Auto Caption

by Hypnosinner

Tags: #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #D/s #dom:female #dom:male #f/f #f/m #sub:female #multiple_partners

Katie is running the auto caption machine for her local kink group’s virtual class on hypnosis. It’s an easy gig that shouldn’t have too many problems.

I hope you enjoy and thank you to Linny Bee and Dragontize fro helping me with editing this story!

It was going to be a very easy Saturday for Katie. The only thing on her calendar was sitting in a kink class and checking the auto caption system for the live stream. It was honestly a good gig: the server host paid her $20 an hour, and she got to sit in a paid two-hour kink class for free. Katie was already into rope and some light impact before she started helping the local kink group with their web classes. However, when she started helping out she realized she had barely scratched the surface of what kink had to offer. She loved all the kinky knowledge she had learned and the new kinks she had found thanks to this gig.

Her local kink group had managed to find some success running live streams of their classes during the pandemic. At first, it was just everyone in the group watching the videos, but eventually, word got out, and others started tuning in as well. They were high quality, well taught, and the only kink education going on in some areas. After the pandemic ended, it kept up the momentum, becoming a legitimate business for the group. It even supported a staff (only Katie and Steven, but two people on staff is still a success).

“Hey Katie,” Steven said, as he and another man walked up.

“Hey, Steven!” Katie set her stuff down and began to get settled into the auto caption desk. “What are we learning about today?”

Steven frowned, concerned. “Please tell me you looked at the program before signing up?”

“Yes Steven, just messing with you,” Katie laughed. “I assume this is our teacher for today?” She nodded towards the other man with Steven while she turned on the computer and all its attachments.

“Yes! This is Zayd the Hypnotist.”

Zayd reached out his hand towards Katie in an offer of a handshake. Without looking up from the computer, Katie reached her hand out to return the shake. She was focused on checking the settings, to make sure everything was set for the class, so she didn’t notice Zayd looking her up and down, admiring her body.

“Hello Katie,” Zayd said as he released her hand. “Is there anything you need from me for this machine? Like my notes, or for me to stand in a specific place?”

“Nope and nope. The only thing we need from you is to be mic’d up. Oh wait, I need you to talk some, just to verify that everything is working and capturing your voice. Give me just one sec.” Katie began clicking and typing away at the computer. “OK, we’re good to go for the test. Zayd, how was your morning today? What did you have for breakfast?”

“Oh, ah. My morning was good. I woke up, brushed my teeth, showered, and then went to the hotel lobby for breakfast. Breakfast was the free continental breakfast provided by the hotel, so mostly fruit, some toast, and some eggs. It was decent.”

The entire time Zayd was talking, Katie was staring at the screen as the auto caption system took what he was saying and put in the not-yet-live feed. At one point, Katie moved the mouse, clicked something, and typed “toast”. The system had heard “toad” instead.

“OK, looks like we’re good to go on everything. Based on that test, this is going to be the easiest two hours of my life doing these.”

“Wonderful,” Zayd said. “Well, I hope you enjoy the class. Steven, it looks like we have some people starting to come in now. Maybe we should head back to the front and finish preparing up there. Also, have you seen my wife?”

As the men walked away, Katie finished her setup and plugged in her headphones, which gave her the mic audio directly so she could hear what the speaker was saying clearly. Zayd’s mic was off until she turned it back on in her system. Again, Katie was distracted, and didn’t notice Zayd turn back to give her one last look over as he walked away.

People trickled into the auditorium until it was time to start the class. Katie turned on the live feed, and Zayd and his wife began their lesson on hypnosis and kink. The first hour was pretty mundane as they went over the basics of hypnosis and how to use it in kink. They talked about safety in hypnosis, and something called “splash damage”, but Katie had kind of zoned out during that part. For Katie, it was a pretty boring time, as it was obvious that the teachers knew their stuff and had been doing this somewhat professionally. The auto caption system only made a few mistakes, which meant Katie didn’t have much to do. She wasn’t drawn to the subject either, as she didn’t have a thing for hypnosis or mind control.

Hour two was time for the demos. Zayd told the audience that he and his wife already had some triggers in place, and demonstrated them to light applause. However, he explained he wouldn’t be using those shortcuts, but doing everything the long way. The first thing he did was drop his wife using a generic induction, talking about walking downstairs, deep breaths, and relaxing their muscles.

In the back, Katie had started to zone out again. This time, she found herself following along with Zayd’s words: taking deep breaths when he told his wife to, relaxing her muscles, and going more and more slack in her chair. She visualized herself walking down a staircase, more relaxed and deeper into trace with each step she took.

As Zayd was working his wife into a trance, he was also keeping an eye on Katie in the back. Sure enough, she was dropping as well, and deeply. Satisfied with where he had both women in trance, he decided now was the time to strike.

“Ah! Ladies, gentlemen, and gentle theys, we have a little splash damage in the back. Let me go help our sound person out real quick.” Zayd worked his way to the back. As he walked, Zayd also turned off his mic, so the audience and the livestream could not hear what he was about to say. When he got to Katie, he knelt beside her, and removing one of her headphones.

“You did such a good job going so deep for me. In just a little bit I’m going to bring you back up. But before I do that, I have some suggestions for you. First, after the show you will come back to the hotel with my wife and me where we will have more fun. Once back at the hotel, whenever my wife or I say ‘sleep’, you will drop just as deep as you are right now. Ok, repeat this back to me.”

“After the show, I’m to go back to the hotel with you and your wife. When either of you tell me to sleep while at the hotel, I drop back into this deep trance.”

“Good. You’re a natural, and took to this very well. Now, for the rest of the class, you will have all the energy you need to stay awake and focused. You will also not fall back into trance ’til we’re back to the hotel. Ok, repeat that back to me please.”

“I’ll stay awake for the rest of the class and have the energy needed to do that. No trance ’til we’re back at the hotel.”

“Good job. You’re doing fantastic. Oh, I nearly forgot one: for the rest of the class, and on the trip to the hotel, you will feel your arousal building and growing. Not enough that you need to relieve it right now, but enough to make you squirm in your seat and rub your thighs together just a little. Repeat for me.”

“Horny,” Katie said breathily, cheeks starting to flush, “for the rest of the show and the trip to the hotel.”

“Good girl. Now, I want you to come back up on the count of ten.” Zayd counted Katie back up to a wakeful state. As he did, he also turned his mic back on. “There we go. How are you feeling now?”

“Oh… uh, good. Full of energy. And maybe a little turned on.” Katie replied, which got a little chuckle from the audience.

“Good, good. Hopefully, we won’t have any more splash damage out of you for the rest of the class. Everyone, let's give it up for Katie.” Zayd walked away as everyone clapped for her.

The rest of the class went by without a hitch. Zayd and his wife went through several more inductions and some suggestions. No one else received splash damage, and Katie managed to stay awake for the rest of the class. However, Katie was getting hornier and hornier as the class went on. Not enough that she needed to do anything to relieve it, but it felt like rubbing her thighs together was helping a little. She couldn’t figure out where this sudden arousal was coming from. She wasn’t into hypnosis or mind control. Or was she, and she just had a new kink unlocked for her? That would be a question for another time; the class was ending.

Katie went through the process of turning off the auto caption system, chatting with the occasional friend who stopped by on their way out. By the time she was done, Steven, Zayd, and Zayd’s wife were walking up.

“Ah, Katie, this is my wife, Selena,” Zayd said.

“Hi!” Katie said as she began to shake Selena’s hand. “You two are quite impressive. I barely had to fix anything, and it turned out to be a pretty good class.”

“Oh, well thank you,” Selena said.

“Yes, depending on response, we might have to bring you two back out again for another class, or something more advanced,” Steven said.

“We would love that,” Zayd said. “Now if you’ll excuse us, our Uber is here.”

“Um…” Katie began to stutter. “I was wondering if I could come back to your hotel room with you two. I have some questions I’d like to ask. Just trying to figure out if this is something I’m into or not.”

“We would love to have you, dear,” Selena said.

“I got the Uber SUV, so there is plenty of room for you to join us. Steven, do you need her for anything else?”

“Nope, she is done for the day. I’ll take care of locking the place up. Go have fun, you three.” Steven winked.

“Oh, thank you so much,” Katie said, following Zayd and Selena out of the auditorium.

The hotel wasn’t far, but there was still enough time for small talk along the way. Nothing too pressing or too risque, since there was an Uber driver and no one wanted to tip off or make them uncomfortable. The three piled out of the Uber and walked to the Smiths’ room, still chatting casually.

Zayd told Katie to make herself comfortable, then ducked into the bathroom. Selena walked past Katie to get to her suitcase as Katie sat on the end of the bed. The room was quiet as everyone focused on what they were doing, so it was a complete shock to Katie when she felt the bed shift and turned to see Selena sitting beside her.

“Alright, I think that is enough you time for now. Sleep,” Selena said, as she gently swiped her hand in front of Katie’s face. Katie’s eyes rolled back in her head as she gently fell back on the bed, limp.

Zayd walked out of the bathroom. “Ah, I see we’ve decided to get the party started.”

“You did mess with my arousal buttons during the demo. So I might be a little turned on.” Selena said, running her hands over Katie’s body.

“Oh, how much?” Zayd sat on the other side of Katie, caressing her.

“Eh, around a seven, almost an eight.”

“And what if I made it a nine?” Zayd said. The sudden jump in arousal made Selena moan, fall forward, and grab Katie’s clothed tit as she tried to stabilize herself. Katie moaned, still limp.

“Fuck!” Selena gasped. Breathing heavily, Selena kept her hand on Katie’s tit. She grabbed again, and squeezed harder, drawing more soft moans from Katie’s lips.

“I thought you’d enjoy that. Katie dear, why don’t you sit up and start stripping out of those clothes so we can start having our fun?” Zayd suggested, squeezing Katie’s other tit.

Katie sat up, opened her eyes just enough to see what she was doing, and began to strip off her clothes. She pulled off her shirt and then her bra. She wiggled out of her pants and panties while still lying on the bed. The Smiths stopped their molestation of her to strip off their own clothes.

When she was done, Katie closed her eyes, waiting for instructions. Selena’s dress hit the floor. She had not been wearing underwear. Naked, she straddled Katie and began making out with her, grinding on her lap.

After a minute, Selena broke the kiss. “Katie, you’re so horny right now. So much so, it is all you can think about right now, and getting off is all you want right now.” After Selena said these words, Katie's breath quickened, and she began to grind back into Selena. “Already, mmmhm. Good girl. Here is the thing though: no matter how much you try or how much you cum, the horny doesn’t go away right now. Just a drippy horny mess.” Her mouth found Katie’s, and she resumed her grinding. This time, Katie returned some of the same energy. 

Zayd took off the last bit of his outfit and walked over to the girls. With a gentle push, he sent both girls to the mattress, Selena still on top. He then stretched out on the bed beside them.

“Katie, you’re doing such a good job right now. However, I need you to stay in this deep trance state and also be awake just enough. Open those beautiful brown eyes for me, but still under our control. There you go, good girl. Now, bring some of that consciousness back as well. I want to see you enjoying and wanting this.”

Katie’s mind was in a very heavy fog. She was also the horniest she had ever been, in desperate need of release. She began to kiss Selena with more passion and grind back into her with desperate need. Muffled moans escaped both girls’ mouths as they continued to kiss. Selena pulled away and sat up on Katie's lap.

“Please….” Katie panted. “I…am…so horny. Please, I need to cum so bad,” She begged Selena.

“Ah, poor thing. I wonder what would happen if I did this.” Selena slid back from Katie’s lap and began to gently caress around her crotch.

Katie’s breath grew even heavier, her moans louder, and she tried to grind into Selena’s hand. Selena ran a finger between Katie’s folds. Katie’s back arched. She moaned louder. Selena kept running her finger back and forth, enjoying Katie’s reactions.

“My, my,” Selena said. “Someone is quite turned on right now. I barely touched you and you’re already soaked. I wonder what would happen if I just….” she trailed off as she took the finger she’d been running between Katie’s folders and inserted it into her pussy.

That simple motion set a small orgasm rippling through Katie’s body. Her pussy gripped Selena’s finger and tried to pull it deeper. Her body trembling, an exaggerated moan flowed from her lips. The few seconds of orgasm did nothing to relieve her growing arousal.

Before Katie could say anything, Selena’s rubbing finger found her G-spot. Squirming, lost in pleasure, Katie didn’t notice when Selena slid in a second finger, or began rubbing her clit with her thumb. Meanwhile, Zayd lay naked across from them, just enjoying the show.

“Katie, you now have an oral fixation and desperately want to suck me off.”  Zayd positioned his penis right in front of Katie’s face. Katie’s eyes glazed over for just a second as the new suggestion took hold. When her focus returned, Zayd’s cock looked like the most delicious thing she’s ever seen. She immediately began sucking it.

For Katie, it felt like an ecstatic eternity, Selena pleasuring her pussy, sucking Zayd’s cock. Through all the mini-orgasms Katie was having, her arousal just kept building. To the Smiths, it was just a few minutes. A deeply enjoyable few minutes, but soon the Smiths wanted to change things up.

Zayd pulled his penis out of Katie’s mouth, evoking a slight whimper, and began working his way to the end of the bed. Selena rolled off Katie in the other direction and shuffled herself up to where Katie’s head was. With Zayd’s penis out, Katie’s mouth felt empty, but she also desperately needed this moment to catch her breath.

“Katie, the oral fixation is still a thing for you. But now my pussy is the thing you crave the most,” Selena said. Katie’s eyes again glassed over at the new suggestion. When her focus returned, Selena’s pussy, hovering just above her face, looked like the best pussy ever. Katie tried tilting her head up to get a taste, but she was too tired to reach it. Next, she tried to grab Selena and pull her down onto her face, but again, she was too weak.

“Beg,” Selena ordered.

“Please…I…need…your…pussy…so…much.” Katie panted. “I need its sweet nectar to restore my energy. Please, just sit on my face. I’ll give you the best orgasm ever.”

“Yeah, you will. Selena, increase your sensitivity to ten.” Zayd said. This time it was Selena’s eyes that glassed over.

“MMMMMM,” Selena moaned. Everything felt amazing. “You beg so nicely, so I’ll reward you.” With that, Selena sat on Katie’s face. Katie’s tongue immediately went to work. Heightened sensitivity drove Selena to an orgasm, soaking Katie’s face. However, both women were still desperate for more.

Down at the feet of the bed, Zayd was aligning his penis with Katie’s vagina. A couple of probing pokes caused Katie to shudder in pleasure. Zayd thrust his cock fully into Katie, who arched up, pressing her face into Selena with a muffled moan.

Zayd thrust again, and again. Each thrust set off an avalanche of pleasure in Katie, causing her to bury her face, bringing Selena to yet another orgasm. Eventually, Selena collapsed to the bed, exhausted. Katie didn’t whimper, too lost in the pleasure of Zayd’s cock to notice. She’d lost count of the number of orgasms she’d had, and just accepted the pleasure filling her mind and body. With one last thrust, Zayd exploded a massive load of cum into Katie. He pulled out and flopped onto the bed beside her.

After a few minutes of heavy panting from all three, Zayd spoke. “Selena, return your sensitivity to normal.”

It took a few seconds for Selena to catch enough breath to exclaim, “Fuck! She was good. So good I don’t think you needed to do that. Fuck.”

“Just wanting to make sure you have fun as well, dear.”

“Fun very much had. Katie, you still alive down there?” Selena asked.

“Yeah, barely. But yeah.”

“Good! Sleep.” Selena said.

Katie’s eyes fluttered closed, and her body relaxed into the bed even more.

“She was a fun one. Can we keep her around?” Selena asked Zayd.

“We live several hours away. We wouldn’t be able to see her often, and would have to do a lot of things via zoom.”

“I’m ok with that, and I’m sure she would be ok with that, too.” Selena said.

Zayd smiled. “Katie, you really enjoyed this experience with us and hypnosis this weekend. So much so that you really want to experience this pleasure again. You’ll want to keep exploring this, and believe you’ve found the best people to do that within my wife and I.”

“Yes,” Selena whispered in Katie’s ear, cuddled up next to her, “such a wonderful time with us and the hypnosis that you find it becoming a new fetish for you, and your new favorite kink to play with. So desperate for us to train you and make you into the best hypnotic subject you can be. Always thinking about all the fun things you saw Zayd do to me at the demo, and unlocking more obsessions for triggers the longer you spend with us, seeing what is possible. You’ve been such a lovely toy this weekend and you want to experience this more.”

“Yes. Now, I believe that is enough for right now. Why don’t we all get comfortable and have a good night’s sleep.”

“Ok. Good night!” Selena barely got the words out before her own eyes fluttered shut and her breathing slowed.

“Figures,” Zayd muttered, rolling his eyes at how quickly Selena passed out. “Katie, wake up in five, four, three, two, one and fully awake.”

“Yeah, good idea.” Katie’s eyes fluttered open, then immediately closed again as sleep overtook her.

“Alright, good night you two,” Zayd said as he closed his eyes and passed out as well.

Several hours and three separate showers later, everyone was awake and fully refreshed. The three of them went down together for an enjoyable breakfast. Katie asked them for their contact information, and asked if they could keep playing, and if she could get the same triggers as Selena. The couple happily agreed. Zayd ordered Katie an Uber to take her back to her car at the auditorium. The three of them shared one last goodbye. On the way back to her car, all Katie could think about was how amazing yesterday was, and how she couldn’t wait to play with them again.


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