”

“I don’t know, just the idea of not being in control, not having a choice. Something about it, gets me going.” Explained Mara, her eyes darting between Sharon and the floor. “I know it is a little weird.”

“Not weird, just seems like someone is submissive.” Smiled Sharon. “It isn’t anything to be shy about it.”

“Really?” Asked Mara. “I just feel like I’m expected to be more in control,” she mumbled.

“You don’t need to be all the time, you can explore not being in control, especially with me.” Grinned Sharon.

“You’ve done this before?”

“I actually haven’t,” answered Sharon. “I had my wildest flings during college and at that point, I wasn’t really in control of my powers. Or particularly sure of them. Would have been worried that my date’s head would explode.”

“Would be messy.”

“The quickest way to not get your dorm deposit back.” Nodded Sharon. “But, now I would be more okay with it and you being confident about it helps.”

“It does?” Blinked Mara.

“You’re the person who knows my powers inside out. If you thought there was a risk of sudden cranial detonation you likely wouldn’t be having this conversation with me.”

“That is true.” Nodded Mara.

“Hey Mara,” asked Sharon. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do,” answered Mara, not even stopping to consider the question. “Why do you ask?”

“Because I’m going to do this,” cooed Sharon as she gently grabbed Mara’s cheeks and pulled her closer, her eyes changing to a deep silver.

“What are you,” gasped Mara.

“I’m hypnotizing you,” replied Sharon firmly, cutting Mara off. “And there is nothing you can do about it. You know that. You know my power and you know that I cannot be resisted.”

Mara’s body started to relax, causing her to slump towards Sharon. In fact, if Sharon wasn’t holding her head, Mara would have likely fallen right off the couch they were sitting on.

“You are powerless. You are helpless. And you want that. So don’t fight me, give into me, get hypnotized by me,” continued Sharon, trying to fit the word hypnotized in as many times as she could, hoping to play into Mara’s fantasy. “You need to submit, you are so tired from playing doctor all day, so tired that you need to relax, that you need to submit.”

Mara didn’t respond, she just stared into deeply into Sharon’s eyes, the silver quickly engulfing her retinas until they were mirror images of Sharon’s. Mara’s mouth fell open as she gazed, her whole body starting to sway gently.

“Submit to me, you know it feels too good to fight, it feels too good to resist, you don’t think, you don’t question, you obey, totally and utterly, your mind no longer belongs to you, it belongs to me.” Continued Sharon.

Mara’s body went totally limp, her mouth hanging open as her eyes started to flutter and roll around in her head, her mind was totally gone all she could perceive was Sharon’s voice and the never-ending silver glow of her eyes.

Sharon gently lowered Mara down in her lap, watching as the glow danced around the woman’s eyes. Mara didn’t react as she was moved, all of her limbs were limp and non-functional, she remained in whatever position Sharon put her in.

Sharon giggled to herself, realizing that she might have overdone it a little bit, she was so used to hypnotizing people who were actively resisting that she had totally forgotten how strong her powers could be when they were unopposed.

Sharon gently rubbed Mara’s hair and admired her sleeping form. Sharon had to admit, Mara looked very cute like this. “Now,” cooed Sharon gently. “Talk me through this fantasy of yours, just tell me everything, no need to think about it, just talk.”

“Talk,” mumbled Mara.

Alicia sat on the couch watching TV, her feet sore from all of the sweeping she had been doing. Suddenly Sharon burst into the room, a massive smile on her face.

“Alicia! I’m so glad you’re here!” Smiled Sharon as she sat down next to Alicia.

“Hey, you seem happy, have fun at your appointment?” Grinned Alicia.

“It was a very productive meeting!” Nodded Sharon. “Though I did want to ask you a question.”

“Sure, what's up.” Asked Alicia as she muted the TV.

“How much would it cost for you to not be here tomorrow night?”

“Oh my gosh!” Giggled Alicia. “Are you and Mara going to have a romantic night?”

“We might be. But it isn’t the question!” Said Sharon firmly. “How much?”

“Well,” grinned Alicia. “As you are so kind to me. Just get me a hotel room and I’ll be out of your hair for the whole night!”

“Great,” nodded Sharon, leaning in and kissing Alicia on the cheek. “Thank you, I’ll get you a reservation sorted.” She said as she quickly went to grab her laptop.

Alicia turned the volume back on as she relaxed back into the couch, a large smile on her face.

The next morning Alicia grabbed a backpack and started to throw toiletries and clothes into it. She wouldn’t need much for a single night, but if recent events had taught her anything, it didn’t hurt to be prepared.

“I’m heading to the store,” shouted Sharon from downstairs. “Want anything?”

“I’ll come with you!” Yelled Alicia, pulling on a shirt.

“You don’t need to!” Replied Sharon. Alicia quickly adjusted her hair and pulled the backpack on as she dashed down the stairs.

“I want to grab some stuff for tonight,” grinned Alicia. “And apparently I can drop my bags off early, so I’ll likely do that just after, seems silly to buy stuff and bring it back here, only to take it back across town in a few hours.”

“Fair point,” nodded Sharon, opening the door and wandering outside.

“So are you excited?” Asked Alicia.

“Well,” said Sharon, taking a deep breath. “I am honestly, slightly nervous. It has been a while since I dated.”

“Yeah, I don’t remember you dating anyone.” Nodded Alicia as the pair walked into the city.

“There has been one or two, but it has never gone beyond a few meals,” replied Sharon. “I’m not the easiest woman to date.”

“I know, your personality is terrible,” winked Alicia, keen to make sure her mother understood her sarcasm.

“I realize,” chuckled Sharon. “But I am working on it,” she said, winking back at Alicia.

As the girls made their way into the city center they could hear the sounds of commotion. “Is something going on today?” Asked Alicia.

“Not that I know of,” replied Sharon, rubbing the bridge of her nose. “We should go check it out.”

“Right,” nodded Alicia, following on behind her Mom. The girls very quickly found the source of the commotion. There was a massive police barricade around the bank, the whole street was packed with people, all trying to get a view of what was going on.

Alicia and Sharon fought their way to the front of the crowd. Once they got there, they were able to see that there were loads of police officers stood outside the doors of the bank, each one had a gun trained towards the building.

Just behind them stood Ulla, still in her civilian disguise. She was having a furious conversation with the police chief, however, neither Alicia nor Sharon could make out exactly what was being said.

After a few minutes of intense conversation, Ulla marched into a nearby van and slammed the door as the police chief grabbed a loudhailer and started to speak.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the situation is totally under control, however in the interests of public safety we are going to be increasing the size of the cordon by two hundred feet, please disperse for both our ease and your safety.” She shouted. A ripple of mumbling ran across the crowd as people started to back up a little bit. Sharon tugged on Alicia’s arm and guided her backward before turning off into a nearby alleyway.

“You saw her?” Asked Sharon in a low whisper.

“Yeah,” nodded Alicia. “What is she doing here?”

“She would only be here is whatever is going on in that bank is linked to MIST.”

“So we’re going to find out?” Asked Alicia.

“No!” Replied Sharon firmly. “We are not getting involved, this isn’t our battle to fight.”

Suddenly a high pitched note rang out from the bank, causing several windows to shatter. Alicia and Sharon held their ears, doing their best to block out the high pitched noise.

“Spectre.” Groaned Sharon. “Why did it have to be Spectre.”

“Your old running buddy?” Asked Alicia. “Could this be her new job?”

“Unless something went very wrong she wouldn’t have attracted all of this attention, I need a better view.” Said, Sharon, as she looked up. “We need to get onto a rooftop.”

“On it,” nodded Alicia, running out onto the street and running her eyes along each building’s sign. “I think I’ve got an idea!”

“Let’s go for it,” said Sharon, quickly coming out of the alleyway.

Alicia quickly headed towards a building that advertised itself as a multi-use office building, she ran her finger down the business listings before walking into the reception area.

“Hello,” said the receptionist. “Who are you here to see.”

“Hey,” smiled Alicia. “We’re here for Synergy Game Design, we’ve got an appointment, we’re the consultants.”

“Oh, of course,” nodded the receptionist. “Shall I call the lift?”

“No, we’ll take the stairs, got to keep my figure you know,” interrupted Alicia, winking seductively as she did.

“Right, third on the left,” sneered the receptionist, obviously disgusted by Alicia’s transparent attempt at flirting. Alicia and Sharon quickly headed into the stairwell as Alicia smirked.

“Very well done,” said Sharon as the pair started to dash up the building.

“I know people doing computer science, they are forever in a state of chaos,” giggled Alicia. The women continued to run up the stairs until they reached the roof. Luckily for both of them, the door was unlocked and they were able to easily make their way out onto the rooftop overlooking the bank.

“Stay low as possible, but act natural,” whispered Sharon as they moved to the edge of the building. At the street level, the police were busy expanding the cordon as several riot control vans arrived.

However, rather than just blocking off the front entrance, the cordon had expanded to form a ring around the bank, making it so that no one could get in or out.

Around the back of the bank, several unmarked white vans were moving around. A group of police officers had set up several small evidence tents near the vans, obviously trying to hide what was going on inside of them.

“Non-system users,” nodded Sharon. “Wouldn’t need to hide people who can transform.”

“That seems like a lot of people for a robbery,” said Alicia as she scanned her eyes over the scene.

“It is too long for a robbery. No hostage negotiator either.” Added Sharon. “Something is up.”

The girls stood looking for several minutes, taking in every detail they could. However, every new thing they spotted made them more and more confused. The cool breeze made Alicia’s skin tingle as she tried to work out what could be going on inside that bank, she had never seen anything like this in all of her years living in Ruby City.

“Spectre is quiet.” Sighed Sharon. “That isn’t like her.”

“MIST hasn’t moved. If there are no hostages, why haven’t they just charged in?”

“Outnumbered maybe?” Replied Sharon.

“They brought people in, surely you wouldn’t drive too few people over?”

“That is true,” nodded Sharon. “This doesn’t add up.”

Suddenly, a figure burst out of the front of the bank, tackling one of the police officers before trying to take their gun.

“What the hell?!” Shouted Alicia, trying to keep up with the action. The figure grabbed the officer’s gun and threw it at one of the other officers before letting out a strange noise.

Alicia instantly recognized the figure, it was the peculiar woman she had found out cold in the alleyway a few days prior. That or there were two women running around in strange Nurse’s uniforms.

However, something was odd. The woman’s movements were strange, almost like she was drunk or dizzy. She had run away from Alicia perfectly normally, but at the moment it looked like she could trip over her feet at any second.

The police officers moved in, their guns trained on the woman, trying to shout her down with threats of violence. The woman let out a choked laugh before reaching into her pantyhose and producing a small vial. She threw the vial at the group of officers, causing it to explode into a cloud of pink gas. The officers all fell to the floor in a massive heap, their bodies totally limp. All of the other police officers looked on in shock, all of them trying to work out how to respond to what they just saw.

“Respirators!” Screamed someone from the back as the other officers scrambled to put their gas masks on. In the chaos the nurse ran back into the bank, almost falling through the door.

“Her,” gasped Alicia, shaking slightly.

“You know her?” Asked Sharon.

“I found her knocked out next to the No Frills. I just presumed she was hungover.”

“I see,” nodded Sharon. “That adds up with what Ulla told me.” She said as she watched a MIST medic run towards the pile of officers.

“They’re just sleeping,” she shouted. “I’ve got an antidote. Everyone needs respirators now! Make the cordon wider!”

“You’ve talked with Ulla?” Asked Alicia, watching as the police officers moved the barricades to form an even bigger circle.

“I picked her brains the other day. Apparently, someone has been knocking people out and dumping them in random places,” explained Sharon. “Seems like this nurse was one of the victims.”

“So why is she doing this?” Asked Alicia.

“I don’t know,” replied Sharon before sighing and shaking her head. “My curiosity is getting the better of me.”

“We should find out.” Said Alicia.

“No, we’re not getting involved!”

“We both know you’re not going to leave Spectre to deal with this solo.” Said Alicia gently.

“I don’t have my Mesmera costume,” replied Sharon. “And we’re not going to be able to run home and get it.”

“Then let’s improvise!” Grinned Alicia, throwing her rucksack to the floor. “We can make you a new look!”

“With your clothes?”

“Yes!” Shouted Alicia.

“Alicia, sweetie. You don’t sleep with a mask.” Replied Sharon watching as Alicia smirked and pulled a pair of panties out of her bag.


“No,” interrupted Sharon. “No, no, no, never in a million years am I wearing your panties on my head.”

“I’ve got a marker pen. I can add the purple spirals to them.”


“Just for now,” said Alicia. “The bank has a skylight, right? Throw this on, and then climb up the building. Then we can find out what is going on!”

Sharon looked at Alicia for a few seconds, her expression of indignation turning to one of begrudging acceptance.

“This does not leave this rooftop. Ever.”

“Promise,” smiled Alicia, throwing the panties towards Sharon before digging in her bag for more clothes. After a few minutes of furious activity, Sharon was dressed in a hodge-podge of clothes that did a half-decent job at hiding her form.

“Right,” sighed Sharon. “You wait here, I’m going to drop down the fire escape and then do my best to scale the bank. If it hits the fan. Run. And do not look back. Understood?”

“Got it.” Nodded Alicia.

Sharon quickly made her way off the building, sneaking down the fire escape before jumping down into a nearby dumpster. She crept to the edge of the building and looked at the cordon. Thankfully she was in an area that wasn’t protecting an exit from the bank, so security was weaker.

Sharon watched the patrol for a few minutes, trying to work out the best time to move. Every couple of minutes a single guard was left on their own, that would be the only chance Sharon had to get across. Suddenly an idea popped into Sharon’s head.

The next time there was a gap in the patrol Sharon ran forward, focusing her power as reached the officer, gazing directly and forcefully into her eyes. “You saw nothing, no one would dress this badly in public, this didn’t happen, you’re seeing things,” said Sharon firmly, almost as if she was lecturing the woman.

The officer jumped, only to instantly fall into Sharon’s silver gaze, the surprise only serving to make Sharon’s power more effective. The officer swayed as her eyes rolled up into her head. After a second she looked around and rubbed her head. “I need to switch to decaf,” she mumbled to herself as she continued her patrol.

Sharon ran towards the wall and started to scale the building using a combination of drain pipes, fire escapes, and roof access ladders. The bank’s older architecture gave Sharon plenty of places to hide as she slowly made her way to the roof.

Once she got onto the roof Sharon started to crawl towards the skylight, doing her best to move as quickly and as quietly as possible in the hope that she could avoid detection. Once she reached the edge of the glass, Sharon peered down into the bank.

The inside of the bank was pretty empty, there were only four people inside. The Nurse, Spectre, and two other villains. All of them were stumbling around, seemingly having no purpose.

Sharon watched for a little while, trying to work out what exactly was causing these people to act so oddly, however, without getting closer she couldn’t really give them a thorough inspection.

“MIST, put your hands in the air!” Shouted Ulla as she and the other MIST agents suddenly charged into the bank. Sharon nodded to herself as she watched, MIST had brought five of their best heroes, they obviously expected this to not go well.

“I said hands in the air!” Restated Ulla, her armor shimmering under the bank’s fluorescent lighting. The four villains didn’t react at all, in fact, they kept stumbling around letting out strange groans as they did.

Slowly but surely the MIST agents fanned out, obviously planning to encircle the villains so they couldn’t escape. Once the MIST agents had formed a circle Ulla started to talk again. “Put your hands up and this can all end nice and easily.” She said, motioning for the others to reduce the circle.

Suddenly a woman in a maid’s uniform burst out of a side room and dashed towards the circle, slashing her blade along the backs of all the agents opposite Ulla.

“Hello, fools!” Laughed Massacre Maid, smashing the handle of her scythe into the back of one of the fallen MIST agents.

“Now is not the time to be fighting, we have the place surrounded,” said Ulla, drawing her sword and pointing it towards the Maid.

“And I can take you all on!” Cackled the Maid. “I’m getting stronger, I can’t be defeated.”

“Then I’ll have to put it to the test!” Shouted Ulla, charging forward and swinging her sword at the Maid. The Maid blocked the blow with her scythe, only to find that her attempt at hitting Ulla was instantly parried.

Sharon watched as the two dashed around the room, expertly blocking and dodging each other’s blows. From her perspective, the pair seemed perfectly matched, their weapons easily canceling each other out. As this fight unfolded, the remaining MIST agents prioritized moving the injured agents away from the combat and towards the exit, obviously deciding that Ulla was the one who stood the best chance.

As Ulla’s sword clashed with the Maid’s scythe the pair started to struggle for dominance. “Give in now, I’m not getting stopped,” said Ulla as she started to force the Maid’s arms up.

“You’re pathetic!” Shouted the Maid as she kicked Ulla in the ribs before rolling backward. “Anyway, I’m not fighting on my own here!” She added as she raised a hand into the air. “Mongers! Attack Ulla!”

Suddenly the four villains stiffened, each of them slowly turning to face Ulla. All four of them charged at her, each swinging wildly at the armored woman. Sharon watched the chaos unfold, noting that something strange must be going on if Spectre was willingly fighting hand to hand as opposed to using her sonic shriek.

Ulla easily dodged the blows, pushing the people to the side as she ran towards the maid and started to duel with her again. Ulla’s blows seemed to have genuine rage behind them, each clash caused sparks to fly everywhere.

The maid tried to slash at Ulla’s ankles, only for Ulla to expertly jump over the blade. Ulla swung for the maid, forcing her to quickly retreat a little. After a few steps backward, the Maid stumbled, falling to the floor. Ulla pushed her sword into the woman’s chest. “Surrender, you’ve been bested.”

“You think I will,” smirked the Maid. Sharon saw that the Spectre had gotten up and was quickly moving towards Ulla. Sharon wanted to warn her, but she didn’t have a chance to do anything before Spectre smashed Ulla in the back of the head.

The maid used this distraction to grab her scythe and slash at Ulla. Ulla wasn’t able to dodge the blows and got hit by the blade several times, each strike leaving a large dent in her armor.

With one mighty swing, the Maid used the scythe blade to throw Ulla into the back wall of the bank. As Ulla hit the wall, a massive cloud of brick dust filled the room, Ulla’s heavy armor denting the old brick.

“It is over,” laughed the Maid, flanked by the twitching villains. “The boss is going to love having your head.”

“No,” groaned Ulla, pushing herself up.

Suddenly a loud revving noise filled the bank. “Need some help?” Came a voice. Ulla turned as the Maid and her minions stopped in their tracks, looking towards the door.

At the door stood a red-headed girl in jeans and a t-shirt. Around her waist was a large belt that seemed to be very similar to Ulla’s.

“Hitomi?” Gasped Ulla. “No.”

“You’re dealing with both of us now!” Shouted Hitomi as she posed. “I’m going to take this to the red line!” She added as she grabbed the lever on top of her belt and pulled it down.

“No!” Screamed Ulla, stumbling forward in an attempt to grab Hitomi, but falling short by a few meters.

Once the lever was fully depressed the revving noise got louder and Hitomi started to glow. A pool of liquid metal formed at Hitomi’s feet. It quickly bubbled up, covering her totally before solidifying into heavy armor. In one final flash, the metal covered her head, forming a helmet that resembled the front of a bus.

“The freewheeling juggernaut of justice! Turbo Knight Hitomi!” Shouted Hitomi as she posed in her new armor. However, the second she finished her sentence electricity started to arc over her suit. Hitomi let out a scream of pain, doubling over and twitching.

“Hitomi! No! Disengage! Please!” Pleaded Ulla, crawling towards her sister.

Hitomi continued to twitch and scream, her left arm slowly started to move down towards her waist. Hitomi’s hands twitched and spasmed as she pulled something from her belt. It was a small box with a spike on the one end and a covered black button on the other. Despite her twitching Hitomi was able to uncover the button and press it. As she did, the spike extended and a voice came out of the machine.

“Controlling Chaos! C! C! C!” It shouted as Hitomi rammed the spike into her belt. The box seemed to dock with the belt causing an intense cloud of static to engulf Hitomi for a few seconds. Hitomi’s armor started to change, the metal slowly started to turn a deep, inky black and several large spikes grew out of the shoulders and out of the helmet.

Within seconds the black color had totally engulfed Hitomi’s armor and the static faded. “Hitomi?” Asked Ulla, her voice wavering as she moved closer to her sister. “Hitomi are you okay?”

Suddenly Hitomi turned and hit Ulla with the back of her hand. “Hitomi!” Screamed Ulla as she stumbled backward, only for Hitomi to kick her firmly in the ribs, sending her flying back into the wall.

The endless highway stretched out before Hitomi. Mile after mile of pure untouched asphalt. She was keen and she was ready. She was untouchable in her ability.

She felt the controls, she was the controls, this is what she had worked towards, this is how it should always be. Her true form of being, at one with the endless highway that she had been promised since she was a little girl.

She was one. She was at peace. The sun started to crack and fragment, causing bright flashes of yellow, white and red to strobe across her retina. The whole cockpit flashed and shimmered with the colors of the fragments, each flash seeming to drill into Hitomi’s brain.

She felt her speed increase as the controls slipped away from her, each of her limbs slowly returning to normal, she was no longer at one with the wheels, she was no longer at one with the pedals, she was no longer at one with the steering wheel.

The road ahead was lined with shadows that seemed the envelop the car as it drifted away from Hitomi, the whole vehicle passing right through her body as if she was a ghost.

The shadows grew larger and more tangled, swallowing not just the car but the entire highway and everything around it. The strobing grew more intense as the world was slowly reduced to an empty void. Hitomi wanted to reach out, but something about the strobing light made her body and mind ache, all she could do was watch as the shadows engulfed everything. With one final strobe of light, the whole world was submerged in darkness.

Hitomi floated in the void, she couldn’t feel the car anymore, she couldn’t even feel her own body. It was like she was a tiny pinprick in an infinite universe of numb darkness.

Apathy crashed through her body. This was it, the endless highway was gone and she was alone.

Hitomi continued to beat Ulla, throwing her around the bank with great force. Ulla kept trying to reason with Hitomi, but she didn’t seem swayed at all. As Hitomi smashed Ulla in the face, Ulla’s armor started to fail.

“I think we’ll leave you two to sort out your family trouble,” cackled the maid, pulling a thumb drive out of her uniform and dropping it onto the floor. “Mongers, follow me,” she shouted as they walked towards the stairwell.

Sharon watched in shock. It was obvious that Ulla refused to punch her sister regardless of what was happening. The tone of Ulla’s voice made it clear this was very traumatic for her.

Sharon remembered their conversation in the van, recalling just how upset Ulla was at both Hitomi and herself. Sharon had said she wasn’t getting involved, but she couldn’t sit back and let this happen. She pulled the skylight open and dropped into the bank.

Mesmera landed on the tiled floor with a thud before quickly running towards Ulla, getting there just in time to drag her out of the way of a punch.

“Who,” asked Ulla, her voice full of pain.

“It’s okay. I’m here to help,” interrupted Mesmera.

Hitomi ripped her fist from the wall and turned to face Mesmera and Ulla. Her posture was totally neutral, Mesmera couldn’t seem to get a read on her current emotional state.

“You want to fight?” Shouted Mesmera. “Why don’t you come and fight me?”

Hitomi swung her fist into Mesmera, knocking her flying. Mesmera let out a low groan, trying to pull herself together as quickly as possible. As her vision un-blurred, she saw that Hitomi was walking towards her. Mesmera pushed herself up using the wall and channeled her power, letting her eyes glow silver.

“I know someone is in there,” said Mesmera firmly. “If there is a brain I can control it. And if let in, I can help it.” She said, panting heavily.

“Mesmera?” Coughed Ulla.

“Just gaze into my eyes, feel me pushing into your mind, feel yourself slipping. All I need is a small slip.” Continued Mesmera, standing firm as Hitomi continued to move towards her.

The silver glow reflected off the black armor as Hitomi continued to march forward, she didn’t seem affected by Mesmera’s gaze, she seemed totally blank as if she was some form of robotic being.

“Let me in,” growled Mesmera. “I know you are in there.”

Hitomi stopped a few steps away from Mesmera. She waited a few seconds before punching her. Mesmera smashed into the wall, but she kept her eyes glowing, doing all she could to make sure that her gaze didn’t leave Hitomi’s face for a second.

“I know you’re in there,” shouted Mesmera. “I’m not giving up on you. I won’t give up on you. You are better than whatever that thing is, I know you care for your sister, I know you care about,” continued Mesmera, only for Hitomi to grab her by the throat.

Hitomi’s hand gripped Mesmera’s throat firmly, cutting off her air. Mesmera struggled and tried to escape, feeling herself slowly starting to grow dizzy as her brain was starved of oxygen. The pain started to grow more and more intense, it felt like Hitomi was going to crush her neck like it was an empty soda can.

Suddenly a fist came out of nowhere and smashed into the side of Hitomi’s head. She stumbled sideways, dropping Mesmera to the floor as she did. Mesmera looked up, only to see that a woman wearing large gauntlets was glaring at Hitomi.

“Heard you needed a hand!” Shouted the woman as she ran forward and punched Hitomi again.

“Aria,” gasped Ulla. “Don’t hurt her,” she mumbled as another woman lifted Ulla off the floor.

“I’ll do my best,” shouted Aria, quickly dodging Hitomi’s blows and starting to force her towards the front of the bank.

Ulla pushed the other woman off of her arm and slumped back against the wall. “They’re going to the roof, chase them and bring them in,” she groaned. The other woman nodded and quickly started to run towards the stairwell.

Alicia watched from the rooftop, her anxiety was slowly getting the better of her. She watched closely, trying to keep track of everything that was going on outside the bank as well as keeping an eye on her mother.

She watched in awe as the MIST agents poured into the back of the bank obviously keen to end this as quickly as possible. There was a strange feeling in the air, it seemed that everyone was equally confused and worried about this situation.

After a few moments of silence, the sounds of combat rang out from inside the bank, making Alicia’s heart skip a beat. Alicia looked at her mother, silently begging her to come back.

However, to Alicia’s surprise, her mother opened the skylight and dropped into the bank. “We were not getting involved,” she sighed, her heart furiously pounding as she waited for this to all be over.

After several minutes that felt like days, Alicia heard a loud engine noise overhead. She looked around, only to spot a helicopter heading right towards the bank. At first, Alicia presumed it was a police helicopter bringing yet more officers to the scene, however, she quickly realized this helicopter was blue. Ruby City PD always used black helicopters.

Alicia spotted that the police on the ground seemed to be confused, with many of them pointing up into the air, confirming Alicia’s suspicion that this helicopter was not with the police or MIST.

Suddenly a van screeched to a halt outside the back of the bank. Alicia watched as two women dived out and ran into the bank’s back door. One was wearing large gauntlets and the other was clad in bright yellow spandex. Alicia gulped, MIST needing more backup could mean that her mom was in trouble.

Alicia took some deep breaths, trying to calm herself. She couldn’t do anything about this and she had promised to not get involved if things went wrong.

The helicopter started to descend, positioning itself right over the roof of the bank. As it did, a group of people came out onto the roof and started to wave the helicopter down. A long rope ladder dropped down from the door of the helicopter and the people started to climb inside until only a woman in a maid’s uniform remained on the roof.

Suddenly, the woman in yellow spandex burst out of the stairwell. “Halt!” She shouted. “You are all coming with me!”

“Never in a million years,” laughed the maid, her uniform flapping in the breeze. “Did Hitomi kill Ulla already?”

The woman in yellow raised her hand and pointed a finger towards the landing gear of the helicopter, the metal instantly starting to crackle. The woman then waved her hand down, causing a bolt of electricity to shoot from the landing gear and hit the maid in the hand.

“Not funny!” Screamed the maid as she threw her scythe towards the woman in yellow. “I’m going to make you regret that!”

The scythe danced through the air, the blade aggressively swirling towards the woman in yellow. However, the woman was able to catch the scythe, preventing it from hitting her body.

As the woman wrestled with the scythe Massacre Maid climbed onto the ladder, laughing as the helicopter started to take off. After a few seconds, the woman in yellow threw the scythe to the side and started to run towards the helicopter.

As she reached the edge of the rooftop the woman in yellow jumped into the air and started to fly towards the helicopter, quickly and effortlessly grabbing onto the landing gear.

“Won’t you understand no one wants you here?!” Shouted Massacre Maid, furiously kicking at the woman in yellow. The helicopter rocked from side to side, the pilot struggling to maintain control of the vehicle.

The helicopter started to fall a little as Massacre Maid continued to try and kick the woman in yellow. Massacre Maid extended her arm and her scythe rose off the ground and flew towards the helicopter. The woman in yellow dodged it at the last second, causing the blade to embed into the metal of the copter with a loud crunch.

“You can’t keep this up,” shouted the woman in yellow as another bolt of electricity jumped from the landing gear and hit Massacre Maid in the chest.

“I’m going up alright!” Shouted the maid as she quickly scrambled up the ladder and grabbed a woman from inside the helicopter, yanking her out and throwing her at the woman in yellow.

The woman from the helicopter collided with the woman in yellow, causing both of them to plummet to the ground at high speed. The woman in yellow hit the floor first, smashing the asphalt with a large crash.

Alicia gasped as she saw them fall, only to be distracted by the helicopter flying overhead. Massacre Maid laughed as the helicopter started to head towards the horizon.

As Alicia looked down at the street she saw a horde of police officers running towards the woman in yellow and the woman from the helicopter. The woman from the copter pulled herself up off the floor and started to run towards the building Alicia was on top of.

Alicia didn’t think, she grabbed a t-shirt out of her bag and wrapped it around her face, turning it into a strange improvised face mask. She quickly started to run down the fire escape, keen to cut the woman off at the pass.

The woman from the copter sprinted as fast as she could, keen to put as much distance between herself and the police as possible. As she dived into an alleyway, she spotted that the police officers had stopped chasing her.

She continued to run for a few more blocks, determined to make sure that the police would lose her trail. Once she was convinced that she was free she slumped against the wall and started to pant.

“Seems your friends have abandoned you,” came a voice. The woman gasped, spotting a woman in a blue dragon mask at the end of the alleyway.

“And you will pay for your actions,” added Vengador as she walked up behind Dragón.

“Who are you!” Shouted the woman, starting to panic as she backed off.

“Fear the might of El Cóndor Vengador!” Shouted Vengador as she flexed, obviously trying to intimidate the woman.

“And Dragón Danzante!” Added Dragón.

“Red Right Hand think they can bully us? Well, we are going to make an example out of you!” Shouted Vengador, pointing towards the woman as she started to advance.

The woman started to quickly walk backward, putting her hands out in front of her. “No! No! I won’t, you won’t catch me!” She shouted.

“I don’t think you have a choice!” Shouted Alicia from behind the woman, Vengador and Dragón had kept the woman distracted long enough for Alicia to be able to run down another alley and get behind her target.

“What?” Stuttered the woman.

“I don’t have a name yet,” said Alicia, trying to aid in the intimidation. “But when I do, you’ll be sorry!”

“I,” started the woman, obviously confused by Alicia’s statement. She quickly ran towards Alicia, trying to dash past her. Alicia reacted reflexively, ducking down and grabbing the woman’s leg, pulling her to the ground with a heavy thud.

Vengador quickly ran up and grabbed the woman, effortlessly restraining her. “Now tell us, what you know!” Shouted Vengador.

“I don’t know! I was just told to guard the helicopter!” Shouted the woman. Vengador pushed the woman’s face into the floor before looking up at Alicia.

“Thank you for your help,” she grinned.

“Anytime!” Nodded Alicia, suddenly realizing that she couldn’t risk these two realizing who she was. “But I need to be away!” Shouted Alicia as she started to sprint back towards the roof she had come from.

Aria and Hitomi continued to fight, neither able to get an advantage over the other. Mesmera had stumbled over to Ulla just in case Hitomi tried to attack her again.

“Where is Electric Arrow,” mumbled Ulla.

“Still fighting on the roof,” said Mesmera gently, watching as Aria blocked yet another blow from Hitomi.

Suddenly a loud crash shook the entire building. The shaking was so intense that it caused Aria to stumble and fall. Hitomi used this moment of weakness to grab Aria and throw her across the room.

As Aria smashed onto the floor Hitomi turned towards Ulla and started to march towards her. Mesmera got in between Ulla and Hitomi, she knew she didn’t stand a chance in a fistfight, but she wasn’t going to let the already-injured Ulla get attacked.

A small siren-like noise came out of Hitomi’s helmet, making her stop mid-step. She instantly turned and started to run towards one of the walls, smashing through it.

“Stop her!” Shouted Aria, watching as Hitomi charged through the barricade and headed off into the city at high speed, the police unable to catch up with her in time.

“Let’s get you help,” said Mesmera, petting Ulla on the head as she moved towards the door.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Said Aria firmly.

“Ulla needs a medic.” Replied Mesmera.

“You’re coming with us Mesmera.” Growled Aria, moving up behind her and pushing one of her gauntlets into Mesmera’s back. “Your disguise doesn’t work, I would recognize your powers anywhere.”

“Let her go,” coughed Ulla, stumbling towards Aria.

“You’re not thinking straight Ulla.”

“She saved my life, let her go,” repeated Ulla, putting a hand on Aria’s shoulder. “We’ll get her another day.” Aria sighed and lowered her arm.

“I’ll give you thirty seconds while I get Ulla to a medic. After that, I will take you down.” Snarled Aria as she picked Ulla up and carried her towards the back door of the bank.

Mesmera didn’t need to be told twice. She quickly dashed through the hole that Hitomi had made and ran out onto the street. She yanked the panties off her head and tried to blend into the crowd, trying to put as much distance between herself and the bank as possible.

After an hour of randomly walking around to make sure she lost anyone trying to follow her, Sharon made her way back up to the rooftop. The second Alicia saw Sharon she ran up to her and hugged her tight.

“Mom!” She exclaimed. “I was so worried.”

“It is okay,” replied Sharon softly, holding Alicia close and rubbing her hair. “I’m so sorry, things went so wrong.”

“It is okay, I might have broken the rules as well.” Mumbled Alicia.

“It’s okay, everything is okay.” Nodded Sharon, sounding more like she was trying to convince herself of that fact.

“I know, I was just worried.” Replied Alicia. The pair hugged on the rooftop for several minutes until Sharon pulled away.

“I should change and then we can get your stuff.” Smiled Sharon as she wandered to Alicia’s bag and started to take off the weird mismatched clothes.

After sneaking back down to street level Alicia and Sharon headed to the grocery store. Alicia mostly brought junk food, making it clear she planned to do nothing all night but enjoy her fancy hotel room.

As they reached the checkout Sharon tapped Alicia on the shoulder. “I need to get steak, back in a second.”

“Oh my, a very fancy meal for your date.” Giggled Alicia.

“Not for my date, for my face,” sighed Sharon, pointing to the black eye she was currently sporting due to Hitomi’s stiff punches.

“Oh right, yeah, might want a couple,” nodded Alicia watching as Sharon wandered back into the aisles.

Once they had paid for everything Sharon and Alicia split up, Alica headed off to her hotel while Sharon walked back home. Despite the pain in her body, the thought of her date with Mara made her feel joyous and warm, in fact, the thought of Mara was enough to make Sharon totally forget about the pains and stresses of the day.

Mara sat at her desk, typing out a report. She was unsure why this was taking so long, it seemed like whenever she finished she found something else she needed to add, the report just kept getting longer and longer.

Suddenly her office door swung open. Mara jumped up from her desk as a woman walked in.

“Who are you?” Shouted Mara.

“I am Mesmera!” Grinned the woman. “And you are going to be my slave.”

“What? Preposterous!” Laughed Mara, reaching under her desk and producing a pipe wrench. “I would walk back out now before I make you have a terrible night.”

“You think physical violence can protect your mind?” Laughed Mesmera as she moved closer. Mara pulled her arm back, getting ready to strike with the wrench.

“You think being cocky will protect your skull?” Replied Mara, obviously trying to intimate this strange woman.

Mesmera produced a pocket watch from inside her suit, letting it dangle in front of Mara’s eyes. “I think you will be a good girl and do what you are told.”

“You think this will stop me?” Laughed Mara, her eyes following the watch as it swayed. “I’m immune to your silly confidence tricks, hypnosis is bunk and you know it!”

“If hypnosis is such a lie then why are you watching the watch?” Asked Mesmera softly, gently moving her wrist to make the watch start to swing in long steady arcs.

“Because I’m making sure you’re not distracting me,” replied Mara, her eyes perfectly following the arc of the watch as it shimmered under the fluorescent light of her office. “You’re not going to hit me when I’m not looking.”

“I don’t need to trick you, you’re already staring at the watch and that means you are about to get hypnotized, it is already too late for you.” Cooed Mesmera.

“No,” replied Mara, gritting her teeth. “I’m defending myself, protecting myself, I can’t be influenced. My mind is too strong.”

“Of course, defending your silly mind, but your mind is so keen to submit to me, so keen to watch the watch, so keen to watch it go back and forth, so easily and so gracefully.” Purred Mesmera, increasing the speed of the watch’s swing as she spoke, watching as Mara’s eyes continued to follow it, her breathing starting to slow.

“No, I’m” started Mara, only to be cut off by Mesmera.

“Isn’t it pretty?” Said Mesmera. “So shiny and so pretty, you spend all day looking at the clock so isn’t it nice to look at one that is so, very, pretty?”

“It is, pretty.” Mumbled Mara as her eyes started to glaze over.

“Yes, so calm and happy, just so nice to focus and watch it as it rocks back and forth before your eyes, helping you feel so heavy It is like your muscles are dragging you down, like you can hardly hold that silly wrench anymore, in fact, you should let it go, it will help you relax.”

Mara nodded her head softly, her eyes still automatically following the watch as it swayed before her. Her fingers slowly uncurling as her body moved to comply with Mesmera’s suggestion.

After a few moments, the wrench fell to the floor with a heavy clunk as Mara let out a long sigh, slumping forward a little bit as relaxation and calm washed over her face.

“Yes, that is it, just enjoy the pretty swing of the watch, so natural and so calming, leaving you feeling so calm and so tranquil, able to just relax and float so easily, to just let what happens, happen.” Continued Mesmera, her voice soft and gentle, taking on an almost sing-song tone.

Mara didn’t respond, her eyes were too focused on the watch, her mind was feeling so foggy, almost like she had taken a sleeping pill. There wasn’t a world, only the swinging watch and Mesmera’s voice tickling her ears. Mara didn’t really know why she had been so resistant to this, it felt so good, it felt so natural.

“So weak and so, very helpless, so unable to do anything. Your mind is not your own, you are mine, you are only able to obey me. Your mind is merely there to facilitate obedience to me, you know this to be true,” sang Mesmera. “You’re growing sleepy, so very sleepy, and you know that being sleepy is a sign that you are hypnotized.”

“Sleepy,” mumbled Mara.

“Yes, so sleepy. And because I told you that you are sleepy and you instantly agreed, that means you are hypnotized.”

“Hypnotized,” slurred Mara.

“Yes, and you know about hypnotized people, don’t you doctor? Hypnotized people must obey. Hypnotized people must do as they are told. Hypnotized people are slaves to their hypnotist. And as I’ve hypnotized you, you are my slave. My obedient slave.”

“Slave,” stuttered Mara, her eyes fluttering for a brief moment.

“Yes, a slave,” nodded Mesmera. “You are hypnotized. Hypnotized people are slaves. Your mind belongs to me,’ she added as she reached forward and pulled on Mara’s arm. “And now you sleep.”

Mara fell forward, her mind shutting down as she crumpled limply into Mesmera’s arms, her mind nothing but warm, sleepy darkness. As she slept she thought she could hear Mesmera speaking, but she wasn’t able to focus on the words, she just had to let them drift into her ears. She was asleep and sleeping people couldn’t listen.

“Wake up,” said Mesmera as Mara blinked her eyes open. She felt strangely calm, almost as if she was tranquilized.

“How may I serve you Mesmera.” Said Mara’s mouth. However, Mara didn’t feel like they were her words, it was almost like her mouth was talking on its own.

“Good, slave,” smirked Mesmera.

“I am a hypnotized slave. Hypnotized slaves must obey.” Blurted Mara, fully cementing the fact that she couldn’t seem to control her own mouth.

“I am going to kidnap you, thank me.”

“Thank you Mesmera.” Replied Mara’s mouth. Mara tried to keep her mouth closed, but she couldn’t seem to, in fact, she couldn’t seem to control her body at all.

“Follow me,” nodded Mesmera. Mara’s body instantly jumped up and stood at a stiff attention, quickly following behind Mesmera as she led her down into the parking garage. Mara fought against her limbs, but she couldn’t do anything, she was just a passenger in her own body.

Once they reached the parking garage Mesmera opened a car door. “We’re going for a drive,” she said firmly. “Get in.”

Mara felt her body start to march towards the passenger side of the car, however as she gripped the door handle Mesmera snapped her fingers.

“No,” said Mesmera. “Car seats are for people. Hypnotized slaves are not people.”

“I am sorry Mesmera. I exist to serve,” said Mara’s mouth as she internally cringed, why was she putting up with this? Why couldn’t she control her body? And why did being talked down to like this feel so good?

Mesmera walked to the back of the car and opened the trunk with a smile. “This is where hypnotized slaves ride. They ride in the back with the other property,” she said firmly.

“With the other property.” Nodded Mara.

“You are a hypnotized slave. Where do you ride?”

“I ride in the back with the other property,” replied Mara. Inside she was screaming, how could she be letting this happen, why was she getting so aroused at the idea of being treated like property.

“Get in,” nodded Mesmera. Instantly Mara’s body started to move, climbing into the trunk of the car. It was a very tight fit, but she didn’t mind, it felt oddly right to be in the trunk of the car, the mere thought of sitting in one of the seats felt utterly preposterous.

Once Mara was settled, Mesmera reached into her suit and pulled the watch out again, attaching the chain to the roof of the trunk before closing it firmly.

The second the trunk closed Mara’s mind snapped back to reality. She was being kidnapped! She had to do something! She started to wiggle in the trunk, attempting to kick it open, however despite being in control of her body she felt very weak, she was hardly able to move her limbs, let alone kick a trunk open.

As the car engine started up the inside of the trunk was illuminated by a faint light. This light allowed Mara to see the watch as it hung just in front of her face, the vibrations of the car causing it to gently swing left and right.

“No,” said Mara, “I’m not going to fall for this,” she said as her eyes gently followed the watch. However, each movement of the car caused the watch to swing so easily and freely, the metal reflecting the light right into Mara’s eyes.

Mara couldn’t look away and after a few minutes she felt her thinking slowing to a complete halt, her mind totally and utterly stopping, all she could do was follow the watch, nothing else mattered, there was nothing else but the pretty watch.

When Mesmera opened the trunk she found Mara in a puddle of her own drool, her eyes totally glazed over. “Aww, did someone totally cook their little brain?” Giggled Mesmera. “Get out.”

“Yes Mesmera, I hear and obey,” said Mara as she pulled herself out of the trunk and stood in the cool evening breeze. Mesmera quickly locked the car and opened the door of a nearby building.

“Follow me,” she commanded, walking in and leading Mara up the stairs and into a bedroom. Once inside Mesmera pulled her mask and costume off before sitting on the bed.

Mara could only stare, unsure what was going on, without a command to follow she had no thoughts and no purpose. Her whole identity revolved around her obedience.

“Dance for me,” commanded Mesmera, clapping her hands.

Instantly a beat filled Mara’s head as she started to wiggle her hips and slide out of her clothes, her mind fixated on her desire to please her owner in any way that she could.

“Mind on,” said Mesmera firmly. Suddenly Mara’s mind returned to normal, she realized what she was doing, but she couldn’t stop herself, her body just kept dancing and stripping.

The cold air hitting her flesh made Mara realize just how aroused she was, her whole body was on fire, she wanted to please Mesmera in any way she could, she knew it was wrong, but having no control was just so hot!

“You might be wondering what is happening to you.” Grinned Mesmera. “I’ve hypnotized you and rewritten your mind to make it more acceptable to my wants and needs. Hence why your body is doing what I want. But that mess between your legs seems to suggest you like this, that you like being a slave.”

Mara continued to dance, she wanted to argue, but she couldn’t, Mesmera was totally right. She couldn’t control herself and it felt so good, she didn’t want to think for herself, if being a slave felt this euphoric she would accept the title willingly.

“Not sure why I’m telling you this,” said Mesmera sarcastically. “It is like talking to my dishwasher, nothing is going on in between those ears unless I tell it to.” She laughed for a moment before spreading her legs and pointing down. “Now come and embrace heaven.”

Mara stopped dancing and started to walk forward, her whole body trembling as she did. She was so excited, she wanted this so much, Mesmera wasn’t being hyperbolic, between her legs was heaven and Mara wanted to worship it more than she had wanted anything before.

Mara climbed onto the bed and slowly crawled towards Mesmera. Once she was between the girl’s legs she gently started to run her tongue along the heavenly sex.

It sent a shudder down her spine, it tasted wonderful, it made every nerve ending tingle and crackle like a fireworks display. Mara couldn’t help herself she started to lick faster and faster, Mesmera’s moans making her feel so sure of her self, so safe and secure in her new role as a slave.

Mara continued to worship and lick, hearing Mesmera’s moans get louder and louder, her voice cracking as she groaned at the pleasure she was receiving. Suddenly Mesmera grabbed Mara’s hair and wrapped her legs around the girl’s head, letting out a large scream as an orgasm crashed over her. Instantly Mara felt the same sensations in herself, almost like her body naturally wanted to mirror her owner, she kicked and squirmed and screamed into Mesmera’s thigh as her body got hit by wave after wave of bliss.

“Where am I?” blinked Mara as she looked up at the ceiling.

“With me,” came a familiar voice. Mara turned her head and saw that Sharon was sat on the bed next to her.

“Oh,” mumbled Mara, her memory slowly returning as Sharon gently rubbed her hair. “Wait,” she said as the memories flashed across her mind. The memory of being ambushed in her office, of being driven to this house and used. “That was you!”

“Of course it was,” giggled Sharon. “But the story wouldn’t work if you knew who I was, so I just manipulated your memories a little.”

“You are something else,” smiled Mara, sitting up and hugging Sharon close. Suddenly her cheeks flushed red as she realized something. “How did you know about that fantasy?”

“Oh right,” laughed Sharon. “I need to remind you of that, eye contact if you please.” She said as her eyes went silver. Mara felt instantly sucked into the silver glow as yet more memories pushed back into her mind. Specifically, one where Sharon was cradling her as she gently narrated every fantasy she had ever had.

“Oh god,” gasped Mara, her mind returning as the silver faded from Sharon’s eyes. “I told you all of those.”

“You did,” nodded Sharon, tapping Mara on the nose. “And I like them all, it is quite flattering to hear you’ve been fantasizing about me during appointments.”

“Well it isn’t exactly professional,” interjected Mara.

“Oh it is not your fault, I am hypnotic after all,” giggled Sharon, pulling Mara’s head back and kissing her firmly on the lips.

“It is cleared,” said the girl as she passed the memory stick to Ulla. “No viruses or hijacks found. It only contains a single video file.”

“A video of what?” Asked Ulla, nursing her wounds.

“I’ve not watched it.” Replied the lab tech. “I thought it would be best for you to do so.”


“I’ve set up an isolated computer for you,” said the lab tech, walking Ulla into a small room.

“Thank you. Wait for me outside.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Replied the woman as she left the room and closed the door behind her.

Ulla went to the computer and opened the file, mentally preparing herself for whatever this file may contain.

As the video faded in from black it revealed a large lab. At the back of the room, there was a strange metal machine with a glass door. Inside the machine was Hitomi, she was heavily bound and she had some goggles strapped to her face.

Ulla clenched her fist, anger welling up inside her. After a few seconds, a woman stepped into the shot. She was looked oddly normal. She had blonde hair tied into a bun and she was wearing a slightly over-tight business suit.

“If you are watching this,” she started. “Then you fell into our trap and had a small taste of our power. I am Creme d’Argent and I am the leader and founder of the Red Right Hand. We want one thing and one thing alone. We want what is ours.”

The screen suddenly changed to a series of computer-generated images depicting a strange-looking gem. “You stole from us, you touched something you don’t understand and that doesn’t belong to you. You have exactly one month to return it to us, else we will unleash pure fury upon Ruby City.”

The images faded away, the footage returning back to the lab and Creme. “And Ulla. If you ever want to see your precious sister again you will do what we ask and you will not try and resist us.” She smiled as the video zoomed in on Hitomi’s body before ending.

Ulla smashed her fist into the table and screamed, pure hot rage coursing through her veins. “I will get you back Hitomi” growled Ulla. “And I will obliterate anyone who even laid a finger on you.”

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