Kittens just climb everything

by Hopeschains

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Hello Hello, all you lovely Sophonts!!  i hope you're all having a wonderful day today!!  this chapter was really fun to write for a large number of reasons.  And mostly because it features kittens being Kittens.  Thank you for reading, and I hope you all love it.

The night passed quietly after that, Gladialis steadily powering her way through a book of fables written by an ancient named Aesop.  Interesting stuff, each a parable that taught wisdom, but couched in such a way that Terran children could learn.  Fascinating, that they had an understanding of child psychology before they understood the word.  And saddening, for all the horrors that they perpetrated on others.  She made a note to do some research into some of the animals that were mentioned, since she didn’t recognize them.  The tablet chimed that it was eight am, and Gladialis rose.  "Lena, is Kitten awake yet?"

"Not that I can tell.  Not a single cutie pie walking or moving around in her room", she replied.

"Ok.  Notify me when that changes."  Moving to the kitchen, Gladialis began compiling some orange juice while she began to fry up some lab grown bacon.  When she'd applied to have Kitten here, she'd stocked her kitchen with foods she thought the Terran might like, which was a good idea.  Moving around, humming, she began whisking some eggs and milk into flour while she spread some oil on a pan.  Eventually she was done, everything placed on warm plates in the oven, a new style oven that had passed inspection.  Thanking Serena Luz, Seventh Floret of Mirabilis Luz, Seventh Bloom, for showing them how dangerous an oven could be.  She'd happily changed hers out for the safer model, because who wanted to take a chance that someone might be harmed by her oven exploding?

By the time she was done, it was an hour later, and she looked up again, but Lenas answer was the same.  "Hmmm", as she walked to Kittens room, her  "dress" vines rustling.  "Kitten?", she asked, knocking gently.  

No answer.

"Kitten?", she called, knocking a bit louder.

No answer.

Now getting concerned, she opened the door again, and stepped inside.  The bed was unmade since last night, but she could see that the little Terran wasn't in it.  Dropping to her knees, she looked underneath the bed, but she didn't see her there either.  Then she heard a small noise, and turned.  "Kitten?", she asked, and blinked as she heard it again.  "Kitten?  Are you ok?", she asked, taking a step towards the closet.  

Kitten woke up warm and swaddled in softness and the dark.  She stretched, making a sound of comfort, a deep rumble in her throat that reverberated through her tummy.  She stretched again, the noise she made feeling good.  She couldn't remember the last time she'd slept so well. (When those cuffs drugged you, her mind supplied).  Yawning, she heard Gladialis and then remembered last night.  Her dream, and the panic.  Blushing, she debated staying here for the rest of her life.  She could do that, right?  Maybe?  Her bladder let her realize that she didn't have time to think about her options.  Taking a breath, she got up and opened the door, finding that the moonlight meant that she didn't need to squint.  Like Gladialis had said, it was soft and gentle on her eyes.

"Ummm..goomornkpeebadbeback!!!", she said, running from the room and into the bathroom.  Leaving a dumbfounded Affini behind her.

Gladialis wondered for a moment if Kitten was running away from her, if she'd done something wrong somehow.  She was pretty sure she hadn't, and then she tried to slow down what Kitten had said, and turn it into actual words.

While Gladialis was doing that, Kitten was blessing her for having a toilet.  AND one that wasn't Affini height.  Letting out a very loud sigh of relief as the hydrostatic pressure was relieved, she looked around, and then got up.  The toilet flushed, and Kitten jumped, having not seen a handle or lever anywhere.  Then she looked around, wondering if Lena was watching.  "L..Lena?", she asked, and squealed, jumping when Lena answered her.

"Good morning, cutie!!  What can I do for you?"

"Ummm…you can't…can you see me?"

"Sorry, cutie pie, no can do!!  Gladialis took all my optical receptors from there out, so you'd have privacy.  Apparently that's a thing for most Terrans.  But I can hear you if you need something."  It paused, and then asked again.  "Do you need something, cutie?"

"Ummm, no, I'm ok.  But thank you, Lena."  Well, that was a relief.  Going to the sink, she realized that she couldn't get to the faucet.  Well…that was annoying.  But not insurmountable.  Climbing up was a matter of merely grunting, pushing off the wall, and then struggling but finally pulling herself up onto the counter.  'Wonder why they can't just have a lower sink? Not like Affini hands don't reach', she grumbled to herself.  The faucet was shaped like some kind of animal with a long nose that was raised up, water coming out of it that turned on when she waved her hand near it.

The toothbrush was odd, some kind of wood with stiff-ish bristles, the paste in a little canister.  It smelled…the only way that Kitten had to describe it was fresh.  It was this clean smell that somehow managed to taste cold and fresh at the same time.  Invigorating.  She leaned in, rinsing her mouth out and then taking a sip or two just because, laughing as the water sprinkled up into her mouth.  .   Looking down, she grinned, and then jumped down, a smaller jump, all things considered, but one that made a decidedly loud THUMP.

“Kitten?  Are you ok?  What was that?”, Gladialis called from the kitchen, walking closer to the bathroom door.  It opened, the little Terran walking out.  “What was that, little one?”

“Oh, that was me jumping off the counter in your bathroom.”  Kitten didn’t mean to make it sound accusatory, but it kinda sounded like it was and she cringed for a moment.   

“Wait…jumping?  Why’d you do that?"

"That would be because the counter is about eight feet high", she said, cringing again.  

"Well, yes.  But you know you could have just used the stepstool I left in there.”

“You…umm..wait….huh?”, she asked, blushing now.  She hadn’t seen anything in there that looked like a stepstool or anything.  “Oh yes”, Gladialis said, and opened the door, pointing to a thing under the sink that once she saw it, Kitten realized, was obviously a stepstool.  “Oh.  Yea.  Ummm…that.”  She blinked, and grinned sheepishly.  "Umm…jumping was easier?"

"Here, let me pull it out, just in case you need it again”, Gladialis said and arranged it so that it was close enough for her to get to the sink.  “Now…all done?”  Kitten nodded, and Gladialis had to squash the desire to physically inspect Kittens teeth to make sure that it was ok.  ‘She’s not a floret, you can’t do that’, she reminded herself.   “Good.  Foods ready, Kitten.”

She followed Gladialis to the kitchen where a delicious warm scent had her sniffing and looking all around.  She was fairly certain that Gladialis wasn’t going to be poisoning her anytime today.  But if she did, and it was with something that smelled this good, she might be ok with it.  Nodding when Gladialis asked her if she was hungry, Gladialis smiled at her.

"I made you pancakes, Kitten.  And French Toast sticks, which aren't really sticks.  Or French, for that matter, since they're about eight hundred years older than the recipe book that detailed it.  I hope you like cinnamon, Victor gave me the recipe and it calls for cinnamon and vanilla.  I have to admit, it smells delicious.  Here, ummm", and then watched as Kitten  began to climb into the Affini sized chair.  " …I can give you a hand up onto the chair?", she asked, and the Terran shook her head, grunting as she pushed and grunted.  Finally she got up onto the chair and smiled.

"I like climbing.  And…umm…I just wanted to do it for myself."  The chair was sized for an Affini, so she was able to stand and lean onto the island.  She smiled at Gladialis and plopped her plushie onto the table.  "We used to climb alot at home, especially in some of the abandoned mines.  We would make believe that there was pirate treasure, or we were running from a monster, or something.  Y'know, just kid stuff."

Gladialis nodded as she listened.  "An exciting childhood, it sounds.  Running and climbing and riding mine carts", to which Kitten nodded, grinning.  

"Without helmets!!" 

And Gladialis groaned, a palm to her face.  "Don't remind me, little one.  It's….", and then something else dawned on her.  "Kitten…how high up were you all climbing?"

"About…maybe twenty five feet?  I think.  Things look taller when you're smaller, y'know?", she said with a shrug and a grin.  "Maybe thirty?  Why?"

"And were any of you wearing safety gear?", Gladialis asked, already knowing the answer and dreading it.

Kitten simply grinned sheepishly. And then snorted.

"That's…oh goodness.  You could have died, Kitten", Gladialis said as she moved to the oven, trying to cover up just how her vines quivered.  

"Buuuut I didn't", Kitten said.  "So no point in worrying about it", she said, and her face lit up as Gladialis slid a plate of pancakes and…."oh…this smells so good", as she reached for the pancakes.  Then she paused, and looked up, somber again.  “Ummm…this…this is all for me?”

Gladialis nodded, put a cup of milk next to Kitten, and then cocked her head.  “I mean, I suppose I am able to eat them also, but I don’t really need to, and you’re the only one else here.”

“But…ummm..thank you.  It must have taken you hours.  You…I mean, I’ll be happy with some cereal.  Just no synthcubes.  I'll be happy if I never see a single one again.”  She didn’t know how to explain that she hadn’t done anything to deserve this much effort.

Gladialis shook her head., her flower “hair” moving with a soft rustle.  “It wasn’t long at all, and I’m more than happy to make you something nice.  Trust me, little one.  Oh, and Lena?”

“Yes, Gladialis?”, the Ai asked.

“Please remove the item called ‘synthcubes’ from your repertoire.”

“Sure thing!!  Done!”, Lena replied without a second of hesitation.

“Well…i mean,...”, and she lifted a pancake to her mouth and was about to stuff the whole thing in her mouth when Gladialis raised a hand.

"Wait, wait, little one", Gladialis chided as she slid a small carafe of xenodrugs free syrup, and butter, in front of the Terran.  “Even I know you can’t have pancakes without syrup.”  She paused for a moment, and then slid a fork over to Kitten.  "Would you like anything to drink?", she asked her, shuddering as Kitten dumped practically the entire container of syrup on the pancakes.  

"Coffee, please", as she cut a piece of pancake with the edge of her fork.  It was pillowy, soft, and as she put it in her mouth, she moaned as she chewed.  "Ohmygodthisisgood!!", she exclaimed, her mouth completely full.  The sweetness of the syrup and the flavor of the pancakes melded to make the most wonderful combination in her mouth.

"How do you like your coffee, Kitten?", Gladialis asked as she filled up the teapot and put it on the stove.  The induction coil made quick work of making the water ready as she turned and looked at Kitten who was doing her best to make the food disappear.

"Milk and sugar, please", she said, shoveling another pancake into her mouth.  “Wait…REAL coffee!?!?!  Make it two cups.  Please.  I don’t think I’ve ever had real coffee, just the fake stuff.”

"More sugar??  And two?!?!??  Are you sure??", Gladialis asked incredulously, and then gave a small laugh.  "As flattered as I am, Kitten, relax.  The food isn't going anywhere, I promise.  Take a minute and chew, ok?  Nobody is going to take it from you.  And maybe try one cup at a time."  She thought, and then the teakettle whistling took whatever she was about to say.  Turning, she busied herself making Kitten some coffee, happy that she'd stocked up beforehand.  Bringing her the coffee, she blinked in shock as the Terran had finished the pancakes in the time it took her to make coffee and was now starting on the French Toast, but took the time to hold out both hands and make grabby hands at the coffee.

“What?  Is good!!”, Kitten said, blushing as crumbs, covered in syrup, were stuck to her face.  “I mean, on the ship we never had enough rations and so…I mean”, and she blushed.  “It’s…umm…I’ve eaten better in the last day than i did in six months.”

"Well, thank you, Kitten.  I'm sorry that it happened to you, but that's a thing of the past.  And you should slow down or you're gonna get a stomach ache.  Especially since you're not used to eating like this."  Suddenly there was a knock on the door.   She handed the cup to Kitten and turned, and then heard the oddest sound.  It sounded like "ashefashehashehafaaaaa" followed by a moan of pain.  She turned to see Kitten dancing in her seat, mouth wide open and hands flapping in front of it.  "Kitten!!" , she cried out.  "Whats wrong??"

"Ashefashehehafaaaaa", she yelled, hands waving in front of her mouth and then grabbed the cup of milk.  She drained half of it in one gulp, and grimaced.  "Too hot.  Burnt my tongue."  

“What?!? Oh dirt!!”, Gladialis exclaimed, moving forward.  “Is it bad?  Oh dirt, do you need something?  Let’s get some ice”, as she reached and took Kittens face between her hands without thinking.  “Open up, let me see”, she said.

“Gla…Gladialis…it’s ok…it happens all the time”, she said, her heart speeding up as vines touched her face, but gently.  Carefully touching her mouth, trying to open it up.  “It’s…umm…it’s ok, you…you can stop touching me”, she said, blushing and trying not to run away.  Or worse, bat them away and THEN run away.

“Oh!! Oh dirt and rot, I’m sorry, Kitten.  I forgot, I was so worried you were injured”, Gladialis said, her vines practically a blur as she pulled them back.  Lena gasping again as she cursed.  Giving the Affini equivalent of a mortified blush, she sighed.  “I’m sorry, Kitten.  I…I totally forgot.  I should have asked, I'm sorry.”

“It’s…it’s all good, Gladialis.  You were worried, thought i was in danger.  I'm guessing you’ve never seen anyone burn their mouths, huh?  Us humans burn our mouths all the time on hot things.  We tend to ignore it after a while, it happens often enough.  It’ll heal by tomorrow.”

"Hey hey!!  You have a visitor!!  Probably shouldn’t leave them standing outside", Lena chirped.  

"Oh.  Ask them to hold on one second, Lena", Gladialis said as she nodded.  “Ok, Kitten.  Thank you for educating me, and for..for not holding it against me.”  She moved quickly to the front door, yelling, “Coming!!!”.  Opening it, she found Leiara standing there, their vines holding two packages.   "Good morning!!"

"Good morning, Gladialis", she said, vines entwining with Gladialis in greetings.  "I brought a couple of Kittens outfits. Nothing major, you know.  So she doesn't walk around in rags, or worse.  Enough for a weekly week or two.  How's she doing?"

"She had a bad nightmare, slept in the closet.  She's got a vet appointment later, but I haven't gotten a chance to tell her yet.  And apparently burning their tongues is a thing.  Is it normal for the closet thing?"  Suddenly there was a thump from the kitchen, and Gladialis started to turn to head back inside.

"Oh yes yes yes.  Little darlings, poor deary deer.  Some of them lash out when they get scared, like Ferals.  Others hide, or try to limit stimuli and take comfort in the dark. And speak of the deli!!", she said, switching to Terran, smiling.  Kitten had just wandered from the kitchen, and Leiara smiled.  "Seen many many things.  Seen a horse fly, and a needle wink its eye eye eye.  But there's very little cuter than a Kitten with crumbs on her face."

Kitten blushed as Leiara leaned down, smiling.  She fought the urge to back up, and then at the last second her nerve broke and she squeaked, taking a step or two back.  Leiara grinned at her.  

“Sleepitty sleep sleep well, little kitten?”

Kitten gulped, thought for a second about telling her truth, and then decided not to.  “As well as..ummm.. can be expected, after…ummm…y’know, finding out that there’s this whole history about things that i never knew existed.”

“Just so”, Leiara said, nodding.  “Knowledge is a gift, and should be held tight, like a horse guards its eggs.  And speaking of, I brought you some clothes.  Nothing major”, she said and her eyes sparkled.  “Your dress will be ready in a few days, so no worries.”  The little kitten tried to protest, but Leiara saw through her.  She might fuss and fight, but this would be one dress that she’d like.

“Well, time to go go go.  I have many things to do, birds to make hum and a diamond ring”, Leiara said, throwing a wink and slipping four sugar pops to the little Terran who was struggling to hold the two ‘nothing major’ packages.  “Have a wonderful day, dearies”, she said and then left the hab, waving goodbye.

“Goodbye, dear”, Gladialis said as she closed the door, hearing a thump as she looked back and saw that Kitten had dropped one of the ‘minor’ packages. AND two sugar pops.  “Oh dear, let me help you with that.”  Lifting one up with some vines, she saw Kitten take a better hold of the other.  “I can take the other one from you if you want.”

“No…no…that’s ok.  I can do it”, Kitten said as she hefted the parcel into her room.  Plopping it onto the bed, she took a breath, and saw Gladialis bring in the other as well.  She blushed as she saw that Gladialis wasn’t leaving, but was standing with a happy, expectant look on her face.

“Well?  Are you going to open it?”, Gladialis asked Kitten.

"I…ummm…can I…I get…ummm…I just wanna do it by myself, for now.  It's…ummm…", and blushed when she Gladialis nod.

"I understand, little one.  This is a big moment, you need to take a moment.  Some moments aren’t meant for sharing.  I understand completely and it’s ok."  Gladialis smiled.  "I'll be in the living room, ok?"  Then she stepped out and closed the door.

Thank you for sticking with me and reading!! i hope you enjoyed it!! I loved rading it, i got to dumpster dive on the history of food.  And it turns out that what we call French Toast was actually known to the Romans in the 5th century AD.  So huzzah for knowledge!!!  Leave me a comment, they literally give me life in this, our Year of 2022.

You are stronger than anything that tried to stop you, and i believe in you.

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