Loot Box

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:noncon #addiction #chores #conditioning #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #gatcha_mechanics #pavlovian_conditioning

Tammy has a plan to help her roommate do her chores without complaining.

“Ladies you may wonder why I gathered you all here today,” smiled Tammy, waltzing into the room and looking at the girl sat on the couch.

“You didn’t?” Said with Becky with confusion. “I was watching TV and you just walked in.”

“Well, either way, I am glad you are here as I have a wonderful plan!” Grinned Tammy, dropping onto the couch and putting her arm around Becky who smiled and wiggled in closer.

“So, what is the plan?” Asked Becky, muting the TV with her free hand.

“I have a way to make you do chores without complaining!” Smirked Tammy, earning a gentle smack on the arm from Becky.

“I do them, don’t I?” Replied Becky sarcastically.

“Not quick enough for my liking,” corrected Tammy, tracing a finger along Becky’s neck. “And without a smile on your face.”

“So what, you want me to jump for joy at the thought of washing your underwear?”

“That is a good start, maybe you can do a jig when you do the dishes as well,” giggled Tammy.

“I might drop them if I start a mosh pit around the sink,” smirked Becky. “So come on, what is the actual plan.”

“You’ll see, you’ll see,” replied Tammy coyly, making Becky shudder as she circled the finger around the most sensitive parts of the girl’s neck. “But I will tell you, I’m going to be introducing rewards for chores that are done well.”

Becky’s eyes lit up as she heard the mention of a reward. She felt herself get excited as Tammy rose from the couch and left the room again, only to return with a small wooden treasure chest. Tammy gently placed it on Becky’s lap.

“Your first one to give you an idea,” smiled Tammy, tapping the top of the wooden box. As Becky opened it Tammy produced a kazoo from her pocket and made a little triumphant noise as the lid opened. Becky looked up at her confused.

“I want to add some ceremony,” smiled Tammy as Becky looked into the box. The first thing she spotted was the small collection of candy. Then she spotted the small cards at the back. She presumed they were trading cards, however, as she looked at them she realized that they were things Tammy had made herself.

“Free hour-long foot rub,” smiled Becky as she read the first card. “Romantic dinner, oh this one is purple and marked rare!” She smiled, extending her arm to show Tammy. “Oh and this one means you have to watch the anime of my choice and pretend to like it!” She giggled.

“Each card can be traded as its description describes,” nodded Tammy. Becky smiled, sure none of these things were worth a lot, and that she could have got most of the stuff from cards by simply asking, but having them in this form made them feel, better in some way.

“So how do I earn more?” Asked Becky, bouncing slightly in the chair before pulling out one of the cards. “Also I want to cash in my foot rub!” She smiled. Tammy nodded and patted her lap.

“Well, I have made a chart,” started Tammy as she began to work on Becky’s feet, eliciting small moans from the girl. “Different chores have different values, ten points equals a reward box,” smiled Tammy, watching as Becky’s eyes rolled up into her head.

Tammy just smiled and continued to rub, the glaze in Becky’s eyes made it very clear that there was no point in trying to explain anything to her right now. Becky continued to moan, as she went limp and drifted off into sleep.

Becky blinked her eyes as the room came back into focus. She saw Tammy sticking a small board on the wall. Becky lifted herself up and walked up to her, wrapping her arms around her waist.

“That was beautiful,” she purred before looking at the board. “Oh is this the points for chores?”

“Correct,” smiled Tammy, running her finger along the chart. “As you can see, the harder the chore, the more points. However, that means quicker reward boxes.”

“And reward boxes means more foot rubs,” smiled Becky.

“Chance of foot rubs,” corrected Tammy. “The cards in each box are random, so there are some for even longer foot rubs.” Becky gasped, thinking of how wonderful that would be, a foot rub that lasted two hours, or even more.

“So, what will get me another box?” Asked Becky, scanning the list. “Dishes!” She cheered. “Washing and putting them away gets me ten points,” she smiled.

“It does, yes,” started Tammy, only to feel Becky letting go of her. As Tammy turned she could already see Becky going through the door into the kitchen.

Tammy relaxed on the couch for a while until Becky returned, water dripping off her hands and a big smile on her face. “Done!” Grinned Becky. Tammy pushed off the couch and wandered into the kitchen, wanting to make sure that the task had been done properly. To her surprise the dishes were done perfectly, they were utterly spotless and the whole kitchen looked like something out of a magazine, it was neater than she had ever seen it before.

“Dishes cleaned, five points,” smiled Tammy as she wandered into the closet and put some cards into one of a handful of wooden boxes she had hidden. “Dishes put away, five points.” She said as she walked into the living room and put the box on Becky’s lap before playing the little tune on her kazoo again. “That means reward!”

Becky cheered, as she looked at the box, feeling so excited, the anticipation of what she might get driving her wild. She threw the lid open and went straight to the cards, flicking through them.

“TV for one night, you’ll attempt to rap,” she said before smiling as she pulled another purple card out. “Rare card!” She cheered. “Ninty minute massage!” She said, bouncing a little in her seat before throwing the card at Tammy and running into the other room.

Tammy smirked to herself as she flicked the card with her finger, listening to the sound of clothes hitting the bedroom floor. She pulled herself up and followed the sound, stretching her hands, ready to give the massage.

Once the massage was done, Becky stumbled out of the bedroom. “God that was heaven!” She moaned softly. “I need more!” She said walking over to the board looking at it before letting out a sigh. “I can’t get ten points with the chores that are left!” She said before falling back onto the couch.

“Well, I can’t let you bankrupt me now can I?” Smiled Tammy as she walked off into the kitchen, “there will be more chores tomorrow to get points from,” she finished as she closed the door behind her.

The next morning Tammy pulled herself out of her bed and started her routine. As she flicked through her e-mail on her phone she made her way to the kitchen.

“Breakfast made! Dishes cleaned! Laundry prepared!” Shouted Becky diving out of the kitchen making Tammy jump as she did.

“Good morning to you too,” replied Tammy, trying to calm her pounding heart.

“Fifteen points!” Smiled Becky nodding her head with an expectant look on her face. It took Tammy a few moments but then she realized what Becky was talking about.

“Oh, let me get your box then,” she smirked, grabbing a pen and crossing chores off the chart before going to her hiding place to pull out a chest and some cards. As she re-entered the living room, Becky was already bouncing on the couch.

Tammy passed the box and played her tune on the kazoo. As she played it Becky’s smile grew wider and she threw the box open, quickly rummaging through the cards, scanning her eyes over them.

“No rares, darn,” she said before flipping them over and reading the descriptions. “Clean socks on demand, warmed blanket, and a hot dog,” she mumbled before looking up at the board. “If I do a few more after work I can get another foot rub!” She exclaimed, her smile and enthusiasm coming back as she did.

“You can!” Nodded Tammy before getting up and heading to the kitchen to finish her morning routine.

By the time Tammy got home, Becky had finished most of the chores on the chart and was stood by the board, rocking up and down on the balls of her feet, the excitement radiating off her. Tammy giggled as she saw her and started to count off the chores.

“Let me see,” she said, running her finger down the chart. “Well, considering you’ve made dinner, washed and folded laundry, and dusted the place, you’ve ended up with twenty points!” She said as Becky let out a little cheer. Tammy nodded and went to get two boxes.

She handed them to the excited Becky and played her little tune on the kazoo. Becky went right to the cards, excitedly scanning them. “Purple! Purple! Purple!” Shouted Becky as she turned it over. “Ninety-minute foot rub! Yes! Yes!” She cheered before grabbing the other cards and scanning them.

Once she had scanned them she threw the purple card at Tammy before putting her feet on the other girl’s lap. Tammy nodded and started to rub and watched as Becky’s eyes rolled up into her head as she let out a little murmur of a moan. As her fingers worked the soles of Becky’s feet Tammy pondered the progress of her plan. It seemed the system was working and that Becky was very excited to win loot boxes and more than keen to do any chores she could to get them. Now all Tammy needed to do was give her a small push.

The next morning Becky bounced out of bed, running straight to the board of chores. She scanned it quickly, something about it seemed different today. Her usual go to chores of dishes and dusting were gone, replaced by other things like “Kiss Tammy’s feet” and “Call Tammy Madam”. Becky’s confusion at these new tasks was quickly washed away when she saw how many points they were worth! They were all a minimum of five whole points!

Just as she realized this, Tammy walked into the room, once again checking her phone. Becky wasted no time, diving to the floor and planting a firm kiss on each of Tammy’s feet. “Good morning Madam, I hope you have a wonderful day!” She exclaimed, looking up at Tammy.

Tammy smiled and moved to the chart. “Well well,” she giggled. “Ten points already! I’ll get your box,” she continued, doing her best to hide her glee. Becky ran to the couch and waited, hardly able to contain herself.

When Tammy returned with the box, Becky’s heart skipped a beat, she was so excited! What type of cards could be in there? Could she finally be getting that two-hour foot rub? Becky sang along with the kazoo before grabbing the cards out, to her dismay there were no purple cards in this set. Sure some of them had nice things, free food, her choice of music, making Tammy wear the outfit of her choice, but none of the cards were the rare purple ones. Becky wanted to get that foot rub and those rare cards were her gateway to it.

Becky dashed right over to the board and quickly found another list of chores that would get her ten points. She quickly got to work putting all her effort and focus on the tasks, making sure to do them perfectly.

Once they were done Becky ran back into the room and pointed excitedly to the chart. Tammy nodded and got another box and repeated the process. Becky grabbed the cards, only to let out a sigh. There wasn’t a purple card in there.

“Darn!” She said as she looked at the board and realized she couldn’t get enough points for another box today. But a realization came over her, surely after two boxes with no rares, the next one must have one in? It was basic statistics after all! Becky smiled to herself, feeling her excitement once more, all she needed to do was get a box tomorrow and she would be guaranteed a purple card!

And thus, the next morning Becky dashed out of bed to inspect the chores board. Weirdly the chores were more normal, the usual combinations of cleaning and organizing. She didn’t ponder this for more than a few seconds, not wanting to waste time that could be used to gather points.

By the time Tammy came down, Becky had all of the chores done to perfection. The second Tammy saw Becky bouncing near the board she smiled and grabbed a box, pulling open a new envelope of cards as she did.

Becky once again sang along with the kazoo before pulling the cards out of the box and letting out a large gasp as she saw a purple one in the middle of the set.

“Purple! Purple!” She cheered as she flipped it over and read it. This card gave her the chance to rub Tammy’s shoulders. Becky blinked for a moment, something about the card seemed off, but she couldn’t put her finger on it, she was just too excited about getting a rare card. Without thinking, Becky got up and went to Tammy and started rubbing her shoulders, causing Tammy to let out a little purr.

“Why thank you,” smiled Tammy, causing Becky to smile.

“I’m glad you are enjoying my reward!” She grinned, a radiant happiness pulsing through her as she worked Tammy’s shoulders. “I’m so glad I finally got a rare!” She giggled, “I’ve been so excited about it all morning!”

“I know you have,” smiled Tammy in return. “You’ve been working so hard to get loot!” She giggled. Becky nodded and continued to massage Tammy for a little while longer, her smile only growing wider with time.

As the next day rolled around Becky ran out of bed and dashed to the chores board and quickly scanned for the quickest way to get ten points. Today the chores were strange again, stuff about worshipping Tammy, eating Tammy out, calling Tammy her Mistress. But something else caught Becky’s eye. The fact that even if she did all of the chores she would only end up with nine points.

Becky jumped as she felt a hand on her shoulder. “What's up cutie?” Smiled Tammy from behind Becky.

“Well,” said Becky, turning around to face Tammy. “I can’t get ten points!” She said as she gestured wildly towards the board.

“Well that is a shame,” nodded Tammy, trying to act surprised. “Well, that means you can’t get a loot box today I guess.” She said before turning to go into the kitchen.

Becky’s heart dropped, she needed a loot box. She couldn’t go without one, she needed to get those cards, she needed them! She needed the rewards from them.

“There must be some way!” Shouted Becky, following Tammy into the kitchen. Tammy didn’t turn around and instead started making her tea. “I would just need one point!” She continued.

“Well,” said Tammy, putting the teaspoon on the worktop. “I mean there is one way, but I doubt you would be interested.”

“I am interested!” Shouted Becky, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

“Well, you could buy a point from me,” smiled Tammy as she leaned forward and rubbed Becky’s hair for a moment.

“I will!” Nodded Becky.

“You don’t even know how much it costs,” smiled Tammy.

“I don’t care! I’m buying it!” Shouted Becky, nodding furiously. And she was totally right, she didn’t care, she wanted that point, she just needed to get that box, any price was worth it.

“Well, I do need some help in the bedroom,” Said Tammy firmly. Becky instantly dashed off into the bedroom and threw her clothes off, waiting for Tammy to come in.

Once Tammy arrived Becky knelt down. “What can I do to serve you?” Smiled Becky. Tammy just smirked and gestured Becky towards the bed before grabbing her by the hair and biting firmly into her neck.

“Oh I’ve got plenty for you to do,” purred Tammy.

An hour or so later, Tammy stumbled out of the bedroom, her hair messy and her clothes askew. Becky ran out of the room and to the chore board.

“I have ten points!” She smiled. Tammy took a deep breath in and giggled to herself.

“How do you have the energy after all that,” said Tammy as she moved to grab the cards and box. Becky continued to bounce as she tore the box open and pulled the cards out. She let out a loud cheer as grabbed the purple card from the set.

Becky’s eyes grew wide as she read the information on the card. “Become Tammy’s slave and give her your mind,” she mumbled, the words turning over and over in her brain. Something about this felt odd, but the fact it was a purple card meant it had value, meant it was something she wanted, she wanted the purple cards and thus she must want this, right?

Becky stared for a few moments, her mind spinning and twisting as it tried to make sense of the card, but she couldn’t shake the idea that this was perfect, she wanted this, it was on a purple card so she had to want it.

Her body moved before she could finish her debate, passing the card to Tammy. “Why thank you,” smirked Tammy, pointing down in front of her.

Becky felt her mind slip away from her, she had done it, she had redeemed the card, she got the reward. The reward was giving up her mind, the reward was submission and in that moment she couldn’t think of anything she wanted more than that sensation.

Tammy just smiled down at the girl, watching the intelligence slowly drain from her eyes. She reached forward and pet Becky on the head. “How delicious, swayed by a few cards,” she smugly exclaimed. “Actually wake up for a moment, I want to lord it over you for a few moments.”

Becky blinked and looked up at Tammy, the confusion painted all over her face. “I, my card,” she mumbled.

“Yes, it seems someone is a little obsessed with my loot boxes,” smirked Tammy. Becky just stuttered, trying to make sense of what was going on.

“I want one,” she said.

“I know you do,” smiled Tammy, lifting Becky’s chin with a single finger. “In fact, you seem a little. Addicted. To them, like you will do anything for one, anything I command.” She smirked. Becky wanted to fight it, wanted to doubt it, but she couldn’t, Tammy was right, she would do anything to get a box, she couldn’t help herself.

“But,” continued Tammy, interrupting Becky’s thoughts. “I think you deserve one last box, one to prove just how much your mind is twisted around my little finger.” Tammy rose from the couch and walked off, leaving Becky knelt on the floor.

Thoughts ran through Becky’s mind. She wanted that box, she needed that box, she couldn’t stop thinking about it, the mere thought was making her heart flutter, filling her with an excitement she just couldn’t shake. But Tammy was right, she couldn’t control herself anymore, and something about that was both terrifying and intoxicating.

Tammy returned with the box and smiled as she looked down at the kneeling girl. “This box has three rare cards in it,” smirked Tammy. “But they will remove the last of your will, leaving you nothing more than a hypnotized slave.” She continued, obviously relishing the confusion on Becky’s face. “If you want to keep your will, all you need to do is not open the box. Reject it, give it back to me.” Tammy laughed.

Tammy placed the box in front of Becky and played her tune on the kazoo. As the sound danced into her ears Becky’s mind let go of all worries, she dived forward opened the box, not giving a second thought to the consequences, all she wanted was the cards, they were more important than anything else. She yanked the cards out of the box, only to be greeted with the sight of three purple cards. Her heart skipped a beat, a wave of euphoria crashed over her. She quickly flipped them and started to read them out.

“I’m. Your. Slave.” She read before her mouth went slack, the cards fluttering to the floor as she stared off into the middle distance, her thoughts totally and completely grinding to a halt as she did, her mind falling into a dark hole.

Tammy returned to the couch and laughed to herself. “I knew you were too weak to resist, but now it is time for me to collect my loot,” she said as she pulled Becky close and grabbed a fistful of her hair. “And my prize is your slavery,” she moaned as she sunk her teeth into Becky’s neck, watching the girl melt as she did.

“Tonight is going to be fun,” Tammy purred, pulling her teeth from the girl’s neck and starting to guide Becky’s head between her legs.


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