Dating Doctor Danger

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:noncon #clothing #comic_book #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:top #superhero

By night Fortune Viv is the evil Doctor Danger, but by day she is a normal hypnotherapist. However, one day someone bursts into her office and turns her life upside down.

“Yes, Doctor Danger. Your wish is my command,” repeated the woman in a soft monotone. Her chin was covered in drool and her glazed eyes were staring blankly at the ceiling.

“Excellent!” grinned Doctor Danger as she looked at the clock. “But that is it for our session today, so I am going to count to five. When I reach five, what are you going to do?”

“Forget everything,” slurred the woman, “Return to normal. Book a new session. Tell no one about Doctor Danger. Desire to return to Doctor Danger.”

“Good! Now, one. Two. Three. Four. Five!” Doctor Danger exclaimed. The second the “five” left Doctor Danger’s lips, the other woman started to blink and look around the room.

“That was a wonderful session, Doctor Viv!” She beamed at the woman as she sat up. “I’ve never been so relaxed.”

“Wonderful. Then I’m sure I’ll be seeing you next week?” smirked Doctor Viv.

“Of course! I’ll book it right now!” The woman chimed as she walked out of the office and closed the door behind her.

“Excellent!” Fortune Viv smiled to herself as she started to laugh. “My plan is coming together beautifully,” she continued as she opened up her computer.

Instantly, her screen was covered in profiles of different people. Each profile was headed with two pictures, one showing a normal woman and another showing a woman clad in a spandex suit.

“So, Yasmin Alidice is Miss Mercury,” mumbled Fortune as she typed. “Her trigger is “Veritas Vindication,” and next week she’ll be bringing all of her files. Of course, she’ll forget about them once she has done it.”

Fortune let out another loud laugh as she threw her head back. “Oh, it feels good to be queen! To think, over half of the heroes in this town are under my control and they have no idea about it!” she cackled as she looked back to her computer screen.

Suddenly the office door swung open, letting out a loud crash as it smashed into the wall. “Sundra?” started Fortune as she looked up. However, Fortune didn’t see her receptionist. Instead, she saw an eight-foot-tall woman running towards her.

Before Fortune could speak or move, the giant woman reached her desk and grabbed her by the throat. The woman then lifted Fortune into the air and slammed her into the wall.

“Coward!” screamed the woman.

“What?” gurgled Fortune as she pointlessly kicked her legs.

“Coward! Do it, coward!” screamed the woman again.

“What? I can’t do it unless you tell me what it is!” protested Fortune as she tried to make sense of what was going on. She didn’t recognize the woman who was holding her up, and that was surprising. She had a good memory for faces and it was hard to forget a woman who looked like she bench-pressed trucks as a hobby.

“Doctor Viv,” crackled a sleepy voice over the desk intercom. “You have a visitor. She wouldn’t wait.”

“I know that, Sundra!” snapped Fortune.

“She is under your control, too!” the woman shouted as she slammed Fortune against the wall.

“What do you mean?” groaned Fortune, doing her best to maintain her poker face.

“You’ve hypnotized all the heroines who come into your office! Tangled them in your sinister web! You’ve turned them into puppets!” the giant woman continued to scream as she dropped Fortune onto the couch.

“Heroines? Puppets?” Huffed Fortune as she rubbed her sore muscles. “I think you’re delusional.”

“I’m not!” shouted the woman.

“Superheroines don’t exist,” interjected Fortune as her mind started to ponder. This woman’s strength, combined with her knowledge of superheroes meant that she was likely one herself.

Fortune flipped through her mental database, trying to think of someone who would fit this woman’s giant frame.

“I have proof!” screamed the woman as she reached into her pocket and threw a load of badly photocopied photographs at Fortune.

Fortune instinctively swatted at the projectiles, sending the papers flying around the room. The two girls stared holes into each other for a few moments before Fortune glanced down at the papers.

It was clear that this woman wasn’t going to say anything else until she looked at the pictures. so she slowly bent down and picked up the ones closest to her.

As she looked over the grainy images she quickly realized what they were. They were blackmail photos. Each one depicted a different superheroine leaving Fortune’s office in a daze.

Fortune’s heart started to pound as her brain went into overdrive. “I’ll have to get a restraining order.” she said, trying to act like a normal therapist. “I can’t have you trying to blackmail my clients.”

“They’re not just clients,” growled the woman.

“They’re my patients. Correct,” Fortune nodded. “And I don’t disclose their details to random people who kick down my door.”

“Knock it off!” the woman shouted as she grabbed one of the pictures from the floor and thrust it into Fortune’s face. “I want to talk to Doctor Danger!”

Fortune’s eyes went wide as she saw the picture. It was a picture of Tammy Liam standing next to a printer. Or, as Fortune knew it, Lady Justice printing out all of the Justice Squad’s secret files so that she could bring them to Doctor Danger.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” replied Fortune as her poker face failed her.

“You do,” grunted the woman. “I know you do.”

Fortune considered her options for a few seconds. It was clear that this woman knew what was going on. It was even more clear that she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

Fortune let out a sigh. “You have no proof,” she said firmly.

“I have pictures.”

“No one will believe you,” replied Fortune. “I’ve got alibis for all of these dates. None of my clients will accept your lies.”

“Because they’re brainwashed,” growled the woman. “You make them lie.”

“No court will believe that. Nor will my lawyers.” Fortune dropped the photo onto the floor.

“Coward!” The hefty woman screamed as she lunged forward and grabbed Fortune by the collar, lifting her back into the air.

“I won’t stand for this!” Fortune retorted as she kicked her feet.

“Then do it!” growled the woman.

“Do what?! What do you want of me?!” shouted Fortune, finally losing her patience.

“Use your powers on me!” replied the woman as she shook Fortune. “I’ve exposed you! Now hypnotize me before I blow your entire plan!”

“Wait,” blinked Fortune, this unexpected response breaking her focus. “You want me to what...?”

“Hypnotize me, coward!” the woman screamed again.

“What?” Mumbled a bewildered Fortune. “What are you going on about?”

“Hypnotize me! I uncovered your plans! Hypnotize me! Hypnotize me, else I’ll tell everyone!” Shouted the woman as she continued to vigorously shake Fortune.

“I’ll do it! Sure! But put me down!” Fortune grunted as she wriggled in the woman’s grip. Instantly, the woman threw Fortune back onto the couch. Her body hit the soft leather with a loud splat as her brain spun.

“So,” growled the woman. “Do it!”

“Wait,” mumbled Fortune as she rubbed her shoulder. The woman clenched her fists but Fortune quickly raised her hands. “Hey! I’ll do it! I just need some information first!”

“What do you want?” the woman spat, her fists still clenched into tight balls.

“I need to know why. Like, why did you break in here? Throw me around and then demand I hypnotize you? Shouldn’t you be, like, punching my face in?”

“Because,” sighed the woman. “Because I want to!”

“That isn’t an answer,” replied Fortune, slipping back into her therapy voice. “Come on. No judgment here. I can only give you what you want if you vocalize your needs.”

“Because, being a hero sucks!” the woman relented as she leaned against the desk. “It is so stressful. Everyone always needs you, there is no room for error, and I have to calculate my every step. I can’t relax, ever!”

“Right,” nodded Fortune as she slowly rose from the couch and walked over to her desk, sitting back down in her usual seat. “So, you are a hero.”

“Yeah,” nodded the woman.

“Which one?” Fortune folded her arms and tilted her head.

“You don’t know?”

“No, I don’t.”


“Huh,” replied Fortune. “I was close. I had a field of five or so to pull from.”

“I presumed you would know more.” Growled Flextress. “You’ve been having your puppets gather a lot of information.”

“Just never got anything on you, I guess,” shrugged Fortune. “I work with what I have. But, why do you want this?”

“Because, I’m so tired. I want to relax. I want to not think! I don’t want to be in charge!”

“Right,” nodded Fortune, “but why me? I’m a villain.”

“Not a good one,” quipped Flextress without skipping a beat.

“Excuse me?!” Fortune gasped, utterly taken aback by this woman’s flippancy.

“You have a load of superheroines under your control, but you’ve done nothing with them.” Flextress stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“They’ve collected files for me,” interjected Fortune.

“...Which you’ve used to find more targets. I’ve heard your puppets blankly recommending you to other heroines.”

Fortune sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. This conversation was very embarrassing. Flextress was totally right; she had never done anything with her brainwashed slaves. She had never been able to work out an end goal.

“Look,” started Fortune, without having fully formed her reply.

“You just like the power.” Flextress interrupted, cutting that thought off before Fortune could form her answer. “You like the feeling of control.”

“Oh, suddenly you’re a therapist?” huffed Fortune.

“I was going to be, but heroism got in the way.” nodded Flextress. “I have too much control, so I want less. You don’t have enough control, so you love having more. We’re two sides of the same coin.”

“For someone who charged in here screaming the word, “coward” over and over, you are surprisingly well-spoken.” replied Fortune. She hated to admit it, but Flextress’ intelligence was rather charming. Especially when combined with her muscles.

“I put it on,” giggled Flextress. “Makes people surrender more quickly. And, well, I thought you would be more likely to lash out and hypnotize someone who seemed dumb. Your brains over my brawn.”

“I see.” Fortune debated her words for a few seconds before starting to speak again. “So, to make sure I’m right here, you want me to hypnotize and control you.”

“Correct,” affirmed Flextress.

“But, to what end?”

“Well... Do you admit you enjoy the feeling of control?”

“Well,” sighed Fortune. “I do, yes. But you make it sound so base when you say it like that.”

“Base is fun! I want to be base!” Flextress laughed, her cheeks turning bright red. “I’ll let you control me. Dominate me. Lord over me. Crush me under your heel.”

“Oh gosh,” mumbled Fortune.

“It could be like a book club or a game night... Just with you crushing my brain.”

“But, I’m a villain. You trust me to do that and not have you rob a bank?”

“I said it before and I’ll say it again,” started Flextress. “You’re a terrible villain.”

“Odd tact to take when you’re trying to impress me.”

“You want power,” smiled Flextress. “If you wanted to blow up a building and appoint yourself Queen of the Lower East Side, then you could have done that several months ago. You already have enough heroines under your sway.”

“Fair point,” Fortune nodded along.

“So, I’m offering you all the fun with none of the boring bits.” smiled Flextress. “Our little secret... If you’re up for it.”

Fortune ran the idea through in her head. She couldn’t deny controlling someone like Flextress was a hot proposition. That, and having someone volunteer themselves did make her life a hell of a lot easier.

“Deal,” settled Fortune, “but we’ll need to set ground rules.”

“Of course. I’m a hero, and you’re a therapist. We have to maintain our covers.” Flextress grinned like a cat. “So, you should tell me your kinks and limits!”

“You’ve put a lot of thought into this.” gasped Fortune.

“I’ve been planning this for weeks.” Flextress professed as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. “These are mine.”

“I.” started Fortune. “A lot of thought.”

“I don’t do things in half measures,” replied Flextress as Fortune unfolded the letter.

As Fortune’s eyes ran down the page, she saw a lot of kinks she enjoyed: Everything from hypnosis to humiliation to kidnapping. It seemed too good to be true.

“We like a lot of similar things,” admitted Fortune.

“I presumed so,” nodded Flextress.

“Kidnapping, eh.”

“I love it.”

“So, I presume you would prefer me to not hypnotize you now?” smirked Fortune.

“Doctor Danger dragging me into her van? Sounds yummy!” giggled Flextress.

The girls both burst into giggles, neither of them sure how to fully vocalize their emotions. This situation was utterly bizarre, and something neither girl had seen coming.

They spent the next few hours talking through their thoughts and desires. Eventually, they came up with a plan. One that allowed Fortune to live out her Doctor Danger fantasies and allowed Flextress to experience the loss of power she craved.

“So, we’re in agreement?” clarified Fortune.

“We are!” the other woman chirped as she rose from her chair. “I’ll be seeing you soon… Doctor Danger,” giggled a flirtatiously smiling Flextress as she walked out of the room.

“Not if I see you first,” purred Fortune as she kicked back in her chair and started to plan.

Fortune walked up to the apartment. Her heart refused to stop pounding. No matter what she did, she couldn’t calm herself down. She couldn’t believe she was doing this.

A key had arrived at her office. It had arrived in a generic envelope with no markings aside from the address. But Fortune recognized the handwriting; there was no doubt that Flextress had sent her this key.

Fortune let out a long sigh. She and Flextress had very similar interests, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that this was some bizarre trap.

Fortune slipped the key into the door and gently twisted. The lock clicked softly as Fortune let out a long sigh. She gently pushed the door open and slowly peeked her head around the door.

The small apartment was filled with the sound of a running shower. “Busy,” mumbled Fortune as she slipped into the apartment and closed the door behind her.

Fortune slipped her jacket off, letting it drop to the floor. She smiled as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She had to admit, the Doctor Danger costume looked good on her.

It had started life as a cheap Halloween costume, but the tight shiny silver fabric clung to all of her curves and the adjustments she had made only served to make the costume more form-fitting.

Fortune looked around the room and quickly spotted a good hiding place. While she wanted to wait outside of the bathroom, she didn’t yet know if this was Flextress’s house.

There was a chance that this whole thing could be an elaborate trap.

Fortune ducked down behind the couch she took a few deep breaths. She recalled the discussion she had had with Flextress in her office about how Flextress wanted to be taken. To be forced to relax. To be forced to give up control.

Suddenly, the shower stopped running. Fortune bit her lip. After a few minutes, the bathroom door opened and Flextress stepped out. Fortune felt her body relax. She was in the right place. This was part of the deal.

As Flextress moved from the bathroom to the bedroom, Fortune crept up behind her, doing her best to not be spotted.

Flextress dried her hair as she hummed to herself. Fortune realized that this was her moment. She quickly ran into the room and grabbed Flextress’s shoulders.

“What the,” shouted Flextress as Fortune spun her around and slammed her onto the bed.

“Quiet,” snapped Fortune as she wrapped her hand around Flextress’s throat. Using her free hand, she reached into her costume and pulled out a crystal on a long chain.

“What are you doing!” Flextress shouted as she twisted Fortune’s wrist. “Get off me!” She grunted.

Fortune gritted her teeth as she continued to hold down the much stronger woman. She realized that she didn’t have long to do this. The second Flextress recovered from her confusion, she would throw Fortune across the room.

“Get off me!” Flextress continued to shout as Fortune let the crystal swing above Flextress’s eyes.

“Eyes on the crystal,” directed Fortune. “Just keep your eyes on the crystal. Isn’t it pretty? Isn’t it shiny? Isn’t it hypnotic?” she cooed.

“No!” Flextress gasped as she struggled. However, her eyes were already following the swinging gem.

“Watch the gem as it swings. Watch as it moves back and forth. Back and forth, back and forth, in front of your eyes.” Fortune smiled as she loosened her grip. She was confident that the combination of shock and Flextress’s hidden desires meant that she wouldn’t be able to fight Fortune’s induction.

“I,” gurgled Flextress as her eyes continued to follow the crystal back and forth.

“Yes. Look at the crystal. Look at it glimmer and shimmer in the light. Each movement makes it prettier and prettier. It is stunning, isn’t it? The more you look, the better it gets. The better it gets, the more you want to look. Isn’t that right?”

“Right,” groaned Flextress. Her eyes opened wide, almost like her mind was trying to take in as much of the crystal as possible. Like it wanted to study and absorb every facet.

“So pretty. It is like your mind is being absorbed by the crystal. Like it is sucking your mind away. Your mind is flowing into the crystal. Even your powers are being drained. They are being sucked away. Sucked into the pretty crystal.”

“Pretty crystal,” echoed Flextress. Her mouth hung open as her eyes remained glued to the swinging gem.

“Yes. Your powers are being sucked away. You can feel your muscles growing weaker. All of that strength is vanishing like dust on the wind. Your muscles are so heavy and so weak. They feel like lead sinking into the bed. Like gravity is forcing you down. Too weak to even sit up,” continued Fortune.

Flextress let out a little groan as her arms twitched. Her eyes had glazed over to the point that Fortune could see the swinging gem reflected in them.

“Try and struggle. Each movement just drains your energy more. Every twitch. Every wiggle. Movement makes you weaker. Weaker and weaker, until your body is so heavy you can’t move it a single inch,” droned Fortune. Her words perfectly followed the rhythm of the crystal’s swing.

Flextress started to struggle but it was obvious she was weakened. The effortless strength Fortune had seen in her office was no more. Each of Flextress’s movements was labored and shaky. It seemed that even lifting her arm was a monumental effort.

As Flextress’s fingers wiggled, she let out a grunt. Fortune could see Flextress’s muscles straining to move. Doing their best to lift her heavy limbs.

“So weak. So powerless. Crushed. Defeated,” continued Fortune. “You are so weak. Give up. You’ve lost. You’ve failed.”

“Weak,” moaned Flextress as her eyes rolled up into her head. Her fingers wiggled and twitched before falling limp. Her breathing grew deep and slow as Fortune smiled down on her.

“That is it. Accept your place,” teased Fortune. “Accept your weakness. Because even now, the crystal is swinging in your head. You can’t escape it. There is no escape.”

“No escape,” gurgled Flextress as she continued to sink deeper. Little bubbles of saliva formed and popped on her lips as her words slurred.

“Yes. Accept it. Understand it. Let the words fill your mind. There is no escape from Doctor Danger. Doctor Danger commands, and you obey.” Fortune wouldn’t normally be this overt, but she couldn’t help herself. The power felt so good. Letting her dominant desires dance in the spotlight felt amazing. She was exposing her true self.

Fortune put the crystal away as she climbed onto the bed. She quickly moved into position, putting her knees either side of Flextress’s head. She looked down at the entranced girl and smiled to herself.

“That’s it. Deeper and deeper,” she cooed as she started to rub Flextress’s temples. “Yes. Every rotation breaks up your brain. It makes you weaker. Disconnects and disorients your thoughts until your thoughts can’t get from one side of your brain to the other.”

Flextress squirmed as her eyelids fluttered. Her body continued to sink down into the bed. She felt like she was made out of lead. She couldn’t move a muscle, even if she wanted to.

“Yes, so weak. So helpless. Feel your thoughts being replaced by my voice. I can think for you. You just have to float in your helplessness. Being helpless is calm. Being helpless is safe,” Fortune purred on gently. “You’ve wanted this, and this is your chance. You’ve been craving this, and now it is happening.”

Flextress moaned as her eyelids fluttered quicker. Her whole body shuddered as Fortune continued to massage her temples. The long circular motions only served to crush Flextress’s will, trapping her in a trance she couldn’t escape from.

“But, you want to be lower,” added Fortune. “You want to be under me. You want to look up at me. Because looking up at me, being below me, It reminds you of how small and weak you are.”

“Yes,” gasped Flextress.

“So, why don’t you crawl off the bed? Get onto the floor. Every movement sends you deeper. It is so hard to move, but you do it because you’ve been told to do it. You do it because I command you to do it.”

“Yes,” groaned Flextress as she started to drag herself off the bed. It was obvious that she was struggling to move, that even the simple act of turning over was a monumental effort.

Flextress slowly dragged her body across the bed almost like a highly sedated worm. Every few seconds she let out a low groan as her eyes fluttered again.

Once she reached the end of the bed, Flexstress didn’t bother lowering herself. Instead, she just let herself fall, hitting the floor with a loud thud.

Fortune gasped as she looked over the edge of the bed. Flextress was in a crumpled heap, her limbs gently twitching as she continued to take her long, slow breaths.

“That’s it,” cooed Fortune, doing her best to hide her concern. “Just spread out. The floor is dragging you down. You are so low. So weak. So far under me, and this distance only serves to send you deeper.”

Flextress slowly stretched out her limbs as she moved into a more comfortable position. Drool coated her lips as she gazed up at Fortune. “Deeper,” she groaned.

“Yes,” purred Fortune, utterly relieved that Flextress hadn’t hurt herself during the fall. “Just go deeper and deeper. Give in to my words. Let them drill into you as you submit to me. Looking up at me, knowing your place.”

“Knowing my place,” gurgled Flextress as her glazed eyes looked up at Fortune.

“Yes. Your place is on the ground. Your place is beneath me. Below me. Under my body. Under my command. Feel your mind being pressed down. Feel your mind being ground to dust under my heel,” continued Fortune as she gently swayed a finger above Flextress’s head.

Flextress continued to gurgle. Her glazed eyes followed the finger as it swayed. The blankness in her eyes made it clear that her brain had totally stopped functioning. She wasn’t even trying to fight against Fortune’s control.

But, Fortune was still going to send her deeper.

After several minutes of swaying her finger over the mesmerized girl’s head. Fortune sat up and stretched. “And, when you know that your mind has been totally consumed by my will, you will get up off the floor and stand at attention.”

Flextress mumbled as she slowly started to clamber up from the floor. Fortune smirked as she watched the massive woman obey her commands.

Within a minute, Flextress stood at attention. Her whole body swayed slightly as she continued to stare blankly forward. Fortune walked around the stiff girl with a predatory glint in her eye.

After a few minutes, Fortune leaned in and whispered into Flextresses ear. She could hardly contain her excitement. She had spent hours designing the perfect mantra for Flextress, and she couldn’t wait to hear her say it.

Once she told Flextress the phrase, Fortune went back to the bed and sat down. She took a few moments to steady herself before smirking at Flextress. “Now. Repeat.”

“Don’t think! Just do!” Flextress shouted. “Doctor Danger tells me what to do!”


“Don’t think! Just do! Doctor Danger tells me what to do!” she shouted again, her whole body trembling as her eyes rolled up into her head.

Fortune could hardly contain herself. Hearing someone as strong as Flextress repeat her mantra was amazingly hot. The feeling of power really was intoxicating.

It was only made better by the fact that she had never seen someone drop as hard as Flextress had. It was clear she had been craving this for some time.

“Don’t think! Just do! Doctor Danger tells me what to do!” Flextress continued on. The whiteness of her rolled-up eyes only served to make her look even more mindless.

“Yes! Exactly!” purred Fortune. “Looping in your head like a song you can’t shake. It just goes around, and around, and around. Never stopping. You can’t shake it. It just goes on. The more it repeats, the deeper under my spell you fall.”

“Don’t think! Just do! Doctor Danger tells me what to do!” moaned Flextress as she continued to sway on the spot. Her glazed eyes stared forward as drool trickled down her chin.

“Exactly. Such a quick learner,” cooed Fortune adoringly as she walked over to Flextress and gently rubbed her muscles. Flextress was so strong, she could toss Fortune around like she was nothing. Seeing her like this was extremely thrilling.

Fortune continued to squeeze Flextress’s muscles as she purred. Despite this being really fun, she couldn’t deny that it was a weird situation. She had never had a superhero willingly give herself over to this. It was a new experience and an old dream coming true all at once.

After a few minutes of squeezing, Fortune backed off and pulled a sheet of paper out of her pocket. She had spent the last week coming up with a suggestion that fit each of Flextress’s kinks.

“Ah,” mumbled Fortune as she looked over the list. She knew she didn’t have time to do all of this in one night, especially after the extended deepening she had given Flextress. So she had to pick the best ideas to start with.

“Don’t think! Just do! Doctor Danger tells me what to do!” shouted Flextress as she continued to sway on the spot. Fortune giggled to herself and slipped the paper back into her pocket.

“Wonderful. Yes,” replied Fortune as she started to rub Flextress’s back. “You want to be useful for Doctor Danger. You want to serve her. You want to obey her. You want to please her.”

“Yes,” groaned Flextress as a tremble ran down her body.

“You must please me. You must obey me,” Fortune continued as she ran her hands down Flextress’s sides. “You want to make yourself useful. To serve me with your actions. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes,” gurgled Flextress as she rocked her hips gently.

“Because serving me is easy. Because obeying me is simple. All you need to do is as you are told. No deep thought. No questions. Just performing the task as told. Simple actions in a line. No questions,” droned Fortune as she gently massaged Flextress’s hips.

“Don’t think! Just do! Doctor Danger tells me what to do!” Groaned Flextress. Fortune blushed as she heard the words. Sure, making Flextress say it had been hot. But hearing her blurt it out was even hotter.

“Yes. Good girl!’ Fortune smiled. “Now. After crushing your mind like the weak pitiful insect it is, I want some coffee. Make me a cup.”

“Don’t think! Just do! Doctor Danger tells me what to do!” groaned Flextress as she clumsily turned around and marched into the kitchen, repeating the mantra as she did.

Fortune followed the entranced girl, her smile growing wider as she watched the girl mechanically set up the coffee machine. Seeing someone so strong act so weak was thrilling.

“Yes, each movement brainwashes you deeper,” cooed Fortune as Flextress continued to work.

“Don’t think. Just do. Doctor Danger tells me what to do.” Flextress groaned. Her mind was totally fixated on the task at hand.

Fortune used this time to walk around Flextress’s house, inspecting it for things she could use to her advantage. Amusingly, despite Flextress’s bombastic nature, the apartment had a very cute aesthetic.

“Don’t think. Just do. Doctor Danger tells me what to do,” moaned Flextress as she started to walk towards Fortune.

“Oh wonderful,” smiled Fortune as she spied the cup of coffee in Flextress’s hands. She quickly made her way to the powder-pink couch and sat down before clapping her hands. “Give it to me.”

“Yes Doctor Danger,” replied Flextress as she gently placed the cup in Fortune’s hands.

Fortune smirked and took a sip, only to let out a little gasp. This coffee was amazingly sweet and tasted heavily of vanilla. In all of her excitement, she had forgotten to tell Flextress that she took her coffee black.

“Lovely. Good girl!” cheered Fortune nonetheless, keen to boost Flextress’s confidence in her own slavery.

“Don’t think! Just do! Doctor Danger tells me what to do!” Replied Flextress. Her smile grew wider and wider as she did.

“Yes. Good girl!” Fortune nodded encouragingly as she took another sip of overly sweet coffee before putting the cup down on the table.

Flextress continued to stand at attention. Her body gently swayed as drool continued to trickle down her chin. Her eyes were totally glazed over; it was like Flextress’s brain had totally shut down.

“Now,” said Fortune as she gently leaned forward. “Are you strong?”

“Yes, Doctor Danger. Very strong,” replied Flextress in monotone.

“Do you think you can overpower me? Be honest,” smirked Fortune.

“Easily,” nodded Flextress. Her body spasmed softly as she said it. Almost like admitting superiority over Fortune was painful.

“Let’s test that,” smirked Fortune. “In a moment, I’m going to ask you to try and punch me. But you’ll find that you are so utterly weak, so weak, that even one of my fingers is stronger than your whole body. That with my one finger, I can push you down. And as I push you down, you go deeper into trance. Understand?”

“Yes Doctor Danger,” replied Flextress.

“Good! Swing for me!”

Flextress pulled her arm back before swinging her fist towards Fortune’s face. Fortune smirked and raised her index finger. As Flextress’s first made contact with Fortune’s finger it quickly slowed down before coming to a complete stop.

“Try and push. Feel your strength drain and feel your weakness grow,” smirked Fortune as she pushed her finger against Flextress’s fist. Flextress grunted as her muscles strained, doing their best to push back again Fortune’s finger.

However, it wasn’t good enough. No matter how hard she fought, she couldn’t move Fortune’s finger. Fortune smirked as she slowly pushed the fist back, rejoicing in every second of Flextress’s weakness.

“The more you struggle. The weaker you become,” purred Fortune as she slowly pushed the fist back towards Flextress’s face. As she did this, she rose from the couch and started to advance.

Flextress’s eyes rolled up into her head as she looked at her shaking fist. She let out a soft moan as Fortune started to push the fist down.

“Yes, you can feel your weakness. You belong on the ground. You are weak. I am strong.” Fortune raised her free hand and pressed a finger into Flextress’s forehead.

Flextress let out a low and guttural groan as Fortune started to force her down to the ground. Flextress’s knees wobbled as her body started to crumple.

Fortune could hardly contain herself. The sight of this massive girl being defeated by two of her fingers was an immense thrill, possibly the most intense thrill she had ever experienced.

“Yes. You are weak. As you look up at me, you understand that you have to obey me. That you have been dominated. You have been crushed. There is only obedience. Total and complete obedience,” continued Fortune.

Flextress gurgled as she lay on the floor. Her eyes were still rolled up in her head as her whole body squirmed. Fortune looked down at the defeated girl and grinned.

“This is perfect,” Fortune chuckled. “What are you?”

“Weak,” groaned Flextress.


“Don’t think. Just do. Doctor Danger tells me what to do.”

“Good girl!” Smiled Fortune as she sat down on the couch and held her foot above the other girl’s face. “Just watch the foot and go deeper and deeper,” she cooed as she started to rock it to and fro.

As she swayed her foot, Fortune tried to steady herself. The heady mix of power and confidence was making her feel slightly dizzy. She had never been this high on her own control before.

She watched as Flextress’s eyes followed the movement of her foot. It was a beautiful sight, one she could get very used to. However, it soon dawned on her that she had no idea if Flextress had anything else scheduled for the night.

She had acted on impulse and dived on the girl the second she saw her. Sure, Flextress had said she liked being kidnapped, but she might not have intended to lose her entire night to Fortune’s brainwashing.

As the thought crossed her mind, Fortune giggled to herself. She had never been this considerate to one of her powerful subjects. Then again, she was usually restricted by appointment lengths.

Fortune chuckled louder. This line of thought was totally new to her, but it felt oddly right. “You are delicious,” she purred as she gazed adoringly at Flextress, “but I shouldn’t ruin our first playdate by running long.”

Flextress let out a small gurgle as her eyelids fluttered. Her body turned a little bit, however, her eyes didn’t leave the gently swaying sock for a second.

“Okay,” smiled Fortune as she pulled her foot back. “I think we should wake you up. So, I’m going to count up from one to five. And when I reach five you can wake up. Warm and happy and refreshed.”

Flextress gurgled softly as Fortune started to count up. With each number, awareness filled her eyes as her body started to move and twitch. When Fortune reached five, Flextress let out a yawn and stretched.

“Hey!” Fortune giggled as Flextress’ awareness returned.

Realization suddenly flashed in Flextress’s eyes. “Oh god!” she gasped as her cheeks went bright red. She hid her face and rolled around on the floor as she kicked her feet.

“Adorable!” chuckled Fortune.

“You came!” Flextress gasped again as she continued to hide her face behind her hands.

“I did come!” nodded Fortune as she patted the couch. “I’ll get you some water.”

Fortune quickly made her way to the kitchen and started to look around for a glass. As she did this, Flextress clambered up onto the couch, her cheeks still beet red.

After a few minutes, Fortune returned with the glass and passed it to Flextress. “Thank you,” smiled Flextress as she sipped at the water.

The pair sat in silence for several minutes, neither sure what to say to the other. They looked at each other before bursting into giggles. Hours of tension flowed out in one loud laughing fit.

“That was fun!” grinned Flextress.

“Really? You liked it?” asked Fortune.

“Yeah. I loved it! I felt so weak!” Flextress went on. “You read my list!”

“Of course I read your list. I rarely have such a cooperative subject,” blushed Fortune as she rubbed her arm.

“Well,” started Flextress as she rested her head on Fortune’s shoulder, “I could cooperate more often if you want.”

“Really now?”

“Of course. I would love this to be a regular thing! I would love to fulfill your desires.”

“Gosh. Well, how can I say no?”

“That is my line,” Flextress quipped.

“Well, I tell you what your line is,” replied Fortune teasingly. “I should really take you for dinner or something if we’re going to be doing this more often.”


“Well, it feels right. You know?” giggled Fortune, her cheeks somehow getting redder. “Feels odd to just burst into your house every week.”

“Well, if you wanted,” purred Flextress. “I could order takeout and you could take me for dinner right now. I have no plans for the rest of the night.”

“I like it!” nodded Fortune as she gently rubbed Flextresses hair.


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