In the Vines of Magic

Adora makes a Mistake

by Hopeschains

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #sub:female #bondage #clothing #exhibitionism #fantasy #flogging #Human_Domestication_Guide #magic #orisit #petplay #sadomasochism #spanking

hello!!!  Hello, all you wonderful sophonts!!!  I'm so glad that you're here with me on this wonderful ride!!  I hope you enjoy this chapter.

CW:  domestic discipline, corner time (the actual punishment is next chapter)

“Great…harder.  Can’t wait”, she said after she jumped, not expecting the tail to slap her.  “Owwww”, she whined, rolling her eyes at Ivy.

“Oh shush with your fussing”, Ivy said with a smile.  Such a darling pet, and cute to boot.  Once they got to the Altar room, Ivy wasted no time in getting her on her knees, the pillow already there.  She paused right before she cuffed her hands and grinned.  “So, my little mageling.  Have you given any thought to the harness that I showed you yesterday?”

Adora blushed, and ran her hand through her hair, and then wondered when it had turned green…wasn’t it just pink?  “Umm….remind me again why I need to be wearing something that looks like a reject from the cast of Fifty Shades of Grey?  Not that i don’t think that you probably have more gear like that around here”, she said, and then immediately blushed as Ivy winked and nodded.

“Oh, so much.  You see, my little mageling, when you literally have eternity to play with, there are some things that keep your interest.”  Ivy took a step towards Adora as she spoke, her posture becoming slinkier, like her bones had become far more liquid, and she was emulating a hunting cat.  “One of them is new discoveries.  Another is new relationships, and seeing where they go.  Training new magelings, and some…a very few”, and she stood in front of Adora, leaning down, capturing her eyes and her mind with her gaze for a moment.  “Some very few capture my interest enough that I decide it’s time to pull out some of my toys.  Those toys not only help with training, but also help train you in other ways.”  She looked deep into Adoras eyes as she spoke.  “And when I’m done, you’re going to know each and every single one.  And you're going to love it, my little magepet.”

Adora squirmed as she listened.  “I…I..ummm”, and then blushed as Ivy chuckled and ruffled her hair.  Her nipples had no qualms about showing how much THEY liked that idea.  Stupid nipples.

“Sshhhh, my little mageling.  That’s enough to think about for now.  Now…I want you to stand up and we’re going to put this on.  Ok?”, she said, and held a hand out to Adora.  Adora gulped, looking at her, and then stood up.  “There’s my good girl”, Ivy said warmly as they did something and the straps suddenly unfurled.  “Before, you still had the sense of touch.  This will negate that, so you can truly concentrate”, she said.  Pulling two straps apart, she gently lifted Adoras hair with her tail and then put the straps around her neck, revealing them to be the collar of the harness.   Securing the collar, she took a step back for a second to look at her little mageling.  Oh, she looked so good, her hair mussed, eyes wide and the collar on.  Ivy couldn’t wait for the day when HER collar rested on the girl's throat, and her pet knew her place.  But even though that day wasn’t yet, there was no reason she couldn’t dream of it.  Dipping into the girl's thoughts for a moment, she could feel her embarrassment, confusion, and a tiny kernel of arousal.  Ivy brushed back a smile.  Given time, that kernel would flower and crowd out everything else.

Adora blushed as she stood there, Ivy walking around her , snapping snaps and buckling buckles.  Her arms reached around her, and Adora got a fresh whiff of this intense floral smell, similar to the one from her apartment but not quite.  This one was exciting, and it sparked her interest in a way that the other one hadn’t.  

Ivy smiled as she saw and felt Adoras interest in her scent.  ‘Pupils dilated, pulse increased, and I can smell her arousal…Spirits, but I’ll never miss this part.’  She kept buckling the harness together, making sure that she spent a lot of time with her boobs pressed up against Adora, arms wrapped around her.  In fact, she made extra sure that the silky wrappings slid across Adoras skin, just so she could feel them all.  Once it was all done, Ivy took a step back and sawAdora standing there, hands in front of her crotch, blushing and fidgeting.  “Hands down, darling.  Let me see you”, Ivy purred, white eyes turning pure molten gold.

Adora blushed and whined, but slowly her hands went down.  She stood there, the red silk wrapped around her body, framing her breasts.  Two straps went from the sides of her stomach down and on either side of her pussy, framing her cunt as it went over her crotch, and met over her ass.  A mirror suddenly showed her what she looked like, the surface just appearing in the air and she blushed, swallowing hard.  “Ummm…I’mma  whole-ass snacc, I get it.  But I'll bet you could have done this without the getup, right?”

Ivy grinned.  “Now where would the fun be in that?”, she asked, smiling.  Snapping her fingers, she pointed downwards, and Adora huffed, rolled her eyes, but knelt and put her hands up so Ivy could put the cuffs on her.  Ivy walked over, secured her hands, and then held them up so Adora could see the chain between them.  She lowered them, bending and making sure Adora could see as the chain went through the metal of the hard point on the floor.

Adora squeaked as she watched the chain go through the metal loop on the floor.  She tried to move her hands up, but they clanged against the metal.  "Let me guess…magic??"

“Ding ding ding!!  And when you’re trained, you’ll be able to bend the laws of physics as well, my little mageling.”  Ivy smiled as Adora made a face at her, and then walked over to her.  “Ready to begin?  Do you remember your Mantra?”

“Yes, and yes.  ‘As I have a Master, I will master my magic’ “, she said, and then raised her eyebrows.  “See?  Told you.  I know it, so you can–” and then suddenly she was floating in the dark.  “Hey!!!! Not cool!!! You didn’t have to do that!!!”

There was no answer.

“Yea yea yea…you can probably hear me.  You’re probably taking silly photos that you can sell to some sleazy BDSM website and you can buy all the miracle-gro you want!!!”, she shouted.

There was no answer.

Grumbling to herself, she decided that she might as well actually do the thing that Ivy had brought her here to do.  Settling down, she realized that it might even be easier now.  The straps or whatever basically made her feel like she was floating, and she certainly didn’t feel like she was kneeling on a pillow.  She tried swiping her hands, and even though they stopped short, she didn’t feel anything.  “Ok…well…ok.”

Ivy sat and watched this, chuckling to herself.  Oh Spirits, but this was fun.  Adora knew how to be inventive.

She settled down and cleared her mind, focusing on the mantra while not focusing on the mantra.  It was still hard, but she was able to get it.  This time, she didn’t get a tonguing.  No, two lips descended on her nipples and began to suck and lick for a few seconds.  She panted, and then cocked her head when it ended.  “Hey!!! I thought you said that the straps would keep me from feeling anything!!!!”

A tongue licked a stripe up her ass, making her squeal as she tried to jump and failed.  “You!!!  I’m gonna magic some Roundup and then we’ll see who’s laughing!!!”, she yelled, and then began chuckling.  Well, she did as soon as her heart climbed out of her throat.  Taking a few deep breaths, she calmed down, and closed her eyes.  Letting herself drift, she concentrated on not concentrating.  Just letting go, like…the best way she had of describing it was like looking into the middle distance, but with her mind.  It sounded easier than it looked, and it looked far easier than it was.  

But the reward was beyond worth it.  Each time the tongue licked her rosebud or her nipples, she gasped and her mind went blank.  It was harder and harder to draw herself back, but she did, and she was rewarded each time with another chance to empty her mind.  At some point, Ivy's voice had intruded on her.

"You're doing such a good job, my little mageling.  So I'm going to make this a bit harder, and give you your nose back, pet.  But that also means more rewards when you perform."

Suddenly she could smell again.  Herself, her arousal, and a wonderfully floral scent that made her take a deep sniff.  An appreciative second sniff.  And that was the problem, because it was a distracting scent.  And more than once it completely obliterated her train of thought.  She started getting frustrated, but pushed it down with some major effort.  'No sense getting twisted, Adora.  Just focus on the mantra.  Or not focus.  Whatever, you know what you mean.’  She took a breath, smelling it again, and worked to focus her way past it.

Ivy giggled as she waved her fingers under Adoras nose again, watching the play of emotions on her face.  The reactions of her body, and the thoughts in her head.  She wondered what Adora would say if she knew where the scent was coming from.  Or what it was.  ‘Hmmm, a topic for much later, when she’s ready.’  But so far her little mageling was doing very very well.  She smiled, and settled down to wait, making sure that Adora was safe and comfortable.  

Adora floated in a void, doing her best to clear her mind.  She managed once or twice, and each time she moaned, the sensations got stronger, and her clarity vanished.  She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, letting it out as her mind cleared.  She felt the tongue begin to lick her again, tongue running over her rosebud and the lips suckled on her nipples.  Ignoring it as best as she could, letting the feelings flow through her, she focused on keeping her mind cleared.  And it worked, her thoughts stayed clear.  And the licking continued, longer, and then they disappeared.  She smiled, and then screamed in pleasure as the tongue came back, but this time the point circled her rim, and began to gently slide inside, slowly and with a gentle but firm press.  She writhed, held in place by an invisible force that wouldn't let her move.  The tongue withdrew as she panted, the force still holding her up as a large vine-y hand gently rubbed her back and her vision began to slowly bleed back in.

"Ivy!!', she panted, wobbling as her sense of balance came back.  "What the fluffing fluff was….???"

Wait a minute.  "….wait…fluffing…what the fluff is this shirt…shirt…butch…fluff…IVY!!", she shouted.  "What the fluff!!!!  You can’t do that, you fluffing butch piece of shirt!!!!"

"Ahhh.  You noticed that.  Sorry", said Ivy, who did not, in fact,  sound the slightest bit sorry at all.  "While normally I enjoy your colorful little outbursts, I'm not really in the mood right now.  So I took steps", she said.  "So…you had a question for me?"

"Yea!!  What the fluffing fluff was the googlydarn tongue doing up my tu-tu!!  Trying to reach my googlydarn tonsils???", she yelled, and blinked as Ivy loomed over her.

"I'd apologize, but I'm not really sure what I’d be apologizing for.  AND I don't apologize to MY magelings, no matter what", Ivy said.  "So,  THAT was a reward, Adora, for keeping your mind clear.  Judging from your moans, you certainly enjoyed it up your tu-tu, as you so adorably called it.  Buuuut..if you want, we can change that to pain all the time, and performing well will be a cessation of said pain.  I know some masochists who would really appreciate that.  Perhaps you’re one of them?"

Adora gulped, realizing that perhaps she misspoke.  "No no, thats fine.  I just wasn't expecting to get you know…that.  Shirt, you need to fluffing warn me!!"

"Hmmmm", Ivy said, cocking an eyebrow at her little mageling.  "And I won't do that.  But some discipline is clearly in order", and with a thought, the silencer was back in Adoras mouth.  Muffling her indignant cries as Ivy uncuffed Adora, and then lifted her up into her arms.  Afora fussed and struggled, which Ivy easily ignored.  "You know, I wasn’t planning on this.  We were going to have a nice bath, then dinner, and maybe some tv.  But no…now we're going to do this, Adora, because I won't tolerate rudeness."

She carried Adora into the living room and set her down facing her corner.  "Now, I think five minutes in the corner should be enough.  And then we can discuss what else will happen.  But remember, my little mageling, you won't be alone ever.  I'll be here with you every moment."  She smiled encouragingly as Adora fussed, but slowly walked to the corner.  She turned around, and Ivy smiled at her and nodded.  "Go on now, my little mageling.  It's just five minutes."  Adora fussed for another minute, before sighing heavily and turning around, hands clasping her head.

She stood there, blinking back tears.  Adora wasnt sure if they were tears of sadness or anger.  'Why would she send me here?  I didnt do anything wrong??  This is total fluffing bullshorts!!  Oh fluff, it's even in my own head!!'

Ivy sat there, enjoying the stream of consciousness and Adoras increasingly inventive attempts to curse.  Her little mageling had quite the tongue on her, and Ivy couldn't wait for her to use it in more appropriate ways.

Adora stood there, fuming at the injustice of it all.  For at least a minute, possibly two, increasingly elaborate ways to curse failed.  She got frustrated, huffed, and turned around.  She was met with the steely gaze and unamused face of Ivy who stared at her.

"We'll start over as soon as you turn around", Ivy said.  "It's ok, little one.  I'm not going anywhere.  And neither are you.  So", and her voice took on a bit of Power, her eyes sparkling and capturing Adoras eyes.  She could see her little magelings eyes go slightly hazy, the unfocused look.  "You're ok.  I'm here, all is well.  Turn around, and think about your actions", she said and watched as Adora turned around.  "Hands back up, please", she said gently, and watched as they went up.  "Good girl", she said.

Adora stood there, thinking about what she said and what she did.  She wasn't wrong!!  She wasn't…it was…Ivy had no right to be changing her fluffing speech!!  She didn't!!  That was a shirt thing to do!!  Adora groaned as she still couldn't curse. She turned again, looking at Ivy, and took a single step out.  And Ivy was immediately in front of her, shaking her head.

Ivy turned Adora towards the corner, and gave her a little pat on the butt to get her going.  “Go on, little one.  Nose in the corner, hands on your head, and think about what you did.”  She watched as Adora started to sniffle, and looked back at her.  “I’m not going anywhere, my little mageling.”  She smiled as Adora took her place in the corner, hands on her head with her little naked butt showing.  ‘Tu-tu’, Ivy thought with a giggle-snort that nobody heard.  ‘That might be one of the most adorable things ever.’

Adora stood there looking into the corner, hands on her head.  At first she was seething.  How DARE Ivy do this to her?  Gag her, and change her mind that way!  It was ridiculous!! And as she calmed down, she stood there and thought.  There was something slightly squirm inducing about the fact that Ivy just did that, but she refused to back down.  This wasn't cool, Ivy just changing her brain like that.  'But she said she would, remember?  That reality bent to her whim?  And she's training you in magic.  MAGIC.  And you're getting upset over this? And she's feeding you, taking care of you.  Seriously?!?!', part of her mind whispered.  Then another part of her shamed her for cursing at Ivy for what amounted to a prank.  'For fluffs sake, you've done far worse.  Remember the pine sol and Amanda's ankle?  Girl couldn't walk for a week!'  She stood there, mind warring, and then a soft sound behind her caught her attention, dragged her from her thoughts.

"My little mageling, times up.  Come here", Ivy said and watched as Adora walked over to her slowly.  "Now, little one", she said, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her closer when she saw Adora hanging back.  "I want you to tell me why you had to reflect and be redirected.  Because that's what corner time is.  A chance for you to reflect and change course before things get worse."

"I…ummm…I was rude and I cursed at you.  Or I attempted to, anyways", she said, frowning.  "But you…you did something, and I couldn't."

"And yet you still tried", Ivy said, nodding.  "And while it was inventive, and I reward inventivness, it's the fact that you tried to curse at me which is the problem.  Curse at the straps, the barbells, even your pillow all you want.  Do NOT be disrespectful to me.  That was the rule you broke, my darkling.  Here's your lesson, which you've yet to understand.  I am in charge, and I determine what you get.  How you speak, what you eat.  You are mine, little mageling.  There is nothing you can do to alter that fact.  And you'll be happier when you accept that fact, my little mageling."  She reached out a viney hand and brushed blue hair away from Adoras face.  "Now…do you remember what I told you was the first punishment for misbehavior?  Especially when speaking with respect is one of the few rules I've given you?"

Adora blinked, and thought back.  "Ummm, you…umm…You said it was either a spanking, or some time with…umm", and she pointed at the wall.  "Whatever that thing is."

"You'll find out if it ever needs to be used, my darkling", Ivy said.  "So…I'm going to let you choose.  A spanking, or a small session with that."

"But…but", Adora whimpered, looking up at Ivy.  "Ummm…", she hummed, looking back and forth.  "And you won't tell me what that  is?", she asked, and then huffed and stamped her foot when Ivy refused to give her a hint.  

"Really?", Ivy said, eyes narrowing dangerously. "Would you prefer to try that again?  Because one more outburst, and you'll get both.  Want to see if I'm joking?"

Adora gulped and looked at her.  "I…ummm..I'm sorry", she said.  "Can you please tell me what that is, so I can make an informed decision?"

"Now, thats much better", Ivy said with a smile.  "To answer your question, it is a spatially folded, completely impermeable, semi-solid membrane that is also able to assume new shapes.  It reacts to the thoughts of the one it's bonded to.  Which is me."  Ivy grinned.  "So..what's it to be, little mageling?"

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