In the Vines of Magic


by Hopeschains

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #sub:female #bondage #clothing #exhibitionism #fantasy #flogging #Human_Domestication_Guide #magic #orisit #petplay #sadomasochism #spanking

Hello, all you wonderful sophonts!!!!!  You can thank Skadia for the early release of this chapter!! i hope that you like it as much as i enjoyed writing it.  and i know I say that after every chapter, but it really is true.  And please leave a comment, they give me life.

“Ummm…I’d like to play in the water, please”, Adora said, and blushed then moaned as Ivy gave a sound of approval and rewarded her with a gentle roll of her palm over her nipples.

“Good choice, little one.  Now, it’s not that I don’t trust you, but I know that your kind likes to have some visual reminders of the things they’re not allowed to do, and who’s in charge.”

“Wait…My kind?”, Adora asked in aggrieved tones, and Ivy grinned at her.

  “Brats, Adora.  You’re a brat.  And brats need a visual reminder sometimes.  So…”, as she gently took one of Adoras hands out of her vines.  Circling it with her own, she concentrated, and when she took her hand away, a tattoo rested there around Adora’s wrist.  Vines and small flowers entwined, and gems hung from it, extending down onto the top of Adoras hand.  It was so detailed that the gems had a sparkle to them, and it looked real enough that Adora gasped and shook her hand, expecting it to move.  “You like it?”, Ivy asked.

“Ivy”, Adora whispered, eyes wide as she stared at the artwork on her wrist.  “Holy fuck, that’s…that’s gorgeous”, she said.  With a small schlurp sound her other hand was released, and Ivy gave her another tattoo, matching but with different gems.  “How is this supposed to keep me from” and then her hands flew out to the sides, a force that she couldn’t see holding them.  She struggled, trying to force her arms down, but it was like trying to force a skyscraper to move by pushing it.  She got nowhere.

“Like that”, came the dry reply.

“Oh.  Yea, I..umm..can see how that would work”, she said.  Her legs were released and then she was let into the pool, which she could see had had a sloping floor.  “How deep is it?”, she asked out of sheer curiosity.  

“As deep as you want it to be, to be honest.  You don’t have thalassophobia, so that’s not an issue.  I have it set to twenty five feet at the farthest end.  Tell me if you want it deeper or if you want fish in it.”  Ivy smiled indulgently.  “Now you can play and swim for a bit, before I wash you, and remember what I said.”

Adora nodded.  “I remember”, she said, and then took a running jump into the pool.  Water splashed everywhere, and Adora squealed with delight as she surfaced, shaking her orange hair onto Ivy.  Who looked at her with a look of exasperated fondness.

“You’re silly, pet”, Ivy said with a smile in her voice and a grin on her face.  She watched as Adora began to swim around, back and forth, clearly having a good time.  ‘Hmmm…maybe a hot tub in that corner’, she thought.  Something that would be nice for when Adora wants to just soak.  She watched her, but Adoras hands really didn’t go anywhere they weren’t supposed to.  She dove and swam, playing around as Ivy’s smile grew.  And she began thinking of the changes she’d need to make to Adora so that they could have an underwater adventure.  ‘I can make her tail match her hair..hmmm…what colors should I make them both?’, she wondered and planned.  

Adora swam and played, enjoying the water.  Swimming to the end of the pool, she swam down for as long as she could, just enjoying, and then surfaced with a gasp.  “Ivy!! Can we get some fish in here?  Some koi or…or something fun?”

Ivy grinned.  “You mean you didn’t notice them?”, and then grinned as Adora gasped.  “Ivy!!! They’re so pretty!!!!!”, she heard, and she grinned and bowed.  “You know, it’s really easy to modify saltwater fish to tolerate bathwater.  So enjoy”, she said, shifting back into her demon form as she watched Adora dive underwater and swim amongst the tropical fish.  

A sea turtle swam up briefly, then back down, and a nurse shark flicked its tail on the bottom of the pool.  Adora was in heaven.  She'd always loved swimming, going to the aquarium, that sort of thing.  As she swam and dove, she started thinking about what else she could ask for.  Surfacing, she saw demon-Ivy and blinked, then swam over.  "I..have…some requests", she said and then blushed as Ivy smiled.  'Fuck thats pretty she's so gorgeous', she thought.

“Oh?  What did you have in mind, strikon?”, Ivy asked as she idly stirred the water with her tail.

“Umm…maybe a bit deeper?  And..umm…promise me that there are no meat eating sharks in here?”, Adora asked, blushing.  “I wouldn’t say no to a mermaid, but that’s…umm…you know…just…umm….yea.”

“Certainly.  Those are all reasonable, after all.  And if you want gills so you can swim deeper and deeper, then just ask”, Ivy said as she got into the water.  She dove under the surface, and then surfaced right in front of Adora.  

Adora blinked, the mantra of ‘fuck i’m gay fuck i’m gay fuck i’m gay gay gay so gay she’s so pretty gay gay’ running through her head as her mouth said, “holy fuck just crush my head with your thighs”, and then she squeaked and flushed so hard she thought her head was going to pop off.  The water sluicing off of Ivys body, her wet hair slicked back as those red eyes looked at her…The clit piercing was just staring her in the face, and she blushed harder, sinking into the water.  

Ivy laughed, the sound throaty and erotic even as it managed to sound like wind chimes at the same time.  “Now I AM flattered, darling.  There’s not going to be any of that…..But if you behave..well, who knows, darling?  All sorts of fun things can happen.  Now..I’m going to get you all cleaned up so you can go to bed nice and clean and ready for tomorrow.  Doesn’t that sound yummy?”, she asked brightly.

Adora blushed to her toes again, and whimpered.  “Wait..but…but…I can wash myself”, she said, squirming as her legs closed and began to press together.  “Why..ummm…I can do it”, she whimpered.

“Oh no you don’t”, Ivy said and blinked.  Adoras hands shot up and to the side, and her legs opened as if there was something in between them.  “See?  This is exactly what I was discussing.  I give you the slightest autonomy and you’re doing exactly what I'm telling you not to.”  Snapping her finger, the chair disappeared and a clacking sound was heard.  Oh, this was just lovely.  It couldn’t have turned out better than if she’d planned this herself, which she sort of did.    

Adora gasped as she looked up and saw the chair walking towards her, coming around the corner.  WALKING.  “Ivy??  What’s…what’s going on??”, she asked as the chair walked into the water, the straps unwrapping themselves and hanging ready.  “Ivy!! Come on, I won’t do that anymore, it wasn’t even ….i didn’t even get close, it was one time, please, come on, don’t…I’ll be good”, she said.

“Well, it’s very simple”, Ivy said as the chair approached.  Ivy stood up and lifted Adora, easily moving her into the chair.  "I know you'll be a good girl for me, darling.  Because I'm not going to let you be anything else."  As each limb came into contact with the chair, a strap wrapped over the suddenly pliant limb and secured it tightly.  Ivy grinned and leaned into Adora, pressing her breasts into Adoras face as she reached around her.  Securing the belt around her tummy so she couldn’t move, she gently ran her hands down each leg, securing Adoras thighs to the chair.  

Once Ivy was done, she backed up and smiled at Adora.  Het pet was blushing and squirming, clearly aroused after Ivy shoved her boobs in the pets face.  Good.  Stepping back another step, she grinned and waved her hands, a pattern of mist falling from them that shimmered in the light, holding Adoras attention and drawing it up to Ivy’s eyes that were shining.  “I told you not to touch, and you tried to.  Maybe not with your hands, but you tried regardless”, she said, smiling as her tail flickered out of the water behind her.   “And so now, I’ll take away that burden from you, my little magepet.  Because that’s just one thing that I do for you, strikon.  I remove burdens.  And temptation is such a burden for your kind, my little one.  I know this, so I’ll help you.”

Rising up, she waved a hand and a caddy shaped like a flower containing some sweet body wash, shampoo and conditioner floated over, along with a washcloth.  Ivy made a show of wetting it, dipping it into the water and then wringing it out onto her chest, watching with a smile as Adoras eyes focused on her tits.  ‘Always with those… no matter what, everyone loves a good pair of tits,’ Ivy thought with some amusement.  Pouring some body wash into the cloth and working up a nice lather, she slid over and began to gently clean Adoras right hand.  

Focusing on each finger, making it the center of her world, Ivy smiled as Adora let out a quiet gasp.  The trick to this wasn’t in anything fancy or flashy.  Just  pay attention to the little dears, to let them know that you cared for them, that they were seen, and that they and their desires were valid.  And then use those desires to lead them where you wanted them to be."  

“You know”, she said conversationally as she began to gently scrub at Adoras palm, ‘Bet you didn't know that you could feel so much from just this,’ “There’s a realm I enjoy visiting from time to time named Astoria.  Charming place, very high fantasy set in a medieval time.  But with better plumbing, obviously.  Anyways, this is a fun realm since magic there is generated by kinky acts of fun.  And their deities are the Weavers, the beings who gain power from these acts, even as they weave kinks into every soul.  Weaving souls from kink, in essence.  As you can imagine, there’s one for inescapable bondage, one for spankings, one for degradation, and all the others.  Teasing, spanking, floggings, even being a brat.  It's quite the collaborative process, and as you can imagine, they're really fun at parties.  Especially Regan, the Weaver of Striking Pain.  Such a little vixen.   It’s where your Hood comes from, blessed by Manus, the Weaver of Deprivation.  Anyways, there’s one whose name is Lyrelle.  And she’s the Weaver of Teasing, which in this case, is denial with a reward in the end.  Charming being, actually.  Her priests make these wonderful items that are lined with fleece, and as long as it touches your skin, you can’t cum.  No matter what.  No matter how hard you try, nor how long you play with yourself.  And interestingly enough, I have some of those items here.”

Ivy laughed, a low and sultry sound as she began to gently scrub Adoras arm.  “Now, some people might say that using such a tool to edge my pet is cheating.  But I don't believe that at all.  In fact, sometimes I think it enhances the fun because it means I get to focus.  All.  My.  Attention.  On.  You.”  She smiled as she punctuated each word, leaning in close and whispering by the last word, her breath tickling Adoras neck.  Adoras eyes fluttered as she moaned, Ivy smiling.  “Doesn’t that sound just delightful?”

Adora moaned as Ivy whispered in her ear, the washcloth slightly abrasive in just the right way, leaving tingling skin behind.  It was so hard to think, everything felt good, and then she felt something begin to play with her clit under the water.  Panting as she tried to rock and couldn’t, she whined as the cloth kept rubbing slowly.  “Ohhh…ohhh fuck”, she whispered.

“Exactly.  And the fun part, darling, is that you’ll just..hang there.  On the edge, all that pleasure just racing through you”, Ivy whispered as the washcloth began to rub Adoras neck.  Rubbing, giving a little squeeze every time it made its way to the base of her neck.  “Pleasure for its own sake.  No thoughts of anything but climax, after enough time”, she whispered, moving to the other side and beginning to wash her pet, slowly moving downwards.  “Oh, I have so many little toys that we can have fun with, pet.  And like I told you before, I’m looking forward to using each and every single one with you.”

Adora shuddered as Ivy kept washing her slowly, kept whispering to her in that voice.  It curled in her mind, slithering in through her ears and taking up residence between her synapses.  Conjuring images of what that would look like.  She hadn’t actually cum since she was brought here, just teased mercilessly, given pleasure and then made to stop.  “Just think”, Ivy whispered to her as the cloth cleaned her hand.  Her HAND!! And she was writhing like it was the most erotic thing in the world, which it sort of was.  “Eventually you won’t even want to cum, but simply to writhe and beg me”, Ivy whispered while breathing into her ear.  “Iiiivvvvyyyyy”, Adora moaned as her eyes fluttered closed.

“See?  That’s what I mean.  You haven’t even asked me once yet to cum”, Ivy whispered as she lathered up the cloth with more bodywash, and then began to wash Adoras upper chest.  ‘Hmmm…barbells or lotus flowers…I can’t decide,’ she thought as she looked at Adoras nipples, turgid and hard.  And maybe it WAS cheating since this washcloth was made from the Fleece of Lyrelle, but it just made it more fun.  Moving lower as Adora moaned, she began to make sure that her pets nipples were clean.  Very clean.  After all, if her pet was going to be dirty, it was going to be on purpose.

Around and around the cloth went, rubbing and scrubbing.  Around and around Adoras thoughts went, following the cloth.  She couldn't help it.  She tried to think, but the pleasure blasted her thoughts to smithereens each time she tried.  She tried making a concerted effort while the washcloth slipped lower to her tummy.  "Ivy…I really mmmpphhh," was as far as she got.  And that was because Ivy once again shoved her tits, amazing as they were, into her face.  So much so that if her mouth were open, one red and pierced nipple would be in it.  'Would that be so bad?' her traitorous brain whispered.  

Ivy smiled as her hand moved lower, rubbing Adoras mons.  Her pet gave up and just began openly moaning, a single nipple rubbing her nose before Ivy pulled back, grinning impishly.  "Doesn't that sound good?  Me touching you", as the cloth rubbed and scrubbed her pets mons.  "Everywhere you need my touch", as the cloth slipped lower and began to rub up and down over her lower lips.  "All over."

Adora moaned loudly, and then squealed as she began to rise out of the water.   'The chair!!  Its getting taller!!!, ' she thought as the legs of the chair slowly extended up.  She looked at Ivy who grinned and then rubbed her cunt again.  

"It occured to me that if I was going to wash such a delicate area, I should see what I'm doing.  Right?", she said as Adora, a moaning blushing Adora, rose another three feet out of the water.  Putting her crotch exactly where Ivy wanted it.  With a languid gesture, the chair opened its legs further, taking Adoras legs with it.  "There we are…isn't that the prettiest pussy you've ever seen?", she asked.  Not really expecting an answer, but it WAS gorgeous.  Lips puffy with arousal, her clit peeking out from under its hood;  it truly was a work of art.  Not that Ivy wasn't thinking of how to make it prettier.  'Hmmmm…maybe daily grooming?' she thought.

"There, isn't that better?", Ivy cooed as she began to gently wash her legs as Adora panted and thrashed.  "Now I can see what I'm doing", as she caressed thighs that strained against the bonds that held her.  "Shhhhh, relax, darkling.  I'll get there soon enough."  She did not speed up.  In fact, she slowed down, and spent more time washing her thighs, switching back and forth as she got closer to Adoras crotch.  When she got close enough, she began to wash back down, going towards her feet as Adora whined and begged.  "I'm sorry, darkling.  Is there something you wanted?", she said with a grin as she began to wash Adoras feet.

Ivy rubbed her soles, paying attention to the pressure points, pushing and smoothing away stress.  And it was working, she could see it.  Adora giggled as Ivy gently tickled a sole, and squirmed.  "You know, darkling, under the right circumstances, a human can orgasm from being tickled.  Did you know that?  Someone once described it as 'the best sex you'll hate to ever have.'  Would you like to try?"  

Adora squirmed, giggling again.  "No hahahaha that's ok I'm good', she laughed, fussing writing as she was tickled..  

Ivy smiled at her, and then took pity on the girl.  Gently teasing her, trailing nails that dimpled skin up, Ivy began to gently run her nails over Adoras mons.  As she gasped and writhed, the chair began to recline, laying Adora flat.  Once she was fully flat, Ivy began to slowly rub the wet, slippery cloth up and down her slit.  As Adora began writhing again, Ivy spread her lips and began to gently trace them with the cloth.  Around and around, making sure that only a teasing touch landed on her clit.  Ivy even let out a small coo, her breath ghosting over the sensitive button.  And then, just as Adora was about to cry, she began to rub her button with the cloth.

"Please!!  Ivy, please, please, oh Goddess, please, Please Ivy let me cum, please, please, need it", Adora babbled.  Whatever Ivy was doing, it felt amazing.  Waves of pleasure rocked her, over and over.  Then she felt a new sensation, better than before as Ivy began to gently squeeze her clit and play with it, milking it.  She cried out as she got close to cumming, so close, but couldn't.  Something was holding her back.  "Ivy!!!  Please, please, I need…", she begged, looked at Ivy.




Adora whimpered as she was denied, fussing and fighting the straps.  Ivy, for her part, kept playing with her clit, milking it through the cloth before slowly moving her hand away, dragging the cloth to rest on Adoras tummy.  "I hope you enjoyed that, my little darkling.  Some pleasure because you've been such a good girl.  Now I'm going to wash your hair, and then it's bedtime, ok?"

well...I don't know about you, but I need a shower after that.  A COLD SHOWER.  Or maybe a soak in some ice cubes.  giggles.

Drop me a comment, let me know what you think.  As for Astoria, it is a real setting that I play a wonderfully delightful tiefling....can you guess the name?

Remember...drink your water, get enough sleep, and take care of yourself.  you matter.

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