Mechanica’s Maelstrom (Challenge Rating: Thirty)

Paws For Thought

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #bondage #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #clothing #comic_book #drones #exhibitionism #f/nb #robots

Space Kitty rolled along the street, her armor scratched and smoking. She got back up and ran at Ulla, only to punched straight back down to the ground.

Kitty moaned out in pain, but once more tried to get up, only to get kicked into a nearby wall by Gaim.

“Having fun?” Asked Mechanica as she teleported in, the metallic Aria standing behind her.

“Aria! No!” Screamed Kitty, collapsing to the ground.

“It’s over.” Said Mechanica firmly. “Submit to me, don’t delay the inevitable.”

“You’ll have to glue me back together before I submit!” Screamed Kitty limping forward towards Mechanica. However, the three robots quickly got in front of her. Aria held kitty tight, allowing both Gaim and Ulla to hit Kitty with their full strength.

Kitty hit the floor so hard she dented the asphalt. Warnings flashed inside her helmet, informing Kitty that the suit was near breaking point, it couldn’t take much more without collapsing totally. Mechanica stepped in front of the three robots and laughed. “You really think you can stop me?”

Kitty shook the dust off and growled, a faint glow coming to her armor. “No one hurts my friends! No one!” She screamed, launching forward and starting to swing wildly at Mechanica.

Mechanica was able to block the first few punches, but one came quicker than she expected and hit her in the face, staggering her a little bit. Kitty used this gap to increase the speed of her assault, her fists flying faster and faster, the glowing growing more and more intense.

Suddenly her gloves let out a large blast of silver energy, Kitty felt stronger than she ever had before, her determination to save her friends unlocking something deep inside her. Kitty’s body moved almost automatically as she pulled back her hand. “Space Kitty! Critical Finish! AstroCatastrophe!!” She shouted slashing across Mechanica’s face over and over and over, her hands becoming a blur.

After a few moments, Kitty stopped and looked at Mechanica who wobbled in place, looking dazed and confused. “I, I was so close,” muttered Mechanica before she started to explode, her metal armor breaking into shards that flew in every direction.

Kitty looked at her friends as they fell to the floor, their robotic minds unable to do anything without Mechanica around to control them. “Girls? Girls?” Said Kitty gently, her voice wobbling. She gently rubbed Ulla’s arm, only to gasp as the metal covering each girl started to crumble into dust.

“Girls! Girls! Thank the stars!” Exclaimed Kitty grabbing each girl and hugging them tightly as they blinked and moaned.

“What happened,” groaned Gaim, rubbing her head.

“Mechanica made you into robots! But I stopped her!”

“Kitty, you are wonderful,” smiled Ulla, “I’ve always known you had it in you,” she continued, resting her head on Kitty’s shoulder.

“And let’s pin that here,” smiled Beth, walking up behind the girls wrapping her arms around them. Each girl blinked and looked around with a mixture of confusion and shock.

“You,” started Kim, looking at Beth before going bright red.

“Yep, I told you I wanted this to be a big fight!” Giggled Beth in response.

“That was amazing!” Smiled Kim, “I felt so cool when I did my finisher!”

“Wait until you see this!” Laughed Beth, using her foot to pull her dice tray closer. “You got a perfect series of rolls, every dice roll in that segment was a critical success!” She explained, pointing to them. “It is the luckiest series of rolls I have ever seen!”

“I told you that super finisher was worth the experience points!” Smiled Kim, kissing Beth on the cheek.

“I’ve just realized we are all in robot costumes,” giggled Zoey, pulling on the silver bodysuit.

“You had to look the part!” Smiled Beth. “And they show off your assets, which is my reward for organizing all of this!”

“Wait! Wait!” Gasped Zoey, waving her hands around. “What were we using for the fights?!” She said, looking around the room.

“Oh gosh, want me to ruin the magic?” Asked Beth, watching as all the girls nodded at her. Beth pulled herself off the floor and wandered around picking up various things from the floor before dropping them in front of the girls.

As the pile was placed in front of them, the girls all started to blush a little bit. “We must have looked so silly!” Laughed Kim.

“It was cute,” smiled Beth. “So obviously, foam dart guns and foam swords for the combat,” she said, bopping Zoey on the head with one of the foam swords. “Hey, Lucy, remember the brainwashing helmet?” Asked Beth gently.

“How could I forget, that was intense!” Smiled Lucy, only to watch as Beth picked up a bright yellow bucket and handed it to her.

“Put it on!” Chuckled Beth.

“Oh god, I was beaten by a bucket!” squirmed Lucy.

“Chores were always a problem for you,” added Karen sarcastically.

“Crystals were always your weakness!” Smirked Beth, pulling the crystal out of her pocket and dangling it in front of Karen who went a deep shade of crimson.

“Hey, not my fault!” She insisted, her eyes dwelling on it for a few seconds before Beth pulled it away.

“So what about my train?” Asked Zoey.

“That was my least creative prop!” Laughed Beth, pulling out some plastic track and some toy trains, each with a shiny sticker stuck on top. “I bought a cheap train set and some stickers!” She giggled, handing the yellow train to Zoey.

“May I keep it?” Asked Zoey gently, turning the train over in her hands.

“Of course!” Smiled Beth before flopping down onto the floor. “I’m exhausted, there has been a lot of running around today.” She sighed.

The girls quickly surrounded Beth and started to massage her. “You deserve this for being great,” cooed Karen as she worked on Beth’s shoulders.

“All hail Mechanica, the Queen of DMs!” Added Zoey, rubbing down Beth’s thighs. Beth just made a happy little mumble before skinking into the mass of hands.

“You know, I could get used to this,” purred Beth. “I can see why evil villains make harems now.”

“I thought we were your harem?” Asked Kim.

“A harem would have made breakfast and done the dishes,” murmured Beth gently. “And one of you would have fanned me in bed.”

“Well looking at the sink it seems like you only did half of that yourself,” sighed Karen, spotting the pile of dishes in the sink as she moved to work on Beth’s feet.

“Oh right, yeah,” grumbled Beth, remembering her rush to get things set up. “Any of you want to look at the crystal for a little bit and think they are a Roomba?”

“After you are nice and relaxed we will do it willingly,” chuckled Kim.

“We are lawful good, we are obliged to make sure the chores are done,” added Lucy with a smile. The girls all chuckled as Beth let out a soft moan and closed her eyes.


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