Life of a Magus

Time to make some magic

by Hopeschains

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Hello again!!! Hope you enjoy this chapter!!!  as always, the back and forth is deliberate since this was an RP between ourselves and the amazing @circleair.  We enjoyed the seeing the same scene from different viewpoints, and we preserved that.  



i blushed again, as Mistress spoke, sensing Her mirth.  Looking at the faun, who smiled again as she watched us, i smiled back, before turning back to Mistress.  I may have flexed my muscles a bit, but six arms like I have don't flex themselves.  "Yesss, Missstresss", I said, nodding.  Maybe some cookies, or some of that melon i saw....i heard Her voice in my head, and nodded.

I started moving, taking the long way around, and sure enough, she started following.  Playing a game, i soon brought her close, a coil of tail curled around her.  "Well....hello, pretty little faun.  My name isss Lara.  What'sss yoursss?"

"Drella", she said, her voice soft with a small bleat.  "You're new.  I'd remember seeing someone like you here."

"I am.  Losssst my duel yessssterday.  It'ssss been....a ride."

"I can bet.  I don't remember much, Master took my memories of Before, but I think someone told me the first month or two are kinda busy, then it settles down.  Maybe."

"I sssee.  Ssso, what do you sssuggessst for light and sssweet?", i asked, looking at the counter.

"The melon is good.  The chocolate cake is nice, but Master says there's too much cream.  Did your Mistress make you like this on purpose?"

"Jussst like yoursss did, I ethpect", i said as we began to move to the counter.

A portly young mage approached the snake girls Magus.  "Good morning!!!  Solona, right?  I think we shared a class back in First Year.  Zunima Sritu, at your service." 


I sipped my drink and watched Lara bait the faun. A few people looked amused at the display and fully turned their attention to it. 

Blinking, I spoke.  “ Zunima, the rock manipulator, no runes?  Sorry, I remember our class but not your specific magic.” I scooted the bag of fruit out of the way and motioned for him to take a seat.

Zunima gave the bag a quizzical look. “They told me we couldn’t bring food to our rooms. Least not until we exhibited enough control.”

Shrugging, we grinned. “That’s a residence rule, apparently not a dining one. Besides, it's just a bit of fruit.”

Nodding, Zunima joined me at the table. “I’m happy to see you here. I know spellsharks were after you.” Shaking his head.   “Honestly, I thought about challenging you, but got caught by Rayner’s Hall.”

I frowned, hearing that he’d been ready to hunt me down.  “The faun? She’s yours?” 

Zunima puffed up in pride, then almost immediately deflated and glanced around. “Yes, actually.” Lowering his voice, he kept speaking “You’re a healer and, well I’ve had her for a few days now and, um….”

Grinning, and in a low conspiratorial voice, I continued.  “You’re looking at redness, chafing, peeling skin, blood loss.”

“Blood loss!” Voice rising “What do you mean blood loss?”

Motioning for him to lower his voice, I leaned in. “Oh yes, some people keep going well past when they should have stopped. They go from too much.” Holding my hand up with two fingers and curling them, Zunima looks confused so I clarified. I changed, holding my hand in a loose cylinder and moving it up and down. 

“Ah.” Nodding in understanding, Zunima steepled his fingers.

“Anyway, they go beyond a nice healthy chafing, something that’ll be over in a few days if they’d just take a break, to having their privates look like they’d been dragging paving stones around with them.”

Zunima's eyes grew larger. “Paving stones?”

I nodded, and kept going.  “And that’s not the worst, some few keep going, that’s where the massive blood loss comes in. You know when you get, ‘um’, aroused, your heart pumps more blood to your privates. Now imagine if there were a few holes, ones not meant to be there mind ya. Now what do you supposed is gonna happen?”  I leaned back away from the table, lifting the front chair legs.  I slammed  forward, letting the legs hit the floor, making a loud  ‘boom!’.  “It explodes, blood spraying all about.” Waving my arms around, I spoke luridly.   “Gushing everything.” Back to a normal tone. “That’s the massive blood loss.”

The nearest tables burst into laughter. 

Zunima deflated and went to move his chair back.

I laid my hand on his shoulder. “That’s for being a spellshark, even if you didn’t get me.” Releasing a breath and giving Zunima a genuine smile, I continued.  “But that’s all in the past. And that was all for a bit of fun.”

I used my healers sight and gave him a cursory glance. “Here.” And I used a targeted <heal>. “The secret is lube. Whether it's from your faun or other sources.  Now, what was your magic? I still can’t think of it, I’m sorry to say.”

Zunima took a deep breath and calmed down, even chuckled at himself. “Golems, my magic is golems.” 


"Itsss adjussstment", i told Drella as we moved.  Between my slither and her hopping-clicking gait, we moved fast.  She nodded, smiling.

"Oh yes!  It really has, but Master has been amazing.  So strong, and he can keep going for hours", she said, and i coughed.  "What?  Oh.  Ohhhh.  Honey, you're a familiar now.  You can say whatever you want, as long as it doesn't upset your Magus.  Master likes it when I tell people how he is."  She looked at him with doe eyes, and i blinked, tongue slipping in and out.  She tasted...i could taste her arousal in the air.  Was i like that as well?

I look back at the portly mage who’s leaning towards Mistress, a scared look on his face.  "i'll take your word on that", and Drella bleated.  "Sssorry, men jusssst...not for me."

Drella blinked, and took a step forward, rubbing my scales as she cooed.  "Feels nice.  And...oooh.  What does that skirt cover?", and then there's a loud noise.  Hissing loudly, i reared up, all arms extended, even as a coil looped around Drella, protecting her.  But all i saw and heared was Mistress laughing with other mages.  <Mistress??  All is well??>, as i settled down.  Blinking, i took a breath, and then smiled at Drella.  "Brave little deer, teasssing the big ssssnake",  i said.

"Yes, golems.  Animating rocks, glass, things like that.  And I'm looking into creating golems that don't need to be constantly directed.  And...hmmm...I guess Drella could stand some changes.  More lube...hmmmm....", Zunima said, thoughtful. 


<Yes. He’s not so full of himself that he stormed off. He doesn’t seem a bad sort.> 

“The thing you have to remember about lube is you want it when you need it. Too much too early is just a mess, and all the time….” I gave a slight frown.  “That's more of a hindrance than anything else, and messy to boot.”

Straightening my seat up, I pulled over the melon plate and nibbled. Grinning at Lara, I commented.   “Looks like the melon wasn’t the only light and sweet thing you found.”

Turning back to Zunima, i continued. “What about golems that need limited direction? Make them look like a horse or mule and let people control them that way.  The people that already use them already know how and you get practice on making them.  Then when you’re ready, make a set of large horses to pull some Noble’s carriage.”


<yes, Mistress>  Slithering around, i brought Her the melon, Drella walking next to me, a hand in one of mine.  Bowing, i smiled as I felt her delight, a pleasant warmth all through me.  "Mmm, oh yessss.  Missstresss, if Drellasss Massster allowsss, may we go talk in the corner?"

"I was thinking of that.  Only making the enchantment short lasting, so they'd need to pay to keep them going.  Or farm workers that can reap from dusk to dawn nonstop."  Zunimas eyes shone as he began to talk about his ideas.


“Zunima, would you mind if Lara and Drella took a spot out of the way and talked?”  When he nodded and told her to go have fun, I waved Lara and Drela off and kept listening to Zunima.  Nodding as Zumina talked about his golem plans, I took another bite and chewed slowly. “I can see two.” Pausing, “maybe three issues with that.”

Raising a finger.  “What happens if you sell some to a large farm with the promise, and payment, to recharge them every year, but you get a better offer from a noble in another city? You’d have to travel all the way back to charge them, year after year. The more you sold and the more widespread the more you have to travel. And if you refused to charge them then they’d hate you and your reputation would take a bad hit.”

Raising a second finger.  “Two, you would have to travel. You’d only sell so many, even in a city as large as Chongula. You would have to go to another city to sell more, and then travel back to charge the first group. Pretty soon, all you’d be doing is making the same golem, recharging and traveling. And traveling can be dangerous.”

Raising a third finger.  “Three. Once you die, there'd be no one around to charge them. All your golems and all that work for statues. You’d be forgotten soon enough.”

I smiled, and took a bite.   “Now, do you have any ideas for me? I honestly hadn’t planned anything beyond third year, and well, I need to start.”


"Of course not.  I think..mmm...I think it's a great idea for them to get close.  Go on and talk with Lara as you wish, Drella.  I'll call when I need you”, Zunima said.

She smiled, and curtseyed.  "Yes, Master.  Nyyaaaaa", she said then bleated.  Taking my arm, we went to the corner after Mistress gave me permission.

Zunima nodded.  "I was thinking of that, Solona.  You bring up amazing points.  Which is why I was thinking of a central location, and my clients would have to come to me.  And as for being forgotten...well, there's time to develop a reputation.  Now is the time to make money.  And may I say, a very interesting design for your familiar.  Where did you get the idea?"


Shrugging, I spoke. “Why limit yourself to one type? Why not start off with, say three.  One type for wealthy merchants and nobles that doesn’t need to be recharged.  A second for long range travel and caravans that only needs to be charged every, say 3 years. And the last model that has to be charged annually that you sell just above cost, and you get the money out of the charging.  As for Lara…It was the first form that came to me in the circle. Those shoulders and muscles and those large breasts.” 

Smiling, I shared another detail that I included.  “Her nipples and quim change colors when she gets excited.”  Closing my eyes, I sent a wave of comfort to Lara.  “But I also wanted someone big and intimidating and that could act as a protector if needed. Like I said, travel is dangerous.”

I pushed the half-finished plate aside. “You’ve been a magus a bit longer than I.  Have you used your new magic, what used to be?” Looking over to where Lara and Drella are, I made a hand motion. 


"Hmmmm.  That's smart.  I like that idea.  Especially the charging part.  If I set up near a farming community...or maybe took an apprentice and we made a network of charging nodes...", Zunima excitedly began to scribble on a napkin, his finger writing in magical purple ink.

"Hmmm?  Oh yes.  Very singular and noticeable, oh yes.  Many go for the usual.  A catgirl, like Wynter did.  A mouse or bat.  Lina made Sarah, you remember One-spell Sarah?  Well, she's now a wolf-girl.  Your Lara is fairly unique.  And....well, that's interesting that she's not in estrus.  You let her NOT be in heat??  Interesting.  And color changing  genitals....VERY interesting, Solona.  I made it easier.  When she's aroused, she gets more clingy and far more deer like.  Very touchy, like she is right now on your Lara.  That sort of thing."  He almost seemed like he wasn’t listening, but he looked up, clearly paying attention.

He finished writing, and looked at the two familiars.  "And I agree, she IS fairly intimidating.  Is she poisonous?  Or have a hood, like a cobra?  That could make it more obvious.  Good work on the scales, though.  Very impressive."

Drella and i had talked about what it's like to be a non-person when a wave of comfort from Mistress washed over me.  Like a warm, strong, hug, making me relax.  i had  made a seat of coils for Drella and she was currently perched on them, absently caressing my scales and squirming.  "So do you still remember who you were?", she asked me.  "Master said rembering things was too upsetting for me, so He took it all away." 

 i nodded slowly.  "Missstresss hasss left them with me for now."

"Ooooh, that's...nyyaaaaa...nice of her. does it feel to have six arms and no legs?"

"Weird.  Like...i can feel everything through my tail, and i can ssssmell thingsss with my tongue."  The fact that a faun and a serpent girl were calmly sitting and discussing their magical transformations wasn’t lost on me. 

"Do", Drella asked, a bit nervously.

"Are you nervousss, little deer?  Worried the big bad sssnake will eat you?", i asked with a smile, watching her bleat and nuzzle me.  "But no, Missstresss hasssnt fed me or anything yet."

Zunima smiled in response to Solona.  "Ahhh.  Yes, I have.  Before she was Drella, my familiar was quite skilled at nature magic.  Making things grow, talking to animals, that sort of thing.  And now I can, because of her."  He frowns.  "Birds are quite annoying.  Those songs?  Just them yelling 'my tree!! My tree!!  Have my eggs!!  Me!!' .  Annoying.  Squirrels are even worse.  They talk faster than they run."

He smiled, and sat back.  "And your familiar?  If I remember correctly, you're a healer, and Lara’lia was some general combat mage, which a speciality in air magic.  Have you tried anything?"


“Estrus, I know I can, but.” Getting a thoughtful look, I expounded.   “Haven’t needed it so far. And it wouldn’t be good to have a familiar that’s supposed to be keeping watch in heat. Once I’m back in my room, it’ll probably time to test the effects.”

Slightly frowning at the idea of a hood, I shook my head.  “I don’t think a cobra hood would look good on her.  And no, she’s not poisonous. But she IS venomous. Venom is where the poison is injected like a bite and poisonous is dangerous to touch or eat.” Responding to Zumina's look. “I was always in the bottom classes. You know how some classes tend to teach like you’re going to win and others like, well, like everyone in there will end up a familiar. I think most apprentices get a mixture, but all the classes I had were focused on support.  And yes it was because of my healing.  They did at least try, but the only magic combat tactics for healers was to stay back, dodge, healing when necessary and try to run the opponent out of mana. But, that didn’t work for me.”  I shrugged.  “It’s all academic now.”

I stared at the table and shook my head.   “No, not yet. I’ve used the extra power. She had a huge amount of potential. I don’t think she even knew just how strong she really was, else I wouldn’t have been able to get close.” Looking back up, I thought.   “There is a range between Queen’s Way and the East Wall. I was going to practice there.”


"MMm", Drella says, her tone slightly...distracted?  i'm not sure why, but she seems to be a little distracted.  "Food tastes different, but in a better way.  You...everything feels better, you...mmm....know that."  Definitely distracted, and given the way she's moving, I'm sure why.  I can taste/smell her arousal, but again.... Why is she aroused?

"I'll assssk Missstresss if I'm allowed to eat anything", I said  and Drella opened her eyes, and gave a slow grin that might be slightly unfocused?  I can't tell.

"Oh!! has she pulled any magic through you yet?", and then pouted as I shook my head.  "Well, just wait.  THAT'S a whole new experience."

"Oh yes", Zunima said.  "That makes absolute sense.  Familiars exist for us, but they can't help if we get in our own way."  He looked over at his familiar talking to Lara, and smiled.  "But she seems to be having a good time, I can feel that.  That's another thing", he said, turning his attention back to Solona.  

"Once your bond gets deeper, you'll be able to feel what your familiar feels.  Emotions, even thoughts if you try.  Just be careful not to get caught in a feedback loop.  That's something that Willem", and he mentioned towards the dorms with a hand, "Learned the hard way.  Made the loop, which was fine.  Got caught in it after making his familiar cum nonstop, and then he got caught.  Poor chap needed to be broken out of it and spent the day in the infirmary."  He gives Solona a shrewd glance.  "I'd expect you might have taken care of him.  Tall chap, skinny, very overrated thought of himself.  If he was half the mage he thinks he is, he'd be five times the mage everyone else knows he is."

Zunima laughed, and then furrowed his brow.  "Have you given thought to Lara?  How much of her old life you're going to let her keep?", he asked quietly.  "A lot of magii, especially new ones, have trouble with that.  I'm here to talk to, if you need someone.  Sometimes the…some magii have guilt."  He nodded, almost as if to himself.  "And if she's going to be your protection, then she's going to need weapon training.  Especially with the physique you've given her.  I know a guy who knows someone who, for the right price, will be more than happy to ignore the fact that he's interacting with a familiar."

"As for poison versus're the healer, you know best.  But I understand.  I was expected to be mage-bait.  Nobody expected me to win my duel, least of all me.  But here we are.  So...practicing at the field would be a great idea.  Would you like some company?  Drella and I have done that before, we can give you some pointers, if you'd like.  Doing magic, real magic now with your familiar is a...a bit of a change.  And now that you have a familiar, your choice in classes will be far wider.  May I make a suggestion?"

I looked over at Mistress, feeling her get interested in something, but it's not...somehow I know that it's not something that requires me just yet.  "You're a little dissstracted, Drella.  You ok?"

"Hmm?", she said, whimpering and looking around for a moment as she kept squirming on my tail.  "Oh!! Ummm...I'm good...I'm ok", she said, blushing.  "Can someone ride you?  I mean, since you're so broad", and I shrugged.  "Missstresss hasssn't tried to."

"That's a shame.  You'd look good in a harness and saddle, I think.  Jen gets that", and she pointed to the deer/centaur.  "Her Master rides her around, literally and figuratively.  Oh!! Did you get your stuff back from your rooms?"  She smiled seeing me nod.  "Good."


“Willem, that name is familiar, basically a blond stick.” I nodded. “ Yes, I remember working on him. When he was brought in he was yelling, screaming and thrashing about. I put him to sleep then used a neuro-block on his lower back and let the feedback loop die.” 

Snorting, “Then he got upset again because a mere apprentice had healed him. Acted like it was the first time it had ever happened.”

“I’ve let her keep most of her memories, she seems to appreciate it. She doesn’t know my name, but she knows she challenged me and lost. Not the how of it, exactly.  I was rather brutal with her during our Duel and I’d rather that she didn’t remember. What about Drella’s family? Did you break the news to them that Drella is now yours?”

“What classes would you recommend? I was planning on seeing about the ones Lara was planning on taking. But standing on a battle field and flinging energy seems rather inefficient. Efficient use of mana is one of the first things taught to a healer.”

I blinked as Zunima mentioned that he knew someone who could teach Lara to use weapons.  “A few guards here owe me some favors. I was going to see if I could get her lessons from them, like I’ve been taking. But if they won’t or she outpaces them I’d definitely be interested in getting her some weapons training.”

Standing and motioning to Lara, I made ready to leave.  “We were up, um, till sometime this morning.” Smirking,  “And had just made it here for a bite.”  I stretched, yawning.  “Lets head to the practice field before. . .” Noticing it’s dark. “Well, it’ll be light; and with the duels still going on probably deserted.”

<Guard, and don’t forget the fruit. I’ve a feeling I’m going to need it tonight. Zunima reminded me I haven’t put you in estrus yet.>


"Yup.  That's the fellow.  Idiot didn't learn, kept insisting it was his familiars fault", Zunima snorted.  "As if our familiars could do anything to harm us.  It literally would be easier to resurrect The Poet-King than for a familiar to harm their Magus.  But facts don't really apply to Willem, never did.  He bought his familiar, you know.  Paid off his family, and claimed him all in one night."  Zunima narrowed his eyes.  "Regardless of what I think about other practices, I personally hate that one.  With a passion."

He looked a bit surprised at the revelation that Solona had let her familiar keep her memories, and then shrugged.  What a Magus did with their familiar was no business of his.  "Well, of course.  Think of it like this.  Would you want to lose everything that made you you?  Memories, sometimes, are all that they have left, the only thing that reminds them that they were once people.  I've found that many need that, it helps deepen the Bond for some reason.  And fights ARE brutal.  That's kind of how it is, and that's how mages become mages.  By proving that they will do whatever it takes to win."

He looked over at Drella and smiled.  "Drella has no family.  The moment that they found out he was a mage, they disowned him and shipped him here.  There was nobody to tell, and even if there was, I wouldn't.  But that's me.  I've seen it go both ways, where the Magus makes a clean break, and other times where the family at least gets to see the familiar one last time.  But that's up to you, obviously.  The school would send a magical letter for you if you choose, so that they will never know who you are."  Then he chuckled.  "Your Lara is truly making Drella squirm.  Look, I can feel her distraction, and I'm pretty sure she's about to....yup.  She's humping on your familiars tail."

"Classes....well, I'm not sure what Lara'lia had in mind.  You should probably ask Master Grendadr, who was her advisor.  She would know best.  But perhaps try to find a way for Laras Talent to merge with yours?  You know, giving yourself more protection with a shield of air, or using water in some way.  Or even using the air to move faster?", he said, shrugging.  "Like I said, my talents  lie elsewhere.  Battle Magii are taught to hit hard and hit fast, because you can always rest after your opponent is dead.  So the opposite of what you learned", he said with a chuckle.

"Talk to the guards”, he said with a nod.  “Now that you're a Magus, they might actually have some respect.  And...", he chuckled again.  "I'd love to accompany you to the practice fields."  He turned and clicked his tongue.

Drella and i had been talking, until i started smelling something spicy/sweet and Drella began to squirm, whining and bleating.  Usure what was happening, my tail rippled, which made it worse.  Before i could ask, there was a clicking noise and Drella immediately jumped off and ran to her Master.  A warmth came over me as i heard Mistress's voice in my head, and i immediately slithered over, taking a defensive position around her after taking the bag in one hand.  "Yesss, Missstresss.  Ummm...Esstrusss?", i asked.

"Pet, we're going to go with Magus Solona and her familiar to the dueling field.  And I'll put you through your paces again."

"Yes, Master!!!  Nyyaaaaa!!", Drella bleated, and got up.

<ready, Mistress> 

I went with Mistress and Drella and her Master to the practice field.  It was still a warm night, the field deserted.  The targets on one side had all been repaired, the block of stone to the corner was freshly renewed.  Even the pool of water smelled/tasted new.  "Misstresss?  What issss your will?" 


On the walk over:  “A magical letter? I need to talk to the administrators tomorrow anyway. Someone else found another way to cheat. Dewal and his group were trying to poison someone before a duel.” 

“Estrus.” Slightly laughing, I looked over.   “Zunima, could Drella explain estrus to Lara?”

<Don’t worry as soon as we’re back in the rooms, you’ll get to experience it first hand.>

Once at the range I chose one of the far targets. “I’m going to try out some of what I saw earlier.” Accessing Lara’lia’s memories I bring my hand up and channel the mana through my crystal pendant then stop. “That feels odd. It feels like I want to shoot from the center of my chest.” 

Looking at Lara and remembering her chained bracelet and ring focus. That’s it, you were channeling and using your arm to direct.   I understood now her actions, what the hand movements were for.

“Lets try that again.” This time I channeled  the mana and used my arm to direct a flaming bolt at the target. I shoot a few more, using one arm then the other to aim and direct the bolt. Then I decided to cast like Lara’lia remembered, using the focus itself to partially direct the bolt. It worked, but now I’ve got a hole in my blouse.  I went through the other spells, explosive wind ball, fire wall, air shield. Casting them is more akin to remembering how instead of learning.   Having access to not just Lara’lia’s power, but her Talent is a game-changer.

Taking a break I watched Zunima put Drella through her paces.


"Oh yes.  Something on school stationery, that basically says that Lara'lia lost her duel, all her effects belong to her owner, make no attempt to contact, etc...", Zunima said, waving his hand around.  "As for Dewl, I already told the Prefects.  Prefect Willow was... incensed, as you could expect.  I'm sure she'll find you.  She's....intense", he said with a shudder.  "Hmmm...Drella might...not know the word.  Hold on."

He blinked, obviously some sort of mental communication between him and Drella took place because she giggled.  Nodding, she put her arm on mine and leaned in.  "Estrus is when all-you wanna do is fuck and get fucked.   And your Owners pleasure is like yours and its amazing.  And", she said, squirming, "it's...ummm...really good."

Reaching the range, Zunima smiled as he looked around.  Holding forth an orb, he chanted, and a mass of roots and dirt rose up, and began to walk around.  He gestured, Drella bleated, and suddenly roots shot up from the ground, entwined and coiling.  Then the golem attacked a stone pillar, punching and swiping.  A small tree suddenly sprouted, branches grasping and I watched as Mistress began  to throw balls of fire.  <Mistress..  aim with your hand.  Channel through the focus, and...oh.  your focus is a necklace.>

<Mistress?  What can I do?>, I asked, and then begin to coil and uncoil, like a spring.  Feeling very useless without being directed. 


After the flame, I turned my attention to air.  She’d used a number of air spells, from a shield to the exploding wind ball. I tried the wind ball out and directed one to a near target.  Once it stuck I walk down to assess what happened. The outer layer of the target was sliced up covered by dozens of small gashes. No wonder my back had felt scraped raw.  Although, the explosion wouldn’t do much against an armored target.

<Keep watch and let us know if anyone approaches.> 

Walking back to the firing station, I remember the earth tremor spell. Lets see if I can get the wave to travel from the target back to the firing station and maybe ride it.  Taking a deep breath, I cast. My idea works, for about 3 feet. “EeeEE!”, I squealed when I faceplanted in the dirt. 

Sitting up I waved off Zunima and shook my head. And after a quick scan, I saw that nothing was wrong.  At least it wasn’t mud. 

Letting Lara help me up, I shrugged. “Well, one more to try.” And I headed to the small clear pond. Extending my hand I could feel the water, and with some effort, could cause a ripple and even caused a fist size volume to rise up, like a reverse drop. But I’m missing something.

Looking around. “Hmm, Lara, can you?” I pointed a finger down and made a spinning motion. 

<Coil up and face the water so I can sit on your coils and lean back against your abdomen.>


I could feel Mistress casting, it's almost like a little tickle.  Like something in the back of my mind.  I watched, and nodded.  <yes, Mistress.>  Hearing Her fall, I rushed over and helped Her up.  "Missstresss...what were you trying to do?  Perhapsss i can help."

Immediately hearing Her command I dropped, coiling up and made a platform for her.  Reaching out, <hold on, Mistress>, and four arms lifted Her up, and deposited her on my coils.  Two hands hold Her against me, and suddenly I could feel.  <Mistress!!  Its like...the sum is greater than the parts> 


<My idea was to create an earth wave and ride it, but it's too unstable. Maybe if I had a small platform. Hmmm, I can practice that when we’re not at the range.>

I settled back against Lara, my head resting between her breasts. 

I felt that I could freeze and shape a small volume.  Water magic was Lara’lia weakest area and she didn’t spend much time practicing.  As I’m manipulating the water, I idly brough my right hand up and began playing with Lara’s nipple. “You’re right, I can feel you, and more of your magic.”

I pull up a fist sized volume of water. Holding Lara’s nipple firmly, I stop feeding the spell my ownmana and pull from Lara. The water bobbled and dropped but I managed to stabilize it before it hit the pool. I switched power sources a couple of times, then it hit me. I’m treating the water like blood the first time I used blood magic. 


I reached up with my left hand and ran my thumb along Lara’s fang, just enough to draw a few drops of blood out. Using blood control, I sent it into the hovering water. 

Keeping my left hand raised for Lara to attend. I let the blood diffuse into the water. My control instantly improved as I form the tainted water into various geometrical shapes, then step to more complex ones, a horse, a bush, a rapier, a flower, a daggers, and a shield.

No longer hearing the golem tromping around, I leaned around Lara and looked back to the range.  Zunima and Drella were absorbed in each other and seemed to have given up on practice for the night.  I pat Lara’s scales and indicated the ground. 

I walked over and coughed loudly to get their attention. Not hiding my smile, I said, “Thanks for the practice. We’re headed back to my rooms now.” 


"I've done that, Missstresss.  You need to create just sssome rock under your feet.  Drawing together thebblessss", I say, the feeling of Mistress on me just perfect.  Like everything is as it should be.  I watched as Mistress started practicing with water, one of my weakest things, if I remembered correctly.  Which was why I’d enver used it much.   Mistress just casually reached up and began to play with me, drawing a moan as my eyes fluttered.  I blinked as Mistress held me tightly, and I looked down, my chest changing colors as my cunt started getting wet again.

Mistress started pulling through me, the sensation like nothing I'd ever felt before.  It was like an electrical shock, but a nice one.  I could feel the spell being cast, a sensation I never thought I'd feel again.  I nearly wept, remembering the sensation, and then it wass gone.  Then back, and then gone again.  The command to open my mouth had me dropping my lower jaw, only to feel a slight bit of pain through our Bond.  <Mistress!?!?!  What...what happened???>  

Sudden pain wracked me as I realized that I had somehow caused Mistress harm.  <Mistress!!  I' sorry, i'm sorry, i'm so sorry!!!  Please forgive me, I didn't mean to!!>, I cry out, pain in my heart and voice.   And it hurts, a physical pain that runs from my head to the tip of my tail.

Drella was completely having fun, touching Him, bleating and rubbing up against Master.  Conjuring a dildo of smooth stone, he handed it to her.  "Go ahead, darling.  Let me see you, but no cumming until I allow it."

"Yes, nyaaaaaa, Master!!!', she bleated and eagerly grabbed it.  Seating it on the ground, she quickly slid down onto it, and began to bounce.

Zunima looked over.  "Of course, of course.  Don't be a stranger.  Maybe our pets can play together."  He smiled back, and then clicked his tongue and pointed to the ground, Drella kneeling before him.  "You might want to train Lara to use hand signals.  In a fight, you might not be able to think commands to her."  He considered, and then grinned again.

"And it's fun." 


<Shhh. I needed a bit of blood and so I used your little fangs.>

To Zunima, “Yes. I think it’d be fun to let them play together and see what they get up to.” Shaking my head, “Hand signals, I’m just getting used to talking to her in my head. Oh well, always more to learn.”

Once we’re away from the range. I can still feel the unease from Lara. Turning to face her, I spoke firmly, letting her know that what happened was my will. “Lara, you didn’t hurt me. I needed a bit of blood and used your fang to draw some. I’m not worried about you accidentally injecting your venom either, especially with your little fangs.” 

Raising my hand fan and feeling across her upper lip then along her jaw to the back. “Feel those tendons. See when you extend your fangs, it also loosens your jaw so you have a much larger bite. And your fangs have to be extended in order for you to inject you venom.”

Caressing the side of her mouth, “Here try extending them now.” I keep my hand in place as Lara does so and then retracts them and closes her jaw. 

I leaned in for a kiss. 

“See. Not worried about getting bit. As for your venom, healers, the good ones at least, we’re our first experiments. We get to know ourselves better than most. So if I were injected or poisoned, I’d know it and could deal with the situation. Do it enough and we even begin building an immunity. Grimacing, “I’ve even read of some healers infecting themselves with disease and poison again and again in order to do so. Even I’ve built up quite a resistance and that’s just from normal exposure on my trips with Woltman.” 

Back at the rooms, “Store the fruit.”  In a teasing voice, I said “Tonight I’d like to try out the bed. I’m going to wash real quick so get it ready.  Oh, take off the wrap.” 

I activated a low level of estrus for Lara and step into the washroom. Taking my time I emerged  a half hour later, refreshed and ready to see how it’s affecting her.

hope you liked a bit of magical training!!!  Don't worry, there's going to be quite a bit more of that, even Magical combat.  Drop us a comment and let us know what you think!!!


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