In the Vines of Magic

The Jackhammer of Souls

by Hopeschains

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #sub:female #bondage #clothing #exhibitionism #fantasy #flogging #Human_Domestication_Guide #magic #orisit #petplay #sadomasochism #spanking

Hello, all my wonderful readers!!! once again it is, the purveyor of words!! the deliverer of elocutions!!!  the bringer of gay!!!  anyways, I hope that you're all feeling wonderful, and that you're ahving the best say ever.  Please, don't forget that no matter what's happened yesterday, today is a chance to make it a better day!!

So without further ado...let's see how much trouble Adora can get herself into now....

It happened again, the tongue appearing and licking her slit a few times as a reward.  And as she figured out what worked, it began to happen more and more often.  Soon she was squirming, needing to cum, but then the tongue appeared less and less.  “Oh, that makes sense.  The more worked up, the more I pay attention to it, the less I can…Damn, I like that, Yoda”, she said, and then settled back down.  “You’re really leaning hard into the whole mysterious lesson thing, huh?”

Suddenly there was a hand on her back, rubbing, and she smiled under the hood.  Ivy.  Suddenly she could see again, like mist that was starting to clear up in front of her.  She could smell, and hear again.  She turned her head and Ivy was there, in her plant body again.  “Well, if it isn’t my girl Yodette”, she quipped, and Ivy laughed.

“Yodette?  Oh spirits no.    I’m certainly not some lame-ass celibate Jedi.  Disconnected from the world and their own emotions.  When you get to my level, my little mageling, you’ll learn how to use your emotions to fuel yourself.  Like the Sith, but not with an all black color scheme.  And the Sith weren’t all evil, but that’s a tale for another time”  She smiled.  “No, I’ll be Sith every chance I get, thanks very much.  Now come along, darling.  It’s time for lunch.”  She reached down, and uncuffed Adoras hands with a small gesture, and then hung the cuffs in midair.  "There, all done." She cooed. "I know the first sessions aren't so exciting. But the ability to focus your mind on  something other than the physical, that's very important later.  Clearing your mind is the first step."

"You're right, and thanks for being patient.  I guess I expected a "Yerr a wizard, Harry", moment, and presto majesto, that would be that.  I'd be blowing fireballs out of my nose and making peoples underwear itch.  I'm sorry."  She looked contrite for a single moment, her soft pink hair falling down in front of her face.  Wait…when did her hair turn pink?  Before she could think about it, her attention was back on Ivy.  “But what you said makes sense.  I'll work harder at that, and keeping my patience."

"It's okay, my little mageling. These things take time. And you're doing great so far. I don't expect you to learn everything overnight.  Merlin himself took over three days to get even a single lick.”  And she stood up in front of her student, offering down her hands to help her up, like any decent teacher would.

"Thanks, Miyagi-Ivy-san", and she took her hands, tried to stand.  And promptly fell to the ground, screaming in pain.  Her legs started cramping, fiery, waves of agony rolling up her legs to her lower back.  "Oh Fuck, fukc, fuckingshit,fuckfuckfuch, Ivy!! Hell, please, oh fuck, help please!!"  It hurt so bad she could barely move, and her arms would never reach where she needed them to be.

"Shh, it's okay, let's ease you back down." Ivy soothed the girl, catching Adora by the elbows as she dropped, easing her gently down onto the rubber mat floor of the training room. And after settling the girl onto the foam pillow she'd been kneeling on, she set to work, taking one of her shapely calves in hand, starting to knead and massage at the quivering muscle.  "Oh my, that's a bad one." She commiserated. "Just relax, I'll help."

"Oh, fuck fuck, please, Ivy, help!!"  She started crying, the pain was so bad, and she could barely feel Ivy assisting her to the floor.  Moved onto the mat, Ivy took a leg, Nicole able to feel the muscle jumping and bunching up, cramping, and she cried out.  Ivy started to knead it, telling her that it was bad.   Initially it hurt more, the pressing and rubbing.  But then the pain slackened, itself an almost pleasurable feeling, but then it started to feel good.  Like, REALLY GOOD.  Maybe it was just the absence of pain, maybe it was Ivy using magic, or her fingers were JUST that amazing, she didn’t know or care.

“I know, sweetheart. Cramps are the worst." Ivy soothed her little mageling, keeping up a steady stream of sweet talk and gentle encouragement. She moved on to Adoras other leg, taking a seat cross legged and propping Adoras leg in her lap, working at her tender calf, smiling softly as she watched her pretty pet whimper and fuss.

"If you'd like, I've got one of those fancy massage drills that I ordered off of Amazon." She supplied helpfully. "I can carry you to my bedroom and get it. And it'll make those naughty cramps loosen right up."  Ivy didn't wait for  a response, she just scooped Adora up into her arms, hoisting the little pinkette as if she were a wayward kitten, cradling her head against her chest. And she eased through the doorway of the Altar Room, through the living room, finally into her bedroom.  Through another doorway that shimmered into reality as Ivy approached.

It was a little larger than Nicole's room, a desk with  writing materials, a bookshelf of mostly recreational reading, a few comfy chairs and a giant bean bag. But then there was the matter of the bed.  The bed was approximately the size of two king size beds put together, a vast expanse of sheets and blankets and pillows, lush and soft and inviting.  Ivy deposited Adora onto the bed, stretching her out on her stomach, giving her a reassuring stroke between her shoulder blades as she started off for the bedside cabinet.  She heard Adora moan that the cramps were back, and she turned as she walked.

"Okay, just relax and hold still”, Ivy chided as Adora tried to sit up and whimpered, retrieving her tool. The percussive massager was some combination of cordless drill and jackhammer, featuring a stiff rubber reciprocating head, perfect for releasing stubborn cramps. "Have you ever used one of these before?"

“Ivy!!  Where did you get something like that?  How the hell do you get Amazon all the way out here?”, Adora asked, unsure how it was that Ivy had a piece of Earth tech all the way where it was that she was.

“Simple, silly.  I stole it from a warehouse.  I have to admit, I could have just made it, but there’s something about a little larceny that just makes using these feel so much better, you know?  Smashing a failed capitalistic society and all.  It wouldn’t be the first time, but that’s a story for another time.  Oh, these things are great. It's like a jackhammer for your muscles. It's the best, even when I don’t technically have muscles.  And it’s a good thing you don’t have clothing on, that would have just gotten in the way."  Actually, a thin layer of clothing wouldn’t have made any difference, but Ivy didn’t want that.  For reasons.  She rested a hand in the small of the girl's back, both to keep her still, as well as reassure her, fiddling with the settings on the tool.

She panted as the hand on her back gave her some much needed contact, but also somehow prevented the cramps from climbing up her leg.  "Cool, cool.  A jackhammer...last time that happened, her name was Nadia.  But you used magic to get rid of my periods, you can't prevent me from having cramps like this?"

“No, silly.  Why would I do that?  This is part of everything.  All right, let's have a look here."  And she switched on the massager, the rounded head buzzing noisily as she pressed it down firmly into the back of Adora's thigh, deep into the muscle.  "Hush now, I'll make those cramps go away soon enough. Just tell me where you need it."  Her voice took on an echoing quality.  “Lay still for me, my little mageling, and let me get started”, and she was happy to see Adora respond and lay still for a moment.

Ivy turned the massage thing on, Adora able to feel the vibrations through the bed.  Like a buzzing hum.  And then the buzzing and vibrating touched her, and she felt it.    Oh lord, did she feel it.  It traveled into the muscle, her bone, hell, it touched her soul.  She closed her eyes and moaned, the device soothing her sore muscles, pummeling and moving as the cramp vanished.  No..not vanished.  Was eradicated, sent back to the kingdom of crampdom, it was gone that fast.  "Oh, oh fuck, Ivy", she moaned.  "That's amazing.  Oh, fuck", she closed her eyes.  She didn’t care what it sounded like.  "Up and down, please!! Please, up and down over the whole leg.  Please!!"  This was without a doubt the best massage she ever had.  ‘I GOTTA get one of these when I get back home.’

Giggling noisily at Adora's antics, it was all too easy for Ivy to imagine how these same words and noises might have come out in a different context. And so she was happy to oblige, running the massager up and down the back of Adoras leg, from the back of her knee up to her butt, down again on the other side.  She even  put some of her weight into it to make sure she got nice and deep.  "Hmm, someone's having a good time," she teased.  “Enjoying yourself, there, pet?”

 She's never experienced tunnel vision, but now she got it, since the only thing she could really feel was how good this thing felt on her leg.  She didn’t hear Ivy, all she could focus on was her leg.  As Ivy moved the machine up and down her leg and up the inside of her thigh, it was so strong that she practically could feel it in her groin.  "Holy fuckballs", she moaned, and fisted the blankets she was laying on.  And then it pressed harder and deeper at a tough spot, and she let out the most sinful moan ever.  She was too busy panting to respond for a moment, but then responded with  "Fuck, forget being a wizard.  I’ll just be a masseuse with this, that's all I need to make bank."  Her hips ground into the bed by accident, mostly because Ivy pressed the Jackhammer of Souls into her ass.  Her eyes sprung open, and she whimpered.

"There you go, that's better, isn't it?" Ivy cooed to Adora, drawing back once she'd felt the girls muscles loosen up. It was very, very tempting to just keep going. But that wouldn't be entirely fair to Adora, not with what could happen.  Not that she was in the business of being fair, but even SHE had some standards.  So with some regret, Ivy switched off the device, giving Adoras back a gentle rub.  "Now sweetheart. I've got a question for you. And I want you to answer honestly.  Do you want me to run the massager on your butt too? Judging by the way you were squirming, you're a little….tight….there."

“I feel so much better, Ivy.  That was....damn.  Thanks."  The Device of Heaven, as Adora has dubbed it, winds down, and a hand rubbed her back.  Her tingling, sensitive, begging for a massage, back.  She blinked, needing to cernter her soul back in her body for a moment.  "I'm listening, Ivy."  She listened and blushed, burying her face with a squeak into the blanket she had just been fisting.  It's so  embarrassing, and she hates admitting it, but her ass has always been sensitive.  As in, a bit of ass play and she's a raging horny puddle.  She DOES feel tight, but that machine is just....the last thing she wants is to start cumming on Ivys bed.  That would be the thing that kills her.  Dying of an orgasm.  But Ivy wanted her to be honest…..  "Ummm", and she blushes.  "I....I do, and it is.  But I'm...I'm", and she buried her face on the blanket, too embarrassed to say anything else.

"Okay. Next question. Do you want me to use the massager on your butt?"  Ivy traced her fingers up and down Adoras back, gentle and slow, fingertips on the way up, fingernails on the way down, lightly dragging them over her back, giving her something nice to think about while she made up her mind.  Ivy suspected it wouldn't be all that difficult to simply seduce the girl. But she had other ideas.  Better ideas.  She just needed to be patient.

Adora looked down and blushed, nodding.  Fingernails were playing up and down her back, giving her the chills and this need to squirm.  It was a delicious feeling, this squirming.  And she had the idea that Ivy knew exactly what she was doing.

 “Okay pet, that's perfectly fine. Just relax."  Ivy climbed on top of Adora after becoming her demon form again, not wanting to crush her new pet.   Legs on either side of her, straddling the small of her back to help keep her still, and keeping her hands out of the way.   And before Adora had a chance to protest, Ivy switched the massager on again, pressing the buzzing, wobbly head right into the plump curve of her right buttock, pressing up against the muscle.

Again with the pet-names, but she didn't care.  Before she could say anything, there's a weight on her, Ivy literally sitting on her.  She turned her head, and squeaked as the vines she’d been expecting were smooth red skin again.  That meant that…  Ivy’s thighs kept her hands away, kept her facedown.   "Now hey, Ivy, just waiiiiiiii", and she slowed down and stopped talking as Ivy activated the Massager of God and pressed it right into her asscheek.  Right next to the second most erogenous zone in her body.  Her eyes roll back, and she started panting.  It felt so good, the vibrations going straight to her ass and butthole, almost reaching her clit, it was so strong. She spread her toes as a way to try to keep from squirming, but failed and began to squirm, moaning. 

"Shh, it's nothing to be embarrassed about, little one.  My strikon" Ivy cooed and assured her, pulling the massager away after letting Adora have a little bit of joyful bliss. "I'm going to get the other side now. And then I'll do a little up and down, make sure to get all the tension out.  Oh, and Adora, sweetheart?  If you feel like you're getting close to orgasm, you can tell me, and I'll stop, okay?  I don’t want you having one now."

Adora whimpered, nearly begged her to keep going after she pulled the massager away.  But she held strong, nodded.  "Oh....ok, Ivy.  That sounds great.  Just...just peachy."  She listened as Ivy spoke further, and nodded.  "Ok.  I'll tell you, don't you worry."  ‘More like scream it from the heavens’, she thought to herself.

"Okay, then little one.  Here we go."  With the same attentive care, Ivy pressed the massager against Adoras other cheek, keeping a little of her weight on the girl's back to keep her from squirming away, her free hand on the back of her thigh. And she began to work the head of the massager slowly up and down the curve of her butt, almost all the way to the bottom where her panties would have covered if she was wearing any, and then back up again. She felt the lazy heat of her own arousal building in her stomach, and she relished the thought of edging her mostly unwilling pet.  

Adora felt the vibrations start again, and then it was pressed into her other asscheek, Ivy using a hand on her thigh for balance.   She moaned, the feeling beyond words, hoping that Ivy didn’t hear her over the noise from the Massager of the Gods.  It traveled up and down, back and forth, until Adora couldn't even curse anymore.  She just panted, holding onto the bed, as Ivy slowly started massaging her ass.  And then for some reason as she moaned, Ivy slowed down, making everything better.  "Oh fuck", she whispered, feeling herself get wet.  Wetter as it went on.  Finally she couldn't take anymore, and rather than make a scene, she decided to bow out gracefully.  No matter what, she refused to beg to cum.  "That' more, Ivy.  Please, no more.  That's enough of that."

Ivy held the massager where it was for another second, just to prove she could,  before pulling it away, switching it off. And with a fond smile, she  turned back into her vined self and gave Adora a soft pat on her butt as she climbed off of her pet and sat in front of her.  "There, all better?" she asked, sitting cross legged on the bed, looking down at Adora with her head cocked. "You don't need me to massage your front, do you?"

 The God Device turned off,  leaving her panting, buzzing, damn near vibrating herself.  She blushed and refused to look Ivy in the eye.  Ivy, who seemed to be completely ignoring her blushes, or panting.  "Oh emm gee, yes.  That was...fuck me sideways, it was amazing.  And no..umm…no thank you.  My front is fine."  ‘until I get a moment alone to take care of business.’  "Thanks for that, I've never had a cramp like that." 

“Well, of course you haven’t.  You’ve never knelt in one place for five hours before.  And if you need any other help, you let me know, strikon”, Ivy said helpfully as she set the massager aside.  Making sure that Adora didn’t get any ideas.  “Would you like me to wrap you up in a nice blanket so you can nap?”

“No, that’s..umm..I’ll just crawl on back to bed”, Adora answered, and then snickered.  “Crawl.  Heh.  See what I did there?”

“I do”, Ivy said, smiling and faintly amused by the knowledge of what Adora was thinking she was going to do once she got back into her little pet bed.  “And that can be arranged if you want.”  ‘Even if it’s a bit earlier than I wanted’, she thought.  “Just remember the rules, my little mageling”, she said as Adora got up and wobbled.

"Thanks, Ivy.  Thanks for the lesson, and for nearly vibrating my soul outta my body." Her legs were warm and the muscles soft with that freshly pummeled feel…soft and lovely.  Just like Ivy's smile, bright yet soft and warm.  "Ahhh, I think I'll be ok.  No worries, I've gone to sleep every day for years.  Hells, sometimes a few times a day.  See ya later."  And rules were made to be broken.  She wobbled off, practically running for the bed.  She crawled in, practically belly flopping and arranged the pillows so nobody could see in.  Getting ready to break the rules, she yawned as she moved a pillow and her eyes closed without her even realizing it. Tuckered out, she fell asleep.

Ivy smiled as the spells on the bed worked just perfectly.  No…she planned on Adora breaking the rules, but not just yet.  Not until she was ready and strong enough to handle the punishment.  And the thought of that had Ivy smiling, switching bodies, and reaching for the massager.  No sense in leaving it just sitting there, after all.

Hi!!!!  I hope you enjoyed this chapter!!  dropa  comment and let me know, since they give me life!!  i hope that you got teh best night of sleep ever, that you had a good meal, and that you drank enough water.

remember:  you're fucking awesome.  i know it, the world knows it, because if you weren't,. then why would the universe have arranged all of history to create you?

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