Elf Employed

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #sub:female

Beth has a theory about Christmas elves. One that Karen is more than happy to exploit.

“You know something I just realized?” Said Beth, as she looked at the various Christmas decorations that sat on the store’s shelves.

“What?” Replied Karen, her eyes moving between two different boxes of fairy lights, trying to work out if there was any real difference aside from the price.

“In fantasy, elves are always graceful and dignified. They are deadly warriors and skilled artists. They give out sage advice to passing travelers as well as guard nature and have gigantic kingdoms.”

“Right,” nodded Karen.

“But at Christmas, elves are portrayed as a downtrodden and easily exploited worker species, who exist to make toys for Santa and they only live in the North Pole. What gives?”

“Different origins I guess?” Said Karen, not bothering to look up from the box of lights. “Different tales, for different things.”

“Or,” said Beth as she moved closer to Karen. “Santa merely continued Sauron’s plan. He claimed the elves and via social engineering and direct brainwashing he reduced them to a docile slave army. They stay at the North Pole because Santa doesn’t want them to know that the outside world exists.”

“How much coffee have you had today?”

“Two cups? Why?” Blinked Beth.

“You need to drink less, at this rate you’ll make a hat out of tin foil and wrapping paper.”

“I’m not that bad!” Huffed Beth. “Do you have a better explanation?”

“Yeah, myths are weird.” Giggled Karen. “You can’t apply logic to them, it is just how it works. Christmas magic and all that.”

“Well, I don’t think that is enough! What if Santa decides that elves are not good enough? What if he expands his empire! What if he decides to enslave the most delicious and plentiful prey! Man!”

“No more slasher movies before bed,” sighed Karen as she put the lights in her cart and started to walk down the aisle. “Not everything is an evil plan you know.”

“Says you, everything you do is an evil plan.” Smirked Beth.

“I plan, but none of my plans are evil.” Replied Karen, sounding almost like a teacher correcting a student. “Evil isn’t a transitive property.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“If you don’t believe the truth that is your fault.” Added Karen as she continued to look around. “Could you go see if they have any marzipan? I want to grab a few more things, but I’m starting to tire.”

“Sure!” Grinned Beth as she quickly walked off across the store.

Once Beth was out of sight Karen giggled to herself, Beth’s elf comment still echoing in her head. As Karen continued to wander the aisle she spotted something out of the corner of her eye.

Hanging from a peg was a little hairband with elf ears and a hat glued on top of it. Karen smirked to herself as a plan formed in her head. She quickly grabbed the costume and made her way to the checkout, keen to buy it before Beth returned with the marzipan.

Luckily for Karen, Beth took quite a while to find the stuff she was asked to find, and thus, but the time she returned Karen had brought the elf costume and had hidden it at the bottom of her bag.

The pair quickly finished off the rest of their shopping and headed back to their house. As they walked in the front door Karen smiled towards Beth.

“We’re doing well today, we should get the tree up.” She said.

“Sure, if you think you have the energy,” nodded Beth.

“There are two of us, we’ll make short work of it,” replied Karen as she walked into her wardrobe and started to root through it until she found a very dusty trash bag.

After a few muttered swears and loud crashes, Karen dragged the trash bag and a few ratty boxes into the living room and let out a small cough as her lungs tried to flush out the dust.

“So what do we need to do first?” Asked Beth.

“Tree,” gasped Karen. “In the bag,” she added as she kicked the trash bag with her foot.

“On it,” replied Beth as opened the old trash bag, slowly removing plastic tree parts from its dusty plastic embrace. After several minutes of fiddling, she was able to get the tree assembled and erected.

Despite feeling cheap, the tree itself looked good. It would never be mistaken for a real tree, but it didn’t look like it was made from plastic offcuts either.

“Good,” smiled Karen as pulled a box open. “Tinsel next, tinsel goes second, do not question me, that is the tradition.” She said as she threw a ball of silver tinsel at Beth’s head.

“I wasn’t going to call you on it,” chuckled Beth as she started to untangle the ball. “Someone had some strict Christmases.”

“My family has options when it comes to trees,” grinned Karen.

“Oh, tree opinions, the best kind of opinions.” Replied Beth sarcastically as she started to arrange the tinsel.

Karen continued to untie balls of tinsel and pass them to Beth, watching as the girl looped them around the tree. Each layer of tinsel made the tree look fuller and more festive.

Once the tinsel was fully wrapped around the tree Beth smiled and took a step back to admire her work.

“Bad news,” said Karen as she pulled open one of the other boxes. “It is time for lights and this set sucks.”

“How do lights suck?” Blinked Beth as she took the one end of the string and started to walk towards the tree.

“Very cheap,” mumbled Karen as she helped put the wires between the branches of the fake tree, doing her best to make sure each one was held firmly in place.

As she put the last bit on the tree Beth grabbed the power box and flipped the switch, only to sigh as the bulbs remained dull. “I see what you mean,” she said as she put her hands on her hips.

“Don’t worry,” smirked Karen. “These lights suck, they wired the bulbs in series, so if one goes they all do, I just need to check the fittings,” she explained as she fiddled with the box. “Could you keep an eye on them? Just look and tell me when the lights are on, okay?”

“Sure,” nodded Beth, as she stared at two bulbs while Karen started to fiddle with the wire. As the wire wobbled the bulbs illuminated for a brief second.

“On!” Shouted Beth, only for the light to instantly go out.

“You’ll have to be quick,” sighed Karen. “No good telling me after I’ve moved past the point,” she said as she continued to adjust the wire.

Beth poured all of her concentration into the lights, keen to spot the exact second they turned on. Suddenly the bulbs flickered as the lights illuminated. “On!” She shouted, only for the lights to instantly flick off.

“What?” Asked Karen, only for Beth to shake her head.

“Lost it, try again.”

“Do your best to keep your eye on them please,” chastised Karen.

“I am,” nodded Beth, doubling her focus as she stared at the bulbs.

“Then why are you so slow?” Asked Karen firmly.

“Because they flash so quickly.” Replied Beth, her eyes going wider as she did her best to take in all the lights on the string without blinking. As she watched she saw the filaments flicker for a moment before going out again.

“Keep your eye on them,” said Karen as she continued to fiddle with the wires. “I need to know the second something happens.”

“Yes, I know.” Nodded Beth as she continued to stare, blocking out everything around her in an attempt to make sure she caught any minute changes.

Karen continued to wiggle the wires and twist the bulbs, doing her best to find the perfect position for them all. Every few seconds the lights would flicker and Beth would do her best to tell Karen but before she could get the words out the bulbs would go dim.

“Just focus,” said Karen as the bulbs flickered and dimmed once more. Beth’s eyes glazed over a little bit as she continued to pour all of her attention into the task, each flicker fading before she had time to inform Karen.

“Yes, focus,” cooed Karen, her voice dropping lower. “Focus on the lights as they flicker.”

Beth didn’t really notice the sudden change in Karen’s voice, she was too busy trying to keep track of the lights. As Karen continued to talk, it was almost like the lights seemed to flicker in a rhythm, going on and off almost as if the lights were breathing.

“Yes, the lights need your focus,” said Karen, her words sounding more like a sultry whisper. “You need to focus on them to make sure you can see when they turn on and off. On and off.” She said as she moved the wire in time with her words. “Yes, on and off, feeling the light pushing out your thoughts, before leaving wonderful blankness as they fade to nothing, just like your mind is.”

“Fading?” Questioned Beth. However, before she could finish her thought the lights came back on for a brief second, interrupting all of her mental processes. “On,” slurred Beth as the lights quickly blinked off again, causing her brain to become even fuzzier than it had been a few seconds before.

“Yes, on and off, on and off, giving in,” purred Karen as she looked up at Beth with a predatory glint in her eye. “Yes, just let it happen, just let the lights take over your mind, feel yourself spiraling down into the warm fuzzy Christmas magic. You can feel it, can’t you?”

“Fuzzy,” replied Beth, a little giggle trickling out of her lips as she continued to stare at the lights.

“Yes, warm and fuzzy, so magically warm and fuzzy. Too fuzzy to think and far too warm to care about how fuzzy you are. All you can do is simply surrender to the snuggly mindlessness of my words and let them dance through your mind like sugar plum fairies.”

Beth let out another soft giggle as her eyes rolled up into her head, her mind fading into the warm, fuzzy red glow.

“Put your back into it!” Shouted Karen as Beth jumped and looked around, doing her best to get her thoughts in order.

“What?! What is going on?” Mumbled Beth as she looked around furiously. “I think I zoned out.”

“You did! Sleeping on the job!” Get to work!” Shouted Karen as she clapped her hands again. “I don’t pay you to zone out!”

“You don’t,” mumbled Beth as her brain kicked into high gear. “You don’t pay me at all! What were we even doing?” She said as she looked around the room.

“You were getting the floor cleaned after you dropped tinsel bits everywhere!” Replied Karen as she pointed to the silver and red debris that littered the floor.

“I did not do that,” argued Beth. However, before she could say anything else Karen rose from the couch and walked towards her, obviously hiding something behind her back.

“I said, clean it.”

“Why me?” Asked Beth. “Why are you being so bossy?”

“Because I’m in charge, Elf girl.” Smirked Karen as she pulled the elf hat out from behind her back and jammed it onto Beth’s head. The second the band made contact with Beth’s scalp a switch flipped in her brain. Suddenly, she couldn’t even remember what she had been arguing about.

“Merry Christmas!” She squealed, her voice much higher than it usually was. “What can I do to put a pep in your festive step today?”

“Clean the tinsel off the floor,” said Karen with a smile.

“Of course! Right away!” Giggled Beth as she skipped towards the closet and grabbed the dustpan and brush before skipping back and getting to work clearing the floor.

Karen watched as Beth started to scrub the floor, the little hat bouncing with every movement. “Very cute,” grinned Karen as she sat back down on the couch.

Beth continued to sweep at the floor, humming an upbeat tune as she did, seemingly obvious to the world around her. After a few minutes of sweeping, the floor was once again free of holiday detritus and Beth stood up with a smile on her face.

“Oh wonderful,” giggled Karen. “All done?”

“Spick Span and Clean!” Cheered Beth as she posed. “And full of Christmas cheer!”

“Great!,” Smiled Karen as she quickly stood up and pulled the hat off of Beth’s head before quickly hiding it between her back.

Beth shuddered and blinked as she looked around. “What were we saying?”

“Nothing?” Lied Karen.

“I could have sworn we were,” replied Beth as she searched through her mind, trying to remember what she was in the middle of. “Are you sure?”

“Totally sure.” Nodded Karen.

“If you say so,” shrugged Beth as she wandered to the bathroom, doing her best to focus her brain on something other than her confusion.

The rest of the day was mostly spent putting up the other decorations. Once the house was suitably festive the girls crashed down onto the couch and started to watch a movie.

However, as the third act started Karen looked towards Beth. “I’m hungry.” She said with a smile.

“Yeah we should do dinner,” nodded Beth. “What do you want.”

“You should cook something for me,” nudged Karen.

“But I’m a terrible cook,” huffed Beth. “I always burn stuff.”

“So? I want you to!”

“I’ll burn the house down!” Argued Beth, only for Karen to dive across the sofa and push the hat onto Beth’s head. As the hat fell into place Beth’s eyes rolled up into her skull as her mind altered once more.

“So about dinner?” Smirked Karen, watching as a goofy smile formed on Beth’s face.

“Of course!” Bounced Beth. “A festive feast fit for a fantastic fairy!” She shouted as she skipped into the kitchen.

Karen didn’t pay that much attention to Beth’s cooking, while Beth wasn’t confident in the kitchen, she wasn’t as bad as she often made out and Karen was too engrossed in the film to care.

After thirty minutes Beth shouted from the kitchen. “All done!” She cheered. “Wintertime wonders to wow you!” She added before running into the living room and grabbing Karen’s sleeve.

Karen quickly followed Beth into the kitchen, only to look in shock as the girl pointed towards three different cakes and a massive tray of cookies. “Ta-Dah!” Shouted Beth with a grin.

“Elf, right.” Sighted Karen, realizing that she had never specified that Beth should cook human food and thus she was going to have a meal that was mostly sugar. Karen did consider asking for something else but something about Beth’s large goofy smile was oddly endearing, she couldn’t bring herself to reject the saccharine offering.

Beth lifted the platter and carried it to the living room as Karen followed behind with the other plates and sweets. As the girls started to eat, Beth started to sing and clap her hands.

“I believe in Santa Claus, I believe in Santa Claus, made of sugar and nice, I hope he doesn’t bring me rice!” She said before giggling and shoving a cookie into her mouth.

Karen laughed, it was so weird to see Beth acting in such a hyperactive manner, however, she realized she would need to take the hat off so Beth could actually eat.

As Karen pulled the hat off of Beth’s head, she started to blink, only for her eyes to go wide as she spotted the massive amount of cakes laid out in front of her.

“Where did you get this from?” Gasped Beth.

“Potluck!” Lied Karen. “You know how it goes!”

“And you just hid it?”

“I wanted to surprise you after the tree decoration!” Replied Karen, nodding her head in an attempt to influence Beth’s thoughts.

“Thank you, this is such a sweet surprise, pretty literally!” Grinned Beth as she reached forward and grabbed another cookie.

Karen spent the rest of the week having her way with Elf Beth, making her do all of the household chores. Elf Beth’s singing and hyperactive bouncing added to the festive mood as well as giving Karen some extra free time.

Beth was totally oblivious to her winter moonlighting. She brushed off her random gaps in memory as nothing more than zoning out or not paying attention. Her brain couldn’t even fathom that she was spending her blackouts hard at work.

However, Karen decided that she wanted to end her elf experiment with a bang. And thus, after a morning of Christmas shopping, she walked up to Beth with a massive grin on her face.

“So, I want you to clean the floor with a toothbrush.”

“What?” Blinked Beth. “It is clean, and why the brush?”

“Because I said so.” Replied Karen firmly.

“But that makes no sense, why would I do it in the most inefficient way?!”

“Because anything else would drown out the carols you’re going to sing me!” Grinned Karen, doing her best to keep from laughing.

“I don’t sing,” huffed Beth. “You know that.”

“What you do and don’t do, doesn’t matter, you don’t get a say!”

“I think I get a say about my own mouth!” Shouted Beth. Suddenly, Karen produced the elf hat and shoved it onto Beth’s head, watching as her whole body shuddered.

“Oh? You don’t want to sing?” Giggled Karen.

“Carols are my favorite! I want to make you merry!” Smiled Beth as she started to bounce on the spot. “Jingle bells, jingle,” she started, only for Karen to pull the hat off before she could get going.

Beth’s eyes rolled up once more as she started to look around the room with confusion. “What did you?” She mumbled, only for Karen to put the hat right back onto her head.

“Nothing!” Teased Karen as Beth’s brain flipped back into elf mode.

“Nothing is dull! Let’s sing a song! It is Christmas!” Cheered Beth as her goofy grin grew bigger. However, before she could launch into a carol Karen removed the hat once again, watching as the glaze faded from Beth’s unfocused eyes.

“See, isn’t this good?” Smirked Karen.

“I feel funny,” mumbled Beth as she wobbled on the spot. “My head is all fuzzy,” she added as Karen put the hat back on Beth’s head. Beth let out a soft moan as her brain warped. “I don’t feel funny I feel hilarious!” She said as her voice went higher again.

“Well tell me a joke!”

“What do you call a greedy Elf?” Asked Beth, already falling into giggles.

“I don’t know?” Replied Karen as she pulled the hat off.

“Wait,” slurred Beth. “I was saying something wasn’t I?” She said as she wobbled on the spot, her dilated pupils making her look totally out of it.

“Were you?” Asked Karen.

“I think so,” mumbled Beth. “I keep zoning out, I think I need more sleep or something.”

“I see,” nodded Karen as she slid the hat back onto Beth’s head.

“Elfish!” Shouted Beth at the top of her lungs before falling into a delirious giggle fit.

Karen watched Beth wiggle around on the floor for a few minutes before pulling the hat off once more. Beth continued to giggle as she looked up at Karen in confusion.

“Why am I on the floor, why can’t I stop laughing?” Gaped Beth between giggles. “This makes no sense!” She shouted, her laughter making it hard to discern her tone.

“Well, you are an elf!” Grinned Karen. “And as you said yourself, Christmas elves are a subservient slave species.”

“But I’m not,” mumbled Beth, only for Karen to cut her off.

“Subservient. Slave. Species.” Smirked Karen as she put the hat back onto the delirious girl’s head and watched as she convulsed a little.

“Superduper spectacularly subservient slave species!” Giggled Beth as her brain became an elf brain once more. “Specifically simply slaving!” She added as Karen chuckled.

“Very good,” nodded Karen. “Then you can do this for me,” purred Karen as she lifted her skirt and dropped down onto Beth’s face. “I mean it is Christmas!”

“Christmas!” Cheered Beth, her voice muffled by Karen’s dress. Her tongue started to lick at Karen’s sex, her mind totally focused on giving Karen pleasure.

Karen started to squirm as Beth lovingly lapped at her crotch, her bedroom skills seemingly unaffected by the elf hat. Suddenly heavily muffled Christmas carols started to pour out from under Karen’s skirt, making her choke out a small laugh between her moans.

Karen felt her body getting hotter and hotter, even Beth’s silly singing couldn’t distract her from the intense pleasure that was washing through her.

As she felt herself reaching the peak of the wave, Karen leaned forward and reached under her skirt and pulled the hat off of Beth’s head. Beth instantly stopped licking and singing.

“I,” she slurred. “Where am I? It’s dark. Why do I smell pussy.” She mumbled before gasping. “I’m under your skirt?! Why? Let me out!” She shouted, squirming under Karen’s weight.

“Not until I’m done little elf!” Chuckled Karen.

“Done?” Groaned Beth. “What do you,” she started only for Karen to push the hat back down onto her head.

“Yes, I need the star on top of my tree!” Panted Karen as she started to rub her sex against Beth’s face.

“Deck your halls with bells of holly, licky licky lick lick!” Sung Beth as she pushed her face back into Karen’s sex and started to furiously worship it.

Within moments Karen’s body crested the wave as pleasure washed over every cell of her being. She screamed out in bliss as her vision blurred and fireworks went off in her brain.

The world spun as Karen fell to the floor, the pleasure totally overwhelming her. After a few minutes, she looked across to Beth, only to realize that the girl was still singing her Christmas carol.

“Very cute,” chuckled Karen, gently removing the hat from Beth’s head.

“What is going on, why are you over there, why does my mouth taste like sex?” Whined Beth, rubbing her temple softly.

“Because this hat makes you into a happy Christmas elf,” giggled Karen, holding the hat out for Beth to see.

“That is why I keep forgetting stuff,” replied Beth as she looked at the hat in awe.

“Exactly,” grinned Karen.

“I said you were evil,” smirked Beth as her brain slowly started to pull itself together.

“I might be, but what is Christmas without a little bit of evil?” Replied Karen as she shoved the hat back onto Beth’s head.

“Merry Christmas!” Shouted Beth as her eyes rolled into her head.

“Why don’t you be a gift under my tree and let me use you like a pillow?” Said Karen softly as hugged Beth tight and closed her eyes.

Beth went to say something, only to realize that Karen was already falling asleep, so she closed her mouth and started to rub the other girl’s hair, holding her tightly so she could take the nap she obviously deserved.


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