by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #pov:top #bondage #cardboard_box #clothing #drones #robots

Lucy has an idea. However, she is going to have to test it out a few times to iron out the kinks.

“Not a thing, there was a sort of Bus Guide, but she was only in the crossover movie for like twenty seconds,” explained Samantha, gesturing wildly as she did.

“Right, so my fantasies of high-powered bus guides are just a dream for now,” nodded Katherine as she walked into the living room only to stop as she saw Lucy stood there.
“Girls,” smirked Lucy
“Mistress,” replied the girls quickly.
“Look what I have!” Smiled Lucy as she turned and gestured to a cardboard box that sat on the floor. Both girls looked confused for a moment until Lucy walked over and turned the box around, revealing the words “Best girl goes in this box” written in marker pen.
“Oh god, she discovered memes!” Shouted Samantha in shock.
“Code red! Do we have a plan for this?!” Responded Katherine, feigning shock, grabbing Samantha and shaking her by the shoulders.
“I don’t know! We haven’t had a drill for this!” Shouted Samantha in response as her head lolled back and forth.
“Very funny girls,” sighed Lucy. “But I think this box is going to be wonderful for us.”
“So what do we do? Fight for it?” Asked Katherine, releasing Samantha’s shoulders as she did.
“Not exactly,” responded Lucy. “I feel the best girl box can be a shifting title, and there are always other boxes for the one not in the best girl box.”
“You’ve put a lot of thought into this,” said Samantha.
“I have free time, it is something that the lady of the house has, due to not being brainwashed into doing all of the chores!” Giggled Lucy as she wandered to the back of the room and moved a big cardboard box forward.
“So, these other boxes, what are they for?” Asked Katherine, raising a quizzical eyebrow.
“Let me show you!” Smiled Lucy, grabbing a smaller box out of the bigger one before running over and slamming it onto Katherine’s head, a rush of air making a loud and satisfying “Woomph” sound as it made contact with her hair.
“What the hell!” Shouted Katherine, her words muffled by the box. Samantha moved closer and inspected the box, reading the words off the side.
“Hypnotized girls go in this box,” read Samantha before a muffled moan came from inside the box as Katherine’s hands fell limply to her sides.
“See? Isn’t it wonderful?” Clapped Lucy as she smiled at Samantha.
“I mean...” started Samantha before she blinked and looked up, crossing her legs slightly as she did. “You’re going to slam a box onto my head aren’t you?”
“Do you want me to? Just for the record, you know?” Asked Lucy, feigning innocence as she theatrically put her hands behind her back and started to whistle.
“Well,” stuttered Samantha rubbing her thighs together gently. “It isn’t my place to decide such things, Mistress,” she said with a smile.
“Right answer!” Shouted Lucy, grabbing another box and forcefully pushing it onto Samantha’s head with another loud “oomph” noise. Samantha let out a gentle, lilting moan as her mind made the obvious connection and fell into trance. Lucy smiled and walked around the two girls, admiring them from every angle. She then gently fiddled with the back of each box, pulling out two small circles of cardboard on each.
“I hope I lined this up correctly,” she said to herself as she rotated the boxes and inspected her handiwork. “Yes!” She exclaimed joyously as she saw that each box now had two perfectly positioned eye holes. The girls’ eyes were blank, half-lidded, and glassy, their bodies still at limp and drowsy attention.“Now, my,” stated Lucy before stopping to think. “What is the term for hypnotized girls with boxes on their heads?” She said to herself. “Rubbish Robots? Automata? Let’s just stick with slaves,” she nodded before looking at the girls again. “Slaves! Follow me!” She said before moving towards the bedroom.
“We hear and we obey,” said the girls in a firm monotone, marching in single file behind Lucy as she walked towards the bedroom.
Once everyone was inside Lucy spun around on her heels and looked towards the two boxed girls.“Wonderful!” Applauded Lucy. “Now girls, rotate your boxes.” She commanded as the two girls robotically raised their hands and rotated the box on their head. “Mind controls and doubles up as a blindfold. I’m brilliant aren’t I dears?”
“Yes, you are fantastic,” replied the blinded girls, causing Lucy to giggle and wave her hand dismissively.
“Oh you two are far too sweet,” she smiled. “I’ll never regret putting that trigger in!” She said as she moved close, lazily moving her hands over the girls’ bodies, admiring every inch and every curve. “Now.” Started Lucy. “It is time for you girls to show me just what you can do,” she said, her voice dropping into a purr as she sat atop the dresser. “Rub your boxes together! And the rest of you!” She cheered.
The girls slowly moved towards each other, arms outstretched. Their and every step increasing their desire and arousal as they moved closer and closer towards each other. Just as their bodies got within moments of touching their boxes smacked together with a dull thump. The girls continued to try and walk, however, the boxes stayed firm, keeping them forever a few inches from pleasure.
“Bugger,” sighed Lucy. “I forgot to account for that,” she said as she pulled out her phone and started to type out a note. “Boxes too big for the head, preventing contact.” She said as her fingers tapped on the screen. She looked up and watched as the girls continued to walk into each other. “This is weirdly soothing to watch though,” sighed Lucy, resting her hand on her chin and watching the two girls continue to walk in place, their boxes continually bumping into one another.

“They did a stage adaption? How have I never heard of this?” Gasped Katherine as she held the door open for Samantha.

“Yeah, the same team who did the stage version of High School of Despair!” nodded Samantha. “It is like a rock musical.”

“Movie night, Friday, I need to see this!” Smiled Katherine.

“Girls!” Shouted Lucy as she came in from the kitchen and looked the two over. “I have wonderful news for you!”

“That’s not suspicious at all,” giggled Katherine.

“Not everything I do is a trap you know,” sighed Lucy, putting her hands on her hips.

“Just most things,” added Samantha.

“And the things that aren’t traps tend to be the set-ups for other traps,” nodded Katherine.

“And some of your traps are basically Rude-Goldberg style things that involve a lot of little bits that only become a trap when you are looking at the whole,” continued Samantha causing Lucy to gently facepalm.

“Do you want to hear the news?” Asked Lucy, a hint of firmness coming to her voice as Samantha and Katherine looked at each other before nodding.

“Yes, Mistress!” They smiled in unison as Lucy walked back into the kitchen and came out with two large yellow buckets.

“What are these for?” Asked Samantha looking at them quizzically.

“There is a surprise in the buckets, come and look!” Nodded Lucy as her lips curled into a smile. The girls slowly moved forward, presuming there must be candy or something in them.

However, as they got close Lucy grabbed the buckets and put them onto the girls’ heads.

“Hey wait, what?” Shouted Samantha, her voice echoing in the plastic bucket as she threw her hands out, trying to navigate in the darkness.

“I can’t see anything!” Shouted Katherine, wobbling around and trying to prevent herself from falling over. Lucy chuckled before reaching forward and fiddling with a small strip of tape on each bucket, ripping it away from the plastic and watching as a visor-shaped chunk of plastic fell out, revealing the confused eyes of both girls.

“So free space helmets?” Asked Katherine as she steadied herself and put her arms down.

“I guess you could say that,” nodded Lucy, causing Samantha to let out a little squeal of glee.

“Space Police! Comply or feel the power of the stars!” Cheered Samantha, doing a little pose as she did.

“Oh no! Aliens are hijacking the communications,” shouted Lucy, causing the other two girls to blink with confusion. “They are broadcasting an unknown frequency!” She continued as she grabbed each bucket and spun it around.

As the buckets were rotated each girl found themselves thrown back into sightlessness. Suddenly a spiral pattern was in front of them, sucking their eyes into it. It wasn’t moving, but something about the dappled light through the eye holes and the image itself made it impossible to look away from.

Both girls stumbled for a few minutes as Lucy smirked. “That’s it, deeper and deeper into the spiral, let your eyes follow it to the center, chase right into its center, even though the center is forever moving away from you,” she purred, watching as the girls’ movements came to a complete halt, their bodies slumping forward as they did.

Lucy laughed, this had been a lot easier than she had thought, of course, she had spent some time setting up the picture as a trigger, but she honestly expected to have to work more to get the girls to drop so heavily to it.

After a few minutes of watching their limp bodies, Lucy walked back over and turned the buckets around, making sure the eye holes were once more aligned with their eyes.

“Now, bucket babes!” Smiled Lucy, “focus on me please,” she said, watching as their glassy eyes locked onto her.

Lucy smiled and nodded, giving the girls a few moments to focus fully before she continued. “Now, I want you to remove your clothes apart from your buckets, buckets stay on.” She said before she started to laugh uproariously, realizing the absurdity of her previous statement.

Unfortunately, the girls missed the humor of the moment, their minds singularly fixated on Lucy’s words as they slowly peeled off their clothing as best they could.

“Wonderful, wonderful!” Clapped Lucy. “Now follow me to the bedroom!” She said, walking into the room and dropping down onto the bed, spreading her legs and closing her eyes. “I’m brilliant aren’t I girls?” Purred Lucy.

However, no response came, Lucy presumed the girls were still coming to the bedroom so waited. However, after a few more moments of silence, she looked up only to see the two girls in the doorway, repeated walking into each other, their buckets tapping together as they each tried to move through the door frame.

Lucy sighed gently. “What are you doing?”

“Coming to the bedroom.” answered both girls in monotone, still bumping into each other over and over.

“Buckets remove peripheral vision,” facepalmed Lucy. “Right. Samantha back off ten paces. Katherine through the door. Then Samantha follow.” Explained Lucy firmly.

“We hear and obey,” repeated the two in a drowsy monotone before acting on the commands, finally arriving into the bedroom. Lucy pulled out her phone and started to make notes, before looking up at the girls and then between her legs.

“No mouth hole. I really should have spotted that,” she groaned as she shook her head. “Do your best to rub each other,” nodded Lucy as she rubbed her chin. “I need to think of a way to fix this.”

The girls were oblivious to Lucy’s pondering as they moved closer to each other, their hands roaming each other’s breasts, their panting growing louder and louder, amplified by the buckets that remained perched on their heads.

Katherine moved closer, obviously going in to kiss and grind against Samantha, only for their buckets to collide, sending each girl wobbling backward. Samantha quickly moved forward to slide a hand between Katherine’s legs, only to once more collide with the other girl, a soft, dull thunk coming from the buckets.

“No, no,” sighed Lucy, getting up and taking each girl by the hand and guiding them gently to their knees. “Stay still, just use your hands,” she said gently, moving each hand to be near the other girl’s pussy. “Rub, rub.” She cooed.

The girls obeyed, staying totally still apart from their fingers that worked deftly at the other girl’s sex, their moaning and breathing growing louder and louder until both girls erupted in a loud but muffled, orgasm.

“Come here so I can kick your ankles in!” Smiled Samantha, tapping buttons furiously.

“No way, I’m staying over here,” giggled Katherine as she hammered on her controller. “I want to fireball you, but I can’t work out the buttons,” she said, putting on a theatrical pout as she did.

Both of them jumped as a plate was put on the table in front of them.

“Oh, what's that?” Asked Samantha, pausing the game and looking up at Lucy.

“Oh, just something I made to treat you both!” Grinned Lucy. “Have one!”

Katherine looked at the plate, on it were several triangles made of what seemed to be pastry and each had some nuts inside. She reached out and picked one up, feeling how sticky it was. She gently bit into it and watched as pastry crumbs fell into her lap.

“It’s good!” She smiled, nodding at Lucy and Samantha. “Really sweet, like honey or something!” She continued as Samantha reached out and picked up a piece. “What is it? I’ve never seen you make this before?”

“Oh, I was just searching for something on the internet and found this really nice looking baklava recipe and thought you would love it!” Replied Lucy walking back to the kitchen as she did.

“This is actually really good!” Smiled Samantha, instantly reaching for another piece.

“Wait,” blinked Katherine. “What were you looking for to find baklava. You were not looking for bala,” started Katherine only to be cut off as Lucy appeared behind her and pulled a balaclava over her head.

Samantha turned, trying to work out why Lucy had stopped speaking, only to quickly fall to the same fate, her eyes glazing over and her mouth dropping open as Lucy smiled to herself.

“Perfect, perfect!” Nodded Lucy surveying the scene. She had to admit, the girls looked quite cute in their silly woolen balaclavas. Samantha’s was bright pink with little cat ears and Katherine’s was blue with a shark fin.

“Now girls, to the bedroom!” Commanded Lucy. “Single file!”

“Yes Mistress, we hear and we obey,” moaned both girls, standing up stiffly before starting to walk to the bedroom behind Lucy.

Once she arrived in the bedroom, Lucy fell back onto the bed, sliding off her skirt and panties and beckoning the girls towards her. Samantha and Katherine needed no more command than that and quickly set about climbing onto the bed. Samantha moved between Lucy’s legs and started to lap happily her whole mind singularly devoted to the task of bringing Lucy pleasure. Katherine started to run her hands all over Lucy’s body.

Lucy moaned and trembled on the bed, basking in her power and control as the waves of pleasure crashed over her, each girl perfectly trained to target her most sensitive and wonderful spots.

Lucy started to groan louder as the girls worked away until she was pushed right over the edge, making her thrash and scream out over and over until she fell limply into the bed.

“Stop, stop,” she panted, holding Katherine tight as she smiled. “This is just perfect, obedient sex slaves and cute as well!” She said as she played with the Sharkfin on Katherine’s Balaklava. “I need to do this more often,” she giggled.

“Makes sense,” nodded Samantha as she threw her bag down.

“Aliens? Makes sense?” Laughed Katherine, placing her bag on the floor.
“Makes sense for comics, you know what I mean,” smiled Samantha, waving her hand dismissively.
“Girls!” Smiled Lucy, bouncing off the couch with her hands behind her back.
“Hello Mistress,” smiled both girls, before looking at each other and smirking.
“I think it is my turn to run into this. So I’ll bite. What's behind your back?” Asked Katherine, trying to lean a little to catch a glimpse.
“Oh, nothing, I’m just full of the joys of spring!” Chuckled Lucy in response.
“The joy of spring makes you rub your own butt?” Replied Samantha sarcastically.
“Hey I think you’ll find,” started Lucy, before taking a breath. “I have a gift for you!” She continued, pulling out two knitted balaclavas from behind her back.
“What are those?” Asked Samantha quizzically.
“One has kitty ears!” Giggled Katherine.
“You are very familiar with these,” smirked Lucy. “I’ve spent weeks, finding the best way to take over your minds, and these are the result. Perfect in every way!”
“I don’t remember that,” blinked Katherine.
“She's been wiping our memories again,” said Samantha as her eyes went wide.
“Put them on,” grinned Lucy, holding them out, watching as each girl gently moved forward and took one, slowly slipping it onto their head.
“I feel the same,” mumbled Samantha.
“Well, that was the result of experiment five. Not having the object trance you, means that I can get you into the right position easily,” nodded Lucy.
“You really have been testing these?” Giggled Katherine, surprised that this wasn’t all some big joke.
“You doubt my science?” Beamed Lucy, moving closer and running a finger along Katherine’s cheek. “Doesn’t hinder peripheral vision, the result of experiment 3.” She said before slipping a finger into Katherine’s mouth. “Mouth hole, the result of experiment 4”.
“You’ve put a lot of effort into this,” nodded Samantha.
“You deserve the best brainwashing I can give,” smiled Lucy as she rubbed Samantha’s cheek. “Who would I be if I skimped on the fieldwork. But now it is time for me to put my plan into action!”
The girls looked as Lucy took a few steps away from them before turning back around and holding up a single finger. The girls looked, only to suddenly feel their arm raise up and copy Lucy.“Oh right, you don’t remember me adding this, watch the birdie girls!” Giggled Lucy as she started to move her finger around in big circles. The girls were helpless to do anything but watch as their fingers copied the circular pattern.
Both Samantha and Katherine’s eyes darted back and forth, mentally debating if they should follow Lucy’s finger or their own, the large swooping motions catching their attention every few seconds.“Round and round we go, where we stop, only I know,” added Lucy theatrically, making her motions even bigger, rejoicing in the girls’ confused expressions as their eyes started to slightly glaze due to their focus. As the girls started to sway a little, Lucy decided it was time to go in for the kill and quickly stopped her finger in front of her before turning it so it was pointing right at her forehead.
She watched as the girls’ fingers got in the same position and she slowly started to move her hand closer and closer to her forehead until it firmly tapped right in the center. The girls copied this until their fingers made contact with their forehead, at which moment both of them went totally limp, slumping over at the waist as their arms hung limp.
“Delightful!” Giggled Lucy. “I’m brilliant aren’t I dears?”
“Yes, you are fantastic,” repeated both girls in a dull monotone.
“Now follow me,” stated Lucy, starting to walk once more to the bedroom, the two girls mindlessly following behind her. Once they reached the bedroom Lucy guided Samantha and Katherine into kneeling positions before her, she then gently moved each girl, making them look into each other’s eyes before slowly manipulating their hands, making them softly touch and caress each other, watching with joy as their breathing started to increase in pace.
Lucy continued to conduct the two, guiding them over each other, helping them find all the right spots to push the other one further and further until both girls crashed headfirst into a warm, body-shaking orgasm.“Wakey wakey,” smiled Lucy, pulling them both back into an embrace. Both girls panted for a few seconds, trying to piece together what had just happened.
“That was amazing,” gasped Katherine, reaching up and kissing Lucy on the cheek.
“How long have you been planning this?” Asked Samantha, her voice still wobbling. Lucy just smirked as she returned the kisses.
“Who said I was done planning? This might just be a test run, another experiment,” she giggled.
“Well is it?” Asked Katherine, slowly starting to pull herself back together.
“Well the only way to know for sure is if I let you remember this,” giggled Lucy.“Will we?” Replied Samantha, squirming gently.“Oh you’ll just have to wait and see, I would hate to ruin the surprise,” chuckled Lucy, extending a finger out in front of the two girls.

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