In the Vines of Magic

If you can't feed yourself....

by Hopeschains

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Hello there!!!! i hope that you're doing well, faithful reader, and that this chapter finds you well.  It is my fondest hope that you enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it down.

Adora slept a dreamless sleep, and woke up from one of the best naps that she’d ever had.  Resting there, she looked over and saw that the wall was now showing some underwater scene.  Rays of sunlight sliced through the water, showing schools of brightly colored fish that flitted about.  The view was also moving slightly, something she noticed when suddenly a huge reef appeared in the distance.  It was teeming with fish and this large thing that was suddenly swimming over, long feelers reaching out ahead of it.  It looked like a lobster, but crossed with a manta ray.  Overlapping plates of what looked like armor colored purple covered it as it flapped, passing slowly out of view.  “Glad I don’t like seafood.  It looks like it bites back”, she grumbled to herself, and then looked around for a clock.  ‘And of course there’s no clock.  Why would there be?’, she thought to herself.  Getting up reminded her that she was naked, and she thought for a moment, before wrapping a blanket around her shoulders.  Sniffing, she smelled something cooking, and she followed the smell, walking into the kitchen, holding the blanket close around herself.  Where she got her next surprise.

There was a demon in the kitchen.

An honest to god, crimson-skinned, horned and tailed denizen of the Hells standing there next to the stove.  ‘A demon!!!!!!!’ was her first thought.  ‘Fuck, she’s pretty’, was her second thought.  And her third thought was ‘ouch!!’ as she fell onto her ass, looking up at the demon.  The demon looked at her, grinning, with fangs and eyes that were pools of gold.

“Oh dear!! Little mageling, did you hurt yourself?  Are you ok?”, it said, turning from the stove.  “I didn’t know that Ivy had brought home such a cute mageling.  Forgive me, I didn't mean to startle you.”  Her voice was husky, and it went straight from Adoras ears to her groin and right back up. 

She stammered as it grinned at her.  “  Cute?  Umm…is…umm…who are you?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten all about me already”, the demon said with a playful smile.  “And after everything I did for you.”  It grinned at her, and suddenly its eyes sparkled, colors swirling just like Ivy’s.  

“I..IVY!?!?!”, Adora asked in disbelief.  Squeaking in shock as the tail came around and booped her nose.  The demon laughed and nodded.

It bent down and effortlessly lifted Adora up, settling her on her feet while taking the blanket away.  “You know the rules, little one.  NO clothing until you’ve earned it.  Now this technically isn’t clothing, but it’s clearly skirting the rules.  So while I applaud your inventiveness, I will not be allowing you to have it like this.  BUT I won’t punish you for breaking the rules, because it technically isn’t clothing.  Well done”, it said with a smile.  “Inventiveness is the hallmark of a good mageling, after all.  Good girl”, she purred, and watched as Adora blushed.

Adora blushed and squealed as the blanket was stripped from her, and she covered herself again, looking up at the demon.  At Ivy.  At her, because now that she was facing front Adora could see that she was….wow.  ‘Gorgeous tits and a pussy that…oh…they’re pierced…’, she thought, blushing, and didn’t realize that she’d said “I’m gay” out loud until the demon tittered and held a hand up to her face.  

“I’m flattered, my little mageling.  I thought you might like this form.  It IS rather nice, isn’t it?  And this whole tail thing is rather interesting, to be honest.  It’s like having another hand”, she said, the tail curling around her and lifting up what looked like a shaker of some powder.

“But…umm…how…ummm”, Adora stammered as she stood there.

“I told you, my little mageling.  Gender and form are nothing to beings such as us.  I wanted this, and so I have it.  As simple as that.  I wanted you, and here you are.  Mine.  Now… go sit down, this will be ready in a moment.”  Ivy turned her attention back to the pan, and stirred a bit more.  “Well?”, she said, not hearing Adora move.  “What are you waiting for, little mageling?”  Her tail rose, and pointed at Adora, and then the table.  “Go sit down…unless you want me to hold you and feed you myself.  I’d probably like that more, to be honest”, she said with a smile.

Adora blushed and walked over to the table, taking a seat and looking around.  The kitchen looked cozy, almost like something out of a farmhouse-style catalog.  The table was set with place settings for two, a vase with pretty flowers in the center.  Adora sniffed at them, and realized that they were Ivy’s flowers.  “Did…umm…did you pull these off yourself?”, she asked, enjoying the scent and feeling a bit calmer.

“What?  Oh, darling no.  I grow those here, and I liked them so much that I made sure that my other body can grow them.  I just find them to be so relaxing, you know?”, Ivy said as she slid a plate in front of Adora.  “Just smelling them can just help me relax, you know”, she said, her voice that soothing tone that Adora responded to before.  “I find that it really helps me relax sometimes.  Just sitting here, letting the scent just fill my mind, helping clear as I inhale, and then holding it, and then exhaling”, she said, smiling as she watched Adora mimic her rhythm without realizing it.  Good, good.  “Pay attention and eat your food nicely, little one.  We’ve a big day ahead of us, and breakfast is the most important meal of the morning.”

Adora blinked, her daydream disrupted, and she blushed as she refused to look at Ivy.  More like, she blushed as she closed her eyes and realized that she was getting turned on by Ivy.  Of course, with her luck, it just so  happened that as she put a piece of food, a deliciously cooked omelet with cheese, into her mouth she  turned her head to find that Ivy was standing next to her.  So close, in fact, that her tits were practically in her face.  Choking, she started coughing, and then grabbed for the cup in front of her, which was thankfully an iced coffee, exactly as she liked it.  Later, she’d wonder how Ivy knew how she liked it, but now the only thing that she was concentrating on was not choking.  Taking a sip helped, but not enough.  Ivy began patting her on the back, helping her. 

“What did I say, my little mageling?  I told you that feeding yourself is a privilege, yes?  And here you are, not even able to take a single bite without nearly choking.  Darling…what am I to do?”, she said, and then decided.  She bent over, easily lifting the nude girl in her arms and then sat down, depositing Adora on her lap.  A squealing, squirming Adora who needed to be held tightly until she tired herself out.  Thankfully, she was here and was happy to do just that.

Adora fussed and squealed, trying to get away.  But Ivy's hold was just as strong now as it was before, and she got nowhere.  “I..VY!!”, she huffed, throwing herself against the arms holding her, and then squealed as the tail wrapped around her tummy.  Eventually she tired herself out, and she relaxed, chest heaving.  Held firmly, she squealed as Ivy turned her so she was held up against her chest, the metal of her nipple piercings and the hard nipples themselves pressing into her back.  The tail wrapped around her arms, pulling them against her body, even as the tip of it tickled her neck, making her squirm.  That didn’t help matters, since that ground a very delicate and sensitive part of her into Ivys thigh.  Squeaking, she stopped moving, and felt one of Ivy's arms pull her head back against her.  

Ivy grinned as Adora began struggling again, and she whispered in her ear.  “You’re not going to win, my little mageling.  But by all means, keep going.  Some magepets need to learn that lesson for themselves, and you strike me as the type.”  Adora squealed, and fussed even harder, which only made Ivy chuckle again.  She was loving this.  The harder the fight, the more obedient the mageling.  She’d learned that over the years.  Morgana had taught her that.  And while it remained to be seen if Adora might be one of the strongest, one of the most obedient, Ivy had her hopes.  Eventually her little magepet stopped struggling, and sat there, panting.  Ivy nodded, and reached out, taking a small bit of egg on the fork.  “Since you’re not capable of feeding yourself without nearly dying, I’ll be helping you”, she said kindly to Adora.

“Ivy!!  I don’t need help!!  I’m not an infant, i can feed myself just fine, damnit!!  Lemme go!!!”, Adora yelled, struggling again to get out of Ivy’s grip.  But not a single thing she did was effective, and the only thing she did was rub her nethers all over Ivy’s thigh, which she only realized after Ivy chuckled and bounced her leg.  “HEY!!! Stop that!!!  That’s…that’s not funny!!”, she yelled, a blush spreading down her chest..

“Well, then behave yourself and we can eat”, Ivy said, and watched as Adora nodded.  Her tail came up and tapped Adoras cheek.  “Open up”, she said, and giggled as Adora tried to yank her head away.

“What are you doing?  Stop that!!”, she yelled, getting frustrated.  The only response she got was another tap on her cheek, and the same command.  Growling, she opened her mouth and waited.  After a moment, the fork came with the egg on it.  She tried moving her head, but the fork moved away.

“No.  You don’t do anything other than what I tell you to, my little mageling.  Now, let's try that again.”  Then she thought of something, and smiled.  “You know…I think you’d do well with a method you humans call ‘the carrot’ method.  So…every time you behave and follow the rules, in this instance, I’ll reward you.  If you don’t, I’ll give a reminder of why you’re supposed to behave.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

“What?  Ivy…just…just wait a–”

“Oh, splendid either way.  Now…it’s easy.  When I say open and tap, you open.  When I say close and tap, you close.  And you don’t swallow until I rub your throat, ok?”  Adora started sputtering again, but Ivy didn’t pay attention to her.  Poor thing would learn.  She tapped her on the cheek.  “Open.”

“Excuse me, I can eat on my OOWWWWW!!!!”  What felt like a snapping rubber band on her mons had Adora yelling as she tried to fight.  AND just as quickly learned that she’d get nowhere.  “Little mageling, I know you’re smarter than this”, Adora heard as Ivy repeated the instructions.  The tap came again at her cheek with the command, and she shut her mouth tight.  And again, that same Zapping feeling, but this time just under her left nipple.  “YEEEEOOOWWWWWW!!!!”, she yelled.  “Why…why are you doing this?”, she asked, squirming and trying to get away.  “I can eat by myself!! I keep telling you!!!”

“And I keep telling YOU how this is going to work until you prove that you CAN eat by yourself”, Ivy retorted.  Oh, Adora was so spirited.  This would be fun.    “My little mageling, you know the rules.  I’ve explained them to you, and I know just how smart you are.  You’ve had the stick now.  Don’t you want to see what the carrot feels like?  I think that you’ll enjoy it, my darling.  And all you need to do is open your mouth when I tell you to, and close your mouth when I tell you to..  Let’s try it”, she said, her voice falling into that same rhythm.  Soft, gently rising and falling as a leaf in the wind.  “Be my good girl”, she crooned and tapped Adoras cheek for the third time.  This time, Adoras mouth opened and Ivy rewarded her.  Not just with a bite of egg, but with a burst of pleasure.  Her fingers, lubricated with the same elixir that she’d used on Adora back on Earth, gently circled the girls clit.  Rubbing it gently for a moment, letting its other properties activate before giving another slow rub.  She could see that Adora felt this one, her eyes opened wider and she tensed up.  Clearly trying not to moan.  But then she closed her mouth and started chewing before she was given permission.  So again, Ivy delivered that snapping sensation, but this time to the underside of her other nipple.

“MMMOOOWWWWWWWWW”, Adora yelled, the pleasure suddenly gone in favor of a sharp pain in her tit.  “What…why did you do that?”, she cried out, her mouth still full of egg and her eyes watering.  “I held my mouth open, damnit!!”

  “Yes, you did, and I was proud of you.  But you didn’t wait to close your mouth, little one.  Remember, you have to wait for my instructions.  Now…finish what's in your mouth, and swallow.  And then we can try again.  I know you’ll be good at this, you’re a smart girl.  It’s just that this is new to you.”  She waited and then took another bit onto the fork as soon as Adora was ready.  Tapping her cheek, she said “open”, and again circled Adoras clit firmly when Adora opened her mouth.  This time, Adora kept her mouth open until Ivy tapped her chin and said “close”.  The moan that Adora made as her clit was rubbed was positively sinful, somehow louder as her mouth closed.  “Good girl”, she crooned in that special voice, and then let the tip of her tail rub Adoras throat.  Adora waited a second since she was chewing, but swallowed, and Ivy beamed and rubbed her clit a little harder, a little faster.  “There you are, see? You can do it, and enjoy mealtime even more now.  Now, lets try that again, yes?”

Adora moaned, her clit more sensitive than before.  "F..fuck!!", she moaned, then felt the tap on her cheek and heard Ivy's voice.  Knowing she couldn't win, and wanting more of what she just got, she opened her mouth.  She knew that her moan was due to what Ivy was serving her, but wasn't sure if it was the food in her mouth or the finger rubbing her pearl.  Either way, it was good.  She kept her mouth open until she felt the tap on her chin, and heard Ivy's voice.  Mouth closed, she forgot to chew as Ivy's fingers began to milk her clit.  A slow, steady squeezing, stripping motion.  Twice was enough to make her mewl, and then Ivy's chuckle broke through the pleasure. 

 "Don't forget to chew, little one.  I don't think you want me to take that over as well.  But I will if I need to.  So show me you can chew your food, my little mageling", Ivy said to Adora.  Adora started chewing, and after a few moments, Ivy rubbed her throat with the tip of her tail.  "Swallow."  When Adora obeyed, Ivy let her have some more pleasure.  "Doesn't that feel nice?  Good girls get rewarded, Adora.  Remember that." 

Adora whined as Ivy let go, refusing to beg for more, but needing it.  As she got tapped on the cheek again, she wriggled.  "Ivy!! Ivy…wait a minute!!"

"Why, little one?  What is it?"

"I…I need something to drink", Adora said.

"And how do we ask nicely, little one?", Ivy said as the cup of iced coffee floated up and over, hovering in mid-air.  

"Ivy…can I puh-lease have some coffee?", Adora said in a sharp tone.

"You know", Ivy said in a conversational tone, leaving no hint of what she was preparing to do, "I'm not a fan of your tone, darling.  So perhaps you should back that sass up and rethink how you ask for something you want."

Adora sighed, but asked again, but nicer.  "Ivy, may I please slake my thirst on some coffee?"

"Much better, my little mageling.  And of course you can."  A curly straw, whimsical and the kind most adults wouldn't be caught dead using, suddenly appeared in the cup.  The cup floated lower, the straw in front of her lips.  Ivy smiled as Adora waited.  "Well, aren't you a fast learner?  Go ahead", she said with a smile.

Adora huffed.  She hadn’t been waiting for permission, she just didn't want the cup to move while she was trying to drink.  She started sucking on the straw, watching as the coffee swirled around the loops and whorls.  It was soothing in its own way, and it helped calm her.  

"Ok, little one.  Don't fill up on coffee now, we still have a long day ahead of us", Ivy said as she gently tapped Adora on the top of her head.  Not wanting to mix up Adoras signals.  But Adora gave a single BIG suck more, and then let go, which Ivy was willing to forgive.  She tapped Adoras cheek, said "open" and Adora opened her mouth.  "Good girl", Ivy said as she rubbed Adoras clit again.  Adora kept her mouth open, even as she inhaled sharply through her nose.  A tap on the chin with the phrase, "Close", and Adora moaned as she was rewarded.  "Good girl", Ivy whispered, and after Adora chewed, rubbed her throat.  Adora swallowed, and Ivy gave her clit another two circles, firm and slow, and enjoyed her moans.  "See?  Isn't this so much nicer?"  Ivy repeated the sequence a few times, then paused with perhaps three bites left.  "Adora?"

"Hmmm?  Yea…umm.. Ivy?", Adora asked, panting.  She wasn't close, but she'd get there if Ivy just moved faster.  "What…umm…what is it?"

"You're doing so well, my little mageling.  I'm so very proud of you, so we're going to change things.  I'm not going to tell you what to do.  I'm just going to tap you, and you're going to open, close, and swallow for me.  And since I know you can do it, I'll reward you a little more.  Can you do that, little one?  Up for the challenge?"

Adora bristled at the thought that she'd fail at ANYTHING, her natural competitiveness reappearing.  She knew what Ivy was doing, challenging her like that.  But she also needed to cum and she figured she might as well get everything that she could.  She nodded, then felt something wrap around her tits, laying over her nipples.  There wasn't a lot of egg left, she could do this.  A tap on her cheek had her opening her mouth.  "Good Girl", she heard as the egg was placed into her mouth.  Ivy began to rub her clit again, slowly but firmly.  And whatever was on her nipples suddenly began sucking and licking.  Adora writhed, and almost missed the tap to her chin.

Ivy watched curiously, wondering if Adora was so caught up in sensation that she'd forget what to do.  But she was proven wrong as Adora closed her mouth.  "Such a wonderful, smart, little mageling you are", she whispered.  Don’t forget to chew”, she said, and relaxed, letting Adora focus on what was in her mouth.  After she chewed for a bit, Ivy rubbed her throat, and watched as Adora swallowed.  Letting her feel the pleasure again, Ivy worked up a rhythm with the last few bites.  Tap, pleasure, insert, tap, pleasure, chew, rub, swallow, pleasure.  Soon the food was gone, and Adora was panting, mewling, and the room smelled of aroused magepet.  

"Well!!", Ivy said with a smile.  "Our first meal together.  That felt special, my little mageling.  Did you enjoy it?"  She turned Adora around to face her, chest to chest.  Coincidentally, she maintained her in such a way that she couldn't move or rock on her, something Ivy could see her wanting to do.  "Because I know that I enjoyed that very much.  And…oh dear.  Adora, darling, why are you all red?  Is there something bothering you?"

Adora blushed, unable to look Ivy in the eye.  But when she looked down, that put her line of sight directly onto Ivys boobs.  Her gorgeous boobs with nipples pierced with emerald capped gold bars.  She squeaked, blushed, and looked back up at Ivy.  Her eyes sparkled, colors shifting again, almost like there was something underneath.  Adora peered at them, trying to see, trying to anticipate the colors.

Ivy cooed, watching Adoras gaze soften, her pupils widening.  "My good girl.  Yes, you, Adora.  You are my good girl.  Say it."

"Your good girl", she whispered, lost in the colors.

"You know that you can tell me anything.  Even if it's embarrassing", Ivy said, letting her tail gently play with Adoras clit.  Letting her associate Ivy's voice with pleasure.  "You know this to be true."  She watched Adora nod slowly, and then blinked, turning her head to the side.  Breaking the connection.

Adora blinked, wondering what it had been she was looking at…so colorful.  Blushing, she whimpered, trying to grind down onto Ivy, but she couldn't.  "Ivy…", she whimpered.

"Yes, my little mageling?  Is there something you need?"

Adora blushed, feeling an odd deja vu.  "I…I", she said, blushing.  But couldn't she tell Ivy anything?  Even the embarrassing things?  "I need…I need to cum."


I hope that you all enjoyed that!!! remember, please.  You have the light of the stars inside you, and skyfire in your veins.  And that means that you are special and wonderful af.

Don't forget to take your meds, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep.  But also, make sure you have a nutritious meal today.  I care about you all, and i'll see you next time!!!!!

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