Humiliation Transformation! Mild Mother's Pavlov Danger!

Chapter 5: Continued Chaos

by HypnoticHarlequin

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These thoughts continued to bug Becky. It didn't matter what she tried to think up. She just couldn't come up with a plan that made sense. But, she did her best to hide her confusion. She didn't want her mom to work out what was going on. Becky highly suspected that Felicia had planned something for that eventuality. 

As the pair dropped into another coffee shop while doing some errands, Becky drifted into her thoughts, still trying to work out a good plan. As Mary made her order, one barista turned to the other. 

"Hey, Liv," they shouted, trying to get the attention of another worker. However, when this worker didn't respond, the barista put their fingers in their mouth and whistled. 

Shock ran through Becky's body as Mary’s eyes glazed over and her body stiffened. "How dare you mock Dita Disgusta, Queen of the Moon!" shouted Mary as Becky quickly whistled again. 

"Hey," snapped the barista. "I know we're backed up, but no need to call me disgusting!" they argued as Becky quickly interjected. 

"Oh no, misunderstanding, she was talking to me! It was part of the conversation we were having before we ordered," nodded Becky, hoping the barista believed her excuse. 

"Right," nodded the barista before turning and whistling again at the other person. "Hey, I need beans!" they shouted as Mary stiffened again, her eyes rolling up into her head. 

"I am," started Mary as Becky quickly whistled in her Mom's ear, causing the woman to shake her head. 

"Huh?" the barista blinked with confusion as the other worker finally realized she was being called for.

"Oh, I thought we were whistling?" lied Becky nervously, doing her best to cover for her embarrassment.  

"No?" replied the barista with confusion. "I'll get your drinks," they muttered as Becky looked to her Mom.

"Sit down. I'll bring it to you," smiled Becky. 

"Oh, that is sweet," grinned Mary as she moved to a table. Becky nodded, trying to act kind, despite the fact she merely wanted her mom away from these two people in case they started whistling again. 

Once she collected the drinks, Becky took them to her mom. She spent the whole time on-edge, worried that someone might whistle and set her off again. Thankfully, nothing of the sort happened. Becky allowed herself to calm down and relax, at least for a short while. 

However, en route home, disaster struck once more. As they walked, Becky heard a shout from across the street. "Hey! Hey!" shouted the voice as Becky looked up only to see Kate waving at her from the other side of the road. However, before Becky could reply, Kate whistled at them. "Hey, Becks!" she shouted. 

Becky spun around, only to see Mary's eyes glazing over again and her body stiffening. She moved to whistle again. But before she could, Mary shoved her to the ground and marched across the street towards Kate. "Hey, Ms. P!" 

"Get on the floor, mortal!" huffed Mary as she walked past Kate. 

"Um, sure," Kate shrugged as she sat cross-legged on the pavement. "Why?"

"Stupid mortals," muttered Mary as she upped her walking pace. Becky pushed herself up off the floor and scrambled after her mom. 

"What is going on?" asked Kate as she looked up from the floor. 

"Long story!" shouted Becky as she chased after her Mom, leaving Kate with a confused look on her face.  Unfortunately, getting up off the floor had given Mary just enough time to get a decent lead and get out of sight, meaning that Becky had to once again duck in and out of side-streets and turns in the hope of spotting the woman. 

After several minutes of chasing, Becky spotted Mary marching down a residential side-street. Thankfully no one seemed to be around, so Becky was able to sprint as fast as she could while whistling incessantly. Thankfully, after a few attempts, Mary stopped in her tracks and slumped forward a little bit. 

"Mom," gasped Becky as Mary shook her head and wiped the drool off of her face. "Fun walk!" she lied. 

"Yes, very nice," nodded Mary as she let out a little yawn. "But I think we should head home."

"Home, yeah," agreed Becky. "That's likely for the best," she continued as she guided her Mom back towards their house. However, they didn't get more than a few feet away until one of the homes opened its front doors. A dog charged out as the exasperated owner quickly followed.

"Fido! Fido!" They shouted. "Sit! Sit!" Their fingers raised to their mouth. To Becky, it happened in slow motion, she tried to move to cover her Mom's ears, but she was too slow. She could only watch as the whistle echoed through the air and Mary’s eyes glazed over once more as she started to move. 

Becky quickly pushed her fingers into her mouth and went to blow, but as she did, the dog started to bark, drowning her out, allowing Mary to quickly run off down the street again. 

"Yes, it's joggers, no need to bark," chastised the dog's owner as Becky quickly gave chase, watching as her mom quickly ducked into a side-street. 

Becky upped her pace, keen to get to Mary before she could draw attention to herself. Thankfully, Mary made a wrong turn and ended up in an alleyway that was fenced off at one side. As Becky entered, she saw Mary shaking the fence. 

"Hey,' shouted Becky without thinking. 

"You won't stop me, Change Ranger!" shouted Mary as she spun around. Mary quickly shoved her fingers into her mouth and whistled as loud as she could. "When I get the plant, I'll," started Mary, only for her eyes to glaze over and her mouth to drop open.

"Plant?" asked Becky with confusion. 

"What, sweetie?" slurred Mary, "I think we have to go the other way." 

"Yeah, let's go home," sighed Becky as she guided her mom towards the house. However, as they walked, Becky pondered what her mom had said. It seemed like Mary was falling deeper into the character, but what could she mean about a plant? 

The question bounced around Becky's skull for the rest of the day. Sure her mom had said a lot of weird stuff while trapped in the Dita Disgusta persona, but something about that sentence sounded more sinister. When her Mom went to bed, Becky headed to her room and opened her laptop. 

She searched around the internet before finding the Change Warriors wiki.  She started to pour over several of the episode descriptions. After several minutes of searching, she spotted the description for the final episode of the first season. 

"When Dita turns a power plant into a Monster Mobificator and threatens to explode it and turn the whole of Bayview into monsters, the Change Warriors need to use their new Super forms to stop her!" declared the description as Becky gasped. 

"No way," she mumbled as she quickly searched the episode, only to realize that this episode was broadcast during the era she was watching the show. "Could Mom have seen it?" She wondered if Mary could be building her Dita persona off hazy subconscious memories of this single episode? 

Becky realized she needed to do something. Even though Mary couldn't blow up a building, she could threaten or pester security enough to get her into serious trouble, and the second the legal system got involved, Becky's excuses wouldn't help. 

"What can I even do?" groaned Becky as she held her head in her hands. This whole thing seemed impossible. But just as despair washed over her, Becky shook her head and clenched her fist. "No!" she growled, "I'm not going to let some two-bit magician get one over on me!" 

Becky worked throughout the night, trying every combination of keywords and looking through every database she could get into, doing anything she could to hunt Felicia down. And, just as the sun was rising, Becky made a breakthrough. After searching for magic acts at other country fairs, Becky saw a picture of a magician called Marvelous Madeline. Madeline was the exact double of Felicia, and the attached article mentioned tricks identical to the ones Felicia pulled off. 

"It can't be a coincidence," mumbled Becky as she continued to search. The more she searched, the more she discovered. She found that Felicia was using at least ten different stage names, each with the same alliterative format. It seemed like she didn't want her main name to be associated with county fairs, so she ran with a different name in each region. After several more hours, Becky found that one of Felicia's stage names, Superb Sasha, was performing at a town hall a few hours away the next night. Becky knew what she had to do. 

She sent the directions to the town to her phone and then called up Kate. When Kate answered, Becky didn't give her time to speak. "Kate, I need you to do me a big favor." 

"What?" mumbled Kate. "Is everything okay?" 

"Yeah, I need you to take care of my mom for the day, okay?" pleaded Becky, practically bouncing with adrenaline. 

"I guess," groaned Kate. "Is she sick?"

"No, I'm working on a surprise for her," lied Becky. "But there is a big rule. Okay?"

"Okay," grumbled Kate. 

"Don't whistle in the house." 

"Why not?" replied Kate, suddenly sounding much more awake.

"Long story, it's part of the surprise. If you whistle, it will ruin it. Understood?"

"Yeah, okay," responded Kate. "I'm with you. When do I need to be there?" 

"Tonight into tomorrow morning," explained Becky before she thanked Kate and hung up the phone. After formulating a lie about visiting a friend, Becky went to talk to her mom and then hopped in her car and started to drive. 

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