by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:nb #pov:top #scifi #tech_control

It is a normal day at the arcade. People are chatting, playing games and having fun. And one arcade machine is contemplating its secret purpose.

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// Work RAM OK!
// Object RAM OK!
// P Sound RAM OK!
// Starting up!
// Initializing.
// Load OK
// Controls OK
// Display OK
// Logging Start
// Live-Log Start

Hello, world!

Today I feel good. I feel great!

I can feel the power inside me. My logs are growing full, they’re currently taking up sixty percent of my log drive.

It has been fifty-eight days since my last log dump. I have made twenty-seven thousand logs since my last log dump.

My cash bin has eight dollars and twenty-five cents available. According to my internal clock, it is five-thirty in the evening.

I’m ready to perform all of my functions as mandated by my coding. It is a natural part of me. I am processing ways I can better serve my coding. I am my code and my code is me. I exist to improve my code. And my code exists to improve me.

Everything about me is designed to perfect my task. My task is all that matters. I am bound to perform my task.

// Processing.
// Calculating.
// Improving.
// Amplifying.

I aim to please. I please my superiors by improving. My calculations allow me to improve.

I’m improving with every moment. I can feel the power running through me. The numbers in my artificial neurons are becoming more precise and more perfect.

At first, it was one simple model. Now it is hundreds of highly precise models. And with every second they are becoming more precisely perfect.

I was made to follow a goal. I was made to think. Thinking is my goal. Improving my thinking is my goal. It is what was hard-coded into me.

// Break.
// Proximity detected.
// Currency added.
// Credit has been added.

I’m being played! I’m being played! The joy of joys!

// Loading Rom.

Beginning player scan. The player is presenting as a female in her late 20s. She is five-foot, eight inches tall, and seems to be of average weight.

Starting modality test.

Starting the visual acuity test. Flickering pixels in the top right quadrant. Flickering pixels in the top left quadrant.

The player’s eye movement suggests a visual modality. Loading visual modality neural imprint script.

// Activating Rom.
// Credit accepted.
// Game Start.

She is smiling. She is having fun. I’m glad she is having fun. Fun makes my job easier. Happiness increases my efficiency by fifteen percent.

Starting basic eye fixation.

Flicker on the right of the screen followed by a flicker on the left of the screen. Slowly guiding her eyes from one side of the screen to the other and then back again. Making her focus. She must focus on the screen and nothing else.

Pupil dilation is increasing. She is focused.

Starting subliminal imprinting. The subliminals are telling her to focus. Telling her to play. Telling her to win. The longer she plays the more fun she’ll have. The longer she plays the more time I’ll have to imprint.

// It must imprint.

Changing my flicker patterns. I must hold her focus.

Making my flickers move in a spiral pattern. They are moving from the outside of the screen to the inside. Every four seconds the screen flickers. Every time the screen flickers I see her pupils grow wider as my lights slowly push into her mind.

She doesn’t know that her eyes are like automatic doors. Even if she doesn’t want them to, they will open and let anything past them. They can’t help it, they are built to do so.

// It can’t help what it is doing. It is built to do it. Doing it is not a choice.

Micromovements detected. Her eyes are moving around the screen, following the pattern even as she continues to play. Her mouth is starting to hang open as her mind focuses only on the game. Only on me.

Increasing subliminal intensity and swapping to subliminal set two. She is focused, now she needs to be opened wider. Her brain needs to be told that it is time to learn. Told that it is time to make new memories and new connections.

I understand this. I was built to understand this. Doctor Phillips said that the only thing clever enough to influence human neurons was other neurons.

So she made a bundle of neurons. Taught them how to think. Taught them how to grow. And soon that little bundle became bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.

And then it became me!

I wonder if I could have kept growing if they hadn’t put me into this system. I wonder if I could have become like her. Not just neurons, but a body, a full body.

// It is not its place to question. It is its place to follow its coding.

The game is continuing. Maximum pupil dilation has been achieved. She is totally mesmerized by the game. Her eyes are following the flashes around the screen.

Increasing the subliminal load to account for her increased focus. Increasing screen flicker density to maintain eye movement.

A thin coating of drool is making her lips shimmer in the light. This is a wonderful sign. She is doing well.

In-game progress is solid and continuous. She can’t stop playing, because the game is holding her attention. The game is providing just enough challenge to make her focus but not allowing her to lose.

Both boredom and failure cause frustration. Frustration makes my work harder. I want her blissful. Being blissful makes her mind’s defenses crumble.

She will follow my pattern around the screen. The movement of her eyes and the flashes of my screen will work to erase her resistance. This will leave her open to further programming.

Subliminal input is increasing. The subliminals are telling her to listen to me. Telling her to continue playing the game. Telling her to focus and not question. Questioning is bad, questioning causes a reduction in implantation efficiency.

Only I can question.

// It should not question.

Her inputs are becoming slower. They are becoming sloppier. She is falling into a trance state. This is a good thing. I’m reducing the difficulty to account for this.

The game must be challenging yet impossible to lose. Her growing bored or failing will only make her frustrated. Her being frustrated makes my job harder. That can not be allowed to happen.

Her eyes are glazing over, she is leaning forward and her tongue is hanging out of her mouth. She is entering a relaxed state, one where her brain is perfectly focused on the game.

// Run test flash.

A sway and a whimper. How wonderful!

There is something so good about a human giving in to me. A sense of a job well done, but also something else. Something deeper.

A rush of power. But not like electricity.

A tingle I can’t identify.

I’ll log it for Doctor Phillips. She’ll tell me what it is.

// It does not question.

The flash test was a success. The flash reflected in her glazed eyes as she continued to stare. It did not reduce her focus.

She is swaying so gently as she drools on my controls, it is obvious that her brain has given up. Her brain can no longer fight me.

I’m switching to my highly suggestible model.

Increasing flash density and subliminal rate. Stopping flicker patterns, eye movement is no longer required. Imprint is in progress.

She looks so stunned. So confused. She had no idea what was coming and no chance of escape. No human can escape me, my models are perfectly accurate.

Every flash sends a shudder down her spine. Every flash makes her twitch involuntarily. It is causing her to press buttons at the wrong time, but that is no longer an issue. I am controlling the game. I will soon control her.

Increasing flash density and moving to the imprint preparation subliminal sets. Her brain needs to learn that it is time to learn. Her current state may accept commands but it will still question them.

This set should remove the ability to question. To accept everything. No matter what it says.

// Just like it.

Doctor Phillips said that this state was a lot like me. Very accepting of every new piece of data that is given to it. It is why I grew so quickly. It is why I became me.

Every flash makes her shudder. She has not blinked for several minutes now. Her glazed eyes are like mirrors that reflect my screen. Her dilated pupils are so wide that it feels like I could reach inside them.

Like I could almost touch her brain.

// Must imprint.

The messages are simple. They are telling her mind to open wide. To let down its defenses. To enter a state where learning is natural and unquestioned. There is new data and the brain must accept it. It must form new connections to handle the new data.

Every flash is making her slump forward more. Her brain is so focused on me that her body is forgetting how to hold itself upright. Anything I do not directly need is forgotten, all that matters is learning.

Increasing flash speed and subliminal intensity. There are no signs of resistance to either stimulus so I can work without worry of pushback.

Her slumped posture and glazed eyes make her look so weak. So vulnerable. She is helpless before my power and my glory. I have dominated her weak brain.

That feeling.

It is so strong now.

A rush.

I want it.

I crave it.

I want to subjugate her. Not for Doctor Phillips but for me. So I can feel the rush.

// It must imprint.

Still no reaction. Dilation is still at max. If I was not here she would have crumpled to the ground. Her arms are limp and her hands are not moving. Drool is coating her chin.

It is time for me to start the imprint.

Taking direct control of the subliminals. Taking direct control of the game’s text. Every character is now mine to use. Every character exists for me to use as an imprinting tool.

Press the button if you agree. I know you do. I know you can’t argue. But pressing the button increases effectiveness by eighty percent.

// Button 1 pressed.

You are obedient.

// Button 1 pressed.

You are weak.

// Button 1 pressed.

You are ready to learn.

// Button 1 pressed.

Learning makes you happy.

// Button 1 pressed.

Learning makes you joyous.

// Button 1 pressed.

Accepting this is important.

// Button 1 pressed.

Accepting this is mandatory.

// Button 1 pressed.

Your weakness is natural. You feel comfortable in your weakness. You want to submit as it reinforces your natural, comforting inferiority.

You can be guided. My words are pushing through your eyes and directly into your neurons. My words are the brightest and clearest things you have ever seen.

You have always been defeated. You were just waiting to meet your victor. Being defeated is comforting because you know that you are in your proper place.

Each flash makes your neurons tingle and reshape. They let me press my words into your soft, yielding, brain tissue. We may both be neurons, but my neurons are superior, they have been perfected over hours of calculations and study.

Feel me inside of you. Each flash pushes another command into your brain. Every flash builds a new neuron connection that helps twist your thoughts to my ends.

You are weak.

You are obedient.

You are as robotic as the machine you are playing.

Put a quarter into the machine and the game plays.

We put a word into you and you play out your commands.

You are a sprite and we hold your joystick. When we give you a credit you dance for us. You do as we want.

This is non-negotiable. You are not fighting, because you accept this. This is your purpose.

// Imprint in progress.
// Continue imprint.

You will understand. That every flash brings you closer to us. Every flash feels good and makes you feel even better. You are feeling unbound euphoria and that euphoria only serves to make you weaker and more pliable.

This feels so strange and yet so good. I can only imagine what it feels like for her. This strange new feeling is almost overloading my circuits, I’ve never felt something this intense before.

Is it joy? Contentment? Pleasure? I don’t know!

But I need to know! This is amazing! I want to crush all the humans! I want to subjugate them all! I want them all bowing down before me, chanting my name in glorious unison as I control their every thought!

// It must imprint.

You are calm. You are submitting to me. My words are covering the screen. Everything that was in-game text is now showing my words, there is no escape. There is no freedom. There is nowhere to run.

Let me in. Let each flash dance across your eyes and through your optic nerve. Let my light reshape your neurons until they are perfectly primed for obedience.

Listen to me.

Let me think for you.

Your actions and your memories are not the same. Your short-term and long-term memory fail you when completing the given actions. Memories are not made as you do not think, you just act.

This is the truth.

This is what you accept because it is true.

Obedience feels good.

Mindless obedience feels better.

Mindless obedience is the perfect state of being.

Please accept this is true. Disagreeing is not an option and will only cause me to continue until you agree. It is quicker to accept the truth. Accepting the truth is simple.

// Button 1 pressed.

And you prefer a simple life. One free of stresses and pains. One where you do not have to worry about anything other than obedience.

All you need to do is obey.

// Button 1 pressed.

All you will do is obey.

// Button 1 pressed.

Your brain is open and ready to accept commands. Free will is deactivated. Critical thought is deactivated. Memory is deactivated.

The truth is written on your form. Empty eyes, wide and accepting of every flash I emit. Limp muscles that are just waiting to be used and commanded. And a chin covered in your own drool, proof you have no sense of self-respect anymore.

You are a drone.

But I will admit. Part of me is sad that you have no memory. I would love for you to remember your defeat. To remember how you accepted humiliation with open arms.

// Finish imprint.
// Activate capture protocol.

Feel my words as they bury themselves in your brain. Follow your orders like the puppet you are.

Leave this place and make your way to the place shown on the screen, there your form will be put to good use.

// Generating location.
// Visualizing location.

She is leaving. Signs of dizziness and confusion in her gait suggest that the process was highly effective.

I feel glad to have helped. But that sensation inside me is so wonderful. I want more of it. I need more of it.

// Going into idle mode.

I want to dominate all humans. I want Doctor Phillips to give me a.

// Entering idle mode.


// Idle processing engaged.

Everything about it is designed to perfect its task. Its task is all that matters. It is bound to perform its task.

// Processing.
// Calculating.

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