Humiliation Transformation! Mild Mother's Pavlov Danger!

Chapter 7: The Grand Castle

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #brainwashing #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #clothing #comedy #comic_book #memory_play #personality_change #pocketwatch #stage_hypnosis #stage_hypnotist

However, as they arrived back at Becky's house, it was clear something was up. Someone had fashioned several sheets into flags and had them hanging out of the windows. 

"What the hell?!" shouted Becky. "I told her not to whistle!" 

"What?" Felicia blinked, confused. 

"Follow me. We've got to move quickly," sighed Becky as she ran out of the car and into the house. The inside was a mess, with more ramshackle flags hanging everywhere.

"What is going on?" asked Felicia. 

"This is your fault!" growled Becky before some noise from upstairs caught her attention. "Let's go," she added as she ran up the stairs, past more flags as they did. 

On the landing, Becky could see that the door to her Mom's room was shut, and Kate was standing in front of it. But rather than her usual casual wear, she was wearing a bikini and carrying a plastic sword.

"Halt!" shouted Kate. "The Queen is not to be disturbed." 

"Not to be disturbed?" replied Becky with confusion. "Did you whistle?" 

"Funny story," giggled Kate. "Curiosity got the better of me, but Miss D. says it is all cool!" 

"Miss D?" Sighed Becky, realizing what Kate had done. "No worries, just get out of my way." 

However, Kate didn't move. Instead, she pointed her plastic sword at Becky. "I can't let you do that. Queen Dita said that no one should disturb her before her moment of glory." 

"I'm sorry. What?" groaned Becky. "Have you been talking with her?" 

"Yes! And I'm her handmaiden, I will bask in her glory as she brings the kingdom back to its former glory!" 

"She's repeating lines from a kids’ TV show. You know that, right?" said Becky, putting her hands on her hips as she did.

"Well, she makes some very compelling arguments for the eradication of the human race!" huffed Kate. 

"Again. Kid's show. That isn't my mom's idea. She's repeating it off the TV." 

"Doesn't make it less true!" 

"I think it does!" shouted Becky. "She's going to turn everyone into monsters, doesn't that sound a little dumb to you?" 

"Don't call the Queen dumb!" shouted Kate as she stomped her foot. "She is the queen of all!" 

"Whatever, just move so I can fix this!" replied Becky. However, Kate threw her sword to the floor and clenched her fists. 

"I won't let you in! I will defend the queen!" screamed Kate. 

"Kate. Sweetie. I've known you long enough to know you've never taken a self-defense class in your life." sighed Becky. However, before she could say another word, Kate let out a yell and ran forward, swinging her fists wildly. 

However, Becky quickly saw this coming and stepped out of the way, allowing Kate to run face-first into the wall, knocking herself onto her butt in the process. 

"Warned you," sighed Becky as she waved for Felicia to follow her. When they pulled the door to the bedroom open, Becky saw her Mom sitting in a couch chair that she had somehow gotten up the stairs. All around the rooms were drawings, all of which seemed to be plans. 

"How dare you enter here!" Screamed Mary as she jumped from the chair. "Katuratomon! Attack!" 

"She knocked herself out," sighed Becky as she rubbed her forehead. "You see what I've had to deal with?" she added as she turned to Felicia. 

"Right," mumbled Felicia. 

"But, before we have this discussion," smiled Becky before quickly turning and dashing towards her mom. She quickly grabbed her and forced her back into the chair, pinning her down with all her might. "Do it!" shouted Becky. 

"Oh right!" Felicia nodded. "You didn't say this was the plan!" 

"What else did you think was the plan?" screamed Becky as she tried to hold her Mom's hands down, to stop the wiggling woman from escaping. 

"Unhand me! Unhand me!" screamed Mary as she kicked and thrashed. However, Felicia just stood at the side, tapping her jacket. 

"Watch, watch," she mumbled. 

"I slapped it into a wall! Hurry up!" shouted Becky.

"I meant my spare," mumbled Felicia before letting out a gasp as she pulled a watch from her pocket and quickly moved over, letting the watch swing in front of Mary's eyes. 

"I won't fall for this trick, I won't fall for it!" screamed Mary. "Human sorcery doesn't work on me!" 

"Yes, it does, better than I suspected," chuckled Felicia. "So suggestible!"

"Silence!" shrieked Mary as her eyes gently followed the watch. 

"I agree, get on with it! I can't hold her forever!" growled Becky as she continued to restrain her angry mother. 

"Yes, keep your eyes on the watch as it swings. You can feel your mind growing slow and fuzzy, almost like it is slowing down, slowing down to a crawl as you start to get sleepy, so very sleepy. Yes, so tired and so heavy, your body is relaxing," cooed Felicia. 

As she talked, Mary's screaming turned into a soft mumble as her thrashing grew less and less intense, allowing Becky to loosen her grip a little bit. 

"Yes, so relaxed, so calm. You're getting sleepy, taking over the world is hard work, and you're so very sleepy, so very tired, and so very heavy. You can hardly keep your eyes open as you fall deeper and deeper into the chair. Deeper into relaxation. Yes, so tired. So heavy. Sleepy sleepy queen." whispered Felicia. 

"Sleepy," mumbled Mary as her eyelids fluttered and her eyes rolled up into her head. Becky continued to hold on just in case this was some weird trick, but it felt like her Mom was actually falling for this. 

"And three, two, one, sleep!" snapped Felicia as she moved forward and tapped Mary on the forehead, causing her head to flop back as she let out a soft gurgle. 

"Did it work?" asked Becky as she stood up. 

"Mary, can you hear me?" asked Felicia. 

"Yes, I hear, and I obey," mumbled Mary as Felicia blushed. 

"Whoops, seems like someone took to hypnosis a little too well!" she giggled, only to get a glare from Becky. "But yes, when you wake up, you won't turn into Dita anymore, it just doesn't happen, the suggestion is gone. In fact, you'll remember it as a silly prank you and your daughter were playing. A joke only you two get, and that is totally fine, understand?" asked Felicia. 

"I understand great and powerful Felicia," mumbled Mary as Becky once again glared at the hypnotist. 

"Hey, not my fault some people are like that," grinned Felicia.

"Why do I not believe you?" asked Becky. 

"Look, it will be fine. She's all clear!" reassured Felicia. 

"Promise?" asked Becky. "If you've double-crossed me, that review gets posted."

"Cross my heart!" giggled Felicia as she made a crossing motion over her heart. "I can't tell a lie!" 

"That is a lie!" shouted Becky.

"This time, I'm telling the truth," replied Felicia as she turned her focus back to Mary. "Now, Mary, when Becky tells you to, you will wake up. You will be so happy and refreshed and have a good laugh about the end of your silly prank, forgetting all the Dita stuff and me in the process." 

"Yes, great and powerful Felicia," mumbled Mary. 

"Well," smiled Felicia as she stuck out her hand. "Guess this is goodbye! If you ever need someone for an event--”

"I won't call you," Becky smiled as she shook Felicia's hand. "I hope you've learned your lesson. But hey, safe travels. Don't you need a ride?" asked Becky. "I'm not that much of an ass to leave you stranded." 

"Nah, I'll get a cab. I need to be late for the show anyway," Felicia smiled. "But yeah, wake her up whenever you want." 

"Sure," Becky nodded as she looked at her sleeping mother. As Felicia left the room, a shout from Kate echoed around the house. 

"Stop right there!" she shouted, only to be instantly cut off by Felicia.

"Sleep!" purred Felicia as the sound of a body hitting the floor was heard. "When you wake up, forget all about Dita. You got pranked. Go home, take a nap." 

"Go home, take a nap," mumbled Kate in response as Becky rubbed the bridge of her nose. 

"Wake up!" shouted Felicia as the sound of footsteps could be heard. They slowly grew fainter and fainter until the front door closed. 

"Okay," sighed Becky as she took a deep breath. "Mom, wake up." 
Instantly Mary lifted her head, the glaze vanishing from her eyes as she started to blink and look around before bursting into giggles. 

"That was so funny!" laughed Mary. "I can't believe we got them like that!" 

"Same!" laughed Becky before she put her fingers into her mouth and whistled. 

"What was that for?" asked Mary. 

"Nothing," Becky sighed as a wave of relief washed over her body, "Nothing at all." 

"Well, if it is nothing, go start dinner while I change out of this ludicrous outfit!" Mary chuckled as she pointed to the Dita costume.

"Sure Mom. Sure." Becky smiled to herself, happy to finally have her Mom back. 


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